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chapter 16

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chapter 16

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Chapter 15

It was a couple months after the slaying of the Basilisk, and Harry was more famous than ever. He had decided that if you had to be famous, then it was best to be so for something awesome like felling fearsome beasts and evil dark lords.

He had spent considerable time, in the last six weeks, studying the theory and application of warding. He had read through several books before he found one that mentioned the ones he wanted. He was looking for one that would block out the ministry from detecting the use of magic within Number 4, Private Drive. Oddly enough, it was found in a security manual for over protective mothers. It would tell the control target whenever someone entered the wards who wasn't supposed to be there, whenever someone who was supposed to be there was in any trouble, and, if the control concentrated, where everyone in the wards was. There was a note at the bottom warning the over protected mother that, while she could use it to monitor her children's use of magic, the wards would block the Ministry from detecting anything in the vicinity, there by delaying their response time in an emergency. Harry thought it was wonderful and started to memorize it and practice it right away.

Since he had saved her, Ginny Weasley's crush seemed to have multiplied by seven or eight times. Several times her accidental magic placed an illusion of a knight in shining armor on him. He wanted very much to make her stop, but was reluctant to break the heart of an eleven year old girl. It was only when he reminded himself that he was only twelve that he decided to go ahead.

"Ginny?" She showed him every one of her teeth in the smile she gave him.

"Yes, Harry?"

"Stop following me." Her smile dimmed.

"But, you're my boyfriend."

"No, I'm not. You are a fangirl. A groupie. And while a few stalker-like tendencies are in your job description, you take it too far." Now she looked like she was about to cry.

"I - I'm sorry."

"Yes, alright. Now run along," Harry said, making little shoo-shooing movements with his hands.

Hermione, having witnessed the entire scene, said, "Harry, that was very mean."

"I know."

"Well, hopefully she'll leave us alone, now. I still don't like it thought." Harry knew that Hermione wasn't upset. She was just trying to act like she was because she thought she should be.

Meanwhile, Ron was acting strangely. Like he was trying to pretend that Harry didn't exist. It was probably supposed to hurt Harry's feelings, but Harry couldn't be happier with this development. Indeed, he was only hoping for the chance to break Ron's heart, as well.

A couple weeks later, the last week of school, Ginny resumed her role as fangirl #1. She also started spending a lot of time around the small boy with the camera that introduced himself to Harry earlier in the year.

Gryffindor won the house championship again, and Draco had to spend a few minutes congratulating Harry and Hermione for it.

Harry and Hermione rode with Luna Lovegood on the way back to London. Hermione and Luna were engaged in a debate the whole ride about the factuality of The Quibbler. Harry would usually agree with Hermione, but he always liked Luna's explanations of things better.

Finally, he was back at the Dursleys and he put up his new wards as soon as he got into his room. They were placed with a one-hundred meter radius, just to be on the safe side. The Dursleys were being very distant. Harry knew that they had planned to invite his "aunt" Marge, but had canceled due to his flagrant use of magic around the house. They never asked him to help around the house either, knowing that he would use his unnaturalness to get out of doing a bit of actual work. Harry was rather enjoying himself.

On his birthday, Harry received a letter from school, as usual. However, this time, it came with a permission slip to visit the village near the school. Harry cast a confundus charm on his uncle and told him it was a form to allow corporal punishment on Harry. Vernon readily signed.

Now that he had his list, Harry applied a flying charm to himself and turned himself invisible. Half an hour and some conjured goggles later, and Harry was walking down Diagon Alley. When he got to the bank, he withdrew some gold from some grumpy Gringots goblins and proceeded to the book store. When he got there, however, he noticed wanted posters covering the door. A man named Sirius Black had escaped from the inescapable Azkaban Prison. The name sounded vaguely familiar, but Harry couldn't place it. After he updated his collection with about twenty new books, he bought himself some new clothes, having worn his current ones out, and restocked his potions supply and ingredients. He then called it a day.

On the last night before the new semester, Harry returned to the animagus plane in his mind to further study the behavior patterns of dragons. Rather than watching the dragon, as he had done every time before, when he entered this time, he was inside the dragon's mind. After several minutes of rejoicing, Harry began his battle with the dragon's mind. According to the book, this portion of his training would be complete when he was able to control the dragon, rather than just experiencing everything the dragon experienced while going about his dragon business.
The next day found Harry and Hermione sitting with Luna on the train back to Hogwarts. Hermione informed him of everything she had heard about Sirius Black and the dementors chasing him. Harry wondered what it was about dementors that made every author he had read seem very frightened of them. They had said that dementors make you relive your worst memories, but he had done that while he was working on his Occlumency, and it wasn't so bad. And he had some pretty terrible memories.

Luna interrupted his thoughts. "Harry, where did you get your bracelet? You seem very fond of it, and I think I might like to get myself one."

Looking down, he realized that she had once again caught him wearing his power regulator. "Luna, this is a power suppresser. It is used so that I don't seem to be as powerful as I really am."

Luna looked confused. "You don't seem to type to downplay his own strengths. Why do you wear it?" Harry chuckled.

"You're right, I'm not. I wear it during the summer so that I don't accidently blow up the house or something. I just forgot to take it off earlier." With that, he removed the band. His aura was very similar to last time he saw it, but there was distinctly less white and silver, and now green had been added. Hermione thought it looked amazing, and Luna thought it looked neat. Harry wondered if this would show up in The Quibbler. He could only hope.

Just after nightfall, the train slowed to a stop in the middle of nowhere. At first, they were confused, until Harry looked down the aisle and saw what could only be dementors. He returned to the compartment and informed the girls that the train was being checked for Sirius Black. When the door opened, Harry felt distinctly cooler (which was good, because he had been getting rather warm) and could feel the creature tugging on his memories. He ignored it and turned to Hermione and Luna. Hermione looked fine, but Luna was clutching Hermione's arm with her eyes closed, shivering. Rather than let it go on, Harry started pulling on the dementor's magic and applied it to his own magical core. He didn't try to keep its properties, like he did to the Basilisk's, because he didn't want to torture everyone he met. The dementor's posture gradually got worse and worse, until it turn tail and ran. Or glided very quickly. Not much later, the train started back up, and the trolley lady started passing out free chocolate frogs, saying that chocolate was a remedy for the dementors' power.

Later, when Harry was walking up the steps toward the Great Hall, Draco ran up and said, "Hey Harry! Some kids were saying on the train that they saw a dementor fleeing from your compartment. What did you do to it?" He seemed very excited and very afraid at the same time.

"Nothing, Draco. Dementor's are just smart enough to know of whom they should be afraid." Draco just went to his seat at the Slytherin table in awe. Harry was sure that most of the Slytherins would be listening to Draco (willingly or not) about how Harry Potter had frightened the dementor off of the train just by looking at them. 'Now that I think about it, that could sound like an insult. He better not say it that way.'

Just then, Professor McGonagall came up and asked Hermione to see her in private. Hermione returned with an object of great power hanging around her neck. She just looked and Harry and said, "I'll tell you later."

And, she did. Harry knew that he had a trying year ahead of him if he was supposed to somehow resist the temptation to sneak into Hermione's room at night and borrow the time turner.
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