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Part 3- The First Impression...

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Riley encounters something unbelievable

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Elm: "hold on you two. You still have to take these pokedex before you battle. You don't even know what moves your Pokémon can use!"

Riley: "uhh haha that's right... We'll let me see one!" Riley excitingly grabbed one of the pokedex and pointed it at Cyndaquil."

POKEDEX: Cyndaquil, the fire mouse Pokémon. It usually stays hunched over. If it is angry or surprised, it shoots flames out of its back.*

Riley: "hmm... It says Cyndaquil only knows Leer and Tackle right now..."

Marty: "come on Riley let's battle! I already know my first move!"

Riley: "then let's do it, Cyndaquil use Tackle!"


Riley: "Cyndaquil..?" Riley looked down and saw the Pokémon hiding behind her boot. She pushed him into the battle. "Come on now don't be scared I know you can do it!" Cyndaquil timidly walk forward.

Marty: "it looks like your first move failed so now it's our turn! Totodile, use scratch!" Totodile ran to Cyndaquil and gave one clean strike across its face.

Riley: "Cyndaquil use tackle! Cyndaquil? What's wrong Cyndaquil? Can't you battle?"

Marty: "maybe he just doesn't want to battle, with YOU."

Alexander: "come on Riley I know you can do it!"
Riley: "rrrgh, Cyndaquil..."

Totodile used scratch again and knocked Cyndaquil out.

Marty: "haha I win yay yay yay!"

Elm: "perhaps it'll take Cyndaquil some fierce encouragement to bring out its power. I seem to recall finding this Pokémon in a rough area. Not a place any normal Pokémon would be able to survive on its own for too long. So I know it's got some spunk or at least luck!"
Riley: "thanks Professor Elm, I'll remember that."

Elm: "well it's time for you all to head out! Don't forget to tell your mothers and to pick up a Johto map sometime, you'll need it!"

And with that, Riley's adventure began. She knew the first place she wanted to go was Cherrygrove City and route 29 is the fastest way.

Riley walked for a couple minutes and came across some tall grass. After a couple steps she suddenly heard something rustling the blades in front of her, "perfectly, we've already run into our first wild Pokémon, now I can train Cyndaquil."

A Rattata jumped out of the grass and growled at Riley "ratatatatata"

She threw her pokeball and the poor little Pokémon was sent out.
"Quil! Quil? Q-q....quuuuiiill!!" Cyndaquil ran behind Riley again.

Riley: "Cyndaquil I don't have time to- " WOOSH BOOM CRASH out of nowhere, a huge object was thrown down from the clouds and fell threw the trees, debris was thrown everywhere. Riley knelt down and clung onto Cyndaquil as the world crashed around them. GROOOOOWLLL SCREEEEEEEEEEE SNAP CRASH fwossh fwosshhh........
It was finally quiet. Riley lifted her head and saw trees torn up, craters, fire damage, it was a mess and in the center of it all was one giant white figure laid down. It moved a bit and Riley flinched. Cyndaquil was trembling and the Rattata had fled.
"W...what is it Cyndaquil?"

She slowly got up. White feathers were snowing down and some had traces of blood on them. This was a giant injured Pokémon! Riley rushed to its side. "Hey you, are you ok? W-what are you??" She got out her Pokedex. The Pokémon saw her holding the item and began to move! "Wait you're hurt don't move!" It started to panic and move more. It attempted to stand while the Pokedex spoke.

Pokedex: Lugia, the legendary diving Pokémon, Lugia's wings pack devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart regular houses. As a result, this Pokémon chooses to live out of sight deep under the sea.*

Riley couldn't believe what it said. Could she be sitting in front of the legendary Lugia? The guardian of the sea?
The magnificent pokemon slowly stood high on its two legs and while looking directly at Riley gave out a cry.

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