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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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"I said. It looks like someone has a crush on you."

"I heard what you said. I meant what are you talking about."

"Nicholas has a crush on you."

"No he doesn't."

"Yes he does."

"He does not have a crush on me." Delilah crossed her arms.

"Face the fact, yeah he does." Julius walked down the hall leaving Delilah alone.

Later on that day, Julius was helping Nicholas train. They were both in the ring, boxing. Julius was showing Nicholas how to block. After a while Julius said, "Break." and they both went to the side of the ring to get a drink.

"So... What's with you and that Delilah chick?"

"What do you mean?"

"How long have you guys been dating."

Julius spat out his water, "We're not dating."

"Oh. Then would you mind if I asked her out?"

"Why would I?" They both went back to the center of the ring.

"I though you guys had something going on, but since you don't I'll ask her out." Without thinking Julius jabbed Nicholas in the ribs. Nicholas clutched his stomach and asked, "What was that for?"

"Umm...I was teaching you to pay attention."


Just then Al came on the intercom and announced, "There will be a dance tomorrow night, outside near the swimming pool. All are welcome."

"What a perfect time for me to ask Delilah out."

Julius felt like hitting Nicholas right across the face, but he hid his anger. "No more training for today, Nicholas." They both got out of the ring and went their separate ways. Julius went outside. Early today he and Delilah had agreed to meet at the top of this hill, in the academy's court yard. While he was walking he told himself that he was going to ask Delilah to hang out with him alone... like on a date.

Julius was walking up the hill as he spotted her. Delilah was laying down, on a blanket, with her eyes closed.

Delilah heard Julius's footsteps. She sat up to see him a few feet in front of her, "You're earlier then I expected."

"I know." Julius stood at the end of Delilah's blanket.

"Look at the clouds with me." Julius just stood at the edge of the blanket. "Lay down." Delilah patted the spot beside her. Finally Julius got down and laid beside her.

Both laid they in silence, starring at the clouds. Julius was about to ask Delilah out but he decided it could wait. He liked laying beside her and she liked laying beside him.

After awhile Delilah hit Julius in the arm and pointed at one of the clouds. "That one looks like a plane."

"Yeah one that crashed." They both laughed.

"Yeah you're right." Delilah sat up and looked over at Julius. "Are you going to that dance?"

Julius sat up. "No. Dances are to crowded." Delilah looked down in disappointment she was hoping the Julius would ask her. "But I was wondering if you would like to..."

Just then Julius got cut off by this booming voice. "Delilah!" Nicholas came running up the hill. He stopped in front of the pair and asked Delilah. "Did you hear about the dance?" Not giving Delilah a chance to answer he continued, "Well I was wondering if you would go with me."

"I'm flattered but..."

"Someone already asked?"

"No, but I was hoping..."

"Oh great then I'll pick you up tomorrow around seven. Great see you then." Nicholas ran off not giving Delilah time to say anything.

Julius put his head down. 'Why didn't I ask her out earlier?' Julius got up "I have to go."

"Why?" Julius ran down the hill without answering her. "Everyone's rude today. Nicholas kept on interrupting me and Julius just ditched me. I better go fix this misunderstand with Nicholas." Delilah got up, grabbed her blanket and walked inside.
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