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Help Me

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uhhh can't say anything without giving it away lol

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When I woke up, my back hurt so much. Stupid old couch...I put the spray on, and went to see Julius. He starred and me, and began to cry in pain. I remember the day before she gave me some pain killers to give him. I took it out of my pocket, took out a orange pill, and put it towards Julius' mouth. Julius cried out worse, and refused to take it.

"Julius, it will help," I told him.

Julius still refused to take it, and slapped it right out of my hand.

"JULIUS!' I cried out a little bit angry when the pill fell to the floor.

But when the pill fell on the ground, it broke, and revealed a dark, green substance. It was posion! That's why Julius wouldn't take it and begged me to help him!

"Julius, I am so sorry!" I apologized. "I believe you!"

I looked at the oxygen mask and I.V. he was hooked to. I quickly took it off him. Only God knows what else they're doing to him. Julius let out a big sigh.

"DELILAH!" He cried out. "You believe me now..."

"Julius? You can talk?" I asked him.

"I always could talk, De," Julius told me. "But the oxygen mask had something in it, that made me so weak and tired...and I couldn't even talk. The only thing that kept me alive was the other nurses"

"I'm sorry sorry I didn't believe you," I cried out, now in tears.

"It's ok, you will just trying to help," J told me. "This is all Con Mans fault."

'The Con Mans here?" I asked him

"Yes, he is. He's the female doctor. Pretending to be a girl isn't hard for him." he told me.

Just on cue, the doctor...or shall I say, the Con Man came in. I gave him the look of anger, as I jumped on him, and pulled off his mask, to reveal the metal mask, fused to his face. Julius, who felt bad thanks to the posion, sat there, helpless. It was a tuff battle, but with dodging and hitting, he fell unconscious. The police soon came, and arressed him.




I was taken to a real hospital. Apparently, I was healed from the virus a long time ago, thanks to the nurses, but Con Man kept him sick with his stupid posion. About a month later, I came back to the academy and was more than well. I took Delilah outside on the balcony. We both looked up to the beautiful harvest moon, but it wasn't as beautiful as Delilah. Now was the time. The perfect moment to tell Delilah how I felt about her.



"...You're the best friend I ever had."

"Same here, Julius."

"We have something specail, and I charish it,"

"We have something more than specail, and I love it, too."

"Just...just never change who you are, ok?"

"Same goes to you."

CRAP. I chicked out once again. Maybe tomorrow, I will finally get the courage to tell her the truth.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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