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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Category: Delilah and Julius - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-08-11 - Updated: 2006-08-11 - 359 words

Delilah walked down the hill with her blanket. First she went to her room to put her blanket away. After she went to Nicholas's room, but when she knocked on the door no one answered and when she opened it no one was there. "Great. Now I have to go looking for him."

Delilah walked around for almost an hour trying to find Nicholas but had no luck. She found Al in the kitchen and asked, "Do you know were Nicholas?"

"No, I don't know were your date is?"

"Who told you?"

"Nicholas did. How'd Julius take it? He must have been heart broken."

"Why would he be heart broken?" Now Delilah was very interested in what Al had to say.

"Because he lov..."

Out of the corner of her eye, Delilah caught a figure walking by in the hallway. She immediately ran out the door and yelled, "Nicholas!" Once she reached the man she realized it was Julius. "Oh, hi Julius. Have you seen..."

"No I haven't seen your boyfriend!" Julius said in a very loud and angry voice.

"Wow! What is it your time of the month." A huge smile spread across Delilah's face as she started to laugh.

"Shut up!"

Delilah was shocked, 'He's never told me to shut up before.' It felt as if she had just been slapped and it hurt

Julius looked into Delilah's eyes and he knew that he hurt her, he knew that he had hurt her so much. He wanted to go over to her, gently stroke her cheek, and tell her that he was sorry. He wanted to tell her how much she meant to him. He wanted to tell her that he's jealous of Nicholas and that she should be with him. But most of all he wanted to tell her that he loved her, he always have and he always will. But of course he didn't.

Julius turned around and kept on walking. Leaving Delilah standing there, confused and hurt. A tear rolled down her cheek and that tear was followed by many more. With her search for Nicholas long forgotten, she ran to her room, crying.
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