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Another Night Alone In The City

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Chapter 6- Another Night Alone In The City

I sat on the counter of Heather's kitchen counter watching as Patrick hauled suitcases from their room out into the hallway for the trip back to what a lot of us called home. Well, our second home. Just like the guys for here. Anyways, I was clutching Mr. Meaty while I kept adjusting the black sequence purse just to pass the time. I glanced down at the emo cow and smiled, as sad as it sounds, he was my best friend. Ok, Lexi is also crazy hence why I'm talking in third person and befriending emo cows. Back on track- we were leaving in five minutes, and I was getting more and more freaked out as the minutes passed, and Pete wasn't helping, whenever he decided to text me from Aloe's place. He was sent to take care of her, due to the fact...well, you should understand by now. Right on time I jumped as the front of my tight ripped jeans started to buzz.
I miss you
I sighed; this was going to be the second death of me. Yes, second death of me, the first was a long time ago. Looking up I caught glance of Heather and Patrick hugging, well, holding onto each other lightly and swaying back and forth and giggling. Damnit...
Shouldn't you be missing somebody else?
I hopped off the counter and grabbed Petey.

"Come on Petey, let's go to Chicago..."


"I want to go home," I whined to Petey as I sat on my hotel bed. Sighing I stared down at the cow who would never talk about.

"Hate it already?" I jumped and closed my eyes.

"I want to go home to my bed and my house and my bass and /my/," Pete shook his head, sitting next to the cow as I stood in front of the two Petes.

"You found him," he muttered, scratching the cow like a cat. I smiled and crossed my arms.

"Why did you take him?" I asked and Pete shrugged looking down at it.

"He reminded me of you...I ended badly so I took him without you knowing," I wrung my hands together, my hoodie sleeves only showing my fingertips, a before I looked down.

"Is that why you didn't come back for the bass?" Pete nodded and placed the cow down before crawling backwards and leaning against the headboard.

"Yeah...hey, why aren't you staying at my house?" I shrugged and sat Indian style at the foot of the bed, facing him.

"I have reasons," Pete skewed his mouth to one side and wrung his hands together.

"It's because of Tessa, huh?" My ears perked up and my expression turned clueless.

"Who's Tessa?" Pete coughed nervously and looked away.

"My uh, girlfriend," he said it in such a whisper like he was going to die if anybody else was to hear it.

"No, it's that fact that our situation is awkward, I'm staying in a hotel so 'Tessa' doesn't suspect anything," Pete slowly nodded without any words and I traced little stars on the red sheets of the bed.

"I still miss you," he whispered and I looked away.

"I'm here aren't I?" Pete shook his head and his shoulders fell.

"Not in the same sense as I would like," Gulping slightly I shifted uncomfortably and played with a rip in my jeans.

"Well, one of us knows why it's like that way it is," I looked up at Pete to see him sadly smiling.

"I...I'm going to go home," I nodded and he handed Petey back. That's when I realized that life was only going to get worse.

you can thank your lucky stars...
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