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Riley starts her new journey in Johto after receiving her first Pokémon, but then soon runs into a battle between legends. She must stop Giovanni, help an injured friend and discover her true rol...

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Riley woke up with a jolt! It wasn't even light outside yet when she pulled back the curtains. But who cares, today's the day!

Riley: "stretch* ahhh finally! I'm officially 10 years old! And, (as permitted by the region of Johto) that means I can get my first Pokémon today!"

She skipped to her closet where she had her outfit already picked out. After putting her gear on she finished her look with a red cap pulled backwards. Downstairs her mom had just gotten up but had already had a bagged lunch ready.

Mom: "Don't forget to brush your teeth, clean your ears, clothes, and sleeping bag. Make sure you have clean under-"
Riley: "I got it I got it!"

She affectionately pushed Riley out of the house. "Saaaauuurr...." Riley's family Venusaur bid her farewell. Her mom got him as a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak when she was 10. In a way, Venusaur watched her grow up and acted like a little nanny all these years. Riley could tell Venusaur was proud to see her go off on her own. "Saaurr..." Venusaur nodded and Riley was on her way.

Riley: "First stop, Professor Elms lab! I wonder which Pokémon I should choose... Let's see... There's Cyndaquil the fire type. Hm... fire types are usually pretty powerful! There's Totodile the water type, but I hear those can be kind of hyper and I don't know if I can handle a hyperactive pokemon yet... I guess there's Chikorita, so cute! But a grass type might be rather weak. So I guess I'm going with Cyndaquil!"

"Cyndaquil? But that's the one I'm choosing!"

A boy and a girl stood in front of her. The boys name was Alexander and he was known for being nice but a bit on the slow side. Marty's bull-headed and pushes Alexander around.

Marty: "You can't pick the fire type when you don't even know the first thing about being a trainer, duh. Otherwise you're looking for trouble and the rest of us won't grow to our full potential. Don't you see Riley, I'm the logical choice for the fire type. You should pick Chikorita. It's still a pretty strong Pokémon."
Alexander tugged at Marty's shirt. Her pleated blouse and skirt out shined both Riley and Alex's hand me downs.
Alexander: "Marty..let's go please I can't wait."
Riley: "We can all go together. A fair chance to get the one you want."
Marty:"Yeah, fair."

And that was that. Riley and Marty, glaring at each other the entire way, finally made it to Elm's lab.

Meanwhile, in a clearing just beyond New Bark town...
Two people and a Pokémon are gathered around three pokeballs.
Pokémon: "Heh heh heh, so dis is Johto region? There must be alotta new Pokémon to capture."
Woman: "Lots of Pokémon for us to steal you mean."
Man: "Starting with these...."
Other Pokémon?: "woooobbeffet...."

Back at the Lab....

Elm: "oh it IS so nice to see the new generation of trainers taking their first steps into the Pokemon world. How excited are you to finally grow up??"
Marty: "Excuse me Mr. Elm-"
Elm: "That's Professor Elm! Not to be confused with another certain great clever and wise professor..." He stares adoringly upon a photo on the wall with a grey haired man. "So how can I help you Marty?"

Marty: "As another lover of science..." She adjust her glasses as she glances at Riley, "I only see fit that Cyndaquil comes with me."

Riley jolted up but Alexander stopped her.

Marty: "it's a fire type if my research is correct. Which means only the strongest beginners should use it. Logical sense tells you that only those capable should wield Cyndaquil." Another look at Riley.

Elm: "well it is true that it takes a strong hearted trainer to bond with their Pokémon, but type, species or gender doesn't matter. And we don't talk about our Pokémon like they're weapons to wield. We all have something different about us that makes us strong. And that's why I've chosen your Pokémon for you."
All: "WHAT??!"
Elm: "Yepp! Well I've watched you all grow into your different temperaments, it only makes 'logical sense' that I should be the one to decide which one would work best, right??"
All: "y..yeah..."

Elm walked over to a table where three balls sat. "The first one is Chikorita, the leaf Pokémon. This ones a boy, in fact most are, about 87%. Sweet and affectionate, this Pokémon needs to be loved deeply, and needs someone devoted. Alexander, take Chikorita." He handed the boy the first pokeball.

"The next one is Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokémon. Normally a calm Pokémon (with one small shortcoming..), but when angered this Pokémon is one of the strongest defensive fire types. It needs patience and understanding. Marty-"
Marty: "yes!"
"- I think he should go to Riley."
Riley: "huh?"
Elm: "You're a good person. Someone that can deal with even the toughest ill mannered Pokémon, at least that's what I've seen. Take Cyndaquil, I have a feeling he needs you more than you need him."
Riley held out her hands and let the ball drop. There was a small flame on the front.

Marty: "b..but that means"
Elm: "yes Marty that means you get Totodile a water type, also known as the big jawed Pokémon. Hyper, clever and humorous. This Pokemon needs authority. You have no problem putting yourself above others to lead. This isn't a bad thing. We can't ALL be followers. Be the leader this one needs."

Marty said nothing. She wasn't about to dispel any compliments given to her.

Elm: "So now you can meet your new friends!"
The three kids nodded and held out their pokeball..
"Pokemon...come out!
The balls were lifted into the air and sprang open.... But nothing came out!!

Elm: "W-what's going on?? Someone has stolen the Pokémon!"

Back in the clearing.....

Woman: "Well James, it's time for us to take these to Giovanni!"
James: "and won't the boss be so proud Jesse??"

**fantasy: Giovanni: "well done team, you've really made me proud, you're all my new favorites."**

Jesse: "I think we're going to be right at home here in Johto region."
James: " well we are after all,"
Both: "team rocket!"
Meowth: "and Meowth too, that's right!
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