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With you 2

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a nightmare comes true

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"So we're supposed to watch and find the 'dognappers', aren't we?"

She had hit the point, Al's face fell. "We have to dress up as huskies?" she tried to joke.

"No, Delilah! You'll just watch and catch... you, you and - Nosey ..."


Al looked pleadingly at Scarlett who heaved a sigh.

"Well, kitten, the big man decided that Julius should not come with you because he is on -"

"He is afraid of dogs", Al threw in.

"Julius isn't afraid of dogs, he's afraid of bugs" Delilah objected.

"He's ... allergic?" tried Al.

Delilah looked thunderstruck. "Why don't you tell me the truth? Don't you trust me?" she went out, slamming the door shut behind her.

Scarlett gave Al a critic look. "Al, why didn't you tell her?"

"It would have upset her too much. Julius and that woman ... you know Delilah damn loves him." he turned to his cupboard.

"Usually truth is better than saying nothing or telling lies. Besides, do you think it appropriate to eat something now?"

Al lifted his head he had buried in the cupboard while searching. "No, man, looking for aspirin. Too much screaming for one day, my head aches... and I wanted to get some more cookies."

She awoke from a knock on the door and sat up quickly. Thank god, it had only been a dream... a nightmare. "Yes!" she called jumping out of her bed.

To her disappointment it was Emmet.

"What - do - you - want - in - here?" asked Delilah staring.

"Ursula sent me ... she said you had pizza..."

"Get out!"

Ursula ... but she had to be thankful, at least she didn't have to hunt huskies... there was a rap on the door.


A blond shock of hair appeared in the door. "I didn't want any... are you going to throw that at me?" he pointed at her blackberry she held in her held up hand.

"Oh, it's you, sorry." said Delilah sitting down on her bed.

"The weather's great, wanna go outside?" Delilah nodded. "I'll quickly get dressed, it won't take long, you can stay here:" she said turning to the bathroom.

At this very moment a voice came out of a speaker. "Hey, man, come to my office, Julius, I have to talk to you!"

Delilah froze immediately. Surely, surely this did not mean what she thought it meant ...

"I'm coming, Al" Julius said, turning to the door.

"I'll be back in a minute, Delilah. Promise." And he went off leaving a confused Delilah.

"What's the problem, Al?" he asked when he entered. Scarlett was there, too, handing a glass of lemonade over to Julius and drank some of her own.

"Ice", said Al looking at him enquiringly.

"No, thanks, it cool enough", said Julius sitting down.

"No, my child, Ice is the problem", Scarlett said.

Julius sighed. "Her again... Why didn't you call Delilah as well?"

Al sat down. "Have you forgotten how she reacted? Ice, I mean. Delilah got nearly killed, man! All because she is a girl... and you obviously like her."

"She is my partner" corrected Julius stiffly, feeling uneasy.

Al did not seem to have listened. "It would simplify things if you go without her, Julius."

Julius looked at him distrustful. "I am no match for Ice without Delilah" he said.

"You don't need to go alone, man! Three other people are in question: Ursula, but that's no good, she's a girl, so..." Julius let out a relieved sigh. "... and Emmet and Nosey."

Julius was tempted to call 'Nosey' the moment he heard the name but thought better of it. "What will Delilah do in meantime?" he asked.

"She'll get another mission, with the partner you won't pick. We know she and Ursula are not the perfect team, to say so, and mixed teams are better anyway. So, whom do you pick?"
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