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Cuddles on the Couch

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Tour planning and Shiloh and WiL fall asleep on thr couch

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Shiloh's POV

For the rest of the weekend we all got together and started planning out the tour. What cities we wanted to visit, what songs we wanted to play, who would be playing music for WiL and I. I would do guitar for WiL along with Nicholas and C.C would do drums for him. C.C would also do drums for me and Nicholas and Ashley would do guitar.
We had two shows here in California, one on Friday and one on Saturday. After Saturday's show we would head out to Oregon to start the tour. All we needed to do was come up with a name for the tour.
"Living Nightmare Tour?" Jinx asked. "And we could do zombie theme on some nights."
We all liked the idea so we went with it.
I got out some paper and started to design the tour poster we would use to promote the tour. Our agents had booked the shows and now were getting tickets sold from our web stores.
"Wow, you sure can draw." WiL said and sat at the table in front of me.
"Thanks." I said, not taking my attention off the drawing.
"So is everything ok with you and Jared?" He asked
"Andy told you?" I asked in return
He nodded.
"We broke up. He wants to get back together when I get back home. He thinks shit will happen on the tour so." I left it at that.
"That's stupid." he said
"Yeah tell me about it."
"Sorry." He said
"Don't be. It's not your fault. It doesn't really matter anymore, let it go. I did." I started adding color to the picture. It was looking pretty good.
"Katrina said that Friday and Saturday's shows are sold out." Andy said
"Really?" WiL and I said in unison. Looked like all of our tweets and facebook status' were being noticed.
"Are you going to perform as William Control or Aiden?" Andy asked WiL
"William Control for sure. I may do some Aiden songs if the guys are ok with that."
"Why wouldn't they be?" Andy asked
"Cause I won't be touring with them. If I do Aiden songs with out them I want to make sure they are ok with it. It's our music. You know what I mean?"
"Yea I get you." Andy stood up. "Well I'm hungry so I'm going to go get lunch. Who wants to come?"
"I'll go." WiL was the only one that offered. The rest of us wanted to stay and get things done.
They wrote down what everyone wanted and headed out the door.
"Never fear! Cassie is here!" Cassie shouted as she came inside after Andy and WiL had left. "And I shall be your merch manager for this amazing tour."
I ran over and gave her a hug. I was so glad that she would be coming on the tour with us. That would make even more fun than it was already going to be. She sat down next to me and stared at me with a grin on her face.
"What?" I asked.
"You guys like each other." She said and raised her eye brows up and down.
I rolled my eyes. "No we don't."
"Right, so why did he try to kiss you then?" She asked and winked at me.
I didn't answer.
"Exactly." She said and leaned back.
" I love Jared. Just a few months ago we were talking about getting married. This is just a bump in the road. We are going to get back together when the tour is over."
She pouted. "Well you guys aren't together now. And we are going on tour with WiL. So why don't you just have a little bit of fun while we are away."


"You guys so want each other." Andy said to me.
"You're funny. If she was into me she would have let me kiss her. She loves Jared." I explained
"Well they broke up so try to win her over." He said with a smile and pulled into the drive through.
"They are getting back together after tour. Plus, I don't even like her that much." I said and looked out the window. Who was I trying to fool, me or him.
"Order when you're ready." the voice said from the intercom
Andy ordered everything and pulled up to the first window like the girl had said to do after.
"You have the whole tour with her. I know you like her. So have some fun will ya." He said and paid the girl at the window. "I'll know if she's into you or not. So I'll keep you posted. If you hear her listening to your music a lot then that's a good sign."
We waited for our order to come out in silence. I was thinking about Shiloh. I was trying to convince myself that I didn't like her. Our order came out a moment later. We pulled out and headed back to the house.

Shiloh's POV

"Ok, all the dates are st, tickets are now being sold everywhere. Word has spread on all social sights and first and second shows are sold out. Now we'll upload your design and print out some copies to post around. I'll email some to the venues and have them post up around too. Then we'll get it done on the computer and use it to promote the tour. We are still waiting for your guys' answer on weather or not you want to tour out of the country as well. The buses will be here Thursday morning and it looks like everything is good to go." Katrina said to me.
That was a lot to take in. I nodded. "ok sounds good to me. Are we missing anything."
She shook her head. Man it was stressful trying to plan a tour in under a day.
Shannon and Jared came into the room with a bunch of boxes and set them in the corner.
"Jeff just dropped these off. It's your Cd's to take on tour with you. There's more out in the car. We'll bring them in." Shannon said and went back outside.
"Cassie how are we doing on merch?" I asked.
"I just got finished ordering it all. I still have to get BVB's merch and WiL's too. It will all be here on Wednesday. I got enough for all the tour dates and more probably."
I walked over and looked at her list. She got a bunch of different band tee's from all the bands, Cd's, posters, and much more. She was a great merch manager.
"Katrina we've got vans for all the merch right?" I asked
"Of course." she said with a smile.
"Relax." Jared said from behind me. "Don't stress to much. It will all be ok."
"Yeah I know. It just a little hard planning a tour in just a few hours." I said and rubbed my eyes.
Jared looked at me. I could tell he wanted to say something but he didn't, instead he went outside and brought in more boxes.
"I got everything ordered." Cassie said and handed me some coffee.
"Ok, thanks. You're great." I said with a smile and sipped the coffee.
Andy and WiL came back with the food a few minutes later. There was a cheer from everyone in the room. They all swarmed to get their food.
I stayed at my laptop to finish up some work.
"Shi come eat." Jake said.
"I will when I'm done here." I said
"She's finishing up the movie before we leave." Cassie explained.
"Movie?" WiL asked
"Yeah, one of her favorite authors contacted her and asked her if she'd screen write the novel and turn it into a movie and possibly star in it. She accepted of course. Now she is just trying to finish it and send it to him." Cassie said and stuffed some french fries in her mouth.
"That's awesome." WiL said.
"Dude, you should totally let her direct some of your music videos." Andy said to WiL
"She can if she wants to." He said and looked at me.
I walked over and took a bite of my veggie burger. "Yea that's cool. We can get one done this week before we go. And maybe do some over the tour." I said and took another bite. I swallowed.
"You can get a video done that fast?" He asked.
"Yep, I like to get things done as soon as possible, if you haven't noticed." I sat down in front of my laptop and continued typing.
Time went by and everyone continued working on getting tour stuff done. When it got late everyone started to head home. WiL stayed so we could work on his music video.
"What songs would you like the most to do a music video?" I asked and looked up his lyrics to read so I could get a good sense of what they might mean and know what to do for a video.
"I'd like to get one for Kiss Me Judas and I'm Only Human Sometimes." He said. He pulled out his phone and started playing I'm Only Human Sometimes for me to hear. I like the song. It had a nice ring to it and the music was really good. I really liked his voice too. That was the best part of it. He had a really good voice and he hit his notes and pitches really well. I liked the way in some parts how he'd make his voice a bit higher. I was definitely going to start listening to his music. I already listened to a few Aiden songs and really liked them.
"Do you have any specific ideas or things you want in it?" I asked.
"Well I had an idea of a guy at the bar and he gets drugged and seduced by two girls. I thought that idea worked good with the lyrics." He said cheerfully
"Hm." I said and played the song over again and ready the lyrics with it. "Yeah that's a pretty good idea. How about they drug him up, take him back to a hotel room, seduce him, and he wakes up later in a tub with his kidney removed." I said and started writing down ideas.
"And a note in his hand that says, "you want to live call 911."" He added
"I like that." I added it to the paper. "of course we'll have to add more things to make it go throughout the whole song.
"oh yea." he said in agreement.
"Lets go scouting for places to shoot tomorrow and then start filming. I've got a couple friends who will gladly be in it and help out."
"Awesome." He said and smiled at me.
I yawned. "I also have an idea for Scavengers of the Damned if you want me to run it by you real quick."
"Ok go." He said
"Ok so you guys are in a house, or a room of a house to be more specific. There's a lot of cool characters involved. You're all sitting at a dinner table with food surrounding you and in the middle of the table." I yawned again. God all this was getting me really exhausted. "in the middle of the table there's a girl. He mouth is being held open by one of those things dentists use but cooler looking. You're wandering around doing different things like sitting, walking, standing still and singing, a bunch of stuff. There's a couch and a bed. There's this girl with a mask on and you start singing to her. And then she takes the mask off and has a hideous face so you back away. And then everyone comes in and starts singing including her. At the end everyone starts tearing things apart and throws stuff around. Breaking the pictures on the walls and throw food around. And then it cuts to you in the middle looking at the camera with this evil look on your face with stuff flying around you."
He was silent for a moment. I looked at him and he looked like he was thinking. Then I saw a smile grow on his face and that same glint in his eye.
"I like it. I like that a lot. I can totally picture that too." He grinned at me.
I smiled "I'm glad you like it." I said with a yawn.
"Where do you get these amazing ideas from?" He asked
"I don't know, they just come to me." I said as I wrote down the idea for Scavengers of the Damned. "Plus, I have a very Gothic type of imagination when it comes to music videos for songs like that."
"Thanks by the way." He gave me a small hug. "I've been dying to get these videos done.
"No problem. I've been dying to direct some videos." I opened up my email and typed up an email to some people asking for help with the video tomorrow and actresses as well.I felt my head getting really heavy as I typed. I leaned my head on WiL's shoulder and kept typing.
"you should get some sleep." he suggested.
I yawned. "I'm good. I still got stuff I need to get done."
"It can't wait til tomorrow?" He asked.
"Nope, we are doing your video tomorrow. I'm just sending out an email to some friends who can help out." I said and finished up the last line then hit send.
"You sent it, now get some sleep." He said with a laugh.
"Don't you need a ride home?" I asked and looked up at him
He looked down. "I should really start driving myself around."
I laughed at him and stood up. "Come on."
"I don't want to make you drive this late when you're so tired." He said.
That was actually a really smart idea.
I sat back down on the couch. "Where do you want to sleep?" I asked with a yawn.
"The couch is fine." he said then looked at me. "Although you look like you're about ready to pass out right here right now."
I shrugged and let my eyes slowly close.
I heard him laugh once more and then felt him lay me down. We were both laying on the couch. My head was partly on his chest. He spread his legs out onto the coffee table while mine were down the length of the couch.
"Goodnight Shiloh." he said.
I yawned and cuddled up to his chest, I was too tired to care that it was him I was cuddled with and not Jared. In fact, it was actually pretty nice. I liked it. I had a dream about him that night. It was a pretty amazing dream. I'd have to tell Cassie about it.
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