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Part 2- Enter James, Jesse and Meowth

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Someone has stolen the Pokémon!

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Marty Riley and Elm inspected the crime scene while Alexander began to tear up. There wasn't much evidence but there was one single rose left.

Elm: "I'm afraid I know now who has done this. We're dealing with an international team of criminals. They steal Pokémon in hopes for world domination and they go by the name of Team Rocket."
Marty: "W-we should call Officer Jenny!"

In minutes, a woman in a blue uniform pulled up on her motorcycle.
Officer Jenny: "Nobody move, this is now a crime scene! I want all witnesses to tell me everything."
Marty: "it was horrible, they took all of our Pokémon!"
Officer Jenny: "we'll not to worry, we'll get them back soon enough. Show me where it happened."

The professor led Jenny and the kids to the spot where he kept the Pokémon ever since he first brought them to the lab.
Elm: "after I caught them, I brought them to the lab and put them here. I check them all the time, I don't know how they could have been stolen!"
Officer Jenny: "hm...there's an awful lot of dust around here."
Elm: "well I don't have a lot of time to clean between research and sleep..."

Riley observed around the premises. She then noticed something.
Riley: "There isn't any dust around this corner. There should be plenty, including cob webs but I don't see anything. And it looks like the tiles have been moved!"

Officer Jenny: "gasp someone has tunneled under the lab!"
Elm: "Sudowoodo, come out and help!"
With the help of Elms Sudowoodo and everyone, the tiles were moved and a tunnel was revealed. Everyone jumped in.

The tunnel went on for about a mile. They reached the end and found themselves on route 29.
Officer Jenny: "it seems the culprits have fled already. I'm afraid it may be more difficult to find them now. You kids should go home while we take care of things."

Elm and Jenny stayed while the kids started walking back.
Riley: "what are we doing we need to stay and help!"
Marty: "you heard Jenny, the adults need to handle this."
Riley: "but don't you want your Totodile?" She looked at Alexander. "Don't you want your Chikorita?"
Alexander: "....let's stay and snoop around a bit."
Riley: "that's the spirit!"

They looked around route 29. They ran into a few trainers that wanted to battle and they had to sadly turn them down. All of a sudden-


A single explosion erupted the forrest and a giant Pokémon shaped ballon came out of the ground. Elm and Jenny hurried to the scene and saw the kids.
Officer Jenny: "it's dangerous here go home!"
Riley: "we need to find our Pokémon! We've waited too long!"

The ballon rose up and three figures came out of the dust.
Jesse: "prepare for trouble!"
James: "make it double!"
Jesse: "To protect the world from devastation."
James: "To unite all peoples within our nation!"
Jesse: "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
James: "To extend our reach to the stars above."
Jesse: "Jesse!"
James: "James..."
Jesse: "team rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
James: "surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth: "Meowth that's right!"

Marty: "I've never heard anything so off key."

Jesse: "what?!! Why how dare that little brat who does she think she is- !?"
James: "haha yes well, we may not have beautiful voices.. But we do have your Pokémon!"

Elm: "Sentret, use Fury Swipes!"
Elm threw a pokeball at the sky, a Pokémon jumped out "sentret sentret!"
A cute brown Pokémon with a large tail sprang onto the ballon and began furiously swiping at it until- POP it busted and they began to fly down fast, towards the kids!!
Officer Jenny: "oh no! Growlithe, help us out!"
Another Pokémon put itself between the falling ballon and the kids. Growlithe used flamethrower on the ballon and fried it before it reached the ground. The helium caused it to burst into flames and they rained down onto Team rocket.

Jesse: "my haaair! You're gonna pay for that. Arbok I choose you!" A giant snake came out and attacked Sentret. The Pokémon could only scratch frantically. Growlithe bit Arboks tail and got him to let go of Sentret.

James: "Weezing!" A giant purple cloud of smoke was sent out and Weezing used smog. The forrest was shaded by a thick black smoke.
Jesse: "now Arbok, attack the Growlithe!"
Arbok charged into the smoke but hit something hard. Elm had sent out Sudowoodo and it stood between Arbok and Growlithe.
Sudowoodo: "sudo!" Sudowoodo used brick break and Arbok was knocked out!
Growlithe used its powerful flamethrower on Weezing and it was knocked back into team rocket!
Team rocket: "it looks like team rockets blasting off agaaaain!"

Everyone returned to New Bark Town.

Elm: "I'm so relieved that everyone has received their Pokémon finally! It's now time to meet your new friends! Come on out Cyndaquil! Totodile! Chikorita!"
The balls sprang open and three small Pokémon we're sent out.

Cyndaquil: "quuuill"
Totodile: "grroowwll..."
Chikorita: "Chika chika!"

Marty: "wow Riley. I can see now why Elm chose Cyndaquil for you..."
Riley looked down and saw.. Cyndaquil looked, tiny! Compared to the Totodile and Chikorita, Cyndaquil looked a lot smaller and more timid.

Elm: "y-yes there is that... I was going to tell you but I thought it would be better if you met Cyndaquil first! You see, he was a very small egg. Nobody really knows why but he's considered a runt Pokémon. But I know you'll train him hard!"

Riley looked down at Cyndaquil. "Quill?"
Riley: "you can count on me Professor Elm! Cyndaquil will be really strong soon!"
Cyndaquil: "q-quiilll..."

Marty: "alright Riley, you know what this means....... it's time for a battle! I challenge your Cyndaquil!"
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