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One step closer 7

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Julius and Delilah eridicate the source of evil - that's the way the cookie crumbles...

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"Wherever it may come from" said Delilah looking around the basement vault.

"It must be something no one would ever touch... no button then, nothing 'normal'..."

"The animals! There must be one which is real with the transmitter on it!" Delilah said. "I am afraid but we will have to go through..."

Julius shuddered. "You are sure that you don't want to do this on your own?" he asked hopefully.

"No, my hero, we will do this. Together." she took his hand and side by side they strode towards the animals. Slowly, very slowly they marched through soundlessly as they didn't hit than mere air.

Half an hour later they still didn't have anything. For Julius it was really hard and Delilah sensed it. She gripped his hand a bit tighter and when this did not help a lot she put her arm around him.
Julius realized and gave her a loving look. He owed her so much...

"Perhaps I was not right after all...." Delilah started to consider.

"No, not after all these things we've been through!" said Julius determinedly setting of on his own. He stumbled and fell into some insects which mad him close his eyes.

"Oh Julius, I didn't think you loved them so much" giggled Delilah. "Wait, I'll help you up..."

When Julius sat up something underneath him cracked. "Ehm..." he said not knowing what to say.

"Trousers?" asked Delilah who had obviously decided to find all of this quite funny.

At this moment she realized the animals were all gone. "You must have sat on it!" exclaimed Delilah while the people in the corner started getting up.
On the floor was nothing but... "Ouh, there it is!" Julius felt a hand on his buttock. "You smashed it!" she smiled holding up a woodlouse. Julius grew pale.

Because of sheer luck or more probably Scarletts skills no one was hurt at all by the explosion as the glass had all shattered but had not fallen into the shaft they had fallen through but outside the cage. Dr. Dismay had been less lucky and got a fragment in his left knee. He was easy to handle as was the nurse who had a slight alcohol poisoning as they ascertained in hospital.

"And all of a sudden there were all these beasts..." Dismay muttered as the emergency appeared. "All these louses, I can't stand them..." he babbled...

"Seems as if the hologram has appeared at his place of origin..." Delilah said.

"Or Dr. Dismay has been right ... he is no mad scientist, he's just mad." Julius smiled and seized a cheese. "Here Dr., that'll help keep those insects away..." and reached it over to the stretcher.

"Thanks my young friend..." said Dr. Dismay under the influence of some tranquilizers.

They walked over to the helicopter.

"With all due deference to your charity, Julius, but wasn't that one filled cheese?" Delilah asked.

Julius looked stern. "No one scares me without paying" Then he smiled.

"Julius, I'm in dismay!" said Delilah in fake reproach. "But speaking of fear... you were not really afraid of me, were you?"

"Ah, well, see, that is quite complicated... we have much in common and we get along really well and I am always a bit scared when it's down to feel..."

Their arrival at the helicopter saved him the rest of the sentence.

Al was pleased to see them back again. "Well done, man, well done, clean job!" he patted them on the shoulder. "Where are the cookies?"

"Well, the problem is that the explosion was so big that some stores directly above it collapsed ... funny how things happen, hm?" said Julius scratching his neck.


Al didn't respond to any of their attempts to cheer him up. Until ...

"Al, do you have any practice with baking?" Delilah asked with a look to Julius that said clearly: 'We can't let him wait for much longer...'

This thought really had some effect on Al. "Sure, kiddos, 68, Woodstock, they've never had sweeter pastries, cakes, and" he sniffed. "cookies..."

Delilah grinned. "I have something for you here..." she said, giving him a piece of paper and taking the control stick.

Al eyes widened. "You saved it! The recipe! Man, you know how to worry an old man, man ... I'll check our stock..." and he leant forward over his computer.

"I never thought that nurse had a soft spot for anything... and now it's cookies" smiled Delilah remembering how she had got the recipe.

"Yeah, quite surprising..." said Julius.

"No, man!" Al called. "How did that ruddy bird get inside?" he said fighting off a seagull and throwing it out of the window.

"Did you realise you nearly never ended your sentences today, Juls?" asked Delilah. "Now we have enough time, you could tell me what is on your mind."

"Ah, well, first of all, I care a lot - eh, I feared ... eh, for you ... today ..." Julius begun when Al interrupted him. "Man we got a big problem!"

"What is it? Condor behind the seat? Ran out of flour? Shall I land at a supermarket?" Delilah asked?

"No... that gull has kidnapped the recipe!"
Julius took the parachute. "I'll get it"

Al smiled.

"Julius?" He turned around. "You still have to tell me something, okay?" Delilah said.

"Mission's first..." Julius grinned. "But you'll pick me up, won't you?"

Delilah laughed. I will never let you fall, never, she thought, I am afraid for you as well.

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