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With you 1

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the story continues!

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so here we are back ... sorry that the end is so abrupt but I did not want to spoil the surprise =)

Chapter 3: With you

They were finally at home after a hard but successful mission. "I'm glad this is over", said Julius yawning.

Delilah yawned as well. "You're right..." she said.

"I would never be able to do that on my own" Julius began.

"What, yawn?"

Julius considered for a while. "Yes, that ... and the missions. I don't know what I'd do without you..." He looked deep in the eyes he loved so much and couldn't help grinning.

"Me too. I'm glad we are a team. More than a team" she smiled and quickly looked on the floor.

"I think so ..." Julius looked at her with warmth and respect. But then - "More like group-yawner." He faked a smile. Holy crap, why did he always have to say such nonsense?

To her surprise Delilah managed a laugh. "Yeah, you're right. I'll go to bed now."

'Obviously he doesn't feel the way I feel' she thought. 'And I was on the point of telling him ... that was a close thing.' She turned to open her door.

"Good night!" said Delilah.

"Good night", said Julius.

'Oh, well done, Julius, really' he told himself. 'Go on like that and you can be proud of you that you that you bored her to death... you always spoil things...' and he went to his room as well.

One hour and a shower later Delilah went to bed.

"In the glistening sun I saw
a tiny small white cloud withdraw
No rain came down and no rain fell
It felt like a dream although
it felt as well like hell
and within this radius
I met and I found -"
'Crap', Delilah thought. 'This is damn difficult! How does Julius always manage to ... that's just completely wrong...'

Her door swang open. Quickly Delilah chucked the piece of paper away.

"Hey, Delilah", a tall boy said.

"Emmet", Delilah sighed. "Can't you just knock?" She leaned over her pad her head in her hand.

There was a rap on the door.

"That's it, well done..." she chewed on her pencil.

"Wow, De, what do you do inside, the weather's great!"

Delilah got up, stroking through her hair to get it in order. "Well, I was, I just..."

Julius leaned over her pad and read: "Abecedarius, accessorius, acrisius, aegypius... are you learning latin? You are on vacation, you know?"

He laid his arm around her and led her outside into the blinding sun. Delilah breathed heavily.
'Thank god he didn't realise that there had only been words rhyming with -ius'

"Where did Emmet go?" she asked.

"He disappeared the moment he saw me..." said Julius sitting down with her on a bench.

"I was lucky" Delilah smiled.

At this very moment a voice came out of a speaker. "Hey man, come to my office, Julius, I have to talk to you!"

"I'm coming, Al"; Julius answered taking Delilah's hand and got up. "I have to leave you but I'll be back. Promise." And off he went.

When he came back he looked worried. "What's the problem?", she asked.

He sat down, drawing a deep breath. He didn't want to tell her now. Instead he forced himself to smile. "Ah, well, it's not a real problem" 'no, it's a catastrophy' he thought trying to keep his face straight.

He knew she didn't believe him. "Now, really? No way, there's something up. I know that look on your face. I'll go and talk to Al -"

"He wanted to see you anyway. I'll wait here for you."

Quickly Delilah set off and a minute later she was at Al's office.

"What's the problem, Al? Julius looked worried..."

Delilah said when she got in, standing now in front of Al's desk not even bothering to sit down.

"Hi, kiddo! Would you care for some home-made cookies?" Al said, shoving a plate over to her. "They're delicious, man, thanks a lot, Delilah!"

"I need neither praise nor bribery, Al, just tell me what's up" she sat down.

Al pressed a knob and a world-map appeared strewn with small yellow dots. "Nuclear bombs?" Delilah asked thunderstruck.

"No, man, I'd told you that right away. But it's a serious problem. Listen, in all these places huskies..."


"Yeah, huskies, those dogs, quite big with these triangular ears" he held his hands to his ears.

"I know what huskies are, but ..?" Delilah didn't know what Al was driving at. She would definitely not walk any dogs just for fun. And after all she was not a dogs body...

"Oh, that's good because you'll have to deal with some. Every spot on the map stands for a dog that has been kidnapped for a week and then was returned."

"All's well that ends well?"

"No, man, and that's the problem! Those dogs are being returned both disconcerted and naked! We need to find out who is doing this and why! It's not just the dogs, the economy will be damaged, the furriers are like fury, they're scared, man!"

Delilah was confused. She understood the urgency but why the hell had Julius looked so concerned? What was the real problem about it all?
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