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One step closer 5

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Wine uncorked, Julius uncovered

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A voice echoed through the speakers which made everyone present flinch.

"My beloved Delilah, dearest Julius, welcome in my agency. I hope you'll enjoy the trip..."

Two darts flew out of one of the speakers hitting them. Julius broke down instantly; it had hit him in the neck. Delilah swanked. She felt the nurse grab her wrist and drag them to a tapestry behind which the elevator was hidden.

Julius blinked. "Damn, I overslept" he thought and wanted to get up. It was just then that he realised that he wasn't at the academy at all.
Instead he lay in a cage made of glass ... but it did not break when he wanted to force his way out.

"Useless, completely useless." he heard Dr. Dismay say who sat there playing with Julius' gadgets. There were Delilah's as well ...

"Where is she? What did you do to her?"

Dismay got up from his chair and walked over to him. "Who do you think I am? No, don't answer. A villain ... eh... obsessed, insane, is it? But no Julius... I am no mad scientist... someone not in his right mind would have killed you immediately ... but you are here for a purpose ..."

"To stop you!"

Dr. Dismay chuckled. "That's the problem with you agents. You always think you're strong and everything but you are human after all... Everyone has his dreams and his fears. I will make your worst come true!"

Happy like a little child in front of the Christmas tree he hopped to his control desk.

Julius' mind was racing. He tried to calm down... sure this meant Delilah was still alive but thinking of his worst fear ... would she have to die? He was anxious about her.

I need a little room to breathe
'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break


Delilah! Obviously no one had noticed the speaker in his ear - who would touch a spot voluntarily?

"Great timing. Where are you?" he mumbled trying not to move his lips too much.

"Glass cage with my dear nurse..."

"You too, then? Dismay confiscated all our stuff... do you still have anything?"

"Cork of the wine bottles" "Wow, do you still have the corkscrew?"

"Nope, the nurse wanted to have it back right away to open the other bottles with me."

He could tell she was grinning. "Why do you take the piss out of me?"

"No, I don't ... want to hear?" For a while he heard nothing, then someone slurring.

"I opened the bottles for her and kept the corks - she didn't manage to with her scalpels."

"Good deal... what about a little breakout? I must admit that Dismay's presence is not quite as pleasant as yours:"

"I can't. It is a closed room, no windows, no mechanism. I think one can't open it than from the outside."

They were interrupted as Dr. Dismay demanded all his attention.

"See Julius, you know why all these people upstairs are so afraid?" Dismay said leaning on his control desk. "I've had many like you here before. Knowing their little secret I could do what my intention was: scare them. Why you might ask or how...

Every human being stinks. We might not always smell it but it has its effects on us. In beehives of apis melifera for instance pheromones are necessary for them to deal with their everyday life. So I've managed to -"

"- isolate a fear-pheromone by means of which you will be able to manipulate and control the world" rattled Julius down. "World domination is never a very original plan ... you'll have to admit that..."

"Shut up! It is time for you to face your worst fear ... by getting more samples I will be able to produce litres of pheromones. You are just a little stone in my doing... ready, steady, go!"

The only massive door of his cage lifted. Julius backed away until he had reached the glass ready to climb it up in case too many crawling things were coming his way.

He was surprised to look at Delilah. "De!" he ran over to her.

Dr. Dismay seemed surprised, too. "Aren't you afraid of her?" he screamed.

"Why should he?" Delilah asked fumbling as inconspicuous as possible at her cork.

"The measuring instruments showed ... must be an error of measurement..." he quickly strode away.

well, not too much happened but I am quite happy with this chapter because dismay and the nurse are just so annoying... I hope it didn't bore you so much :D
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