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One step closer 6

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how to deal with a enemy who is a) one self b) insane c) made of thin air

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Delilah kneeled down getting the cork into position. "Brilliant... What scared you anyway?"

Julius scraped at the floor. "I can't tell you."

"I thought you trusted me?" said Delilah still occupied with the explosive cork.

"I do, Delilah, I do and what scares me is that I can't tell you how I ..."

Dismay had turned up again. "There! They scent it! You are scared! And surely of her! Strike!"

Delilah rolled her eyes. "How can you know it's not your scarifying face?", she bluffed.

"What are you doing with that cork there?"

Delilah flinched but to her amazement he looked at Julius. He had begun to take little bits out of a normal cork thinking... 'I will tell her - I won't tell her - I will tell her - I won't tell her - I will' but in this moment Dr. Dismay snatched the cork away from him.

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear

"What did you just do there?" said Dismay pacing up and down. "I know you were up to something!"

"Tell him then" said Delilah. "We've got no choice!" she winked at him.

This unexpected aid nearly threw the Doctor out of the gear. "Yeah, listen to her! Where is this nurse anyway ... always, when you need them ..." he went out again.

Something clicked in Julius. He did not want this anymore. It was hell on earth when it should be paradise. He could not tell her, he was sure. He liked her so much it hurt but it got him over and over again in difficult and dangerous situations and, more important, her as well. Otherwise they would have been still some time undercover and not in this stupid glass cage. He had to fight the feeling. He had to.

All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

But it did not prove that simple. Just a look at her and he was completely lost. He opened his mouth but...

"I just can't fight off the feeling that this doctor himself doesn't know what he is up to ... not a very good basic for world domination ..."
Delilah had set the cork ready and stood up. "I mean, he never can do something so well that we can't fight it. You know why? Because we are a really good team. The best there is, partner." she smiled at him.

Shut up when I'm talking to you
I'm about to break!

Dr. Dismay was back faster than they would have thought dragging an unconscious nurse with him. "You got her sloshed!"

"As if you could not handle your little world domination thing yourself..." Delilah said.
"Just wait you ... you ..." he screamed blue murder and moaned as if in agony.

Delilah looked at Julius; the cork would soon explode and free them. Or the smashed glass would kill them. Again this situation... he needed to tell her not only because it could be his last chance but also because he did not know what other craziness would overcome him in another mission - if there was another anyway ...

"Delilah, I'll tell you..." he said determined.

"Since I first saw you, I think, I -"


The explosion ringed in their ears, everything around them was black. When the smoke lifted they saw what reminded them strongly of refugee camp... a lot of people were sitting on the floor, huddled together their eyes half closed, despair on their faces. Around them were more beasts than they could count ... spiders, mice, bugs, lions, everything. Surprisingly however they didn't attack any of the people but were as still as statues.

"What's going on here?" Julius murmured walking over to the refugees. "Hey there!"

The others winced unable to speak their eyes fixed on their fears.

"I think we will need some cleaning up, Julius. Dismay is overstraining them until they lose their memory that's why there were so many accidents" Delilah said.

"So the animals are just holograms, aren't they?" Julius said. "Well, let's do it away!" and he jumped in the middle of a grizzly. Nothing happened he just fell through.
"We need to disrupt the signal."
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