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One step closer 3

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D & J are on the villain's track while Julius tries to cover up some private tracks ...

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They had finally reached the personnel department.

"You wait, I'll announce you, that'll look more professional" said Delilah.

"Yeah, De, well, I, before you go there... and usually ..."

"Go on Julius, we don't have much time, these business guys are keen on punctuality", Delilah said.

"You are right, but I still have to say that... as my partner ... I need to ..." Julius was on the edge of fainting when he recalled himself that this was Delilah. Helpful, wonderful, beautiful Delilah not something which scared him off. Bugs and stuff. On the other hand... she looked at him enquiringly with her beautiful eyes wide open ... as if asking. When she blinked with her long eyelashes he knew he had waited to long.

"... yes, I need to have ... ear contact to you. Plus it will seem much more professional", he managed a smile which Delilah would recall many times in its perfection not knowing how clumsy her partner had felt at this moment.

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

She closed her eyes and lifted her chin a little bit so her face would be more accessible for him. He reached inside his pocket and took out the reading glasses with the speakers to put them gently on her nose.

"Scared I'd take your eyes out?" he joked trying to engrave her face forever in his memory.

"Actually - yes. I did not know you had also fine motor skills apart from breaking into safes" she looked over the rim of the glasses seductively raising one eyebrow.

Julius muttered something he didn't understand himself. "... and we'd better go in there now. Mission to do. " He shrugged his shoulders as if in excuse.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Delilah said and set her white high heel on the threshold.

Instantly she found herself playing the part of the young French entrepreneurs' secretary who want to import cheese and wine from their home country. Hoping the deception would work she began.

"Messieurs dames! May I introduce myself? I am Delilah Devon, secretary en chef de M. Valichère. We are 'ere to open a new market to you, celui de la grande nation." How she loathed to talk in this false accent.

Julius entered the room. "With our support we will be able to give an input to your agency whose effects will be astonishing!"

That was not a lie. The games had begun.

"... and zus is my suggestion. If vous 'ave any questions ask me, s'il vous plaît"

The answer to this was the rustling of many papers and chewing sounds of people who had taken too much of the offered cheese, hopefully the normal one. Everyone left the room apart from a tall woman with long black hair who had sat the whole meeting with her back towards them and a man in a grey suit who advanced and shook Julius' hand.

"Very promising proposal and very clever as well. Where did you study?" he asked.

"Cambridge", answered Julius. This was the part he liked about working undercover.

"Oh, you too? I am delighted to hear so. Is Professor Dismay still teaching there? He used to in my youth..."

" 'e retired a few years before I came ... but 'e is a vairy - fascinating character."

"That's right, young lad. M. Valichère, Mlle Devon. ", he bowed to each of them.

"I am surprise that he didn't offer us any tea..." said Delilah adjusting her glasses and talking at a low voice.

"The information he offered us is however more precious than gold." Julius said. "Never met someone from Cambridge who didn't check out the old passwords and greetings..."

Delilah shook her head. "Virtue and tradition, both fading away... What a tragedy! Let's go and have a coffee in the cafeteria. "

"Best place for rumours..."

"Experienced it yourself?"

"That's a long - a long private story ..."
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