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Safe in Your Arms

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Shiloh and Jared make up ;)

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Shiloh's POV

His lips were soft and warm. The kiss only last five seconds but it felt like five minutes. We pulled apart and I looked at him
"Sorry." He said and looked down with a smile on his face
I turned back to the computer and smiled. "It's ok."
I finished up the video about an hour later and showed it to him.
"I fucking love it! It's amazing! That's way better then I could have done. You did a great job." He said excitedly.
"I'm glad you like it. Although, Scavengers of the Damned will be way better." I said with a grin.
"I'm sure. That was a great idea you had for it. I can't wait." He said with a smile
I saved the video to his computer and emailed it to mine. "I'll email it to the record company to make sure they approve of it in the morning."
"Ok. Thanks." He said
"Now I'm going to head home. I want to get some work done before we go on tour and for the tour." I said and stood up.
"You work to much." he said and stood up too.
"Well I have a lot to do. I have a pretty big career." I said
"I guess you're right." He said and walked me to the door. "Are we all getting together tomorrow?"
"I think so. I'll double check with Andy."
"All right. Thanks again." He said with a smile
"You're welcome. Thanks for letting me direct it." I said and gave him a hug. He hugged back tightly. I liked this, I didn't want to let go. He gave really good hugs. He released a moment later and opened the door for me.
"See you tomorrow." He said
"See ya." I said and headed to the car. When I got in I leaned my head against the seat and bit my lip. He kissed me. I smiled. I felt so happy right now. WiL had soft and warm lips, they felt good against mine. I started the car and headed home. How was I going to be able to sleep tonight?
I made it home about ten minutes later. WiL lived close to us which was surprising. I went inside and climbed the stairs smiling the whole time. I jumped on my bed and decided to text Cassie. I figured she was sleeping by now and would text me in the morning. I turned on my laptop and logged into my spotify account. I downloaded all the Aiden and William Control songs. I put them in their own play list and started the music. I really liked his and their music. It was really good. I thought WiL had a great voice. My favorite songs are Moment, One Love, Scavengers of the Damned, and Kiss Me Judas.
That voice. I smiled and laid down. I fell asleep to his voice.


I laid down in my bed and smiled. All I could think about was Shiloh. The way her lips felt, soft and smooth. The way she had let me kiss her and kissed me back. She made me feel different. I haven't felt this way in a long time. She makes me feel good with myself, she makes me feel free.
I texted Andy as soon as she left. I figured I might as well admit to him that he was right.
I really wanted to kiss her again before she left. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't. And that hug. I didn't want to let go. I fell asleep thinking about Shiloh and the kiss. I fell asleep with a smile.

Shiloh's POV

I woke up to Cassie jumping on me. It was 11 a.m. I slept in.
"What the hell are you doing?" I said with an irritated tone.
"Oh my god!" She screamed. "He kissed you!"
I sad up and yawned. "I have a feeling I shouldn't have told you about that."
"Oh hell no! I'm glad you told me! I knew you were into him! I'm always right." She smiled.
I got out of bed and started to change. I put on my Rob Zombie t-shirt and my black and red skinny jeans.
There was a knock on the door. I went over and opened it. Jared was standing there with a cup of coffee.
"Hey girls, there's some breakfast for you guys in the kitchen. Shannon and I are going out for a bit. So we'll see you later." Jared said.
"Ok, where are you guys going?" I asked. I could smell his pancakes downstairs and grew excited. He makes the best vegan pancakes on the planet.
"To get some work done on the new album." He said and sipped his coffee.
"Ok, do you need me there?" I asked. I was stoked for the new album. It's not an album yet really, we just happen to have over 50 new songs. It's so exciting.
"Nope, we aren't recording, just going over them really. Oh and we have that interview still set for tomorrow afternoon." he added.
I looked at him with a confused look on my face. " I thought that was Thursday?" I asked
"Tomorrow is Thursday." both him and Cassie said.
"But I thought today was Tuesday!" I was so confused. How could I let time get away from me like this.
"I think you've been working too much." Jared said.
" I think you're right." I agreed with him and brushed through my hair.
He walked down the hall. "Go eat!" he said and headed out the door. Shannon following close behind him.
Cassie and I went downstairs and into the kitchen.
"Why do these pancakes taste so funny?" She asked with a disgusted look on her face.
I laughed. "Because they are vegan pancakes." I said and took a bite out of mine.
She gave me hers and got a bowl of cereal.
"So is Ashley and everyone coming over or what?" I asked and checked my phone to see if Andy had replied. He hadn't.
"Ashley, Jinx, C.C, and Jake are on their way now. I don't know about Andy and you're new boyfriend." She said with a wry smile
I rolled my eyes. "He's not my boyfriend." I sent WiL a text to let him know that the guys were on their way and asked him to get a hold of Andy for me. He replied fairly quickly. "We're getting some coffee then heading over. You want anything?" I replied with no thanks.
"You so want his nuts." Cassie said. I ignored that.
"Ok so Andy and WiL are stopping to get some coffee then heading over." I informed Cassie.
"Ok." She said with a mouthful of cereal.
I walked over to the stereo and turned it on. I felt like blasting some music. I ran upstairs to get my laptop and went back downstairs to hook it up to the stereo. Cassie laughed at me when Aiden came on.
"Get over it." I said and turned up the volume. Ashley and the guys got here soon after and turned up the music even more. We were having a mini party in the living room.


"I told you she was into you! You fucking kissed her dude!" I think Andy was happier about it than me.
I couldn't help but laugh at him. "Yea I kissed her. I feel pretty damn good about it too." I said with a grin.
"Dude we gotta celebrate." Andy said and lit a cigarette.
"While I'm driving?" I asked
He glared at me. "No not while you're driving. I don't know, let's just have a party or something."
"A party sounds nice. But a party just because I kissed her is a little to much." I said as I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot.
He exhaled a bunch of smoke from his nose. "Good point. Let's have a party just to have a party then. Parties are always fun." He took a drag from the cigarette. We got out of the car and headed inside.
"How was it?" Andy asked
"What?" i asked and ordered my coffee.
Andy ordered next. "The kiss. How was it?" He asked again.
"Oh, I don't know. It was just a quick five second kiss is all. Nothing special." I said and paid the cashier.
"Dude, that's lame." he said and sounded a little disappointed in me.
"Sorry. Just be glad she kissed me back ok." I leaned against the wall while I waited for the coffee.
A few girls ran up to Andy and asked him for an autograph and picture. They came up to me after and asked me the same thing. I was in a good mood so I did it with a smile.
"Thank you." They said and left. We got our coffee a moment later and went back to the car.
"50 bucks says she has all of your songs. Like ALL of them, all Aiden songs and all your songs." Andy said
I smiled. "You're on." I said and shook his hand as we came to a red light.
Andy laughed. "Easiest 50 bucks I've ever made."
"What are you going to do, go through her ipod?" I asked.
"Exactly what I'm going to do. As soon as we get there." Andy replied.
We showed up five minutes later and found that everyone was already there. We got out of the car and heard loud music coming from inside the house.
"50 bucks says that's one of your songs." Andy said.
I raised my eyebrow at him. I listened intently to the music. It sounded muffled and I couldn't make out what it was. I waited til we got closer to the door.
"Nope. That is my song." I said and opened the door. Kiss Me Judas was playing.
I looked over at Andy and he winked at me.

Shiloh's POV

Someone came up behind me and covered my eyes. "Guess who." They tried to say in a really girlie voice.
"Wow Andy, you sounded so gay." I said with a laugh.
He dropped his hands. "Dammit." He said and frowned.
I laughed and gave him a hug. I went over to the stereo to turn down the music just as Jeffree Star came on.
"What are you guys doing having a party?" WiL asked and gave me a hug when I walked over to him.
"Kinda. We just felt like jamming out to music." I said.
"What's left to do?" Andy asked.
"I honestly don't know. All our merch is suppose to be here today. The buses and vans will be here tomorrow. I won't be here though." I explained.
"Where will you be?" Cassie asked.
"Interview remember. And then we have to drop Shannon off at the airport right after." I explained and stole some of Andy's coffee.
"I'm sure one of us can stay here and manage the buses until you get back." Andy said.
"Yea, I'm sure they'll be fine here even without anyone too." I said and started dancing to the Jeffree Star song that was on. Cassie joined in and the guys started laughing at us.
The rest of the day went by fast. We found that we had nothing left to do for the tour so we all just hung out and pretty much partied. There were no pools or silly string involved this time. Jared and Shannon got back around nine and joined our party. Before we knew it it was midnight and everyone headed home. They'd be back tomorrow to help get the buses loaded up.
I headed upstairs to get to bed when I stopped outside Jared's door. I heard him singing and playing his guitar. I smiled at the sound. But my heart started to hurt a little bit. I was depressed about us breaking up, I just hadn't been showing it. I went into his room to listen. He smiled at me when I walked in. I sat on his bed next to him and watched him play. It was one of the new songs. My favorite one too. I clapped when he was done.
"Why thank you." He said and put his guitar down. "Can we talk?" he asked.
"Yea what's up?" I asked and folded my legs on his bed.
"I'm sorry." He said
"For what?" I asked
He swallowed "For being such a dick, and for breaking your heart." He said with a sad look in his eyes.
"Jared it's fine." I said and started playing with my pant leg.
"No, no it's not." He said.
I didn't say anything.
"I still want to get back together after your tour." He said with a mild smile.
"Why not now?" I asked.
"I don't know to be honest. I think I just hate the thought of being away from my girlfriend for so long." He shrugged.
I looked back down. WiL was on my mind. "What if I fall for someone or something while I'm on tour then? If we're dating while I'm gone we wont have to worry about that. If not then, anything is possible." i said
"I guess we'll just have to see what happens. I want you to be happy, even if that means you aren't with me." He said and put his hand on mine.
I sighed and kept looking down. "I love you."
He cupped my face in his hands. "I love you more." He said and kissed me.
I got the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I put my arm around his neck and kissed him back. The kiss lasted a while and before I knew it we were laying in his bed having sex. I was happy. I missed Jared and I wanted him so badly. This felt good. How could I ever like someone else when I loved Jared this much. When I was with Jared most or all of my thoughts about WiL were gone.
I loved the way my skin felt against his. I loved they way my lips felt against his. I felt like we were one. He started biting my neck which I enjoyed very much. He hated it when I bit him though which made me kind of sad. He didn't moan much either which was a bit disappointing. He only moaned when things got rough and wild. That's not how we were now though. He was going slow and soft. I was looking into his eyes. That just made this moment perfect. He was the only thing there. I forgot about everything, forgot about all the stress, forgot about my small feelings for WiL, forgot about everything. I wanted this moment to last. I never wanted to stop. I closed my eyes as he put his weight on me and kissed my neck once more. We cuddled in his bed after until I fell asleep in his arms. I loved falling asleep in his arms. I felt so safe and calm.
"I love you." he said and kissed my forehead.
"I love you too." I said and fell asleep.
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