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chapter 19

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chapter 19

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Chapter 19

The next day, Harry knew that things were going to be interesting. Especially when he saw Hermione slide down the staircase glaring like a basilisk, at the same time that Professor McGonagall entered the common room looking unhappy.

"Miss Granger, may I have a word with you?" Hermione was now both furious and nervous.

"Yes, Professor. May Harry come, too? I think I know what this is about, and I think he is probably involved."

McGonagall's eyes narrowed. "Then it would probably be wise for him to accompany us."

Harry had been pretending that he couldn't hear them talking while he was reading. When he looked up, he saw two strikingly similar suspicious faces looking at him. "Oh, good morning, Professor McGonagall. I didn't see you come in." She, apparently, decided to play along.

"Of course. Could you follow me, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes, Professor."

After a short walk, they found themselves in McGonagall's office. "Now, Miss Granger, please tell me what you were doing between midnight and one, last night."

"I was sleeping."

"Then why do you think you know what happened?"

"Harry has long held a practice of warding his area of the room out of some sense of misplaced paranoia. Considering that I was going to be in possession of such a valuable object this year, I decided to follow in his example." Harry was at once thankful that he was the best Occlumencer in the room. "They reported that someone snuck into my area last night, and that while he was in my area, he snuck in again, only to disappear and then leave."

If McGonagall was surprised that these two students were advanced enough to erect wards, she didn't show it. "So someone was in your space in two different places at the same time. Why do you believe this person to be male?"

Hermione answered, "Because the stairs were collapsed this morning."

Harry decided to cut in. "Excuse me, but doesn't that indicate that said male failed to sneak in?"

Hermione shot a glare at him. "Not if he could fly."

"Ah, so you suspect the Quidditch team. I always thought they were a shifty bunch. Especially those twins." McGonagall, who up until this point had been looking at Harry suspiciously, was now seriously considering that the Weasley twins were involved. It seemed like something the troublemakers would do.

Hermione replied, "No, I don't suspect them. They don't know that I have a time-turner. I suspect you!"

Harry was the only one who would be able to know that he wasn't nearly as alarmed as he looked. "Me? But I certainly can't fly. I haven't a broom." McGonagall, who had gone through generations of pranksters and mischief makers, was naturally suspicious of any innocent expression of innocence. However, she would admit that this was by far, the most convincing.

"Well, Miss Granger, I doubt that we will be able to find any proof, one way or the other, of who exactly borrowed your time-turner. However, I believe that they did so without your knowledge or permission. And that they did so, because you would not have given your permission had they asked. Therefore, I will allow you to keep it." Hermione was at once relieved. "However, if it should occur again," now the professor was looking directly at Harry, "I will be forced to confiscate it, and you will have to change your schedule to fit."

On the walk back to the common room, Hermione asked, "So did you enjoy it?"

"Hell no. I have too much time on my hands, already."


Later in the evening, Harry was talking to Fred and George. "I've been thinking, I'd probably be pretty good at this pranking business."

The twins shared a glance. "Well, you are already a co-owner. You looking for a more active career?"

"No, I don't mean R&D. I'm thinking that I could be more of a prank mercenary. Or hit-man. Do you think you could hit me up with some customers?"

George replied, "Hmm. Well, we do get a lot of requests. We haven't really had time for it since we really started working on the shop. We could always send the folks to you. You may need to do some trouble-making free of charge at first, though. Show them your skill."

"That's a good idea. I have been entertaining a few ideas. Thanks guys." Leaving the twins to their spellcrafting, Harry headed down to the kitchen, where he spent thirty minutes choreographing a few cheerful songs and dances that they would go through while working.


Halloween came fast, and with it, the first Hogsmead weekend. Harry and Hermione explored the village together with a couple of her friends from Ravenclaw and Luna. Harry's favorite place was the Shrieking Shack. Haunted houses made awesome club houses. He just had to be sure that he leant some exorcism spells before claiming it.

That night, Harry and Hermione enjoyed the feast. Harry was starting to think that they had finally had an unruined Halloween when they returned to the Fat-Lady portrait. He was miffed that the portrait had hidden rather than immediately found someone to report Black's presence, but decided to forgive her when he found himself lying in a sleeping bag in between Hermione and Luna in the Great Hall. He made some good progress toward animagery that night.


Harry soon decided that he didn't just hate stupid people. He also hated stupid portraits. Like Sir Cadogan. The knight was making hell for everyone in Gryffindor. Harry's first prank client offered to pay five sickles for a pranked portrait. The next night, Sir Cadogan's mouth had been erased while he slept.

A couple of weeks passed. One night, while Harry was gaining an understanding of what it felt like to shoot fire out of his nose (a lot like shooting milk, only it burns more), he felt an odd attack on his mind. Upon introspection, he discovered a link to another mind. He followed it to its source to see a cold stone room, a window that showed a wintry landscape, and a frail looking man with a goatee.

The person who owns the mind asked, "Are you sure?"

"Oh, yes, my lord. The British Ministry just came to me last month with the proposal. It shall be happening at Hogwarts next year, assuming that they can get everyone to agree."

"If this works out, you will have earned your forgiveness. However, I will need tending to in the mean time. You will be too busy."

"I can have the caretaker see to you. I am still very good with the Imperious Curse and I am sure that she cannot fight it."

Harry was then pulled out of the vision when he heard a noise in the common room. Looking up, he saw Sirius Black tiptoeing toward the boy's dormitories. "Hello, Sirius Black."

Black froze. A moment latter and he found himself bound to a chair without the knife he had earlier. Looking up, he asked, "Who are you?"

"What, you don't recognize your godson?"

"Harry? Well, you do resemble James, but damn! You look like you're 15!" When Harry just sat there for a few minutes without saying or doing anything, Sirius decided to break the ice. "Um, could you untie me?"

"No, but maybe you could help me with a decision I've been trying to make."


"I wonder whether I should turn you over to the dementors, or just kill you myself." When Sirius realized just how serious Harry was with that statement, he got nervous.

"Neither! Harry, you have to believe me when I say that I am innocent!" Sirius was sure that he was doomed. Harry had somehow incapacitated him without him even seeing Harry draw his wand. He was sure that Harry would never believe him. Then again, Sirius didn't even know what legilimency was, much less that Harry was almost a master at it.

A small "hmm" was all the warning Harry gave before he plunged into Sirius's memories. To Sirius, it was just like being back in Azkaban. He replayed his memories of living at Hogwarts and learning to become an animagus with James, only to have it all ripped away by having to remember Peter's betrayal. He was a bit dazed when it was over, and he only pulled it together when Harry got up and walked up the boy's stairs.

Up in his dormitory, Harry summoned the rat and conjured a cage around it. He made sure that it was very obvious when he cast the unbreakable charm on the cage. Back in the common room, he dispelled the binds on Sirius, but made sure that he couldn't get to Pettigrew.

"But Harry, that little shit is the reason you're a bloody orphan!"

"Yeah, but if you kill him, then you will have no proof of your innocence. Don't be foolish. Now transform and we will go see Dumbledore." On the way there, they ran into Lupin.

"Harry, slowly step away from that dog. I've got you covered, get behind me." In response, Harry just held up the cage. "But...then that means...they switched."

"Yes. We are on our way to the Headmaster's office, if you would care to join us."

"Yes, I'd like that." In the Headmaster's office, there was many a revelation revealed. Eventually the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones, was called in, Peter was arrested, and Sirius was free, but required to attend a hearing. Remus told Sirius that he could live at his place since he was living at Hogwarts and Sirius didn't really want to live at his parents' old place. Everything was over just in time for Harry to meet Hermione at breakfast and fill her in.
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