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The Kiss

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WiL and Shiloh steal a kiss after they record a music video

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"Wake up!" Shiloh shouted at me and startled me awake.
"What time is it?" I asked tiredly. I felt like I only got a little bit of sleep.
"Six." She said and handed me a coffee.
I sighed and laid back down. "Too fucking early." I complained
"Well we found some places to shoot. I bar downtown and a set my friend is working on as we speak." She said as she sipped on coffee.
I was shocked. She did work fast. "Damn you're good."
She smiled "I know. Now get up we gotta go. We start shooting in an hour."
Holy shit. I did not want to start shooting that soon. How will this music video even turn out that good if we work so quickly. Although we did have a time limit. It was Monday and we had until Thursday to get it done. I stood up and drank some of the coffee and followed her outside. I immediately lit a cigarette when we got to the car. "So where are we going?"
"Right now, to the set to check it out and make sure it works out good. Then after that straight to the bar to start filming. They already have everything set up and ready to go." She said and drove down the drive way.
"We got the actresses already too?" I asked.
"We sure do. Oh and we have to stop by your house to see what outfits you have. If you don't have what we are looking for then we'll have someone find it." She looked at me, "but I'm pretty sure you'll have it."
"What exactly is it?" I asked
"Pretty much a suit." She said with a giggle.
"Yea, I have a lot of those. Many different types too." I said and took a drag from my cigarette.
"Good. We should be filming from now until dark. It needs to be dark outside to do some of it." She informed me
I nodded. I just wanted to sleep still. I laid my head against the seat and closed my eyes. "Thanks again. You're awesome." I said and looked over at Shiloh.
"Anytime." She said and looked back at me.
The ride to the studio felt like it lasted forever. I was so tired.
"WiL this is Amanda and Sydney. They'll be your rapists for the day." She said as she introduced us.
I shook each of their hands. "Hi, thanks for helping out." I said
"No problem. This is our specialty." Amber said and winked at me.
"Ok, we'll meet you guys at the bar ok. We need to go get his suit and we'll be there."
They nodded and left.
"What do you think of the set?" Shiloh asked me.
I looked around. It was pretty dark with red lights set up. A bed in the middle of the room with a small bathroom next to it. There was fake blood splattered on the wall and water with red dye in the tub. "I like it. This is going to be perfect, I can already tell."
I followed her outside and we were rushed by photographers and fans wanted autographs and pictures.
"Holy shit." I said surprised by it all.
"Sorry. They are always waiting outside the studio for us." She said and signed some things.
People were shouting and asking for autographs and pictures with us.
"Who's he? Are you guys filming a new video? When is your new album coming to stores?" those were just a few of the questions they were asking. She took a few pictures with fans and signed a few more autographs.
"Guys look it's Jared." Shiloh said. Everyone turned around to see him and we made a run for the car.
"Sorry about that." She apologized again.
"Don't worry about it." We made it to my house not to long after that. The studio was surprisingly close to my house.
Shiloh picked out the suit that she thought would work the best. It was pretty plain which surprised me but oh well. I went into the bathroom and changed while she waiting outside by the car.
"Hey there Mr. Fancy pants." She said when I walked outside. "Now to the bar."
We drove to the bar in somewhat silence. I tried to take a quick nap before we got started. That didn't work out so well. As we got closer to the bar I started to get excited. I was happy to start the video. I trusted Shiloh to make it a good one.
As soon as we got there she immediately jumped into director mode. "Can we get WiL and the girls into make up please."
Some people came out and dragged us into the bathroom which we were using as a make shift dressing room. They added more eyeliner on me and a little bit of white make up to make me look paler. I was the first one done so they kicked me out so the girls could get into their outfits.
"Ok WiL, you're going to be entering from over here. You're going to walk this way and sit down right here. Order a drink ok. Then when we cue you, look over at the girls, and then on the second cue take a sip of the drink and look back over at them." Shiloh directed me.
"Girls come sit over here. Ok when you get your cue just keep looking over at him. We'll also cue you to go over and sit with him. When this scene is done you guys are going to go sit on that couch over there." They nodded and sat where they were told. I stood in the back waiting for my cue to walk in.
"Go!" Shiloh said and stood behind the camera.
I walked in and sat at the bar. I raised my hand and "ordered" a drink. I got my cue to look at the girls and did so. I looked back and took rubbed my face. I took a sip of my drink, which was a beer, and looked back at the girls.
The blond got her cue to come sit next to me and rub my leg. We cut and someone walked over to hand me some money.
"For this part we want you to go through the money like you're counting it out to pay the bartender." Shiloh said. "Go."
I went through the money like I was told.
"Stop. WiL come over here please. Girls now we are just going to film you looking over this way a little bit and then talk to each other about him." I stood out of the way. They did there thing. Next we were moved over to the couch.
"Ok so here you guys are going to talk a little bit. Then we'll get some shots of WiL drinking. When you get the cue WiL I want you to lean over and start whispering in Sydney's ear. Sydney when he starts to do that rub his leg. And while they are doing that Amber I want you to sit up and drop this into his drink." She handed her a tiny piece of a tablet that would dissolve in the liquid. "WiL for the first part act a little shy a bit ok." She walked back behind the camera and folded her arms. "Go."
We walked over to the couch and sat down. We talked a little bit and I rubbed the side of my face and smiled, my attempt to be shy. The camera came over at a different angle and we continued to talk. Then we cut to Amber, the blond, standing up and going through my phone while Sydney and I stayed on the couch and continued talking. Amber came and sat back down on my right side and I got my cue to whisper in Sydney's ear. She rubbed my leg and slid her hand up towards my crotch. Amber leaned forward and dropped the "pill" into my drink.
We cut to me drinking again as a before and after the pill got dropped into my drink.
Then I was told to start acting like I was drugged up. I did so. Then we got our cue to stand up. The girls had to hold me up and pretty much drag me out of view of the camera, I was drugged and could barely walk.
"Good." Shiloh said. "Can we play that back please?" She asked the camera guy who proceeded to play it and show her the footage. "Ok that's pretty good."
They moved cameras again over to a wall with weird wall paper on it. They set up a little light that left a round glow in the middle of the wall.
"Come stand in front of the light WiL." Shiloh said. "Take off your jacket."
I handed her my jacket and stood in front of the light.
"When I say go I want you to light a cigarette and start smoking it." She told me and tossed me a lighter and a cigarette.
I lit the cigarette and puffed on it. I took it out of my mouth and blew out the smoke then took another drag.
"Now slowly turn your head towards the camera. Not all the way, just a little bit."
I cocked my head over a little bit. She nodded. "Can we get the green light on him now please?" Someone rushed over and put on a green light that turned the wall and myself green. They had me continue to face the right and brought the camera over at a different angle.
"Here, take a drag from the cigarette and look at the camera and lift your lip up as if you were growling. You know what I mean?'
"Yea I got it."
"Ok, go." She said
I sucked the cigarette then did the growling face.
"Do it again. Try and look at the camera evil like. Like you want to kill Ryan for being a shitty camera guy." The crew laughed and he gave Shiloh a dirty look.
"Go." she said
I took a drag from the cigarette again and then looked at the camera exactly how she told me to and did the growling face. I saw a smile grow across her face. I had given her the face she wanted.
"How are we on time?" She looked over and asked someone from the crew. We had been filming for about two hours.
"ok let's go back through all of that that we just did. Do it again so we can try and get a better shot.
We re recorded all the scenes again. Shiloh seemed pretty happy about that. When we were done I walked over to her and we watched the play back. I was happy with what we had so far. This pleased her. After we redid it all and packed up to go to the studio another three hours had passed.
We made it back to the studio an hour later after we stopped to get coffee and some lunch. We started filming at ten and it was now three. I just loved how we got up at six and didn't start until ten. What the hell? Shiloh said it was because we had to finish getting the bar ready for us to shoot in. We started shooting in the studio at five.
"So now I want you guys to come in from that door over there, then walk over to the bed and push him on it. We're going to get this from a few different angles. WiL you're still drugged up at this point so when she pushes you on the bed just lay there, don't try to get up or anything." Shiloh instructed
I nodded and gave her a thumbs up.
"We'll tell you what to do as we go on." She said and walked behind the camera.
We stood behind the closed door that we would be entering from.
The girls opened the door and pulled me into the room. Sydney walked over to the bed and pushed me on it. I just laid there "clueless" to what was going on.
"Ok Sydney." Someone cued her and she took her shirt off and sat in my lap and rubbed my legs
"Amber." Shiloh cued
She leaned down and bit my neck. Sydney started pulling my shirt open and Amber stood up to undress and got on the bed. We started kissing while Sydney kept groping me.
"Clothes off." Shiloh said
Sydney took the rest of her clothes off then started pulling mine off. Sydney and Amber switched places and Amber started to ride me. I put my hands on her hips to help her movement. I then rolled over to be on top and did a thrusting motion under the sheets. Sydney, on cue, raised my head up by pulling my hair.
"Amber back on top." Someone said
We rolled back over and she started riding me again while this time kissing Sydney. I looked over at Shiloh while they were busy making out. She was looking intently at the screen behind the camera. She looked up at me, then back at the screen, and back at me. "Don't look at the camera." She said and turned her attention back to the screen.
The scene went on for a little bit longer and I was kind of getting into it by this point. Amber and I started kissing again.
"All right cut." Shiloh ordered
I wanted to mess with her so I kept kissing Amber.
Shiloh cleared her throat very loudly. "Cut!" she said again.
A moment later I felt hands on my shoulders and they pulled me up off of Amber. I looked over to see Shiloh, her cheeks were a little red. Was she blushing?
"Get into the bathroom." She said and walked back behind the camera. I went into the bathroom to get out of the way.
"Ok girls now you're going to come back and start getting dressed. Don't forget to grab the lunch box on your way out the door." Shiloh instructed.
"And go." She said. I couldn't see what was being filmed but I figured it was them getting dressed and leaving. When they were done Shiloh had me go into the make up room to get the fake injury on my side. When that was done we shot the girls cutting into my skin and stitching it back up. I then went and got into the tub to finish the last part of it.
"Ok, here you need to look like you are in a lot of pain. First pretend like you are passed out, when I cue you, wake up and get a look of pain on your face." She ordered
"Go." someone else said
I had my eyes closed and Shiloh cued me. I then opened them and slowly started to grimace from the pain I had and I moved around in the tub a little bit.
"Now look at the note in your hand." I did so and held it up for a moment so they could get a shot of it.
"Now slowly raise your left hand up out the side of the tub." I did so.
"Ok good. Now get out of the tub and walk in front of the mirror. Here you are going to look in the mirror so you can see your injury. Touch it and again act as if you are in a lot of pain."
I walked in front of the mirror and looked. I touched the injury and grimaced as best I could to make it look like it really hurt.
"Good, now just stand there and face the camera for a moment." Someone said. They had to get a shot of my underwear for some reason.
"Ok, now go get cleaned up and dressed and we'll head out to finish this." I was told and went into the make up room.
Shiloh came in and helped get all the fake blood off my skin. I noticed that her cheeks were really red and she was trying not to laugh.
"Why are you blushing?" I asked.
She simply shook her head and handed me my clothes. She laughed on her way out the door. As I was getting dressed I realized what she was laughing about. I had enjoyed that scene with the girls a little to much. That was embarrassing.
I got dressed and met Shiloh outside in the car to get to the next location. We drove to a small street that looked to be like the middle of the ghetto. There was a rented taxi cab there that we would be using.
"Ok so your going to walk down the sidewalk right here smoking a cigarette. Close your jacket up like you're trying to keep warm and look behind you as you do it. Then throw your cigarette away and signal for the taxi. When it stops get inside." Shiloh said as she showed me where I'd be walking.
"Go." I started walking down the sidewalk. I took a puff of my cigarette and closed my jacket while looking behind me. Then I flicked my cigarette away and raised my arm for the taxi. It came up and stopped by the sidewalk. I got inside and waited for my next instructions.
I was told to smoke another cigarette while singing part of the song. I did and it went by fairly quickly. We did the first part in two takes and this one in three.
"Ok girls come here. So on this part you guys are all going to be in the taxi. You'll be in the middle of them ok WiL. Then you guys are going to get out. Girls you guys are going to have to help him because he's drunk and drugged up stumbling around everywhere." Shiloh said.
We started shooting. I sat in the middle of them in the taxi and lit a cigarette for Sydney. Then I rested my head on Amber's shoulder and pretended to be passed out. Amber opened the door and got out of the taxi. Pulling me out with her. I stumbled around and the girls held me up. We did that in two takes. Then they filmed me walking down the street smoking and singing.
"Ok that's a wrap." Someone from the crew said.
Shiloh and I stood behind the monitor to watch the footage. We liked every shot we got.
"Now it just needs to be edited and put together and we are done." Shiloh said with a smile.
I smiled and put an arm around her. "Thanks Shiloh. I really like it. You did a great job. It will be great when it's put together."
"I really wish the injury looked more realistic." She said and pointed at it from the monitor.
We started packing up. "Well it still looks good either way." I said with a smile.
"I'll start editing it right away." Shiloh said and put some stuff in the car.
"I've got stuff you can use on my computer." I said
"Ok.' She said, she seemed tired. We had been filming all day. It was 10:30 by the time we finished packing up.
"Want me to drive?" I asked her
"No I've got it. I'm not that tired." She replied.
We drove to my house in silence. When we got there we immediately started editing and putting together the video. After a few hours it was almost finished.
"Sorry about earlier." I said to Shiloh and sipped some coffee.
She rubbed her eyes. "what do you mean?" She asked.
"" I couldn't get it out. But she knew what I was talking about.
She laughed a little bit. "It's fine, I don't blame you. That was pretty hot. I probably would have done the same thing."
"You thought that was hot?" I asked surprised.
"Yea. Kinda fun too. That was the first porno I've ever directed." She said jokingly with a laugh.
I laughed too. I looked over at her. She was smiling. She looked cuter and cuter with the more time I spent with her.
"Shi." I said
I shook my head. "Never mind." I had no idea what I was doing
"Tell me." She said and looked over at me
I looked over at her for a moment. I put my hand under her chin and slowly leaned in to kiss her. This time she didn't move and I kissed her softly. She kissed back.
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