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chapter 18

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chapter 18

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Chapter 18

"You did WHAT?!" shrieked Hermione.

"Woah, Hermione. Chill out."

"Chill out? You took advantage of one of the most important people in history to steal her private sanctuary, and threw away an invaluable, intellectual resource in the process!"

"Hold on. First, that wasn't Rowena Ravenclaw. That was a portrait. A magical copy of her personality, holding only the most basic knowledge about her life. You could learn more about her from Hogwarts: A History."

"Oh. Well, you still took advantage of her."

"Secondly, I think we both benefitted from my actions. I get a secure place to keep my stuff, and she gets to spend the rest of her existence in the proverbial hub of the wizarding world, chatting with the most influential wizarding people and portraits in existence. Exactly what she wanted." Harry had a completely innocent look on his face. You could honestly not tell that he didn't give a damn what she wanted.

Hermione huffed. "I doubt she wanted to get Obliviated."

"As do I."

"Well, fine. Anyway, did you ever get around to having your interview with Professor Lupin?"

"Yes, I did. He was sincere when he claimed not to have evil intentions with the up and coming year. He was odd when he was talking to me, though. Rather than act excitable at meeting me, as most do, or athurative, as most professors do, he felt nostalgic. Like I remind him of something," Harry said, thoughtful.

"Hagrid says that you look like your dad. Maybe Professor Lupin knew him."

"That is likely. The stress of his situation would have aged him, prematurely," Harry said, not really paying attention to Hermione.

"What situation?"

"He's a werewolf."

Alarmed, Hermione asked, "What? How do you know?"

"His magic is fiercer than normal, and his boggart was a full moon. Don't worry, though. I'm sure that Professor Dumbledore is aware of it, and has seen to it." That mollified her, as he knew it would.

"You're too smart for your own good." Harry smiled.

"I always was. I used to get in trouble with my teachers for being wittier than was right."

"You mean you were a smart-ass.."

"Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to. One time, we were learning about the word 'oxymoron.' The example the teacher gave was 'awfully good,' and proceeded to get every student in the class to give an oxymoron; every one of them were nearly identical to hers, being an adverb/adjective combination. It was really bugging me, so for my example I gave 'common sense.' She sent me out of the class while trying desperately not to smile." Hermione was chuckling. "So how was Divination? Can you tell me the answers to the next transfiguration exam?"

"Oh, of course not! And if I could, I wouldn't. But that course is a waste of time. Nothing but stupid superstition."

Harry looked at Hermione oddly. "Then why are you taking it?"

"Because it might look good on my resume should people think I can tell them what is going to happen." Harry rolled his eyes. Just then, the twins rushed up to Harry.

"Harry, my friend. In the excitement last night, we forgot to ask you how you turned invisible." The both had big smiles on their faces, no doubt imagining the mischief they could get into with such an ability. In response, Harry told them to wait there while he fetched Mechanics of Magic. When he returned, he handed it to the one that has spoken and told them to read it.

The twins returned the book the next day, saying that they made a couple copies of it. That day was Harry and Hermione's second Defense class of the year. As promised, Lupin explained the Patronus Charm to the class and demonstrated. He would not, however, continue the lesson because he did not even believe that it was possible for children so young to have the necessary power to complete the spell, and it would just be a waste of time trying to get them to master it. After class, Lupin held Harry back.

"Harry, I still have the boggart, if you want to test yourself." Harry was quick to agree.

When Lupin backed up out of sight of the wardrobe, he spelled it open. At first, Lupin didn't think that anything had happened. Then he realized that the boggart wasn't changing into a scary creature, as it would for most Harry's age, rather it was changing the appearance of the wardrobe itself. He could think of no reason that Harry be afraid of a cupboard. Looking at Harry, he saw that the confident smirking smile that he hadn't seen the boy without had faded into something of a rather hateful frown. But that cleared up in to the confidant look almost immediately. Raising his wand, Harry intoned, "Ridiculous!"

From out of the cupboard fell Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonnagle, whom, it seems, had been engaging in some sort of illicit activity. Both Lupin and Hermione (who had been given permission to stay) broke out into laughter. The boggart retreated into the, now restored, wardrobe.

Still chortling, Lupin said, "Harry, that was splendid. I'm sure that you must have inherited your sense of humor from your father."

Harry replied, "You knew him then?"

"Yes, your father and I were part of a small group of friends at Hogwarts. We called ourselves the Marauders." Recognizing the name, Harry looked into Lupin's eyes. Lupin was reminiscing about his time at Hogwarts, and those thoughts quickly lead to thoughts about Sirius Black's treason. Harry, having witnessed said thought processes, was incensed. Mostly because noone had told him even that there was a good chance that the escaped convict was after him. As well as the fact that it was Sirius Black's fault that his boggart formed the shape it did.

After a little more conversation with Lupin, they left for lunch, where Harry told Hermione what he had viewed. She understood his anger, but warned him not to fall to the lure of the dark side. She then sighed when he didn't get the Star Wars reference, and understood even better just what Sirius Black had taken from Harry.

Days later, Harry signed the contract that the Weasleys presented him with (after reading it thoroughly) and wrote out a bank draft for them.

That night, after his animagus meditation, Harry was really wishing that he could go back in time with the time turner. He knew it had to be an awesome experience, one that Hermione has so far refused to share. Finally, he decided to just do it. He turned him self invisible and started up the girls' staircase. A couple steps up and the whole thing turned into a slide. He would have fallen if he hadn't caught himself with a levitation charm. Levitating himself the rest of the way, he figured that Hermione's dorm would be at the very top, like the boy's dorms. Opening the door, he realized that he was wrong. All the seventh year girls stopped in the middle their underwear pillow fight and looked at the door that had opened of its own accord. Most of them just shrugged and continued, but Harry had to back up into the corridor because one of them decided to close the door.

Going down, he checked the other dorms until he found the third years. Then he took the time turner off of the night stand by Hermione and turned it back one turn.

He found him self, still invisible, in the middle of the Entrance Hall. After about ten minutes of wandering the halls of Hogwarts, Harry realized that he usually has all night to do this anyway. The novelty of time travel quickly left Harry to his boredom, and he returned the Turner to it's rightful place thirty seconds after having watched it disappear into thin air. 'Time travel is boring.'
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