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Rebirth of Krypton Ch 2

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Superman watches Starfire swim in the ocean and Diana makes a trip to the phantom zone to retrieve one of the last female Kryptonians in existence.

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AN: After a long wait here is chapter number two of my sexy, kinky, and slightly perverted superman harem story. This is a stroke fic so don't really except any great deal of plot. I honestly don't have time to write plot heavy stories with school so instead you just get an entire chapter of the good stuff with the most minimal of filler. I'm going to be using the New52 Kori even though I don't like her. I grew up with TeenTitans and loved their starfire and read a lot of robxstar fanfics. And even the starfire in the 80/90 titans wasn't that bad. But the N52 one fit the best for this story and this way I wont have to feel bad for stealing her away from robin/nightwing. Also im using the phantom zone where its an actual physical place and not the being stuck in suspended animation. I don't feel as good about this one but I wanted to get it out to the people. I am doing more telling than showing than I would like.

Diana could hear the screams coming from her and Kal's chambers when she was halfway down the hall. The voice sounded young and beautiful as it filled the halls. Diana licked her lips as she moved closer to the large arched doors that led into their chambers. Peeking in the doors and looking around she could see that the room was disheveled as if there had been a fight and most of the pillows and sheets were strewn on the floor.

Looking on the bed she could see a beautiful red haired girl, her head pressed down into the covers by one of Kal's strong hands. Her firm small breasts swayed as her small thin body was rocked by her master's large form crashing into it. Diana watched as Clark thrust into the small girl, his large twelve inch rod coming out each time before being slammed back into the girl's small pussy.

Diana's long fingers moved down to touch her self, her fingers digging into her core and rubbing against the aching hunger inside. The sight in front of her had been common over the past week as she and Kal made their plans. She or Kal would each go out to the island and bring one or more of the women back to pleasure them. The girl's high pitched screams of pleasure spurred on Diana's fingers causing her to thrust in harder.

Diana slowly walked forwards disrobing until all that was left was the high heeled shoes she had began wearing and the lacy black undergarments she had on. Coming up on the bed Diana ran one hand down Kal's back feeling the strong muscles ripple every time he moved. Her other hand gently pressed on his cheek causing Kal to turn towards her, their lips meeting in a heavy kiss.

"Mmm and where did you get this one my lord?" she purred into his ear as her hand fell down from his cheek to ghost over the pale skin of the woman's ass. She watched for a minute as her masters large rod drove in and out of the girls small cunt, her ass leaking cum showing that Kal had already taken her there.

"Aelea from the bar." Grunted Kal as he continued to thrust into the girl and ignoring her screams of pleasure or protest. Now Diana knew who it was, she knew the name of all her sisters on the island but that didn't mean she was able to recognize them when they were face down getting pounded by her lord and master.

"Doesn't she work with her mother?" asked Diana scraping her nails across Kal's chest letting him know that she was turned on and hungry for him.

"She does, I enjoyed taking her mother on one of the tables as Aelea watched." Said Kal.

"Mmm how did you do it?" Asked Diana always loving hearing about how Kal took the other women. There was just something about seeing the power and dominance that turned her own, but feeling it, Diana shivered against Kal's strong body at that thought. Feeling it was something different, knowing that he could take her any time he chose. Diana snuggled up against Kal and leaned closer to kiss at his neck.

"It was nice; her mother was quick to please. And Aelea just stood there and watched as her mother laid on the countertop with her legs spread in the air as I fucked her ass." Kal said, "Then after I got done filling her mother up I had her come over and clean me off. And she was so good with her mouth I thought I would bring her up and let you enjoy her company."

"Think you master, I think I'm going to try out my new present." Diana said giving him a small kiss on the cheek before crawling up to the top of the bed and sitting down with the girls head between her legs. Diana reached down and started to pat the girl's hair before lovingly moving on to her cheeks. The young girl looked up with her deep green eyes and a smile formed on Diana's face as she saw the cute freckles on it.

Diana slid her lacy panties aside giving the girl an up-close view of her large wet pussy, the girl moaned as she inhaled the scents of her queens snatch and her mouth was quick to latch onto Diana's cunt.

"Ohh, ohh yes, ohh yes master yes. Ohh master you were right about her mouth. Ohh yes yes right there, ohh right there please." Moaned Diana after a minute of the girls lips and tongue on her aching pussy. "Ohh yes, I think that we have found another member of your harem master. If only to keep her around to clean out my pussy after you get done filling it with your cum." Over the last few days Diana had been putting together a type of harem in one of the wings of the palace. The girls' duties would be to look after herself, Kal, and any of the other superheroins that eventually joined them.

They would also be the first non-heroes to be impregnated. Diana ran a hand over her tight stomach as another wave of orgasm swept through her causing her to cum on the young girls face. She had asked Kal the other day about it when she was going over plans and he had said that Kryptonains could choose when to be fertile. She had been even more suppressed and happy when he told her that he had impregnated her the first time he had taken her in the cave.

The young redhead moaned into Diana's cunt as Kal filled her pussy with his cum. Slowing down Kal pulled out of Aelea and grabbing onto her hips turned her over. "Mmm your pussy looks so much cuter with my cum leaking out of it. Why don't you go get cleaned up while I talk to Diana." Said Kal leaning down to kiss her, the taste of Diana's juices still fresh on her lips. Aelea enthusiastically kissed back before getting up and giving both Kal and Diana one last kiss, picking up her things, and leaving.

With the girl no longer between them Kal crawled up between Diana's legs, one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her waist as he guided her down onto the bed. Running a hand though her long dark hair Kal kissed her slowly, enjoying the feel of her large lips. Running a hand up her side Kal began to massage her large tan breasts though the black lacy bra she was wearing.

Pulling the bra down Kal let one of Diana's large eraser sized nipples slip free. Rolling it between his fingers Kal continued to play with her breasts as the two kissed. One of Diana's long muscular legs rising up to wrap around Kal's hip. Breaking away from the kiss Kal looked down at the beautiful woman below him.

"I wonder how many people are going to show up to your meeting at the watch tower?" Kal asked his eyes transfixed on her glistening lips as she talked.

"I'm not really sure who all is coming. I know super girl and power girl are both out on missions and starfire is still in self-imposed exile but I don't know about the rest." Diana rocking her hips back and forth against Kal's large rod.

"Don't worry about those three my love I can deal with them. In fact I already have a plan for Kara and Powergirl." Kal said as he reached down to rip the panties off of Diana.

"Mmm and Starfire shouldn't be any problem master. Ever since she lost her memory she has been a little… let's say promiscuous. All you will have to do is let her see that large dick of yours and she will be all over you." Diana said between moans as Kal entered her, his cock sliding back and forth in a slow steady motion.

"That sounds good." Kal whispered as he sheathed himself in Diana, pushing her further into the bed. Reaching up Diana placed both hands on Kal's face and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Their bodies pressed tightly together as they came. After catching her breath Diana looked up at Kal with a mischievous grin.

"When you get done with starfire come up to the fortress and I will have a surprise waiting for you." She said before leaning in for another kiss. After another round of kissing the two heroes finally broke apart and went to get dressed. Sharing one last kiss above the tropical waters they both flew in opposite directions. Kal to Starfire's last known position in the pacific and Diana to the nearest transport booth to take her to the watch tower.

When Diana got to the tower she quickly made her way to the dining hall where she had asked everyone to meet. Diana could see that many of the heroines were there already in the room waiting on her. Black Canary and Huntress were over by one of the counters having a drink with Vixen . Zatana was showing off one of her new magic tricks to stargirl while Fire and Ice sat in a corner by their selves. There were also a few other heroines walking around and talking or eating. Always the ambassador Diana went around from group to group talking for a few minutes before walking to the front of the room and starting their meeting.

"So what's with this super-secret meeting that we weren't allowed to tell the guys about?" asked Wondergirl leaning back in her chair. Diana smiled at her younger sister. She had been wishing that Donna would come home so she could join her with superman. She felt her panties get wet under her suit as she imagined her and her sister laying naked at Kal's feet and playing with his large rod. Coughing she broke out of her daydream and sent her sister a sly smile.

"Well if you would come home more often you would know. Now I know the message said that you were all invited to Themascera to have a special month long self-defense and fighting course with my Amazonian sisters." Diana said earning some moans but still quite a few cheers from the audience.

"Ohh come on princess all we do is fight. You actually think we would want to spend a month in paradise fighting each other." Canary asked earning cheers from some of leaguers who had been on rotation longer.

"No I don't which is why that is the opposite of what we will be doing." Said Diana.

"What but the message said…"

"I know but that was just to throw the guys off the trail in case they read it. You remember what happened when Barry read about the surprise party for Barbra and ate all of the snacks. No you are all invited to spend a month on Paradise Island just relaxing, having massages, and drinking those coconut drinks with the little umbrellas." She said earning a cheer from the entire room. "Now the retreat will be ready in about a week there will be games and activates and lots to eat. So go home, pack, make arrangements for someone to water your flowers and I will see you in a week."

The room was slow to clear out after the announcement with everyone talking amongst their selves about the mini vacation and what they were going to bring. Diana stayed behind and answered questions all the while smiling at how many people were falling into her trap and how well her master would reward her. Thinking of rewards Diana remembered what she had planned and excusing herself quickly made her way to the transporter and took a boom tube as close to the north pole as possible.

The closest one happened to be in northern Greenland and after flying for an hour over the artic Diana was happy to see the crystalline outline of the fortress in the distance. Landing at the front of the large structure Diana transmitted her authorization code to the Fortresses computer and quickly stepped inside. Even though the cold didn't bother her as much as a normal human Diana was still happy for the warm temperature inside the fortress and decided to treat herself to a cup of coco while she sat up the projector for the phantom zone.

Meanwhile in the pacific Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, known to the people of earth as Starfire, was enjoying a dip in one of the hidden coves on her uninhabited pacific island. The princess was skinny dipping as usual, soaking up the energizing rays of the earth's yellow sun as rivulets of water flowed down her lithe orange body. The tamaranian princess had gotten used to her self-imposed exile after losing her memory from her time in the Titans. She had come to love her island and the freedom of swimming naked in her own little cove, but lately she had started to feel alone and the hunger for human company was beginning to become unbearable.

The princess was about to call it a day when her enhanced hearing picked up the sound of something coming towards her. Turning around she saw what could only be described as a god floating above the water. She automatically felt a strong hunger grown in her belly and wished to run her hands over the strong muscles that seemed to ripple with unlimited strength.

The man dropped down to the water, the waves crashing against his hips as he moved towards her. Starfire felt like she had met this man before but the lust and passion of seeing a man after being stuck on an island by herself for so long was clouding her mind. She watched as the man got closer to her and her eyes were drawn to the large rod that was hidden in his pants. Her mouth watered at the size of it and her body ached to have it inside her.

Kori started walking towards the man, her hips swaying seductively and her large breasts bouncing as she walked. When she got to him she quickly pressed herself up against his hard body, running her hands over his hard chest. She let out a yelp as she felt him grab on to her lush red mane and pull it backwards till her bright green eyes met his steely blue.

"S..Superman?" She said her mind finally remembering who the man was. The man didn't answer instead he pulled her head closer to his and crushed her lips in a strong kiss, his tongue demanding entrance. Starfire quickly submitted to the kiss, enjoying the feel of his strong body pressed up against her as his tongue conquered her mouth.

Starfire could feel the superman's large rod pressing up against the body and hungered to taste him. But the man wouldn't let go of his strong grip on her hair even as his other hand roamed her body. Starfire wrapped one leg around Superman's waist and pressed her large breasts up against his chest mewling into his mouth in a pleading tone.

Superman just looked down at her and chuckled. Apparently the rumors about her had been right. Ever since some unknown accident it had been reported that Starfire had turned into a sex addict and if one wanted to be disrespectful a slut.

Superman had watched from afar as the alien hotie had swum naked in the ocean. Watching her body bend and flex and wondering just how flexible she could be. The sight of her long tanned legs that slowly morphed into large round hips and an ass to die for had caused his cock to practically rip out of his pants. And the way the water flowed between her large breasts and over her perfectly toned abs had him wanting to lick the water off of them.

Superman was not worried about this conquest. If even half the rumors were true then all he would have to do is fly down there and she would be begging to suck his cock. And he was happy to find out he was right. His right hand was deeply embedded in her hair and held her close to him as the other traveled her body enjoying the curves of the alien woman.

"I see you haven't forgotten everything" said Superman in a gruff voice "But from now own you shall refer to me as lord superman or my king" he said before grinding his hard cock against her pussy causing her to let out a loud moan. "You haven't forgotten that have you? The touch of a man, being taken and filled by him." He said holding her close as he ground his cock against her.

"Mmm so hard" She moaned between licks she was giving to his neck and chest. "Yes fuck me, fuck me with that hard body of yours."

"Not yet Starslut I want you to get down and suck me off" Starfire didn't even mind being called a slut as she slithered down his body making sure never to loose contact as her lips tried to cover every inch of his chiseled body. "You're a hungry little slut aren't you? Suck my cock and I will fill up that hungry mouth of yours with my cum." He said as her hands and lips ran over his chest.

Starfire quickly dropped down into the water, her lips hungrily wrapping around the large shaft. Superman enjoyed the feel of her extra hot mouth and watched as the alien beauty worked her lush lips up and down his pole. Tamaranians had a hotter body temperature than humans and he couldn't wait to have his cock enveloped in that molten warm pussy of hers.

Starfire was enjoying the taste of the salty meat stick and was taking her time to run her tongue over his cock, lapping at the large amounts of precum that was coming out of the tip. Smiling Starfire gave one last long lick with her tongue before grabbing her large breasts and wrapping them around his cock.

Superman enjoyed the sight of the hot alien slut kneeling below him. Her tanned orange breasts wrapped around his pole as her lips kissed and sucked at the engorged head. Starfire kept slowly moving her breasts over his cock, her large breasts and wet skin making it feel as if his cock was wrapped up in a cloud.

Reaching down starfire brought up some of the crystal clear water and let it run down her neck and over her breasts where Kal's cock was nestled. Her large breasts heaving as she sat at his feet and her hardened nipples brushing up against his legs. Throwing her head back Koriand'r repeated the process multiple times giving the man a good view of her succulent neck and delicious breasts.

Starfire placed her hands on either side of her breasts, her long fingers sinking in against the flesh. Pressing them together she gently enveloped a large portion of Superman's cock before leaning down and giving the top of it a kiss.

Starfire continued to rub her breasts over his cock, licking her lips at the sight of the hard rod that would hopefully be filling her aching core soon. Bending her head down she started to suck on the tip of his cock as her breasts moved up and down in perfect rhythm.

Kal's hand was still deeply embedded in her large mane of hair, orange-red strands wrapped around his hand like a bull rider's rope. Pulling on her hair he pulled Starfire's head far back enough to where she was just sucking on the tip. After a second he pushed her head back down on his cock forcing the red-haired beauty to take all of his twelve inch rod down her throat. Gripping her hair Kal forced Starfire's head up and down his shaft fucking her hot wet throat with his cock.

Wrapping his other hand in her hair superman began to jackhammer into the alien woman's throat. Her loud gagging causing him to get harder as he fucked her mouth over and over until pressing her nose up against his stomach and cuming down her throat, covering it in rope after rope of hot cum. Starfire slowly leaned back from Kal's cock allowing the large rod to slip out of her mouth with a loud plop that left a thin line of drool. Starfire quickly went back to kissing and sucking at the bottom of Superman's cock, her hands pressed on his hips. Kal watched in satisfaction as the alien slut's pink tongue came out to lick at his cock, her eyes filled with hunger. Starfire's lips wrapped around the side of his cock sliding up and down the large shaft, her nose brushing up against his stomach.

Reaching down Kal grabbed a large handful of the alien woman's hair causing her to let out little moans of pain or pleasure as she stood up. Kal pulled the beautiful woman's wet body close to his and held her close as he kissed her. Starfire's body began moving under his grip even as her lips stayed glued to him. At first he thought she might be trying to get out of his grip and loosened his arms, but instead she just kept up her slow movements. Her body moved and gyrated against his, her large breasts and soft legs rubbing up against his body as she kissed him.

Pulling back from the kiss Starfire slowly turned around showing Kal her strong back and toned ass. Kal was quick to wrap an arm around her waist and place his hand on her tight and pull her against him. Starfire continued to move against him, her ass pressing up against his cock rubbing it between her cheeks. Still rubbing her ass against Kal's cock Starfire lowered her self down to her hands and knees in the water. Reaching back she ran her hand over her wet tanned ass, her long fingers running over her tight cheeks.

Looking back over her shoulder at Kal she slowly slipped her two middle fingers into her ass, letting Kal watch as she pumped her long fingers in and out of her large asshole. Kal felt himself get hard again as he watched the alien slut pump her fingers in her ass, moaning as she furiously fucked herself with her fingers.

"Do you like that Superman? Do you like seeing me..ohh..seeing me play with myself. Do you like seeing me finger my large ass? I've been here alone for so long with no one to play with but myself." Said Starfire moaning and rocking as she talked. "Ohh yeah, I'm going to cum. Watch me cum as I play with my ass." Cried starfire before letting out a loud moan and shuddering. Kal watched as her juices ran down the inside of her long tanned legs, her fingers still digging into her hot ass.

Starfire slowly removed her fingers letting Superman get a good look at her large asshole and her leaking pussy. Standing up on shaky legs she quickly found Superman behind her, his cock pressing up against the entrance to her pussy. Starfire arched her back, her breasts pressing out into Kal's hands as he played with her. "Yes fuck me, fuck me with that steel pole of yours" she moaned spreading her legs out further apart and laying her head back on his shoulder.

Kal grabbed her large breasts and palmed them in his hands, rolling them around and pushing and pulling them against each other. He leaned down, his lips sucking at her neck as one hand moved over her flat toned stomach to spread her lower lips.

Superman roughly played with her breasts, squeezing them in his hands and pinching her hardened nipples as he grinded his cock against her.

Without warning Kal thrust up, his large cock easily splitting her eager lips. Starfire bucked in his arms as he filled her. She pressed herself back against him as her hips moved in seductive motions as he filled her. Her voice was a continuous stream of soft sultry words and seductive whispers as he continued to fuck her.

"You're such a hot little slut aren't you. Your body was made just too please wasn't it." Kal whispered slamming into her wet snatch.

"Y..yes my lord." Said Starfire as she felt the large cock split her lips and stretch her core.

"Know I know why so many aliens say that Tamaranians make the best lovers. We will defiantly make a trip to your planet. I even heard that your sister was a bigger slut than you were."

"Yes my lord" moaned starfire pressing her head down into the crook of his neck as another orgasm rocked her body.

"The Gordanians did a really good job training you to be the perfect little fuck slave."

Superman held on tightly to her with one arm around her waist and another on her leg as he buried his cock into her wet pussy. The two heroes started to float up into the air as superman thrusted into her, his hands running up her flat stomach to cup the underside of one large orange breast as she arched back in delight. Superman had a strong grip on one leg pulling her ass back tight against him as he slammed into her. One of Starfire's hands was down rubbing against her pussy, feeling Kal's hard cock slide in and out of her.

Before she could cum Starfire felt Kal pull out of her and whirl her around in the air. His strong arms wrapping around her waist again as his lips landed on hers in a searing kiss. Starfire quickly wrapped her long legs around Superman's waist, her hands cupping his face as they kissed. Kal grabbed ahold of the large firm orbs of her ass as he repositioned himself to pound back into her cunt. The feeling of her literally hot body wrapped around him was intoxicating.

"So hard…So big" moaned Starfire her eyes rolling back in her head and her tongue hanging out as Kal's cock continued to slide into her. She could feel his large hands playing with her ass, one of his fingers teasing her puckered asshole as her mouth was invaded by his tongue. Kal continued to thrust into her feeling like his cock was going to melt in the amazing warmth of her core. Tamaranian's have a higher base temperature than humans and the warmth of her cunt felt great around his cock.

Kal continued to thrust into her, her body dropping down as he thrusted taking his entire cock up her tight cunt. Starfire's face was a mix of wanton pleasure; her half lidded eyes were locked on Kal's as she placed small kisses on Kal's neck between breaths. "Ohh ohh im going to cum."

"Cum for me slave, I want that hot cunt of yours to cum all over my cock. I want to see those sweet juices of yours running down my cock." Kal commanded as he thrusted in one last time, cuming rope after rope into her womb. Starfire let out a loud yell and came again her body shaking against his as she came time after time. Kal knew that it wasn't just him fucking her that was giving her the orgasm. It was also the nanobots that were changing her philology and mind to allow him to breed her. But he didn't mind as he got to listen to her lewd moans and watch her beautiful body cum again and again.

"What a beautiful little slut. We are defiantly going to have to go and see if the rest of your people are as slutty as you are." Chuckled Kal as her ran his hand though her large mane of hair. Starfire just gave a slight mummer of agreement as she laid her head against his shoulder and slumped into a light doze. Kal just smiled down at her and kissed her gently on the head before flying off towards the fortress where Diana would be waiting for him.

Back at the Fortress Wonderwoman stepped through the portal leading to the phantom zone. She stood surveying the desolate wasteland looking like an avenging goddess in her dark red and black armor with her sword and shield hanging at her side.

She had learned from Kal that one of the only surviving Kryptonian females was sent here. A woman named Faora who he had fought against him when general Zod had invaded. Diana thought that she would go and capture the woman and return with her as a present for her lord. Taking a small tablet from one of the pockets on her belt she saw a small green dot flashing a few miles away.

Diana took off like a rocket leaving only a small swirl of sand and dust in her wake as she shot forward. The computer acted as sensor and homed in on the match to the blood vile she had inserted into it. As Diana raced she went over her plan for attacking the woman, from what she knew she would not be as strong as Kal since she had not been on earth that long. From the records it looked to Diana like it would be an even match. That made the woman smile, she was looking forwards to a fight and what better than to dominate this woman before bringing her to her lord.

Diana flew low and fast over the ground with her long black hair blowing out behind her. Looking at the radar she saw that the woman should be over the next sand dune. Slowing down Diana stopped on the bottom of the dune and slowly made her way to the top before lying down and peeking over. Staring over the dune she could see a female figure in some sort of space suite trying to fight a sandworm with a crude spear.

Diana watched the dark haired woman circle the worm. Her movements light and fast as she dodged in to strike the sandworm before it could attack her. Diana frowned as she watched the woman stagger after one his and roll out of the way. Apparently the Kryptonian woman had been fighting for a while and was starting to tire. But suddenly as the monster struck Faora jumped up in the air and brought the spear down on the creatures head, the blade slipping between hard plates and burying itself deep into the creatures head.

Diana watched as the woman plucked up the spear and wondered what she was going to do next when Faora hefted the weapon and tossed it towards the dune Diana was hiding behind. Diana rolled out of the way quickly as the primitive spear sliced though the dune like a bunker buster before soaring past her.

"I'm going to guess that the lack of screaming means I missed. Why don't you come out behind that dune so we can settle this like women?" Faora yelled facing the dune and watching as sand rushed back in to fill the hole her spear had made. She was surprised to see a beautiful woman slowly fly out above the dune. Her body covered in a tightly fitting black outfit and a long mane of black hair flowing behind her. "I haven't seen you in this hell before. What, did Kal-El send you here as well?" she said spitting the name like it was a bitter fruit.

"In a way he did." The woman said in a melodious voice. When the woman finally landed a few meters from her Faora could see that they were near the same height, or they would be if it wasn't for the large heeled boots she wore.

"And what did you do to end up here?" Asked Faora stepping back and bit to keep enough distance to react in time to a charge. She had been in the phantom zone long enough to know that everyone and everything was dangerous and you died quickly if you didn't keep up your guard.

"I loved him." The woman said causing Faora to open her mouth with in shock. "I love him and he loves me and to repay that love I came here to bring him a present."

"And what would that be?" Faora asked growing even more wary and suspicious of the new comer.

"I come seeking one of the last female Kryptonians in the galaxy. A woman that is fertile and who would be able to carry my lord's child and help rebuild his race. I seek you Faora of the house of Ui." The woman said matter of factly. Faora was shocked as she heard this woman talking about her like that. But the shock was soon turned to rage and her vision went red as she charged at the strange woman.

Diana was ready for the charge, and ready for the strikes that came with it. She had spent some time looking over recordings of previous battles and knew what to expect from this woman. Diana let Faora lead the dance for a minute, getting a feel for the reach and speed of her opponent.

'Wow she's fast.' Though Faora as they exchanged blows, 'and strong to, I can feel each one of her punches the same as if I was fighting Kal-El or Zod.' Faora felt her blood start rushing though her veins and her body felt like it was awakening from a long sleep as she fought the mysterious woman.

Diana watched as a smile started to appear on Faora's face, her kicks gaining more power as her punches speed up. 'She is starting to enjoy herself. It's probably been a while since she has had a proper fight.' Diana thought bringing a wrist up to block a punch aimed for her face, but that was just a feint as another fist planted its self in her lower ribs. Faora was surprised when instead of gasping out in pain the woman let out a pleased moan sounding like she had actually enjoyed that.

Faora licked her lips and started to take a second look at the woman. The armor she wore left a lot of skin revealed including most of her large breasts. What she did have on was all black leather the same color of her hair. 'It's been so long since I have had a female partner.' She found herself thinking as a fist grazed her ear causing it to sting.

Diana kept up the assault noticing that Faora's mind was elsewhere at the moment. That had been part of the plan. She had hoped to confuse her opponent by responding with pleasure instead of pain. But instead it seemed like instead of confusing Faora she had done something else, she had turned the warrior woman on.

Rushing forward Diana faked a punch and instead grabbed the back of Faora's hair and crushed their lips together. The kiss lasted for a second as Faora was to shocked to react. Grabbing Faora's face in both hands she held her close as she kissed her, her tongue forcing its way into the woman's mouth. Faora bent down hard on Diana's bottom lip when the woman retracted her tongue. The larger woman just hummed in pleasure before bringing her knee up into Faora's stomach causing her to open her mouth in a loud yell. Before she could react Diana spun around and kicked at her side sending her down into the dirt a few feet away. Faora's body seemed to come fully awake now as she lay there moaning in pain. She was experiencing feelings she had not in a long time, and knew that it was going to be hard to finish this fight without giving in to them.

Getting up Faora flew at Diana and hit her with an uppercut sending her flying up into the air. Diana was dazed for a second from the hit giving Faora enough time to catch back up with her. "You bitch" she cried going for another grapple but instead all she managed to grab was the side of Diana's top ripping it from her body. Diana had moved to the side, her large breasts swaying freely in the air now.

With lighting fast reflexes Diana sent a round house kick into Faora's side earning another moan from the woman. Following it up Diana brought her leg up high and brought it down on Faora sending her careening to the ground. Faora let herself fall, her mind in a haze of pain and lust and excitement. Her whole life she had always enjoyed fighting as much as most people enjoy sex. In fact to here they were mostly the same thing and when combined made for a good time. Though she didn't want to submit to this woman or Kal-El she couldn't help her body getting aroused.

Stopping herself in the air she took a second to recover her senses and felt a pair of strong arms wrap around here. "Here's payback for ruining my clothes." Said Diana gipping Faora's tattered suit and pulling it apart. The suit was so old and worn it easily split down the middle, the black latex like material split leaving her front exposed from her neck to her pussy. Turning around Faora angerly threw a punch at Diana not really aiming. The wild punch actually hit staggering the Amazonian for a moment. Seeing her chance Faora shot up into the sky trying to get some distance.

Diana came in for another charge only to sidestep Faora at the last second and wrap her lasso around Faora's neck. Grabbing the lasso Diana slung it around sending Faora careening into the ground and throwing up a cloud of sand. When the sand dissipated Fora found herself on her back being strangled by the lasso as Diana held her down with her boot. Diana ground the heel of the boot against Faora, the long heel rubbing roughly over the woman's clit.

"Ohh yes just like that. Grind you heel into this slut's clit." Moaned Faora, all ideas of escape gone as her mind succumbed to the truth telling aspects of the rope. Diana smiled and dug her heel in harder pinching Faora's clit causing the woman to yell and squirm under her. Diana could feel her nipples harden and her lips get wet and wondered if this sort of power and control was what got her master off.

"What was that you said whore?" She asked moving her heel down to rub over Faora's slit.

"I said grind your heel into me mistress. Beat me, whip me, hurt me and make me cum." She begged as tears came out of her eyes. Diana chuckled darkly, she had heard about these kinds of women and there were stories that some of her sisters might have been into that sort of thing.

"Is that it?" She asked pressing her heel slightly into Faora's slit. "For me to hurt you, for me to beat and degrade you and use you like the worthless little cum rag you are?" She asked pressing her long seven inch heels further into Faora's cunt.

"Yes ohh yes, it's been so long please." Faora cried as she felt Diana's heel move around inside of her. Stepping down Diana ground the tip of her shoe against Faora's clit as the heel scratched up against Faora's inner wall. Pulling her heel out of Faora's clit Diana yanked on the rope choking Faora and bringing her up to her knees. Grabbing her hair Diana pulled her in for another kiss. This one lasted longer, both women passionately embraced the kiss as lips and teeth and lounges collided.

Just as Faora started to get lost in the kiss she felt Diana break away. Opening her eyes she was met with a hand coming towards her. Her head snapped to the side as Diana's palm met with her cheek leaving a large mark. "You liked that didn't you whore. I bet it's been years since anyone has touched that cunt of yours. What is that why you were out here? Zod and his forces got done using you as their personal cumrag and threw you out." Diana asked slapping Faora again and sending her to the ground.

"Y..Yes, Zod hasn't touched me for a year." said Faora her breath coming fast with arousal. Diana laid down on top of her, their clits and pussies rubbing together as they moved.

"And what did you do for him? Did you give yourself to him? Did you lie on your back and allow him and his troops to use your body, to be their personal little cum toy?" Diana asked rubbing herself over Faora. The Kryptonian woman moaned in response her body squirming against the ground as Diana's fingers found their way into her snatch. Leaning down Diana began to lick at Faora's chin and neck leaving a wet trail across the woman's face.

"Ohh yes mistress. I enjoyed it; I was at the beck and call of every solider in the fort. Lord Zod even loaned me out to some of the other inhabitants of this world." Panted Faora as Diana continued to rock back and forth above her. Leaning up Faora took one of Diana's large swinging tits in her mouth and began to suck on it.

Diana leaned down mashing her tit into Faora's face, the large orb covering the woman's face and smothering her as she continued to fuck her cunt with her fingers. Diana could feel the woman struggle for breath under her, her body shaking from a lack of oxygen and an impending climax. Faora was totally at her mercy, her pleasure and pain was coming by her will alone.

Diana felt herself getting off on this rush of power. She loved having this woman; no she wasn't a woman anymore. This whore under her and her mind filled with visions of her and Kal dominating each and every woman in the league. She imagined breaking and taming them as her master watched, his hand idly stroking his large cock as she presented some random heroine to him, the girls face red with tears and her pussy wet with juices.

She was brought out of her musings from a muffled yell from Faora as the woman climaxed. Leaning up Diana allowed Faora to take in a few lungful's of oxygen, her eyes drooping into a half lidded look of pleasure. Before she could fully recover Diana pulled on the lasso choking Faora and stopping her from taking any more breaths. Slipping her long fingers into her wet snatch Diana started to rub her cunt over Faora's clit, exciting her as she watched the beautiful woman under her.

Faora felt like her body was going to burst into flames as Diana kept on pounding into her. The pleasure she was sending though her body was amazing even as her lungs screamed out for oxygen. She felt long fingers dip into her cunt and explore her abused pussy even as her vision started to darken. Before she could pass out she felt the rope being loosened around her neck. Her first breath of air was replaced by a loud umph as Diana's foot connected with Faora's side turning the woman over.

"Ohh yes mistress abuse me, hurt me, fuck me please." Cried Faora, her cunt leaking cum as she lay on the ground panting.

"Good because that is what I plan to do to you. Now get on all fours like the good little bitch you are." Commanded Diana who was happy to see how quickly the woman complied, grabbing her by the hair Diana roughly slammed Faora's face into the dirt. "Much better, now spread those legs for me bitch. I want to get a good look at that ass before my master destroys it." Diana said slapping one of the round cheeks.

"yesh mishtress." Faora said, her voice muffled by the ground. Diana was happy to spend her time playing with Faora's tight firm ass. Each one easily fit in her hand and her lips and she took her time memorizing the contours of her lover with her fingers and tongue. Diana spent her time playing with Faora's cunt, four of her long fingers rapidly drilling her hole as her mouth and tongue kissed her cheeks.

"What a pain slut you are." Laughed Diana as she heard Faora moan after Diana took a quick nibble on one ass cheek. "And look at this ass of yours. Its so wide and spread, Your just anal pain slut aren't you." Teased Diana leaning forward to run her tongue over Faora's puckered ass. "But let me tell you something whore. My master is larger than what ever did that to you. He is going to rip you apart and split you in half when he gets you. And then after he is done you will just be a mindless little fucktoy for him to use." Diana said evilly causing Faora to cum from the images. Faora ground her cunt into Diana's fingers as her pussy exploded, gushing cum and a bit of piss as he rocked back and forth.

Kal had hurriedly flown to the fortress with his beautiful Starslut in tow. In fact the two had been flying connected the entire time. His cock never leaving her hot snatch as he flew through the air. And Starfire seemed to enjoy it. The alien woman took her time moving up and down his shaft and languidly rubbing her wet body all over him as they flew. By the time they got to the fortress Kal could tell that Starfire was finally starting to run out of steam. Smiling down at the stamina shown by the girl he removed his still hard rod from her and brought her inside.

Starfire was ecstatic at being able to see inside the fortress. But her happiness was drowned by the tiredness her body felt. Kal took her to one of the rooms he had prepared and showing Starfire where the garments she would be expected to wear were he placed her in bed. Struggling to ignore the beautiful aliens pleas to join her in bed as she fell asleep Kal leaned down to kiss her and tuck her in before leaving to find Diana.

Since his super senses were useless in his fortress he was forced to do what common mortals do when they want to know something. Google it, or in this case ask the local AI where she was. His surprise was clear on his face when the AI said she was not there but her last known location was in the room where he kept the phantom zone projector.

Racing to the room he saw the projector on and running and could see a desert in though the portal. Growing worried and angry he stepped though the portal and found himself surrounded by endless stretches of sand and rock. Superman took a second to get oriented to the local gravity and rocketed up into the sky. Stopping a mile or two up he scanned the local area looking for Diana. His hearing was the first to pick her up as he locked onto the sound of her heart then what sounded like moaning. Looking to where the sound was he could see some dark haired woman on top of her.

His eyes glowing red at the idea of Diana being attacked he flew down in a red blur to their location and barely stopped to grab the woman and throw her off of Diana. Kal started to walk towards the mysterious woman, her hair obscuring her face as she lay on the ground. His eyes lit up with red fire as he looked at her naked form.

"Master wait." He heard Diana purr and looked down to see the amazon warrior half sitting up with her long arms grasping at his leg. The sight of the naked amazon made his blood boil even more but turned his anger into lust.

"What are you doing in here?" Commanded Kal, his voice ice cold as he looked at her. Diana felt her body shiver at the power and aggression aimed at her and wondered what it would be like to be taken by her master in his current state. She wasn't sure if she would survive it if he chose to turn his anger on her and fucked her in his current mood.

"I came here hoping to bring you back a present." She cooed rubbing one hand over his cock. "I wanted to bring you back another Kryptonian. A strong, powerful warrior who could bear your seed." She said in a deep sultry voice letting each word drip out. Her hand was now rubbing over his large shaft and she could feel it bulging in her hands.

"Ohh yes I recognize her now that's Faora. Pity I didn't get a chance to enjoy the view the last time we fought." Kal said looking over at the woman laying on her back in the sand, her body scraped and battered yet still with a look of lust and pleasure in her eyes as she looked blankly into the sky. "But it looks like you did. Tell me did you have fun taming this one?" he asked.

"Mmm yes master but I couldn't wait to watch as you took her. She is nothing but a pain slut, a plaything to be fucked hard and taken. I can't wait to listen to her scream as your cock rips into her asshole and spreads her wide." Diana cooed now moving up to run her lips gently over Kal's cock. Kal looked down at where Diana was breathing onto his rod, her red lips just inches from his cock. "I want to watch as you rape her throat and pussy, I want to listen as you break her into a million little pieces with your large shaft. She said that she used to lay with Zod why don't you go over there and show her the power of a true Kryptonian."

Diana seemed to be done toying with him because she let him go and sunk down onto the sands. This was fine with Kal as he felt like he was ready to blow a load just from listing to his slaves sexy voice and having her breathe on his cock. Marching over Clark could see that the lasso was still stuck around the woman's throat from where Diana had been holding it as she ate her out.

Faora came to from the impact just in time to feel a tug on the rope. Looking up she came face to cock with the largest rod she had ever seen. Her mouth was watering just from the sight of the massive shaft, she struggled to look beyond it and could see the face of Kal-El or superman as he called himself.

"Superman wha." Was all she got out before her mouth was stuffed full of his cock, his hips slamming down and pushing more and more of it into her mouth. Faora let out a mix of a scream and moan as the large foot long cock was forced down her throat. She could feel her jaws aching as they had to stretch to fit the monster inside of her. Not that she had any choice as superman was fucking her so hard that he seemed intent to force his whole cock down her throat no matter what. And the more she screamed or moaned the more intent he got as pleasant vibrations shot up his dick.

"That's it slut scream for me as I fuck this pretty mouth of yours. I love how your screams make my cock feel, the only downside is I don't get to hear your lovely voice." Kal mocked grabbing the lasso and pulling her up closer to him as he continued to fuck her throat. He was taking immense pleasure from skull fucking one of his villainesses and getting back at Zod while he done it. Turning Zod's own plaything into his personal cum sleeve was its own reward.

Kal continued to quickly thrust in and out of Faora's mouth but Diana's ministrations had him on edge and he lasted half as long as he would have liked. Though it was still long enough to have Faora chocking and struggling for air. Holding her tight with the lasso Kal thrust in one last time before shooting wave after wave of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Faora seemed to happily drink it up as Kal continued to slowly thrust into her. When he finally pulled out he was stopped by Faora who grabbed his ass and held him close as she licked up the last of the cum dripping from his shaft.

"Ohh that was so good my lord. Thank you for using my throat like that, its' been so long since anyone has taken me like that or since I had the treat of drinking a man's cum." She said the lasso making her sound like some sort of sex crazed nympho.

"I'm not done with you yet slut. I plan on fucking your other two holes until they are formed perfectly around my cock." Kal said grabbing her neck in his hand and squeezing gently. Faora's face was one of ecstasy and her eyes started to roll up as Kal continued increasing his grip on her throat. "I heard you were a pain slut, well let's just see how you feel when my cock is ripping your ass open." He said moving his cock down to press up against her entrance. Even as streatched as it was it still wasn't large enough for Kal's shaft.

"Ohh yes master take me. Use your big cock and spread me. Rape me with that log you call a cock and turn me into your whore." She cried as she felt the head of his cock slid into her ass. Diana watched as the next few minutes were filled with screams and grunts as Kal continued to thrust in and out of Faora.

His cock seemed to be stretching the woman to her limits as she yelled and shook under him. He kept pounding hard against her sending small shockwaves every time they connected. But still her ass wouldn't let up its grip on his rod. Faora could feel her asshole being ripped and spread as Kal continued to rape her with his large cock. Her muscles tried in vain to hold him inside of her as he moved.

Faora felt her body explode into a universe of pleasure and pain as Kal's hips met hers. She was loving this, there was no foreplay, no loving caresses of her body. Instead she was just being thrown down on the ground like some two-bit whore and having her ass and pussy brutally fucked by the largest cock she had ever tried to take.

Faora couldn't move her body under his strong grip. His hand clamped around her neck holding her to the ground as he fucked her. His cock only leaving her for a few seconds to switch holes, Diana played with herself as she watched the two go at it. She was aware that this was less sex and just a pure brutal fucking as Kal seemed to be getting back at Zod some way by fucking Faora's brains out. Diana moved closer and watched as the large rod slid in and out of Faora's snatch before twitching and shooting her full of his cum. As Kal pulled out Diana was quick to move over and wrap her lips around the shaft sucking the last bit of his cum out of him.

"If you think that will save you from your punishment slave then you are wrong. When we get back to the fortress we will go to Themascera were you will await me in the queen's chambers." Kal said coldly leaning down to pick up the now unconscious Faora.

"Yes master." Diana said standing up and following her master out of the wastes.

A few hours later Diana sat in the middle of the queens chambers which had now been turned into her and Kal's personal rooms. She groaned as she felt the long cord of her lasso lash out and strike her large chest leaving a bright red mark. Diana squirmed and let out a loud yell as she felt the cord whip against her breasts twice more in rapid succession. Each time she moved, her lasso would bite deeper into her skin where it was wrapped around her.

Kal had taken his time tieing up Diana. He wound the cord around her body, wrapping it tightly around her breasts and sending the cord down to ride up between her lower lips. Kal had also wound the rope so that her neck, arms, and ankles were all connected. So everytime Diana would lean forward the rope would choke her slightly forcing her to arch her body back and presenting herself to him.

Diana let out a loud moan and tried not to squirm. The feeling of the ropes tight against her body was making it hard to resist cuming. The worst offender was the rope that was riding up between her pussy lips causing her hips to grind against it.

"Ahh…K..Kal" cried Diana breathlessly as the rope smacked against her large breasts again. Kal just smiled and struck again bringing the rope down hard and fast earning a pleasing moan from Diana. Kal ran his hand over one of her large reddened breasts and tweaked her hardened nipple. He was sure that her large eraser sized nipples could cut diamond at the moment as hard as they were.

"Who knew you were such a pain slut. Listen to yourself moaning like a whore as I whip those slutty breasts of yours." Said Kal pinching her nipple and pulling on it, reaching down he grabbed the cord that was sliding between her lips and pulled on it making it sink depper between them.

"You want to cum don't you whore." Asked Kal as he pulled on the rope between her legs forcing Diana to try and rise higher.

"Y..Yes my lord" Screamed Diana as an orgasm threatened to rip through her. The higher she tried to move the tighter the rope wrapped around her breasts became. "Please lord let your whore cum" begged Diana causing Kal to laugh.

"Fine, you can cum. show your lord what a dirty whore you are." Commanded Kal and pulled hard on the rope forcing it deep between her lips.

"Yess." Cried Diana as she stopped fighting and let wave after wave of pleasure shoot though her. Her juices gushed out of her lips and down her legs making a puddle on the floor. Everytime she felt like she was at the end Kal would slap her ass or pinch one of her tender nipples and she would start again. By the time she finally stopped she had tears running down her cheeks and was fighting for breathe.

"Thank you my lord." murmured Diana as she tried to catch her breath.

"We aren't done yet whore. Look at the mess you made on the floor, you need to clean it up." Kal said before grabbing her and maneuvering her so that her face was pressed against the ground and her lips on the dirty stone floor. "Lick it up slut, make sure you cleanup all of your juices."

Diana quickly started to lick and suck at the puddle of her juices on the floor. Her large pink lips brushing against the stone as she tried to clean up the juices. She could feel Kal's fingers in her hair as he grabbed onto it to hold her in position.

She was so engrossed in the feeling of his hand in her hair that she didn't notice his large cock pressing up against her cunt. Without warning Kal thrusted into her making her moan against the stone floor as his cock filled her up to her womb stretching her. Her lips moved against the wet stone letting out a breathless moan as Kal thrusted into her with his powerful hips.

Diana moaned against the stone floor, her head pressed down into the puddle of wet juices by Kal's hand in her hair. Her hard nipples brushed against the rough floor every time her bod swayed. "Did I tell you to stop licking whore?" asked Kal taking his hand out of her hair and pulling on the rope going down her back making Diana gag slightly as the rope choked her.

"N..No my lord." Said Diana once she was able to get her breath back. Leaning back down she continued to lick at the puddle of juices as Kal's large cock pressed against the tight wall of her cunt causing them to expand farther than she thought was possible. Diana moaned against the floor as Kal continued to fuck her, pushing her face closer to the cold wet tiles. Diana's had finally finished licking up the large puddle when Kal pulled on the rope going down her back, choking her and making her rear back.

Pulling on the rope Kal felt Diana's body move around his cock, her tight cunt molding its self around his dick as he pumped in and out of her. "This is your punishment for going into the Phantom Zone without telling me princess." He said removing his cock before slamming it into Diana's ass causing her eyes to roll back as his large member invaded her tight sphincter. Diana couldn't help but let out a long moan as Kal pummeled her ass, his cock splitting her in to as he pressed against her. She was sure she could feel her stomach budging from where it was inside of her.

"Yes master, I'm sorry I just wanted to surprise you. I know how you feel about their only being two other Kryptonians besides you and I though bringing back another would be a great wedding present." Panted Diana as Kal fucked her. Instead of saying anything Kal pulled on the rope chocking her into silence as he continued to rock his cock back and forth inside of her. The sound and sight of the beautiful amazon goddess being tied up and fucked soon brought him to his edge. Pulling out once more Kal thrusted in hard burying his shaft up to his balls in her soft ass. Diana let out a choked scream as Kal came filling her ass and woumb with hot cum, she could feel the pressure growing in her as rope after rope of cum shot into her until her stomach started to bulge.

"Look at that, you already look like a pregnant whore." Said Kal looking down at Diana lying in a puddle of their juices, her stomach bulging out from all of the cum he had put inside of her. Kneeling down Kal undid the rope before helping her up to sit on her lap. "Why are you holding your legs together so tightly?" asked Kal as Diana settled onto his lap, her arms wrapped around her now enlarged stomach.

"I'm just loving how great I look pregnant and how good it feels to have all of your' cum sloshing around inside of me and I don't want to let it escape yet." Said Diana looking up at Kal, smiling he leaned down to kiss her juice coated lips.

"Don't worry my love I plan on keeping your pregnant for the rest of our lives so you will have a long time to enjoy walking around with my cum and my children inside of you." This seemed to excite Diana and caused her to start rubbing her legs together as the prospect of being filled like this again and again ran though her mind. "But for now why don't I give you your present and let you get cleaned up." Said Kal, as he said that the doors to their room opened revealing Faora standing there wearing a small maid's outfit that exposed her ass and breasts along with a collar and chain and fell down to her waist.

"But master I thought I was being punished, I though you didn't like me going into the Phantom Zone." Asked Diana looking from Faora to Kal.

"You are right, but I was only mad because you did it without telling me. You could have been seriously hurt or killed going in there alone. And if anything were to happen to you I would die. I love you Diana you are my queen and I want to have you by me always." Said Kal leaning down to gently kiss Diana. Diana's eyes started to tear up as Kal began to gently rub his hand over her bulging stomach and his lips grazed hers.

"I love you to Kal. I promise you won't loose me, I am yours for the rest of eternity and nothing will change that." She said kissing him back. The two sat there for a moment kissing and rubbing each other until Kal turned his attention back to Faora.

"Now that you are done being punished it's time for your present. I think that since you were having so much fun with Faora that she should be your maid. She has been instructed to help you how ever you want and her discipline or reward is up to you." Said Kal.

"Thank you master." Replied Diana happily. "Come over here slut." Commanded Diana, she watched Faora walk over to them, her body swaying as she walked. As she got closer Diana could smell the arousal coming off of Faora and smiled at the woman as she knelled down infont of them and offered her the chain. Diana grabbed the chain and pulled it causing Faora to fall forward and land with her head against Diana's cunt.

"Why don't you start by cleaning your masters cum out of my cunt?" Diana commanded opening up her legs and letting the cum gush out of her ass and cunt. Faora happily started to lick at her pussy, her tongue diving deep as she licked and sucked to get all of Kal's cum out of her mistress's ass and cunt. Kal reached around and started to play with Diana's large breasts, cupping them in his hands and lifting them.

"This is a wonderful present master thank you." Said Diana leaning back into Kal's arms as Faora continued to lick and suck at her pussy. Leaning down Kal slowly kissed her and the two laid there as their new pet cleaned out Diana's cunt.
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