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Chapter 3

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Supergirl, Powergirl, and Wondergirl all get welcomed into the growing harem.

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Clark laid on the bed, his arms folded behind his head enjoying the sensation he had woken up to. Diana laid against his side raking her nails up and down his skin as she trailed kisses up his chest. Reaching over he wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer, her curvy body molding perfectly against his. Clark took his time enjoying the sight of her body, her long legs and beautiful waist were hidden under the silvery silk sheets, the rest of her amazing body was exposed to his gaze and he took pleasure in running his hands over her soft olive skin.

"You like feeling me run my nails over you don't you Kal?" Diana purred working her short red nails back up his chest. Smiling Kal reached down with his other hand to gently squeeze one of her large boobs, his hands sinking into her large breast.

"I do, I love the fact that I can actually feel you touch me. And that I can touch you with my full strength without hurting you." Said Clark squeezing her breast a little tighter. Diana purred at his touch pressing her breast harder against his hand.

"I want to feel you touch me all over Kal." Diana said rolling gently on top of him. Clark watched as she slowly kissed her way up his chest. Even though her long black hair obscured her face, he could feel her smiling as she kissed him. Eventually her two round breasts came up level with his face. Smiling Kal reached up and gently grabbed onto them and holding them still so that he could wrap his mouth around the large delicious tits. Diana moaned as Kal's fingers pressed into her breasts, his tongue and teeth teasing the skin around her nipple.

"Mmm Kal yes." Diana moaned enjoying the feel of his hands and lips on her breasts. Kal was enjoying playing with her large round breasts, his mouth switching back and forth between each dangling breast to kiss and lick both.

"What a beautiful sight to wake up to. My Amazonian goddess naked and moaning above me." Kal said letting go of her breasts and running his hands down to grip her ass.

"Mmm and I get my own Kryptonian god. Let me use my body to worship that huge cock of yours Kal." Diana said as she leaned down to kiss him. Grabbing her butt cheeks Kal spread her ass exposing her perfect pussy and her tight ass to the entire world. Diana slowly sat down on Kal's cock. She shivered as the large rod split her lips, her body slowly sinking down on top of his cock until she had the entire thing inside her. Kal watched as Diana started to ride him cowboy style, her disheveled hair falling to her shoulders as she threw her head back. Clark rubbed his hands over her tanned olive skin working his way over her toned flat stomach up to the bottom of her swaying breasts.

"Yes Kal, fuck me, fill me up with your cock and show me how to worship you." Diana begged as she rocked up and down on his shaft. Kal was so engrossed in the raven haired beauty sliding up and down his shaft he didn't notice the sound of the bathroom door opening or that someone else had entered the room. Only when he felt the bed move did he notice their visitor.

Diana leaned back into the warm orange arms that wrapped around her and looked up eagerly accepting the kiss from their Tamarian slave. Kori wrapped her arms around Diana, one hand going to her breast while the other rested gently above her clit. Leaning her head down Kori gently started to kiss Diana, their lips meeting after a minute of exploring each other. Kal watched Diana make out with Koriander while still riding his cock, the sight of the two beautiful women causing him to speed up his thrusts.

Reaching back over her head Diana wrapped her arm around Kori's neck pulling her deeper into the kiss. Breaking off from the kiss she looked up at Kori with raw lust. "Help me worship your new lord's cock." She said leaning back in for another kiss. The two women moaned into each other mouths, their bodies rubbing over the others. Letting go of Diana, Kori slid down kissing her way to Diana's perfectly shaped rear.

Kal let out a loud moan of pleasure as he felt Kori's hot wet mouth latch onto one of his balls. Her tongue swirling around it as she sucked it into her mouth. A sharp pain on his chest brought his gaze back to Diana. She was steadying herself on his chest as she bounced faster up and down on his cock, her fingernails digging into his skin.

"Ohh yes master give me your seed." She said her eyes closed as she rocked faster and faster on his cock. Raking her nails over his chest Diana let out a moan as she came, her pussy tighten over Kal's rod as she slid down it. Instead of stopping she kept going her lips moving in a silent prayer. "Ohh it's so good. Ohh yes ohh yes, ohh Zeus yes." Diana screamed only to feel Kal's hand on the back of her neck pulling her face down close to his. Opening her eyes she could see the hunger and lust in his as he used one hand to hold her ass still while he pounded up into her.

"No its 'Ohh Kal'" he said smirking at her. "Worship my cock with that pussy of yours slave and I may bless you with my child."

Diana's world exploded as she felt his cock press further into her, the long shaft brushing up against her G-spot. "Ohh Kal" Diana cried in the same way she had called on Zeus earlier once she felt him cum inside her, his seed spilling in her womb and filling it up.

Kori watched as her master rolled over on top of Diana and threw her legs up on his shoulders before impaling her again with his cock. Kal looked at the goddess below him, her raven black hair flowing disheveled all around her as she moaned and panted under him like a common whore. Diana was panting hard, her eyes full of pleasure as Kal thrust into her. Looking up eyes she saw kal above her, his muscles rippling with barely controlled strength.

"Ohh Kal." Diana beseeched as her body shook from an orgasm. "Yes fuck me, let me worship you and your magnificent cock." Diana said as Kal placed her legs back on the bed so he could move up above her. Before he could start moving over Diana, Kal felt Starfire snaking around him. Looking down he watched as the alien woman slowly kissed her way up, her large wet lips covering every inch of his waist and chest in kisses. Starfire's hands roamed over Kal's chest as her lips and tongue worshiped every inch of him.

Taking her two large orange breasts in her hands Starfire started to rub her fingers running over her breasts, teasing her nipples as Kal watched. Looking down Starfire lifted up one of her large boobs and stated to suck on the nipple, her eyes gazing seductively at Kal.

"Let me worship your body as well master." She pleaded rubbing her breasts up against Kal's chest. Leaning forward she started to kiss his neck, her large puffy lips teasing his skin as her breasts rubbed up against him. "Let me use my body to please you" she begged breathlessly as she kissed his chin.

"Please me slut, show me why you are worth of your lord's cock." He said grabbing her and pulling her in for a deep kiss. Sighing Kori turned around and laid down on top of Diana. Almost instantly the two's arms wrapped around each other as they began to make out.

Bucking under Kori from where Kal was slowly thrusting into her Diana started to run her hands down to Starfire's ass, her long fingers gripping her but cheeks and spreading them. Kal looked at Starfire's dripping pussy and tight round ass; he could not wait to spread it open with his cock and hear the hot alien slaves screams as her ass wrapped around his shaft.. Pulling out of Diana, Kal lined himself up and started to push into Starfire's ass.

Starfire moaned and arched her back as the head of Kal's cock pressed into her ass. Soon a low and constant moan came from her as Kal picked up his pace, thrusting in further and further each time. But just before bottoming out in her ass he would pull out and thrust into her pussy. Kal enjoyed how hot Starfire's insides were due to her alien physiology. It was like having a hot wet vise gripped around his cock constantly as he fucked her.

Starfire moaned as Kal bent down, his cock entering her further than before. She grinned wondering if their show was bringing him close to edge as Diana pawed and kissed at her breasts. "Yes master cum in me." She begged as she felt him tense up. Thrusting in one last time Kal emptied himself into Starfire's ass before pulling out and shooting a last spurt covering the small of Kori's back.

Smiling Diana reached around Starfire's back and scooped up the errant cum. bringing it to her lips Diana slowly licked it off savoring the taste of her lover. Smiling Kal laid down and instantly found the two girls curled up on either side of him their long legs intertwining with his.

"Mmm this is so great but I guess we need to get up in a bit unless we want Kara to catch us all laying around naked." Kal said lazily as he enjoyed the feelings of the girls' soft hands running over his chest.

"Ohh I don't know I think she would like it." Purred Kori running her hand down to gently rub over Kal's rod. Hearing Kal laugh she continued speaking as she watched in pleasure at Kal's growing member. "I'm being serious master. Some cultures have different ideas on relationships between cousins. And from what I have heard Kara and Karen say they would both like to get to know you better." She said watching Kal's cock twitch at the mention of his buxom cousin and her twin from another universe.

"And if you think about it master, Karen isn't even from this reality so you two aren't even related." Said Diana crawling half up on Kal to give him a deep kiss. "I hope you have fun but we need to get back to Themiscyra. She said, leaning down she started a slow deep kiss, her thick lips parting in a sigh as she felt Kal's hands rub her back. "And when you get to the island later I shall have a new sacrifice for my god." She whispered sultry letting her pussy teasingly brush up against his cock before rolling off of him. Grabbing Kori by the hand Diana sped out of the room dragging the poor tameranian girl along behind her.

Kal watched them leave for a minute before getting up and dressing. Since Kara was coming by he didn't see a reason to put on his suit so instead put on a pair of old pants and a faded T-shirt before heading into the kitchen to get something to eat. Kal had just finished his melted ham and cheese when he heard the doors in the front of the fortress open. Using the fortresses computers he pulled up a security cam and checked to make sure that it was Kara. Not that he was really worried since only a hand full of people in the entire galaxy had the ability to enter, and most of them were either family or founding members of the league.

Kal smiled as he watched his cousin walk confidently though the halls, her bright blue eyes staring straight ahead as her long legs ate up the distance between the door and the kitchen. Taking a last second to run his eyes over her beautiful body Kal turned off the screen and started making a second sandwich for Kara.

"Hey baby cousin" Kara said as she glided into the room and sat down on the barstool and crossed her legs, her short skirt riding up a little bit and exposing more of her beautiful sun kissed skin. "Do you mind if I go change first before we eat? I just came from monitor duty at the station." She said staring at Kal with large puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, I only made some sandwiches anyways" Said Kal taking notice for the first time how her eyes seemed to grazed over him as she waited for his answer. Kal chuckled to his self as she left, Kara hated monitor duty and usually needed to blow off steam after her shift. But today instead of sparing he was thinking of a different way to help his cousin to use up some of her excess energy.

"So what was it you wanted to show me Kal?" Asked Kara zipping back into the room. It took Kal a minute to find out excatually what she had changed since it seemed like she had just switched uniforms, but after a second he realized that the shirt was just a little shorter teasing a glimpse at her belly button and that her skirt only came down to her palms.

"I discovered something on one of Braniac's ships. And it has to do with the future of what's left of Krypton." He said which caused Kara to light up. After coming to earth and finding out her world had been destroyed and the recent death of Superboy she had been depressed.

"Great can we go see it?" She asked starting to get up until her stomach loudly protested the idea. "Though I guess we can wait till after breakfast." She said as Kal set her own grilled hot ham and cheese down in front of her. Kal watched as Kara dove into her food and chuckled silently to himself as he imagined what Ma Kent would have to say about her lack of manners.

Kal finally got Kara to take her time eating and got her to tell him about the monitor duty. When he told her that he knew about Diana's get away for all the heroines Kara lit up and started to tell him all the gossip going around and all of the women who had decided they were going to go. Hearing that most of the female league members were going to be there at one time made him smile. Since the only way to leave was though the portal or forcing your way past the magic winds the island would be a perfect prison while he took his time taming its inmates.

But right now he had another matter to deal with. "Ok if you are done eating I'll show you what I found." He said standing up and placing the dishes in the sink.

"Awesome, I can't believe Braniac was hiding something that could bring back our race." Kara said bouncing up and down in excitement and causing her breasts to rise and fall with her. To calm her down Kal reached out and pulled her to his side, his hand sitting on her hip. Now that he was looking for it he could hear her heart speeding up and feel her edge closer against him.

"Well he was a collector so I'm sure he worried about one day something happening to his prized collection. So he probably wanted something to back it up with." Kal said leading them down the hallway. Coming up to the door Kal lowered his hand from her hips and let it accidently brush up against her soft ass. His super hearing was able to hear the little gasp Kara let out as his hand brushed over her and he could see her face begin to redden.

Smiling Kal opened the door and led Kara into a room that looked like a Kryptonian version of a standard doctor's office. Aside from the cold crystalline design the only thing different was the large monitor built in to the wall. Walking over Kal flipped the switch and pulled up the information on the nanobots on the main screen.

"It's all there, you are better at the whole science stuff so I will let you read about it before we talk." He said stepping back to lean against the table while she sped through the information. Kal took the time to run his eyes up and down her thin form, his pants growing tight as he imagined her strong legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her.

"Kal this is wonderful, This says that it recombines a person's DNA to make them technically Kryptonian and allow them to safely carry them to term." Kara said happily, she stopped reading as she felt Kal place his hands on her hips, his body pressing hers against the terminal. "Kal wha?" she started only for him to press harder against her.

"Shh, keep reading Kara." Kal commanded. Kara felt herself begging to get turned on as she felt his large rod pressing up against her. 'Did he know what he was doing to her? Was he doing it on purpose?" Fumbling for a second Kara went back to reading down the page and gasped as she read how it was to be administered.

"This says it's set up to be transferred from a male host to a female. These nanobots latch onto the sperm and ride it into the female body and change it from the inside."

"And from what I have seen it is a very enjoyable change." Kal said, his large chest rumbling against her back. Kal smirked and declining to mention the part where it would turn women into mindless fuck slaves for his and any of his future sons' amusement.

"You, you what Kal?" Kara said turning around to look at him. Her new position now allowing the bulge in his pants to rub up against her waist.

"I said from what I have seen it is very enjoyable. Diana and her sisters seem to really enjoy it as I claimed them." Kal said looking down at her, he could hardly contain his desire to just rip her clothes off and impale her on his rod, but at the same time seeing her growing desire was making the wait worth it.

"Diana's party. You're planning on taking all the heroines who come. Diana is helping you with this." Kara said accusingly but surprisingly didn't struggle or try to escape.

"She has been very eager to help. In fact the island trap was her idea. And as for taking the other heroines, I think I'm going to start with you." Kal said cupping her jaw in his hand and lifting her chin up to kiss her. Almost instantly as their lips met Kara pressed herself against him, her mouth opening and allowing him to deepen the kiss.

"You know Kal, not every planet has the same laws about cousins as earth does." Kara purred as she broke from the kiss. Kal felt her small hand cup his cock though his pants. "In fact if we were still on Krypton there could have been a strong chance that we could have been paired together." She said leaning up to kiss him lightly on the lips.

Kal slid his hands from her hips up to her waist and pulled her closer. Kara eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck as they continued to kiss. Kal was amazed at how soft her red cherry lips were and how eager and passionate she was in her kisses. Slipping his hands down below her skirt he started to palm her soft ass.

Kara moaned into his mouth as his large hands covered her cheeks. His hands squeezing the soft flesh as he rubbed his crotch against hers. As his hands moved closer and closer to her crack he kept wondering when he would hit cloth only to discover that she wasn't wearing anything under her skirt.

Smiling into the kiss Kal dipped one large finger in-between her soft cheeks and ran it over her puckered asshole making Kara squeak as his finger ran over the sensitive opening. "Not..not yet kal. I want to kiss you more first." Kara said as she felt his finger slid around her asshole before sliding down to her pussy.

"You're so wet already Kara. You've been wanting this haven't you? You've been wanting me to fuck you, that's why you aren't wearing any panties isn't it." He growled and squeezed her ass.

"I never wear any panties when it's just the two of us. You have just never noticed until now." Kara said, her tongue dragging over his lips as she started to undo his shirt form his suit. Kal allowed her hands to quickly take off his shirt leaving the younger heroine staring at his strong muscled chest. Leaning forward Kara started to kiss at his chest, her hands running over it almost reverently as she placed little butterfly kisses on his skin.

Kal was happy to let her continue and decided to save asking her why she wasn't freaking out about his plan until after he had fucked her brains out. Kissing her way south Kara pulled Kal's pants down revealing the thick thirteen inch member.

Kara smiled down at the large member standing proudly at attention between Kal's legs. Reaching down she placed one finger on the large bulbous head before running it down the spine. "Tell me what you want me to do Kal." Kara pleaded.

"Suck it Kara, get down on your knees and wrap those hot red lips around my cock and suck it." Kal said in a commanding voice. Kara shivered in delight and quickly got down on her knees, her head coming even with Kal's large balls.

"Mmm Kal you balls are so large, I but you are just full of cum." She said reaching out to grab one of his large sacks. Leaning forward she gently kissed it before moving up the underside of his shaft placing small kisses all over it. "You could probably drown a girl with that hose." She said as she reached the top.

Kara slowly placed her lips on the head of Kal's cock and started to suck on it as her tongue licked the slit urging the precum to come out. Kal placed his hands on the back of her head and gently urged her to take more of his meat into her mouth. Gagging slightly Kara started to take more of the monster cock into her mouth, her jaws begging to ache as the large rod stretched her.

Kara continued to lick and suck at Kal's cock for the next two minutes, her hands constantly rubbing what she could not fit inside her or playing with his large sack. "Ohh Kara you are really good at this," Kal said as Kara took his member down her throat. Slowly pulling it out Kara rubbed her hands over the large shaft.

"What was it Kal? Were you expecting to fuck your young innocent little cousin and show her the pleasures of the male sex?" She said teasingly as one hand played with his balls and another stroked him off.

"No I just didn't expect you to be this good."

"Well don't worry I have only sucked a few dicks so your little cousin is still pure at least." She said before her lips curled into a teasing smirk "Well and some pussy to, but that's what happens when you are at an experimental age on an island full of beautiful women." She said before leaning forward and sucking both of Kal's balls into her mouth and sucking on them causing the hero to let out a loud groan.

Just before he could cum Kara took him out of her mouth and started to pull her shirt off. Any objection Kal had started to form were dispelled as her perfect golden breasts topped with her small pink nipples came into view. Placing her breasts, together Kara started to rub them against Kal's cock, the giant member sinking down into the soft valley between them.

Kara continued to work her breasts up and down his shaft before moving up his chest, her hard nipples scraping over his body as she rubbed them all over him. As she went up she started to float, her long golden legs slowly wrapping around Kal's waist. Pulling closer to him, she let her pussy brush up against Kal's dick. Her wet slit dripping down onto his cock as she floated gently above it.

"Fuck me Kal, take that big cock of yours and fuck your teenage cousin's snatch." She demanded as she wiggled her ass enticingly above his cock.

"You know it's odd, I'm usually the one in charge." Kal said as Kara floated up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Maybe, but when have you ever known me to listen to you cousin?" Kara said placing a kiss on his jaw before lowering herself down onto his cock. Kal was amazed at how easily she slid onto him and how perfect her pussy felt around his cock.

"Ohh it's perfect, it's like your cock was made to fit in my pussy." Kara purred as Kal slid more and more of his cock inside her. Holding her close Kal turned around and started to walk over to the examination table causing Kara to bounce up and down on his cock with every step.

"Ohh..Kal…please. Don't…stop" She said grunting with each step. Gently Kal leaned over and placed Kara on the table. Looking down Kal enjoyed the sight of the beautiful blond girl below him as he continued thrusting gently into her tight cunt.

"No Kal" Kara pleaded as she felt Kal pull out of her and allowed her own juices to drip down her lips and start to pool on the table. Kara was about to plead with him to start fucking her again when she felt his lips on one of her nipples. "Oh Kal" She moaned as he gently sucked her nipple up between his lips. Waves of pleasure shot down from her nipple as his teeth gently closed over it and pulled up, stretching her large breast up in the air.

Kal continued to bite down and pull, watching as Kara's eyes filled with pleasure. Letting go just before she could feel any pain Kal moved over to her other breast and wrapped his lips around it. His teeth and lips played with that breast as well as his hands massaged her aching boob.

"Yes, ohh yes. That feels so good Kal." Kara said as both large hands massaged her breasts. But she could feel what she really wanted as it brushed up against her every time Kal moved. "Please, fuck me Kal. Fuck your innocent little cousin with your big Kryptonian cock. Claim me Kal, claim me and fill my pussy with your seed"

Without saying anything Kal stood up and grabbed onto Kara's hips pulling her closer to the end on the table. "Yes yes I want it. Of Rao I need it, I need you to fuck me." Shouted Kara as Kal slammed into her, his hips rocking fast enough to blur. The sound of moans and grunts filled the air as Kal continued to thrust in and out of Kara, his cock pushing her closer and closer to the edge with every thrust.

Groaning Kal pushed in one last time, his cock bottoming out in Kara's cunt. Kara moaned as she felt his cock throb and pulse as he pushed into her sending white bolts of pleasure all throughout her body. Using her X-ray vision she watched as his cock entered her, her breathing speeding up as he emptied his self into her womb. "Ohh yes, yes." She moaned still looking down at her abdomen. "I can see it, your sperm, burrowing into me, making me yours. Ohh yes." She screamed, her breasts heaving as she came, her juices mixing with his and dripping out onto the table as he pulled out of her.

Leaning down Kal gently kissed her lips, his hands snaking under her to pull her against his chest as he stood back up. In a flash Kal sped into his bedroom and laid Kara down. Kara pouted for a second before his large arms wrapped back around her, pulling her to his chest as he spooned against her. Kara giggled as he started to nibble on her ear with his teeth. Kara thought they were done playing for a while until he lifted up her leg and she felt his cock press against her pussy.

"Mmm yes, fill me up Kal, yes. Ohh yes, you love fucking your hot little cousin don't you Kal. Ohh yes, what a naughty man you are, fucking your innocent little cousin with your big hard cock." She said as kal continued to slowly thrust in and out of her, his shaft causing her stomach to bulge from the way it was coming in.

"Yes I love fucking that sweet little pussy of yours. And I can't wait to taste it either. But first I need you to do something for me my little superslut." He said playing off her name.

"Ohh yes anything, anything" She said as her mind went white with pleasure. She could feel his hands moving over her body, drawing lazy circles over her stomach as he filled her again and again with a never ending supply of cum.

"I want you to go and convince Powergirl to join us. I want to watch as you to play with each other then I want you to bring her back here." Kal said pulling out of Kara.

Kara and Kal laid in the bed for the next hour playing and holding each other close. The love that they had always felt for each other had burst forth and they had found a new outlet that they were quick to express. After taking a long warm shower with Kal she flew off towards Powrgirls apartment.

Karen Starr known to the rest of the world as Powergirl sat on the padded chair that made up half of the furniture on her apartments patio. Taking a sip of her wine her mind was too caught up in what she was going to buy to wear to Diana's party that she didn't notice the sound of the small dart flying through the air.

"Arghh I thought it was too early for mosquitos." she complained as she rubbed her neck. A mile above her Kara floated in the sky, her cape billowing out behind her. Thinks to her Kryptonian abilities and superior intellect throwing the dart had been no problem. Now all she had to do was wait for it to release its payload and for the nanobots to take effect.

As Karen sat in her chair she started to feel hot and flushed. Even though it was early in the summer her skin felt like it was overheating. She had also noticed another problem. She felt antsy like she couldn't keep still. She kept finding her hand that wasn't holding the wine glass creeping down the armrest to rub and touch herself.

"What gotten into me?" she thought out loud as she felt the need start to pool between her legs. "Ughh if only superman was here." She said shocking herself. Her desire for Superman was something she kept buried along with her attraction to his annoying little cousin. But right now she couldn't stop thinking of him. Without meaning to she started to play with one of her breasts as she imagined Superman standing before her, the top of his suit off showing his firm chest and strong arms.

Letting out a small moan Karen continued to tease her breasts though the sheer fabric of her nightgown not noticing her new visitor. Teasing one of her nipples to hardness she continued to imagine Superman stripping and climbing above her on the chair. Powergirl lost herself in her daydream unaware that she was giving Kara a free show as her hand slid down to play with her pussy. Before she could cum she heard a loud moan that broke her out of her daydream.

Opening her eyes she saw Kara sitting on the other seat watching her, her legs spread far apart as one slim hand played with her pussy. Instead of being angry Karen found herself curious and turned on. She watched in a haze as Kara got up and reached out for her. Giving Kara her hand powergirl let Kara lift her up before pulling her close.

Kara leaned into Karen, her lips brushing lightly up against Karen's as her hands slid around her waist. Tentavily the two closed the distance, their lips brushing over each other as their breathing started to speed up in anticipation.

"Kara, please I've wanted this for so long." Powergirl said pulling Kara up against her. Leaning into Powergirls arms Kara pressed her lips firmly against Karen's. The two girls slowly kissed, their mouths opening and letting the others tongue lazily explore.

"I want you Karen, and my cousin does as well." Kara panted as she pulled away from the kiss. The feeling of Powergirls hands on her butt was making it very hard to concentrate.


"Ohh yes, Kal wants to rebuild Krypton. He's already started and soon every woman will belong to him. Everyone will be carrying his seed and worshiping him." She said moaning as she remembered the time in the lab as Kal impregnated her.

Powergirl felt herself begin to become wet, her panties dripping at the thought of being held and fucked by Kal while making love to his cousin. 'Ohh' she wanted it so bad she moaned out loud only to have it cut off by a slow wet kiss from Kara. The two girl's tongues intertwined and they took turns sucking on each other's as Karen slowly led them over to the large bed she had in the middle of the room.

Powergirl ran her hands though Kara's hair as she pressed the smaller girl down onto the bed. Kara smiled as she watched Powergirl crawl up over her on the bed, her large breasts swaying underneath her shirt. Leaning down Powergirl placed her lips on Kara's neck before starting to kiss her way back up to her mouth.

"Mmm did you enjoy fucking your cousin?" Powergirl asked in a sultry voice as her lips trailed up kara's jaw. "Did you enjoy having his big Kryptonian cock in your pussy?" Kara was stopped from answering when Powergirl started to suck on her bottom lip. Reaching up Kara pulled Karen closer for the kiss, her body squirming as she felt Karen's hands start to remove her shirt. Karen broke off the kiss and watched happily, as Kara's toned sun kissed stomach was revealed. Leaning down Karen started to lick at the revealed flesh, her tongue-covering inch after inch as she raised the shirt. Licking her way up between the valley of Kara's breasts she finally got the shirt off and started on the buttons to Kara's skirt.

Before she knew what was happening Karen found herself flipped over and laying on her back as a half-naked Supergirl straddled her. Karen watched as Kara slowly undid her skirt and slipped one of her hands down it.

"Ohh yes I loved having my cousins long hard cock in me." She said moving her fingers in and out of her snatch. "I loved the feel of him on top of me, forcing his big cock between my tight little teen lips and impregnating me." Kara started to thrust her fingers in and out faster, the skirt only allowing Karen brief glimpses at the perfect little snatch. "That's what you want isn't it? You want to lick my little pussy don't you?"

"Yes." Karen admitted as she watched Kara use her other hand to bring up one of her large breasts and start to suck on it. Karen watched as the young girl got herself off, her cunt grinding up against her stomach as she sucked on her breasts. Reaching up Karen ran her hands up Kara's sides utill she could grip onto Kara's breasts.

Kara let the one breast pop out and allowed her head to roll back as she felt Karen start to massage her breasts, her large lips soon following to suck on her hardened nipples. "Ohh yeah baby girl cum for me, let me see that beautiful pussy as you cum all over your fingers." Karen said as she squeezed and sucked at Kara's breasts. Taking her hand Kara tilted Karen's head up until their lips met. Karen held onto the young heroine as her body spasamed, her moans of ecstasy swallowed by Karen's lips.

As her orgasm subsided Kara brought her hand up, her fingers glistening in juice. Smiling she gently pressed them against Karen's lips and covering them in her juices until they glistened. Karen moaned happily and started to lap at the juices as Kara pressed her fingers into Karen's mouth. "That's right slut lick my juices off my fingers. Suck on them like they were my cousin's cock." She said as Karen's tongue lapped and moved over them.

Once she finished cleaning off Kara's fingers Karen laid back down quickly followed by Kara who started to run her hands down the silk nightgown Karen had on.

"I always wished I could have breasts as big as yours are." Said Kara revealing the large E-cup breasts to the world. Leaning down Kara started to kiss and play with them just like Karen had.

"Don't worry I'm sure yours will grow soon and get just as big. They will probably be bigger than mine were at your age since you are carrying Kal's baby." Karen said giggling as Kara's hand brushed over a ticklish spot. Laughing, Karen allowed Kara to take her bra and panties off leaving her laying in just her house coat.

"You look so good, I can't wait to watch my cousin fuck those huge slutty tits of yours." Kara said squeezing one of Powergirl's tits.

"Why don't I give you a little preview then?" Karen said slipping out from under Kara and walking over to the closest. Grabbing a small black box form a shelf Karen turned around to see Kara laying on her side, one hand propping her up as the other spread her lips displaying her core to powergirl. Powergirl felt her mouth water at the sight of Kara's perfect little cunt, rolling her shoulders she stepped out of her night gown fully exposing herself to the younger girls gaze.

Powergirl quickly climbed back up on the bed, her legs straddling Kara as she laid the box down beside her. Kara watched as Karen opened the lid, the contents hidden to her until she pulled out a long clear crystal dildo. She watched as Karen brought it to her lips and slowly ran her tongue up onside of it. "Is this what you wanted to see?" She asked slowly bringing the dildo down between her breasts. "You want to watch as Kal fucks my tits with his big hard cock." She whispered moving it up and down slowly between her breasts.

Kara licked her lips as she watched Karen bring it back up and start to suck on the tip of the dildo, her tongue running out to tease its head. "Damn that's hot, but I hope you know my cousins cock is much bigger than that." Kara said grinning up at Powergirl.

"Mmm how much bigger sweetie?" Running her tongue up the underside of the crystal cock Powergirl sat it down on the nightstand and reached her hand back in the box bringing out the largest dildo Kara had ever seen. Powergirl held the foot long dildo in her hands and started to kiss around the head. "I can't wait to see your cute little pussy wrap around this cock sweetie." She said placing it on top of Kara's snatch and rubbing it over her lips. Kara's juices quickly smeared all over the dildo as Powergirl turned it over and over getting it wet.

Kara was about to reply when she felt the thick head of the dildo slide into her. Kara opened her mouth in a moan as it felt like the dildo kept sliding in further and further with no hope of stopping soon. "Ohh yeah fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock." Kara said as Powergirl continued to thrust faster and faster driving Kara to the edge.

Continuing the thrusting Powergirl slid off of Kara and leaned down, kissing the young heroine. "You like that don't you, you little slut. Always flying around in that skimpy little skirt, letting everyone below you get a good look at your panties." Powergirl teased as she thrust harder. Just as it seemed like Kara was going to cum she flipped over and pinned Powergirl below her.

"I'm not the slut who has a boob window in my uniform" Kara said bouncing her pussy on the dildo. Reaching in the box beside her she grabbed a large crystal plug and turned around facing away from Powergirl. "Such a sexy little ass, we need to stretch it a bit before we go see Kal. But even then his cock is going to rip your ass in half." Kara said leaning her head down between Karen's golden legs and running her tongue over her tight asshole. Kara happily went to work licking at sucking at Karen's ass, her tongue diving in deep making Powergirl squirm.

"You like that don't you bitch, you like getting your ass eaten." Kara said running her finger into Powergirls ass and pumping it in and out.

"No you are just a little ass licking slut" Karen moaned as Kara leaned back down to lick and suck at her ass. "You, you are the only one who's ate my ass out." Powergirl grunted. Grabbing onto Kara's hips Powergirl pulled her ass down infront of her face and started to lick up from Kara's stuffed pussy to her ass. The two girls laid there licking and slurping as they played with each other's ass. The tongues snaking in and out of the others ass as their fingers massaged the surrounding flesh.

After a few minutes both women came, their juices drenching the other. Kara rolled off powergirl and looked at the large plug that was sticking out of Powergirls ass. "You look so good like that, I think we should leave that in and let Kal be the one to take it out."

Powergirl ran her fingers over the handle and pressed it in slightly deeper. "Ohh god, I don't know if I will be able to fly with this in me." She moaned as her ass twitched around it

Meanwhile back at Themiscyra Donna sighed as she waded into the large marble bath in the east wing of the palace. Her body aching pleasantly from her spar with Diana. They had started out sparing with their swords and shields but had ended up grappling. Donna smiled as more of the warm scented water washed over her. She had enjoyed rolling around in the dirt with Diana,

Donna remembered how Diana had looked as she lay on the ground, her skin dirty and glistening. Donna had thought it strange that Diana had wanted to train naked today but after a bit she had gotten used to it. Though it had seemed that Diana's hands kept grabbing her around the breasts or the legs or even once the ass.

Sinking deeper into the water Donna started to think that everyone on the island had been acting a little…strangely. Everyone was usually kind and even at times deferential to Diana but not they looked upon her like some kind of goddess. She had also noticed Starfire and some girls from the village walking down one of the corridors. And when she had asked Diana about it she just said that Starfire had decided that it would be better to be around people while she healed so she had asked to come to the island.

Any more thoughts were cut off as she heard the large doors to the bath open and close. Turning around she saw Diana walking towards the bath, her hips swinging in a natural sort of confidence that Donna had yet to master.

"Hello little sister." Diana said smiling at Donna.

"Oh hey, I thought you were getting something from your room?" Donna asked as Diana sat some towels down on a stone bench. Donna couldn't help but admire her sisters body as she bent over to check the temperature of the water.

"I got some new bath oil for us to try out. Kal bought it for me and I haven't had a chance to use it." She said smirking to herself. Inside the bottle was a powerful aphrodisiac she had created using her gifts from Aphrodite and the lab at the fortress.

"That sounds nice. I guess if he is buying you something like that then that means he finally made a move. Is that why you have been gone so much lately." Donna said laughing. Carrying the oil bottle into the pool with her Diana walked behind Donna and gently edged her towards one of the seats in the bath.

"It's been a while since we have taken the time to do this." Donna said as she felt Diana's strong hands start to rub the oil onto her shoulders. "That smells good. I've missed being able to spar with you and spend time with you and my sisters." Donna said moaning in relief as Diana's strong fingers worked the knots out of her shoulders and neck.

"Don't worry sister dear I'm sure we will have another chance to do this really soon." Diana said smiling as she moved her hands down Donna's sides. Donna drifted into a white fog of pleasure and contentment as Diana's hands moved over her sides and down her legs. Her mind had been taken by the scented spell by the time Diana's fingers started to ply her breasts.

Donna couldn't find the strength of will to question as Diana led her out of the pool and dried her off before re-oiling her body till she shined form head to toe. Diana led her from the bath to her and Kal's bedroom where she maneuvered Donna onto the bed. Crawling up with her Diana took Donna's hands and tied them to the headboard.

As the fog started to fade from her mind Donna felt a pair of lips gently kissing her breasts as something skimmed over the outer lips of her pussy. She moaned as the lips made their way up her neck to her mouth and sealed over hers.

"Wha..what's going on?" Donna asked as she started to come to. "Diana wha…what are you doing?" she asked looking up at her sisters loving face.

"I'm getting you ready." Diana said stroking Donnas face with her hand.

"Ready for what?" Donna asked jerking her arms and testing the bonds that tied her to the bed.

"Ready to serve our new master. Our new god." She said, adoration filling ever word.

" Diana you cain't do this. What about our sisters, what about our mother." She pleaded only to have a finger placed on her lips to shush her.

"He has already claimed our sisters, and our mother. He already conquered them, just like Hercules, just like Zeus. And now their only wish is to serve him." She said running a hand gently up and down Donna's leg.

"Is that what he did to you? Conquer you? Rape you, just like Hercules and his men did to our sisters?" She asked struggling against the chains.

"Ohh no, I gave myself to him freely. I wanted to be with him, I wanted to serve him. All he had to do was show me that there was nothing wrong to feel that way." Diana said looking down at her sister. "He needed to show me that it was right, that a woman's place was on her knees serving a man strong enough to conquer her."

"I..I can't believe it." Donna cried "Who did this? Was is Darkside? Warlord? Who did this?" Donna asked as the large oak doors opened. Smiling Diana crawled off the bed and kneeled down on the floor presenting herself to Kal.

"Welcome home my lord." She said pressing her breasts out and widening her legs letting the evening sun shine on her oily body.

"Hello my beautiful pet" Kal said looking at her with love and affection in his eyes. That didn't stop the hard on that formed as he looked up her body then past her to where Donna was laying splayed out on the bed.

"Superman? What is this Diana?" Donna asked as superman continued to walk towards the bed.

"This is our lord, the only man strong enough to conquer the amazons, to show us our place."

"And where is that my Queen?" Kal asked smirking down and her. Without hesitating Diana leaned forward and pulled his pants down revealing his large cock, half hard already form the sight of the two women.

"To serve you master, our bodies only exist to please you." She said looking up at him the entire time as she started to rub his cock. Diana continued to rub and lick at Kal's growing shaft, her expert fingers bringing him to full mast. Donna watched as Diana lovingly kissed the large shaft, her lips slowly moving over the engorged member as she worshiped his cock.

"Hercules was right, he just wasn't strong enough to conquer you, to show you your place." He said as Diana took her time kissing down the underside of his cock. As she got to the base she started to lick around it, running her tongue over his balls as she hummed contently. Slurping noisily on his cock Diana looked up.

"Yes let me worship you Kal, let me show you how much I love you. Our bed is your alter, use it, show Donna the true power of men." she said gently gripping his cock. "Go take my sister and show her the power of her new king."
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