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the end of all things

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Brendon gets out of the hospital but the title says it all.

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Brendon got out of the hospital almost a week later and showed up at my door on movie night with Carla.
"Brendon!" I yelled and threw my arms around him.
"Get out of here it's girls movie night." Carla called playfully.
"Well then I guess you don't mind if I join you two." He said making us laugh. "What are you ladies watching?" He asked as I returned to the couch and he sat down too and put his arm around me.
"Some indie horror movie, some of the scenes are actually kind of funny. Amy actually jumped when you knocked. Have you ever seen her scared?" She's a total wuss."
"I have, and I would have to agree." He laughed but I knew what he was talking about and I didn't care for this conversation.
"You guys want some snacks?" I asked.
"Yeah babe, I'm starving. I'm pretty sure all they fed me at the hospital was canned cat food." He said and I smiled and got up.
When I came back Carla has just asked him what it was like to be in a famous band.
"Stop fan girling over my boyfriend." I joked.
"But he's such a good singer!" She whined as I handed Brendon a bowl of chips.
"Thanks babe, and thanks babe's best friend." He said happy to have the compliment and the chips.
"Oh hey, I wanted to know if you would go to this party with me tomorrow, its just a couple of friends at this club?" He asked.
"Yeah, I'd love to." I said actually thrilled."oh but I don't think I have anything to wear."
"Don't worry, since In staying the night I can help you find something in the morning." Carla smiled her whitest toothed smile, she loved dressing me up so much it was crazy.
"Oh, and I came to give you this" he fished in his pocket and pulled out my phone. "Found it at my house" he said and I thanked him

After we finished our movie Brendon decided to leave.
I sat back down on the couch with her.
"The way Brendon looks at you is crazy." She said
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Its like he's an animal and you're... well prey.and your all caught up in his gaze like a deer in the headlights." She snickered.
"No way." I said.
"It's kind of cute, the look he gives you is all sexy and stuff." She said making me laugh. It was the truth though, those eyes could burn right through me.
"I'm going to bed because your crazy." I laughed as I got up off of the couch and stretched.
"If I'm crazy you are too."
"Tell me something I don't know." I mumbled then said good night.

I looked up at my clock, it read 6pm, that was the time he said he would be here. I looked down at my silver sparkling dress and my black heels. My dress had the back cut out and was covered with see through black lace. I checked the mirror and made sure my dark smokey eye was perfect. I herd a knock at my door and began to get exited and more nervous. I opened it to see Brendon leaning on the door way wearing his most charming smile not to mention a cute little button up shirt.
"Wow. The only way you would look better is if you were naked" he smiled a crooked smile making me laugh. He looked at me with those same devilish eyes making my heart skip a beat. I stepped out and locked up the house and he held my hand as we walked to the car and then he helped me in.
"You're going to love this, I promise." he said as he flipped through the radio stations once we were on the road. I felt him set his warm hand on my bare thigh sending shivers through my body, then he began to sing along to Cher's Do you believe in life after love song making me laugh again.
"Someone's got the giggles." He smiled his perfect smile. "In a good mood?" He asked.
"Only because you put me in one."
"So I don't normally make you in a good mood?" He asked, I was unable to tell whether he was serious or not.
"Of course you do." I laughed.
"Well you made it sound like I didn't" he said. I knew he was serious now.
"I'm always happy around you silly. So what's the party for." I said changing the subject to try to put out Brendon's fire.
"To celebrate my non fatal gunshot wound." He shrugged, something about his mood had changed.
"Are you exited?" I asked.
"I guess so, just another party." He said. The rest of the car ride was pretty much silent except the sound of the radio turned down low.
We parked and got out of the car and Benson held my hand and smiled at me as we walked inside.
He was instantly greeted by a bunch of people I didn't know but most of them introduced themselves to me like Travie, Gabe,Joe, Pete, Andy, and Haley, there were more but those were the only ones I could really remember. Brendon was talking to Andy and Haley when I saw a fimilar face that imediatly noticed me.
He smiled and waved as he came over.
"Hey Amy! Hey Brendon!" He said cheerfully.
"Hey trick! You two know each other?" Brendon asked Patrick as he lifted a brow at us.
"Yeah, I met her and her friend a week ago at a club I was at with the guys." He said.
"You went to a club without me?" He fake pouted "I wish I wouldn't of missed it but I was in the hospital." He laughed.
"How you healing man?" Patrick said changing the subject.
"Pretty well, I feel great." He said. "Hey babe go get me a drink, would ya?" He asked with a big smile and friendly brown eyes.
"Sure," I half smiled speaking my first word since we'd gotten here.
"Scotch, please." He added and I walked away over to the bar across the room. I ordered a drink for myself first feeling like I needed it, my feelings were kind of hurt by Brendon. He was probably busy talking to people and wouldn't notice if I was gone for a bit. I sat at the bar stool kind of upset and sipped my drink.
"Are you alright?" A voice came from beside me making me snap out of some sort of daze and look over at Patrick sitting next to me looking concerned.
"Yeah, I'm fine, why?" I asked him.
"It's just how Brendon treated you was kind of rude and I thought you looked sad over here." He said
"It was a little rude and my feelings are kind of hurt, but its okay I know he's just showing off in front of friends." I said forcing a smile.
"I know its not my place but he shouldn't be doing that to you even if he was showing off." He said he glanced down for s moment then back up to me with the worried look returning to his face. I looked down for a second to used what he was looking at and to my horror my skirt had came up a little from sitting on the bar stool and the wound on my thigh was visible. I shifted in my seat and pulled the skirt down to cover it up.
"Thank you for checking to see if I was okay, that's very sweet of you." I said kindly with a smile. He said nothing but he pulled a own out and found a napkin from the bar and began to write then he slid the napkin over to me.
"Its my number, if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to I'm just letting you know I'm here. Every one here comes to me for advice, I'm good at it I guess." He said shyly. I put the napkin in my bag and thanked him before we said goodbye. I finished my drink quickly and ordered Brendon's and set out to search for him.
The night was long and I was tired when we decided to head home.


Brendon was silent in the car and I couldn't figure out why, I decided not to say anything to him afraid of setting him off. I soon realized he was going in the opposite direction of my apartment, even his house wasn't this way.
"Where are we going sweetie?" I asked confused as we drove into what seemed like desert, we weren't even in the city anymore.
"It's a surprise." He said keeping his eyes on the road as he sped up. I felt like we drove forever before we stopped still in the middle of no where.
"What's the surprise?" I asked as I began to get nervous. He smiled at me giving me his wild animal look again, his brown eyes looked entirely black in the dark car and desert.
"The surprise is were in the desert." He grinned then pulled out his gun.
"And you have no where to run, and I have a gun." He practically sang cheerfully and began to laugh crazily.
"Please Brendon, I love you don't do this." I said
"No, that worked the first time princess but now I know your a lying whore!" He yelled.
"Brendon, I font know what your talking about." I said with tears streaming down my face.
"You're planning on leaving me, just like they all do. Not this time, this Tim I'm going to leave you...on the side of the road."
"Brendon, please stop! This Isn't you" I begged.
"Oh its me, its always been me. Don't you get it? I can put on any mask I want to suit me, I can be everyone's best friend, I can be charming and romantic, but this is the real me. AND I'M NOT CHANGING FOR ANYONE BABY!"he laughed. "Good bye Amy, my love" he pretended to cry then there was a loud pop and a flash.

sorry y'all she's dead. Hoped you enjoyed the story, thanks for reading :) muahahaha!!!
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