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Not Even the Cure Can Save Us Now

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Not even The Cure. muhahaha I'm feeling better, just a little ehh-e. Yeah. That's my disorter. ehh-e DON'T STEAL IT biatch

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Chapter 5- Not Even the Cure Can Save Us Now

I think it's save to say my knuckles we turning white as I gripped the steering wheel with all my might, trying to find a way in my house and up to my room without bumping into Pete. It was midnight and it was pouring. Breathing out, I glanced up and saw his car parked next to mine and saw Petey sitting the passenger seat, on top of a hoodie. Shaking my head I opened the car door and shut it quickly, running to my house and fumbling with the keys for a minute. I started to walk down the hallway and shivered, already soaked.

"...Yeah, baby...that's I'll see you soon then,"
Crack, break ouch, I think my heart just got flattened at the bottom of the mosh pit...

" you too," Cringing I turned slightly and placed my feet on the first step, hoisting myself up with the railing. "Bye," As soon as I head the phone clap in closing I glanced to see Pete turn and widen his eyes, seeing me.

Biting my lip I started up the stairs again and stepped into my room, kicking off my shoes and socks, sniffing before sneezing and peeling off my hoodie.

"'re going to get sick," I sighed and closed my eyes as I felt two hands rest on my hips.

"Go away Pete," I muttered through a stuffed nose and wiped it on my long sleeve striped shirt.

"Scratch that, you are sick," I shook my head.

"Go away," he completely ignored me and dragged me to my closet and made me stand there while he went through the draws and pulled out pajamas and another quirky t-shirt.

I Know a Ninja Named Peter Panda
I bit my lip as he pulled off my shirt and turned around.

"Uh..." he started and I turned around as well, changing into a dry bra. When I finished I stood up straight as those same two hands covered my shoulders and his thumbs ran over the new tattoo that spanned from the center of my back and too my shoulder blades.

Broken Angel Wings
"When did you get these?" I gulped taking the t-shirt and pulling it over my wet hair. I tied it back into a bun and pushed my bangs behind my ears.

"July..." I muttered and changed into the pajamas as well, leaving the closet and walking over to my bed, Pete following like a lost puppy.

"Why are they broken?" I looked away and wrung my hands together.

"Somebody once told me that I was an angel that made them happy...and, now they are sad," I glanced up to see a solemn look on Pete's face. "I guess I've failed as an angel," I whispered and bit my lip.

"Lexi," Pete caught my attention and pointed to the new tattoo on the inside of his wrist, a small star with angel wings. I bit my lip and looked away.

"I'm sorry Pete," he shook his head.

"Please don't be. You still have a chance to make me happy," My eyes widened and I shook my head slightly as he grabbed my hands and brought me closer. "Please?"

"You have a girlfriend," I whispered and nicely pushed him away. "And you love her," Pete hesitated at first but turned around and left my room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Shaking my head, I looked down at the tattoo I had gotten just a couple of weeks ago. A sentimental quote wrapped around my wrist.

I Hope You're Ready When You Get Caught in the Rain


Sniffing I walked downstairs and started the kettle pulling out a teacup and all the ingredients. Examining my black and grey striped hoodie over the black t-shirt from last night I sighed, even my clothes brought back memories. I sat up on the counter and played with my bangs until a tired looking Pete walked around the corner and into the kitchen, not noticing me and grabbing the milk out of the fridge, taking a chug from the carton. Coughing lightly, I got his attention and he smiled sheepishly putting it back and pulling himself up to sit on the counter across from me.

"You feeling any better?" he asked and I shook my head.

"No," I muttered with a plugged nose. "And I still have business to take care of with Freeda...I haven't seen my 'niece' in a while," Pete nodded and skewed his mouth to one side.

"I haven't even seen her yet..." That was right; he wasn't there at the birth...

"Maybe you can come," he nodded and I hopped off the counter to pour my tea. "Can you hand me the milk?" I asked and held my hand in the air behind me waiting.

"I'm going to go get ready," I muttered after giving me the carton. I nodded and took a sip of the tea, feeling some of my headache go away.


Ok, so it maybe that Freeda and Andy may be the only normal people in this story, well the collected ones at least. Perfect, no worries and living the life, a two month old baby girl and engagement rings on their left hands. Ahem, exactly what I was missing out on because why? Because Lexus Ann Star is an in-denial, lonely, arrogant, paranoid, hopeless romantic, bi-

"Lexi!" I stopped thinking immediately and looked up to see Freeda looking at me expectedly.

"Huh?" I asked and she sighed, shaking her head.

"You are so out of it, Lex," I swallowed and shrugged.
"Sorry," I muttered. Freeda sighed.

"Anyways, we were asking if you wanted to take a trip back up to Illinois," I widened my eyes as the other three stared at me, baby Kiki bouncing on Andy's knee.

"Uh...Why?" Pete coughed and looked around for a minute.

"Two reasons...Andy's parents haven't seen Kiki yet and the girls want to spend Halloween with us, not here," I shook my head and thought about it for a second.

"I don't know..." I mumbled and Freeda sighed.

"If you don't, it's too bad...we are actually leaving tonight..." I threw my head back and groaned.

"You guys put me through hell...couldn't you tell me these things earlier?" Andy laughed.

"That's the point, you never listen...we've been telling you for this past week we were going back," I looked dumbly at my friends and Pete. Oh burn

"Oh...then ok, I guess,"

There's a light Chicagoooooo
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