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One step closer 2

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Julius and Delilah approach the lion's den

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thanks for the reviews - I still don't feel too good about that all but you keep me going...
let's say this story is quite different (which is good, hm... I definitely feel better about that, ;D )

"That'll be a tricky one ... " said Julius as they approached the hangar. "At least we will not starve with all that cheese..." he smiled.

"Ah, speaking of cheese ... would you mind if I take this in hand? It's not as if I didn't trust you, I do ..."

"So do I"

"... but I'd feel better like that." she stopped facing him.

"I'd do anything for that, just say it."

I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before

Somehow she was very close, one step closer and they would ...

"Surprise surprise, kiddos!" Al greeted them at the helicopter. "At least this time I must be sure that my darlings are safe."

"Ooh, Al, I'm so touched"

"The cookies, man, the cookies! I need them!" His fingers trembled as he clasped the control stick.

Julius exchanged a look with Delilah. "I hope we'll get soon over with that..." he murmured.

The helicopter hovered over the agency. Delilah and Julius got down, landed smoothly on the flat roof, gave Al the thumbs up and so he flew away. Both of them had a small suitcase. Quickly they made their way through the ventilation shaft and into the changing room.

"Shall I open a locker for you?" Julius wanted to know.

"No, Superman, I can do this myself" answered Delilah and a second later it clicked open.

He turned to his own locker, clapped a hand to his forehead and let it slip down. "You are such an idiot... you know she can handle it herself, don't you? But no, you act like a macho..."

Delilah changed her black spying suit for a bright green trouser suit. "Ready?" she asked and turned round the corner. Julius had changed, too. There he was, wearing a dark blue suit that didn't quite match his sneakers.

"Yeah, well, I forgot my shoes" he said uneasy, noticing the look on her face.

"They won't look at your feet; you are supposed to twist them round your finger. Moreover, they'll be much too occupied with looking on your hip necktie." she turned to go.

"Really?" Julius followed her, trying to look at his blue white red necktie. "I thought it was a bit boring and obvious..."

"So do I, Julius, so do I ..."

"I love her irony but I wish I could recognize it from the start ..." Julius thought. "Why don't they have a course in that at the academy? Understanding girls or somewhat ..."

All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway

A kilometre away, deep under the forwarding agency he would not have had much more luck, it was hardly possible to hear each other let alone understand something. Apart from that, all one could have listened to was the screaming of animals and men. Dr. Dismay looked very pleased with himself, watching over the cages.

"Everything all right in there?" he inquired.

"Please, please, I'm begging you ... let me out of here. I'm..." the inmate gulped. "I'm afraid of spiders..." Whimpering the man crouched down in a corner trying not to look at the gigantic tarantula in front of him.

"Just wait the best is still to come!" Dr. Dismay called delighted and pressed a red button. A black widow spider appeared and with it fifty young ones. "They'll soon be grown up!"

The man was on the edge of going mad.

"P-p-please..." he managed to say.

"That was a quick one" a disgruntled Dismay said, pressing a blue button and the man disappeared as well as the spiders.
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