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Xiao attempts to trick the kingdom of Wu.. Yet one is not fooled..

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Victory of the Fallen:
Chapter Two

Xiao soon fell asleep, a little uncomfortable as Zhou Yu was not there to keep her safe. Although Xiao did not know it, as she was sleeping, Da would tiptoe into Xiao's room occasionally to check on her gloom-ridden sister, and it saddened her to see her sister's eyes closed, her face pale, and Xiao actually lay stiff in the bed for the first time in what seemed like ever. Usually Xiao would be sidled up next to Yu, but now that he was gone, Xiao looked almost dead. The Elder Qiao quietly snuck out of the chamber and back into her bed.

The sun shined brightly through the window, directly on Xiao, waking her up. She yawned, and looked over to the side where Yu would normally be.

He must have had an early meeting or something, Xiao thought, as she climbed out of bed and strode over to her mirror, where she proceeded to brush her hair. Then she remembered.

Oh, wait. He's dead.

She sighed, and when she combed through all of the bedhead knots in her hair, she pinned it up with the usual clip. Xiao saw herself in the mirror and was depressed by the image she saw.

Too bright. Xiao took the clip out of her hair and set a classy pale gray one in her hair instead. She didn't want to go out in public, although, she thought, no one would pay attention to me anyway. Xiao, you're a widow now, remember?

Those six words made her shudder in disgust.

"No!" She muttered, going over to her closet and picking out a night dress the same color as the accessory that held her hair up.

Xiao tucked herself back into bed, her hand reaching for the bell set on her night table. She shook it a few times, the happy ringing mocking her feelings. Fortunately her maid was nearby, and she rushed into Xiao's room.

"Yes, milady?" She asked, walking over to Xiao's bedside.

"I am calling in sick," Xiao replied, "And I will not be around the castle for a few days. Please make sure everyone in the castle knows, okay? Don't want anyone to worry." The maid nodded, and she set off to spread the news.

Xiao took the clip out of her hair, and ruffled her hair so she had the sickly bed head, hasn't -been -combed look.

"Hmm... I am a little hungry..." She told herself. Xiao's stomach growled.

"Perhaps I'll practice calligraphing.." She sat up, and made herself walk over to grab the materials needed.

Zhou Yu loved to calligraph..

Stop thinking about him... He's not going to come back anytime soon...

A tear slid down her cheek. She wiped it away with a quick brush of her hand, and she set the materials back down on the table. Xiao set herself back into bed.

"Xiao Qiao, my sister, are you okay?!" Da ran in, franticly worried about her younger sister. She rushed toward Xiao.

"Da, I'm fine, No need to worry.." Xiao forced a weak smile on her face, giving off the emphasis that she was ill.

"Do you need anything?" Da asked, a little more calmly. Xiao thought for a second.

"Well ..I am a little hungry..." She said.

"I will be right back!" Da replied, running to get some food for Xiao, before it all disappeared into the stomachs of the Wu generals.

"Uh huh..." Xiao muttered. Well, hopefully no one would come in except for Da...

She heard heavy footsteps walking toward her door. Who do I have to put up with now?

The door opened...

Oh, great. It's-

"Hello, Lu Xun, " She said. "What are you doing in here? I'm not hurt or anything..."

"Your sister Da Qiao wanted me to bring this to you." Lu Xun replied in a blank tone. He held up the bowl filled with meat buns.

"Oh, okay. Thanks." Xiao spoke with a slightly happier tone. What the heck is happening to me?

" So, are you really sick? You don't look it." He looked suspicious, but it was more in a teasing manner.

"Yes!" Xiao said loudly. "I mean, yes, I am." She fake coughed.

He didn't look fooled.

"Okay, so I'm not. But, what do you care?" She asked.

"No reason. Now, rest up, Xiao. Remember-" Xun answered, "You're sick." He winked and walked out of the room.

Thoughts raced through her head.

Why did I tell him that?!

He'll tell the whole kingdom!

Maybe he won't.




But the most important question is... Why does he make me feel this way?


A/N: W00t! Chapter Two up and running! Next chapter might be up soon, must check my schedule.
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