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One step closer 4

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problems with the nurse staff while trying to get information

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please, why doesn't anyone update anything anymore?? I'm getting those deficiency symptoms, man!

Dr. Dismay had had a really bad day so far. The success of the first few weeks had stagnated and the work was more stressful than ever. He felt a headache coming, rubbed his temples and got him a glass of water and a tablet. He looked into the mirror hanging at the wall. "I look terrible" he thought. "Tan's fading... but at least my project is still working quite well." A golden tooth blinked as grinned at his reflection. At this moment an alarm went of.

"Not again!" he cried. "This loose connection is driving me crazy!" Grumpy he fumbled about on his keyboard. After a while he half-delighted and half-angry stopped.

"Oh no! I missed it! I missed it! Never saw such a steep natural fear-curve in this building so far! I need to get it! Let's see, where it came from ..." A little typing and the blueprint of the agency appeared on his screen.

"In front of the personnel department? What ought to be terrible there? Shame that there are no video cameras allowed in this building - the states interfering whenever possible I don't want to be busted for trifle ... but I have my own methods to find out..."

With a mad giggle he set to work.

"Oh come on, Julius, tell me!"

"I can offer you some thé, Mademoiselle Devon?"

"Naturellement." Delilah looked to both sides.

"Julius, please...", she whispered.

"No", said Julius striding to the buffet. It was just then that he remarked that everyone else in the room had backed away from them. In fact, everybody backed away from everyone.

"De..." asked Julius. "How scared can one actually be?"

"I dunno... but apparently a lot. Let's get a drink and to the next meeting, I don't believe they are brave enough to even say hello to us."

They sat down at the far end of the room - everything was taken at the entrances, people obviously wanted to keep their escape route as near as possible.

"At least we know that Dismay is in it, that could be an advantage... but we need to find him." Julius thought aloud.

Next to them sat a man who did not look as afraid as the others. He was quite old but judging by the crow's-feet around his eyes he had - or at least had had - a sense of humour.

Delilah turned to him. "Excuse me please, I am Delilah Devon, and ..." The man had grabbed the table just in time to stop himself from falling off his chair. "... this is M. Ch..., Valichère. We are here to join the agency. Could you please tell me why everyone is so upset?"

Suspicious the man looked around but everyone looked on his own table just occasionally checking whether danger was coming. "They are afraid of being taken down..." he whispered.

"Who humbles them?"

"Not humbled, they go down... down down down the secret elevator ... Either they turn up in hospital, hurt and crazy or never again... you should leave as long as you can..."

They sat down beside him which seemed to scare him but not as much as they had feared. "You -" began Julius but was hushed by the man.
"Not so loud! They can hear us, spying on us, always, no rest ..."

"Couldn't you simply give in your notice?" Julius said hardly audible.

"The office for that is down, down, down, down the elevator..." whimpered the man.

Julius shivered. "That's contagious... but I don't see any cameras... do you?"

Delilah shook her head. "Could you please tell me where this ele..." but she was cut off - figuratively, literally only nearly.

The scalpel had missed her by inches and cut off the handle of her tea cup.

"I bet it was..." said Julius slowly, faking a thoughtful face.

"Three times you may guess" said Delilah turning around to face their enemy.
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