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Rebirth of Krypton Ch 4

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Donna and Powergirl join the harem

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AN: Sorry about the wait but it was my last semester before student teaching so I had a ton of assignments and papers to write. So I didn't feel like writing any more most days. Also I had a roommate who would never leave the room to give me time to write and a little something called FO4 to take up my time. But depending on how tough student teaching is I should be more regular in the future.

Diana's nailed scratched at Kal's legs as her luscious lips wrapped around his balls. A moan emanated from her throat as she moved her head back and forth, sucking and pulling on Kal's sack. Kal looked at Donna as her sister used her mouth to worship his rod. Reaching down Kal grabbed onto Diana's hair making her moan even more lewdly as he tugged on it.

Slowly Diana rose, her beautiful long legs seeming to unfold as she rose up to meet her master's lips with a content and happy sigh. Diana wrapped her body around Kal, one leg crossing over his as she snaked an arm behind his head to play with his hair. Letting her lips brush his skin Diana started to plant light kisses behind his ear and on his jaw, making little cooing noises as she rubbed up against him.

Placing her lips against his ear Diana started to whisper in his ear. Her hot breath and sultry voice filling his head with promises of what she and her sister would do for him. Kal let go of her raven locks and ran his hand down the beautiful seductresses back. Until he had claimed her he would never have thought of her as a seductress, that was something used for people like Ivy, Selina, or Vikki Vale. However, his innocent princess had turned into a raven-haired succubus who wanted nothing more than to see him achieve his goals.

"Kiss her, present your offering to your god." He commanded as Diana ground her snatch against his leg, one of her long fingered hands teasingly stroking his shaft as she whispered in his ear. Practically purring Diana gave Kal a last gentle kiss before stepping towards the bed, her body moving with excruciating slowness as it brushed over him. Kal watched as she slowly crawled up onto the huge bed, her ass swaying gently as she went to her sister.

"Diana please don't do this. You need to fight whatever it is." Donna begged as Diana drew up beside her.

"Yes I do dear sister. And once you see the magnificence of our god, once you feel his power inside you, you will thank me." Diana moaned as she remembered Kal taking her and unleashing her pent up desires. Leaning down she gently kissed Donna's lips before pulling back to look into her eyes, their noses brushing against each other's. "I love you little sister. Let me show you how much you mean to me."

Leaning down Diana kissed her again, her mouth sucking Donna's tongue between her lips. Diana sucked on her tongue and lips like she had Kal's cock, making a show of it for her master. Donna started to kiss back as the remnants of the aphrodisiac pushed through her body by her racing heart. The two continued to exchange wet sloppy kisses, their lips sucking at the others mouth, drinking down their moans.

Diana leaned back from the slightly dazed donna, her eyes seeking her masters. "Look at these lush red lips" she said running a finger over Donna's bottom lip. "Look at how they pucker, look at how they beg to be kissed." Leaning down Diana kissed Donna again gently before moving down her body. Diana quickly went to Donna's two large breasts and started to slide her hand over Donna's chest. She knew men loved breasts, especially Kal who would suck and fondle and kiss hers all day if he could.

Diana continued to gently run her hands over Donna's breasts, her hands making them bend gently side to side as she massaged them. "Look at her breasts Kal. Already so large and firm, her nipples so hard. Just imagine what they will look like with milk shooting out of them, how they will look hanging full. Proof that she is carrying your child."

Bending down Diana took one of the hard tits into her mouth and started to suck on it. Donna moaned and stretched a bit as Diana's masterful hands and mouth teased and played with her large breasts. Kal watched in pleasure as Diana swatted at Donna's large breasts causing them to flop back and forth as she toyed with the girl. He almost thought of calling for the former queen and using her cunt as a cum rag to jerk off with as he watched the two beautiful princesses make out. But he decided not to, he wanted to save his strength for the two of them.

Diana soon moved from her breasts and just started to run her hands over the oiled muscular frame. Her fingers touching and massaging Donna's stomach and legs as she slowly turned to kneel over her. Donna looked up as she felt something drip onto her face. Her eyes widened when she saw the lips of Diana's wide pussy spread open and her juices dripping out.

Donna couldn't help but hum in appreciation as a drop fell onto her lips and she instinctively licked it off. She watched Diana's hips and pussy move above her as her sister moved her way down her body. Soon the smell of her sisters desire started to cloud her head, the powers of Aphrodite working though Donna's sense of smell to make her more complacent to her sisters ministrations.

Diana smiled at Kal as she bent down and started to kiss at her sister's mound. Kal felt his cock twitch as he watched Diana gently run her tongue over her sister's pussy. Diana gently kissed her way back up before taking her fingers and rubbing them slowly over the outside of Donna's lips. As her fingers massaged the skin around her sister's pussy Diana used her tongue to play with Donna's large clit, flicking it back and forth and causing Donna to buck under her.

"Look how wet she is master" Diana purred and used her fingers to spread Donna's lips wide open. "Look at how wet this tight young cunt is. Look at how her pussy moves when I touch it, begging to be filled." Leaning down Diana ran her tongue down over Donna's cunt, her fingers spreading Donna's lips and letting Kal watch. "So sweet, just like honey, just like how I imagine your sweet little cousins to taste like." Diana said as she lapped up the juices flowing out of Donna's cunt.

Diana stopped eating out Donna and instead crawled back up the bed and gently undone the silk cord holding her hands together. Donna's mind tried to fight through the fog of lust and free herself but she was too late. By the time her head cleared she was laying with her arms trapped behind her back as she lay against Diana's chest. Diana used one hand to hold Donna's arms as the other gently rubbed the girl's cheek.

"Come, take her master, take my sister and claim her as your slave."

Donna tried to struggle against Diana's grip as she watched Kal march over to them. Her eyes were transfixed on the large thirteen-inch pole that swung between his legs. "No, no, Diana, you can't let him do this." She said as his strong hands grabbed her legs and separated them exposing her pussy to him again.

"Relax sister you shall enjoy this. And once it's over you can spend the rest of your life in happiness here with your sisters carrying your lords child." Diana cooed, her hand gently stroking Donna's face. Donna's rebuttal was cut short as she felt Kal's large cock press up against her lips before quickly pushing though. Donna's hips rose in the air as she bucked and squirmed, the huge shaft splitting her open.

"Ohh yes, so tight, so perfect" Kal growled as the tight walls of her cunt gripped at his cock as he tried to pull out of her. "And look at these huge tits of yours. Diana was right, I can't wait to see them full of milk." Kal said slapping one of her breasts and causing it to bounce.

Donna's mind was filled with pain and pleasure as Kal continued to thrust into her, his large hand coming down randomly to smack one of her large tits and make it bounce. Diana was enjoying herself as well. She watched intently as Kal's large cock caused Donna's abdomen to distend, she could see where he was inside her even without X-ray vision.

" ohh yes master, show her your power. Break her and turn her into one of your loving slaves." Diana encouraged, her free hand moving down to rub over Donna's stomach. Kal continued to thrust hard into Donna's cunt, its tight walls clamping down tight around his shaft. About to cum Kal reached down and grabbed one of Donna's large tits and squeezed tightly causing the young girl to cry out and buck wildly as she came from either the pleasure or the pain. Hearing her yell Kal quickly found his release and shot rope after rope of hot cum inside her.

Diana was quick to reach down and catch her masters precious cum that was leaking out of Donna's cunt. Bringing her fingers up to her mouth she opened her lips and allowed the thick white cum to slowly drip down her fingers onto her lips. "Her juices taste even better mixed with your cum master." She said reaching down to rub the rest of the leaking cum back up into Donna's cunt and making sure none of it escaped.

"I would love to clean his cum out of you sister. But as much as he loved slapping those breasts of yours I can tell he can't wait until you are pregnant and swollen with his child." She said rubbing her fingers in Donna's snatch, making sure that no more escaped. "Though the night is far from over and I am sure that master has many more loads for each of us. Isn't that right my lord?"

"That's right slut but I'm glad you showed some forethought. I can't wait until both of your large tits are swollen with milk." He said as he leaned forward to kiss her. Diana happily accepted the kiss as she felt his hands roughly fondle her breasts. Seeing him slap Donna's breasts had turned her on. She had quickly learned that she loved having her tits slapped and whipped as her master dominated her, and seeing her sister being treated the same way was turning out to be a masturbatory fantasy.

Donna squirmed under the two as Kal leaned over her to make out with Diana. She tried to fight back a moan as she felt his large cock still inside her, swilling around the cum in her belly. Her pussy ached from the pounding she had received and her breasts stood reddened where his hands had slapped them around as he had gotten himself off. She continued to tell herself she wasn't loving it, that she was not enjoying the way he was treating her, the way he was using her body, the way he felt inside her.

Feeling Diana's grip slip and Kal's body move off of her Donna tried to roll away only to find a strong hand turning her over and pressing her face into one of Diana's large tits. She felt her arm once again pulled roughly behind her back and hold her down. Donna tried to struggle, her ass wagging in the air only for it to be slapped hard enough to make her scream against Diana's breast. Her mind was filled with white hot pain that sent electric shocks to her cunt. Donna' continued to struggle, each movement causing Kal to roughly slap her ass. Soon Donna's screams turned from pain to pleasure as her ass got redder and redder.

Donna screamed as the large rod penetrated her ass, the sound muffled by the large boob pressing against her face. Donna moaned louder as the rod pressed further and further inward stretching her body around it. Trying to catch her breath Donna looked up at Diana as she slowly stroked her hair. Diana's eyes brimmed with love as she looked from Kal down to Donna. Smiling, Diana reached down to stroke her sister's hair, brushing it away from her face.

Catching her breath Donna screamed again as Kal's hips thrust against hers as he continued to ride her. "Sister please, please I can't take it" Donna said before crying out as Kal's hand slapped her already red and bruised ass. Reaching down Kal grabbed her by the neck and forced her to turn her head and look at him.

"You've lasted longer than any of the other whores I've tamed." Smirked Kal, "Even your mother didn't last this long before she learned her place." Thrusting hard Kal bottomed out in Donna's ass making her scream and struggle as the large rod pressed against her, distending her stomach.

Kal was enjoying hisself as he took his time with Donna. It was taking longer than usual because of the magic inherit in her body. The part of his brain still working as he fucked Donna realized that it had only worked so fast on Diana because she had been wanting it to happen and that it could mean trouble when faced with people like Zatanna and other homo-magi.

Looking up from the screaming princess, Kal stared at his beautiful queen. Her hooded eyes watched her sister as her pink tongue snaked out of her partly opened lips. The sight of her silky dripping slit showed just how much she was enjoying playing with her sister.

Grabbing Donna's hair Diana pulled her up even with her face. Kal watched as the two raven haired beauties passionately made out, their slick oiled bodies rubbing against each other. Kal looked down at each of their dripping cunts, their pussys rubbing over each other as they moaned and groaned. Smiling Kal leaned over and started hammering into Donna's ass, spreading the tight sphincter around his cock as he forced himself inside her. Diana's lips swallowed up Donna's protests before they could be heard.

"Does it feel good having your ass ripped open slut? Do you like feeling me inside you as I fuck your ass?" Kal growled as he thrust inside her.

"Yes, yes, please master. Fuck me, fuck my ass with your big cock." Donna screamed as she came, the nanobots finally taking full control. Kal came hard after her, his cum filling up her stomach and causing it to bulge. Sitting back Kal watched as Donna rolled over and the two women curled together and pressed their breasts together. "Look at this, two large breasted whores for you to slap and fuck all you want" Donna said squeezing her breasts even harder together as she smiled brightly at him.

Smiling Kal did just that as the next hour was filled with screams of pleasure as he took his time whipping both his slaves into a frenzy before filling their holes with his seed. By the time he was done each was laying curled up with the other, their skin red and hot and their asses and cunts swollen and leaking his cum. Laying down on the bed Kal wrapped his arms around the two women and held them close. The two girls instinctively wrapped their arms over his chest and curled up beside him.

A few hours later Kal awoke to the feeling of soft lips kissing his chest as something sucked at his cock. Slowly opening his eyes Kal was met with the wonderful sight of Diana between his legs, her mouth and throat stuffed with his cock. Realizing he was awake Donna stopped worshiping his muscled chest and started to kiss him. Kal was quick to return the kiss and continued to do so as Donna slid into the crook of his arm and snuggled up to his side.

"Master?" Donna began, her lips gently skimming his shoulder. "You mention taking my mother before. What did you do exactly?" she asked. Kal smiled and kissed her gently on the head before running his hand down her face.

"You want to hear about how I fucked your mother? You want to hear how I turned her into a slut begging for my cock?" He asked and kissed her again. "I would be happy to tell you how I claimed your mother" Kal said smiling at the change in donna's demeanor. Before he could tell her he heard the sound of his cousin's heart beat as she stepped though the magic portal that connected to city to Diana's embassy in DC. "Actually it will have to wait, Kara just got in and I need to see her." Kal said giving Donna a deep kiss and siting up.

"Ohh I haven't seen Kara in a month. I can't wait to say hi to her." Donna said following Kal until she felt a pair of hands press her hips back against the bed.

"Not yet sister. I'm still hungry and master didn't give me my treat so I'm going to have to find something else to eat." She said causing Donna to scream in pleasure as Diana's tongue slid into her slit and came out dripping in her juices. "Ohh yes, scream for me sister. Your screams sound as good as your cunt tastes." Diana said as she started to lick the inside of donna's hips beside her cunt.

Kal groaned as Diana spread her legs, tempting him with her dripping cunt and tight tan asscheeks. Groaning as he turned around Kal walked out of the room and was happy to see Faora standing outside of it, her body encased in a tight leather suit. She bowed and held out a robe that he quickly put on. On the other side of the door was aelea, her red hair falling in waves over her pale freckled skin as she kneeled on the floor. Due to her oral skills Diana had ended up making their personal body slave.

"My lord do you require my assistance? Aela asked practically drooling at the sight of her masters still hard shaft.

"Not now pet. But I do need you to go ready two more rooms in the palace." He said gently running his hand over her cheek before moving off to the throne room. Hearing Kara getting closer Kal sat down on the throne and spread his legs, his posture exuding power and confidence. A dark smile crossed his lips as he watched Kara lead Powergirl into the throne room. Both women were dressed in their costumes but he could see that Powergirl was walking strangely, her legs pressed together as she took small steps.

Powergirl dropped to her knees as they got to the center of the room and looked up at Kara with a strained expression. Kara just shook her head no before turning to look at Kal. Both women stared at Kal, his chiseled body sitting back in the chair extruding a relaxed confidence. His legs spread out in a relaxed fashion letting them see his large erect cock standing at full mast. Powergirl felt herself shiver, the movement making the large dildo in her ass move and send another mini orgasms ripping though her body.

Finally, after what seemed like and eternity of kneeling in front of him, Kal got up and started to walk over. Powergirl licked her lips as she watched the large rod swing back and forth between his legs. Not waiting for him to reach them Kara met Kal halfway and wrapped her arms around him. Kal took his cousin in his arms and kissed her gently before looking over at Powergirl. Kara leaned up and whispered something into his ear that made Kal's eyes twinkle. Letting go of Kara Kal marched over to Powergirl and ran his hand over her cheek. "Cum" he commanded.

Powergirl let out a loud moan at the command. Kara had forced her to resist Cumming the entire way to the palace. A way that seemed much longer due to the dildo filling up her ass. Kal watched in pleasure as Powergirl's body shook and her juices started to drip from her now wet suit. "Very good pet. Now I'm going to do something that every man on the planet has been wanting to do for a long time" Kal said before using her super speed to position Powergirl on her back. Powergirl opened her mouth in expectation of him slamming his large cock down her throat but instead he slid his shaft between her two large breasts.

'The boob window.' Kara thought and almost laughed at the humor. It seemed that guys were always focusing on the large window on the top of her suit. Of course it was to allow more solar rays to be absorbed, and on Krypton it would have been considered decent. But on earth it seemed that every male and many females were entranced by the large amount of tit flesh it revealed.

Kal was in heaven as his cock moved between Powergirl's two large soft breasts. Her suit pushed them together so hard that he was able to get a decent amount of friction even against the wondrous cloudlike mounds. Kal continued to thrust against them, his cock burrowing deep between them. Even as large as they were the could only cover half of his cock.

Denied Kal's delicious cock Powergirl raised up and started to kiss at the base of his balls. Her tongue coming out to tease him as he rocked above her. It wasn't long before she felt one of his large balls tighten up and his cock spasm between her breasts. She hummed against his balls as she felt his hot spunk shoot out and fill up the space between her breasts. As he pulled out some of his cum dripped onto her chin and her lips, her tongue quickly coming out to lick it up. Looking up at Kal she brought her hands up to her breasts and started to press them together and move them around, spreading the hot liquid against the sides of her boobs. Then slowly so he could see she ripped the suit down the middle and arched her back, thrusting her breasts up into the air.

She was soon joined by Kara who happily pressed her face between Powergirl's breasts and started to lick up all of the cum covering her breasts and parts of her neck and chest. Kal watched as the younger girl hungrily attacked Powergirl's large cum covered tits. Her face mashed between them as her small pink tongue happily lapped up his juices. Once she was done with the rub down Kara kissed her way down Powergirl's body until she came to the woman's pussy. Smiling she wrapped her finger though the ring of the dildo and slowly pulled it out causing Powergirl to arch and moan as the long rod was removed.

Once recovered she looked up at Kal with an expression of pure playfulness. "Please, I feel so empty now. Don't you have anything to fill me up with again?" She begged while looking back and forth between his eyes and his cock. Within and instant Kal was on top of her and Kara watched as Kal gripped Powergirl's neck as he held her down and began to fuck he, riding her like a bull as his cock slammed into her over and over as he took her. Moving over behind him Kara pressed her body against his back until she could feel his strong mussels moving and straining as his cock ravished Karen's core. Kara started to run her hands over his shoulders as she planet small kisses up and down his neck, her lips quietly spurring him on.

Kara molded her body against Kal's loving the way his muscles flexed and moved as he entered Powergirl over and over. The other girl helpless before him as he mounted her. His large veiny cock spreading her lips as he grunted and thrust in again. Moving over beside him Kara grabbed one of his hands and brought it up to her mouth and sucked on his two middle fingers. Kal looked over at her, still thrusting into Powergirl, and watched as she moved his hand down below her skirt. Kal took the hint and started to finger Kara's pussy. His hand matching the rhythm with his hips.

Both girls seemed to cum at the same time. Kara's small cunt squeezing his fingers as she came and soaking his hand while Powergirl's cunt latched onto his cock and tried to drain it for all it was worth. Both girls sight with a contented sound as they finished though Powergirl looked on with excited shock when she saw Kal's cock still rock hard. "Oh Rao, How much does it take to tire you out?" She said causing him to laugh.

"Its Oh Kal, my beautiful little pet. And we haven't been able to find an upper limit yet."

"Then maybe we should keep trying cousin." Kara said as she got down onto her hands and knees beside Powergirl. "Mmm look at all of this hot cream dripping out of her master. All of that white cum pouring out of her snatch." Kara said spreading Karen's lips and letting Kal's cum gush out from where he had filled her. Kal watched intently as Kara leaned down and started to lick at the cum letting it spill over her small pink tongue as she tried to plug the hole and stop the flow.

Watching her cute cum covered lips he noticed her ass shaking behind her, her soft cute cheeks peeking out from under her skirt. Kal growled as he watched her soft cheeks sway hypnotically back and forth as she cooed against Karen's cunt. As her ass flashed him again Kal groaned and knew he needed to be in that tight, young ass. Without any warning Kal was on top of her, his hand holding onto the back of her neck and pressing her face against Powergirl's abdomen as the large head of his cock pressed up against the small opening of her ass.

Karen watched as Kal forced his self into Kara, his huge cock ripping her ass and making her scream out in pain as he took her. "Yes master, you are the last lord of the house of El. Take your place, claim what's yours." She said as she watched Kara buck, her eyes filled with tears as Kal's large cock ripped her ass open as he thrust in and out. Kara continued to scream as Kal wrapped a hand under her arm and around her neck, using it to lift her up against his chest. Kal groaned in pleasure as he let gravity push her tight ass down further onto his cock.

Powergirl laid on the floor, her breasts and chin still covered in Kal's cum as She watched him manhandle Kara. Kara played at trying to get away as Kal held her arms behind her back with one hand and explored her body with the other. Kara let out a choked cry as Kal's hand tightened around her throat as he slammed into her ass again and again. Karen watched as Kal continued to thrust into Kara, one hand holding her up by the neck as the other played with her breasts.

Karen couldn't help but think that Kara looked like a slutty schoolgirl as Kal held her in the air and fucked her. She watched as his hand went under her shirt to tease the young girls breasts as he slammed his hips against her. With a satisfied moan Kara's eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue lolled out as her body shook from an earth shattering orgasm. Pulling out Kal allowed Kara to fall to the floor as he jerked his self off over her and covered the unconscious girl's face and chest in his cum.

Powergirl felt herself shiver in fear and excitement as Kal looked form the unconscious Kara over to her. "Come here slut." Kal commanded pointing to the floor in front of him. Karen was slightly surprised that he was still hard given all that he had cum in the last few minutes, surprised but defiantly not disappointed. Instead of crawling Powergirl stood up and walked slowly over to him, giving him time to see his cum still dripping form her cunt.

"What do you wish of me my lord?" She asked as she came to stand in front of him. Kal only growled in response as his hand grabbed her hair and forced her to kneel down on her knees.

"Clean off your master's cock, slave. Do well enough and I may yet allow you to carry my young." Kal said even though Karen knew that there was no way he hadn't knocked her up yet. Leaning forward Karen wrapped her lips around the huge throbbing member and took it all down her throat in one go surprising Kal. That wasn't her last surprise as she started to switch between humming and gently raking her teeth against the tip of his cock causing a shiver of pleasure to go up his spine.

Just as Powergirl started to get into cleaning Kara's juices off Kal grabbed her hair forcing her to lean back from his cock. Kal continued to pull her up by her hair until she was standing at her full height in front of him. "Was I not pleasing you my lord?" she asked afraid that she was not giving her master any pleasure, or even worse, that she may have harmed him. Instead of answering Kal grabbed her right leg and wrapped it around his hip as his other hand cupped her cheek. Karen smiled as she felt her lord's arms wrap around her, more gently this time. For the first time since he had taken her Kal kissed her. Powergirl was quick to return the kiss and pressed her body against his as she wrapped her lips around his lower lip and started to suck on it. Kal opened his mouth and allowed her to deepen the kiss and he maneuvered his self to slide inside of her.

Powergirl moaned against him as she felt him start to gently thrust up into her core. Kal found her pussy eagerly welcoming him as he slid inside, her walls seeming to move and massage his cock as he slid further inside of her. Kal slowly started to speed up as he thrust into her causing Karen to let out short little pants. As he eyes started to glaze over Kal ran a hand though her long hair before placing it on her cheek. Pulling her face close enough to his that he could feel her breath Kal watched as her bright eyes started to glaze over in pleasure.

"Who am I" he commanded quietly as he thrust harder into her. He could feel his own orgasm coming as she opened her mouth.

"You are the last…ohh…the last lord of Krypton." Powergirl moaned as his cock fully entered her womb. Kal growled in pleasure at hearing her call him that and pulled her body closer to his.

"And what are you?" He asked running his hand though her hair again. Neither one noticed that they were now floating in the air as Kal fucked her, her legs now both wrapped tightly around his.

"I am..ohh I am yours kal, I am yours" Karen said causing Kal to explode inside of her. Powergirl continued to use her cunt to pump his cock as he floated them over to the throne and sat down. Kal leaned back and closed his eyes as he felt Karen's fingers brush over his cheek and her lips press against his. "I am yours my lord" she said again as she leaned into him and laid her head on his shoulder.
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