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Acting in love is hard especially since you hate the man you have to pretend to love.

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"I can't believe the writer killed off all of those main characters." Brendon said in astonishment as we watched Game of Thrones together while sitting in my bed. Now I know it's probably not the right thing to be watching with a murderer let alone your kidnapper but he just seemed so exited over it. I didn't want to do what I was about to do but I know I had to any way. I glanced at Brendon's hand on the bed and reached over to hold it earning a smile from Brendon.
"You know Amy, I'm sorry for all of this. I've been trying to make it up to you." He said looking kind of guilty. If he was so sorry then why couldn't I just leave?
"It's okay Bren, I know your trying to make it all better. Besides, I'm kind of glad you did this or else I might not be half as in live with you as I am now." Oh god, why did I have to say the "L" word?
"I-I love you too Amy!" He studerd in disbelief and excitement. He was now faceting me sitting Indian style on the bed holding both my hands. "You really mean it?" He questioned.
"Of course I do Brendon, I wouldn't say it if I didn't. being around you makes me so happy." I was so tired of fake smiling it wasn't funny.
"But I hurt you." He now looked sad.
"It's okay Bren, sometimes couples fight, not everything's going to be happy all the time."
"No, it shouldn't be like that. I promise not to hurt you any more." He said. I leaned over and kissed his forehead making me want to puke. He tucked some Louise strands of hair behind my ear and kissed my lips softly. Foe some reason the kiss gave me the same feeling it had before all of this, butterflies.
"I promise." He said.
We went on watching the show with my head on Brendon's shoulder and I began to get tired.

"Amy? Amy." I herd my name being called and my eyes opened up to see Brendon by my bed.
"Morning beautiful" he smiled.
"Morning Been." I said.
"If you're hungry I was thinking maybe you could have breakfast with me upstairs." He said.
"I'd love to, Just give me a minute to get dressed " said and he nodded and left leaving my door open. I quickly got dressed and headed up the stairs. Why was he doing this? Was it because I told him I loved him or was it because this may be my last day? I didn't know but I did know was long as I just kept telling Brendon what he wanted to hear I might be okay.
I walked up the stairs knowing I couldn't escape just yet. All the light pouring in from the windows was almost blinding, all I had for light in the basement was just the ceiling light. I walked across the kitchen and sat down at the table and watched Brendon cook.
"Do what are we having today, my gorgeous chef?" I said and he turned around and smiled at me.
"Do you like french toast babe?" He asked.
"As a matter of fact I do." I said.the weirdest thing was about all of this is that if someone walked in right now we would just look like a normal couple having break fast and that comforted me a little bit.
"Do you want orange juice or coffee?" He asked.
"I gotta have coffee." I said.
"Me too." He laughed at our similarity."how's your leg?" He asked.
"Still sore but feeling much better today, thank you." I said and he sat a coffee down in front of me. I took a drink and it tasted just like Starbucks.
"How are you so good at everything?" I asked making him chuckle.
"I'm not. When I was a kid my church had this summer basketball team camp thing,so my parents signed me up for it thinking since I was tall, maybe I would be good at basket ball. I spent the entire summer being laughed at by Mormon boys because I was too awkward to play. I couldn't even dribble the ball right." He said. I imagined him as an awkward kid and laughed.
"Are you still Mormon?" I asked.
"No, I gave it up when I moved out of my parents house, I just didn't agree with what they believed." He said simply as he served my food and sat across from me with his.
"Tell me about you as a kid." I said.
"I was a dork with braces and glasses. I wasn't cool until I joined a band." He said.
"What about you?" He asked.
"I moved here when I was young maybe like two after my father passed away. My mother raised me by herself. I had a lot of friends growing up but never a best friend until Carla came along. As a teenager I caused my mom a lot of trouble and now I regret it. When I was ninteen she died of a stroke." I said.
"I'm very sorry. If your mother was anything like you she must of been very intelligent and beautiful." I truly smiled at him because of his comment and thanked him. I offered to help but He said it was his job so I went back down stairs and locked and closed the door behind me. I wanted him to trust me and give me more opportunities like this so I did what I knew I should be doing. I turned on the TV and flipped through the stations for a while until I settled on something. I didn't know how long this charade would last but I knew I had to keep it up and make it look real.
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