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chapter 17

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chapter 17

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Chapter 17

The next day, Harry found out that Ron had forgiven him.

"Hey, Harry. Did you hear the news?" Harry didn't look up from his book.

"Yes. So there's no reason to tell me." Ron did anyway.

"Yeah, my dad won the Thousand Galleon Draw!"

"Good for your dad."

"Yeah, so we took a trip to Egypt to visit my brother Bill, and we visited the pyramids and the tombs, and Fred and George tried to lock me in a pyramid!" He seemed smug about that.

Harry finally looked up from his book and saw Fred and George sitting not far away listening to Ron. Harry said to them, "Impenetrio."

"What?" Fred asked.

"It's a very strong locking charm. For next time." They both laughed as Ron stormed off.

At breakfast, Harry and Hermione received their schedules. They had both signed up for Care for Magical Creatures as well as Ancient Runes. Harry, though, was also taking the languages course, and Hermione was taking Arithmancy and Divination. Looking at her schedule, Harry said, "Hermione, if you have trouble with this, you know I'm willing to help."

"Of course. But I won't have trouble."


In Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Lupin took them to a store room in the dungeons. There, they were going to be learning about, and facing a bogart. Harry was more interested in learning about Lupin. He was emitting a strange, almost feral, energy. Harry was sure that he was not entirely human. Most of the students got to face their fears, but just as Harry was going to get to find out of what he was most afraid, (he honestly didn't know, so he was kinda looking forward to it) Lupin jumped in and finished it. Lupin was afraid of the moon.

With almost over, Harry raised his hand. When Lupin nodded at him, he asked, "Professor, are you going to be teaching us the charm that repels dementors?"

Lupin chuckled. "From what I hear, Harry, you don't need it."
Keeping a straight face, Harry said, "I'm afraid that lethifolds might not be as easily frightened as dementors."

"I don't know, Harry. It is an incredibly advanced spell."

"But it would be really good to know, what with all the floating fright fiends around." Harry was getting the hang of this alliteration thing.

"Hmm. Alright. I'll cover it next class. Class dismissed!"


Care for Magical Creatures went smoothly. Hagrid was ecstatic about becoming a professor. Draco seemed less ecstatic, but upon witnessing the comradery between Harry and Hagrid, he congratulated the half-giant and was silent through the lesson. Harry was sure the best part of the lesson was riding a hippogryph.

After class, Harry and Hermione went to lunch and Hermione went back in time. Harry decided that it was a good time to question Lupin.

"Ah, hello Harry. Come in and have a seat." When they were both seated, he asked, "So, what can I do for you?"

"I was wondering why you didn't let me fight the bogart."

"Oh. Well, I assumed it would take the form of Lord Voldemort. Was I wrong?"

"Yes. I really can't think of anything that I'm afraid of. I was kind of hoping to find out."

"Sorry about that. Was that the only reason for your visit?"

"No. My last two Defense teachers turned out to be evil. I was hoping for a chance to make sure that you aren't."

"Ah. Well, what have you decided?"

"I'm not sure yet. Would you ever consider erasing a child's entire memory?"


"Even if he had discovered that you were a liar and that you had built your career on the stolen experiences of others?"

"Even then." He seemed amused by Harry's test.

"Would you ever share your soul with Voldemort?"

That one startled him. "No. Did one of your teachers do that?"

"Yep, first year. Now would you ever try to steal the Philosopher's Stone?"

"No. I can't believe this has all happened at this school."

"Well, you seem better than my last two teachers. I hope you can keep it up." And Harry left.


Language class was great. All that you really had to do was come to class and sit in a special chair. While doing that, you could read or sleep or do whatever you want. Harry hadn't been reading as much as he used to now that he was spending a large portion of every night meditating, so it was a great chance to do so. Harry was about to finish the OWL level material.


One night, Harry was traveling the school, having gotten tired of being a dragon for tonight. He knew that the school was full of secret passageways and hidden rooms. He was trying find a room that no one knew of to use as his room. He didn't sleep much anyway, and was hoping to keep his stuff somewhere that wasn't in the same room as Ron. No matter how many wards he protected it with.

Whilst roaming, he came upon Fred and George. They seemed to know that he was there (they were hiding behind a statue, one asking the other if Harry was
gone), but Harry was invisible, so he wondered how they knew. He asked.

"How did you see me?" They came out from behind the statue in time to see him turn invisible.

"A better question is: 'How did you do that?'" said the one on the left.

"I'll tell you if you tell me." They huddled for a moment.

"Fine. Harry Potter, we present you with: The Maurader's Map. Created by the infamous Messrs. Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail, it is a map of the castle and grounds that show everyone within and a fair few secret passageways." Harry was very impressed with the map. He could, of course, draw up a map nearly as complete (baring a few secrets hear and there) but to know where anyone was at any given time would be priceless.

"That's awesome. What do you want for it?"

Thinking he was joking, the one on the right said, "Fund our joke shop for the first year."

Harry thought about it. The twins were very good at their pranking business. He was sure that if he did help them get started on a shop, he could get them making profits very quickly, probably not needing very much more than about six hundred galleons. "Deal."

Both twins were flabbergasted. After a four second pause, they huddled again. This huddle lasted quite a while longer than the last, and Harry suspected that one of them used a privacy charm. Finally, they stood and announced, "We will give you the map and five percent of Weasley's Wizarding Weezies for one thousand galleons." This, Harry recognized, was a much better deal. He stood to make a profit. He agreed, and the twins promised a contract and the map in the following week.

On the way back to the common room, Harry noticed that one of the walls had a heavier than average concentration of magic within it, a sure sign of a secret room. Harry looked over the wall for half an hour before a door just appeared. Inside was, suspiciously, exactly what he had hoped for: a sitting room with a fireplace, a couch, a recliner, and a desk. He wished he had someone to explain what was going on.

"Excuse me." When Harry turned around, he saw a portrait of a woman dressed in a navy blue dress robe. "Pardon me, but it has been a very long time since someone has come across this room. May I have your name?"

"Harry Potter."

"Delighted. I am Rowena Ravenclaw, and this is my Room of Requirements. I suspected that Salazar had his secret room, so I made one too. I shouldn't have left my portrait here though. Secret rooms don't provide a lot of company." Harry nodded. He took her off the wall and carried her up to the owlery. There he obliviated her of both him and of how to get to the Room of Requirements, rapped her up, and mailed her to Dumbledore. They would all three be thrilled.
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