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Day one of the tour. Everyone has to share hotel rooms, Shiloh and WiL share a room

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So she did like me. That made me happy. She enjoyed kissing me, that made my happy. She was still into Jared, that made me a little disappointed. But I had the whole tour to get her, and i will get her. Even if we don't start dating, as long as I can just feel something again. That's why I like her so much. She makes me feel amazing. I feel free and happy when I'm with her. I don't know how she does it.
I haven't felt this way since Lindsey. She tore me about though. Shiloh wouldn't. Shiloh, the amazing girl that I can't explain, the girl I don't understand. The girl who makes me feel love again. No I don't love her, but I do have feelings again. Feelings I thought I wouldn't have for anybody in a really long time. That day at Andy's party. When she bought me the cigarettes, and the way she looked at me. Maybe love at first sight does exist.
And yesterday night, in the grass. That kiss was amazing. The kiss this morning. She wanted it. She wanted me, and I want her. Am I crazy? I'm 30 years old. It's about time I find someone, something, love, trust, I need this.
Andy came stumbling into the bus, he looked like he was pretty hung over.
"I have the worst fucking headache dude." he said and grabbed some Tylenol from the bathroom cupboard.
"I love how we're are going to do a photo shoot and you're hung over." I said with a laugh.
"Oh yea, I forgot about that. Shit, I need to tell Shiloh." He said and headed for the door
"I already told her." I informed him.
"You did? Great." He said and sat on the couch.
"Why is it just going to be the three of us?" I asked.
"Three bands, they figured the front man of each would be fine. If you and Shiloh are even considered a band." he said and rubbed his temples.
"I think I really like her." I said.
"Yea I know you do. I did see you guys sucking faces yesterday." He said with a smile. "Good for you man."
"To bad she doesn't want to be my girlfriend." I said and set my guitar on the table.
"let her warm up to you. Get to know her. You definitely wont get her if you don't know her. She'll probably even tell you that." Andy said.
"Good point. Anything else you can tell me?" I asked.
"I would, but the rest is up to you my friend." He said and went to the bathroom. "Go get everyone and let's get this photo shoot done and get the party started. I'm stoked for this concert man." he said from inside the bathroom.
I went inside to get everyone and wake everyone up. I went upstairs to Shiloh's room to get her and Cassie. I over heard them talking.
"Give him a chance." Cassie said.
"I want to. But we barely know each other." She stated
"Get to know him then. It's not that hard. Get him before someone else did. Don't wait for Jared's lame ass. He fucked up. Listen to your heart. Ok." Cassie told her.
"I'll try. I'll get to know him first." Shiloh said. That made me smile.
"And if you don't go for him I will, he seems really nice." Cassie said. I laughed a little at that. I don't think I'd be able to handle her craziness.
"You have Ashley." Shiloh said. I decided to knock on the door.
"Yea." Shiloh said from inside.
I opened the door. "hey, we are ready to go. Photo shoot, lunch, then the venue."
"ok we'll be down in a sec." Shiloh said.
I closed the door and went to wake Nicholas up.
We all met outside by the bus ten minutes later. Shiloh gave Jared a hug goodbye and said goodbye to their dogs and got on the bus.
"Have fun!" Jared told us. We all waved and headed out.
"Don't forget to pick up the roadies." Shiloh reminded Andy.
When we got to the photo shoot they had us all change into black punkish, gothicish clothing. We stood in front of the camera and did what they asked us to do.
"Shiloh push will up against the wall and look at the camera with an evil look. A look like, oh yea bitch I'm your master."
Shiloh laughed and held me up against the wall.
"Spread your arms apart just a little bit. WiL look at the camera. Shiloh do the look please. Good, can we get that shot a couple more times please. Shiloh we still need the look."
"I'm trying! This is hard." She said with a giggle.
"Look like you want to just beat the shit out of me." I told her.
"Ok lets do this again."
We got into the same pose and looked at the camera.
"Very good Shiloh!" the photographer shouted. "I love it. Shiloh keep doing that look but this time WiL look at her."
I looked at her.
"Ok Andy get in there. Now Shiloh I want you to push both of them against the wall with the same look. Boys look at the camera and Andy put one of your hands on her arm. Good. Now look at her boys. Good." After that pose they had us do a series of other poses like attacking each other, looking evil, Gothic style poses, emo style poses, and hardcore rock style poses. When the three of us were done they took pictures of us separately.
They seemed very pleased with the pictures they took. They showed us after and we all liked them too. They said one of them might be on the cover of a magazine. The one with the three of us, Shiloh in the middle and her leaning down into the camera screaming, us in the background screaming, pulling our hair, and beating each other up. They had a hard time choosing between that one and the one where Shiloh was pushing us against the wall with the look. It was a very good look by the way. She looked really pissed off and 'evil' like she wanted to kill someone. I liked it.
"We'll just let the magazine choose which one they want." We were told.
We changed back into our clothes and got on the bus. We went to pick up the tech crew who would be touring with us. After we got them we went to get something to eat. We ate in on the way to the venue and partly at the venue.
We went inside and started setting up the merch tables and equipment. Shiloh was getting really excited, like a kid in a candy store. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
"Who's performing first?" The manager asked us.
"Shiloh, then WiL, then Black Veil Brides." Jake told him.
We decided that we would switch the order every show.
Shiloh came running up to us with her phone and showed us a picture she took outside. It was of the line out front. It was really long and there were tons of people.
"They almost fucking attacked me! I barely escaped with my life!" She joked. "I dare you to go out there WiL." She added.
I shrugged. "All right." I went through the back instead of the front. I walked behind the buses and turned the corner. There was a really long line. I walked towards the line and before I even got to the front I heard screams and fans were surrounding me. "Holy shit." I thought.
I signed some autographs then ran back inside.
"This is going to be a good show!" I said. The crowd would be amazing.
"I'm pumped. I'm so ready for the pits." Shiloh said.
"You are not going in the pits." Andy said
She pouted. "Why not?"
"They'll eat you alive out there." He said
"I've been in pits before at Mars concerts. I think I'll survive."
"She'll be fine." I said. "I walk on the crowd all the time"
She smiled at me and hopped off. We all went back stage as the doors opened, avoided the stampede of fans. When the venue was filled Shiloh and I went on stage and took pictures of the crowd who immediately started screaming. Shiloh ran off stage and kept peeking behind the curtain, teasing them.
A few minutes later C.C, Jinx, and Ashley went on stage. Shiloh went on after and started singing. The crowd went crazy. She had an amazing voice. I loved it when she screamed. I never thought she'd be a screamer by just looking at her. She's so tiny. I've never met a girl that small that could scream. She jumped off the stage and stood on the fence separating the crowd from the stage and started screaming. Security helped her back on stage.
Towards the end of the performance she told the crowd to start a huge mosh pit in the middle. They did and she started her last song. When she was done singing she ran and jumped off stage into the crowd then into the pit. I smiled. She had balls. Security immediately ran up to the fence and tried to get her out. About a middle later they found her and got her back on stage.
"Give it up for William Control." She yelled. The crowd started to scream.
"I can't hear you! I said give it up for William Control!" The crowd screamed even louder. She ran off stage.
"Warmed them up for you." She said and patted my shoulder. After the crew finished the sound check and set up the equipment Nicholas went on stage followed Jinx. C.C stayed on stage. I listened to the crowd yell for a moment then went on stage.
"How about Shiloh! Wasn't she amazing folks! Give it up for her! Go buy her new CD over at the merch table." I told them.
I started off my performance with Kiss Me Judas.

Shiloh's POV

I went over to the merch table to sign and sell merch. I took a few pictures with fans and continued signing things and selling. I looked up at the stage while WiL was performing. He was pretty amazing. He had a great voice live. I loved it. He would throw the microphone around and do cool tricks with it a lot. He definitely had to teach me how to do it.
I left the table and joined the crowd. I fought to the front of the crowd just as WiL jumped in and started walking on them. I held up one of his legs. His ass was right in my face. I honestly couldn't help myself, I just had to do this. I swung my arm up and slapped his ass. I heard his voice fault a little bit then go right back to normal. He turned and looked down at me. I looked at him evilly and laughed. He shook his head and walked over us back to the stage.
He climbed back up and rolled up his sleeves. "This next song is called I'm Only Human Sometimes. Oh and I want to say thanks to Shiloh for slapping my ass while I was out there. That was awesome." The crowd screamed and I started laughing. He started singing and I jumped up and down with the crowd. And Andy said they were going to eat me alive, my ass. When he was done singing he told the crowd he was going to sing Razor's Edge next. He had me go up on stage to sing it with him. I mostly stayed in the crowd and had them sing the Chorus with me. When I was done I went back to the merch table. WiL sang a couple more songs before leaving and went to his merch table. When the crowd was mostly gone I walked over to his table to help him and Cassie out.
"You're welcome." I said to him.
"For what." He asked.
"Slapping your ass." I said and got a shirt that someone asked for.
he laughed. Andy went on stage and started singing Perfect weapon.
"See ya." I said and ran up to the stage. I motioned everyone to make a pit and I jumped in it. I fucking love pits! I was in the bit until the second to last song. Then I went back to my merch table and waited for the crowd to come after the concert.
There were tons of people. Thankfully Jake and C.C came over to help me. Now there were three people at each merch table. Cassie, WiL and Nicholas at WiL's table, C.C, Jake, and myself at mine, and Andy, Ashley, and Jinx at their table. The roadies sold merch while we were performing and then went to get all the equipment backed up when we were done. We handled the merch while they were doing that. By 11:30 The venue was starting to tell fans they had to go. We started to back up our merch and load it all onto the bus. Around midnight we headed to San Francisco. Everyone decided they wanted to watch a movie on the way there. We sat around the TV against the wall of the bus while Andy picked out a movie.
"Oh what do I have here?" he said and showed us what movie it was. It was one of mine. It was the horror movie that Jared and I were recently in. We wrote it, directed it, and starred in it it.
"No! Why do you have to torture me like this?" I asked. I hated watching my own movies especially when they sucked.
"Because it's fun." He said and put the movie into the DVD player and started it.
I sat down on the small couch next to WiL. There were three of us on it so It was kind of cozy. I cuddled up next to WiL trying to get comfortable. He seemed to enjoy that. He put his arm around my shoulder when I settled in.
"So you're in this movie?" He asked.
"yea I am. And this movie fucking sucks." I said that loud and looked over at Andy. He smirked.
"Oh I'm sure you're great in it." he said.
"You won't be saying that when it's over." I said and leaned my head on his chest.


I thought she was a pretty good actress. She looked beautiful in this movie as well, and damn, she was the scream queen.
"You should totally get an award for best scream." I whispered into her ear. I thought she was sleeping. Cassie was already passed out. We had pulled over so Jinx, Jake, C.C, and Ashley could go over to their bus and sleep. Andy, Nicholas, and I were still awake.
"Uh no. She said." I felt her body move a little bit as she giggled.
"You're a good actress you know. I don't know why you say you're not." I said
"I never said I wasn't. I just said this movie sucks." she said and repositioned to get comfortable. She had spread out across the couch when Jinx left.
"Do you die?" I asked.
"You'll have to wait and find out." She said.
On the TV she was hiding in an open grave. There was a dead body laying right next to her. She was covering her mouth to prevent a scream. Two hands came out of nowhere and pulled her out of the grave. She screamed until she found out it was Jared's character. He was playing her brother.
Shiloh got up to go to the bathroom. I laid down across the couch when she left. If Shiloh wasn't in this movie I don't think I would have liked it at all.
"Hey." She said when she got back and found me laying on the couch.
"There's still room for you." I said and moved a little bit.
She sighed and laid down next to me. I moved my arm so she wouldn't lay on it and put it around her waist. She didn't complain. I had fallen asleep some time between then and when we got to San Francisco. When I woke up Shiloh was still sleeping next to me. Her head and arm were on my chest. I wasn't able to move without waking her up. I looked at my phone to see what time it was and saw I had a picture message from Andy. It was a picture of Shiloh and I asleep on the couch. "Aw how cute ;)" was the message he sent with it. I closed out of the message, after saving the picture for some reason. It was 11:30. I figured it would be ok to wake Shiloh up. I really had to piss.
"Hey Shi, wake up." I said quietly.
She groaned a little bit then opened her eyes. "What time is it?" She asked
"11:30." I said
She groaned again and sat up. I sat up after and got up to go to the bathroom.
I came back out to find Shiloh trying to wake Cassie up, and not having much luck either.
She looked up at me then smiled and turned back to Cassie.
"Cassie, wake up, WiL's taking his pants off." She said with a smile
Cassie bolted up. "What?"
Shiloh busted out laughing.
"Wow. Just wow." I said and couldn't help but laugh too.
Cassie yawned. "That was mean." She complained.
"That was funny." I said.
Shiloh laughed. "I'm going to walk over to the Starbucks down the road, you want anything?" She asked Cassie.
"Yes, coffee, and a muffin." Cassie said.
"All right. Wanna come?" She asked me.
I nodded and opened the door to the bus. It was bright outside. I lit a cigarette and waited for Shiloh to put her shoes on.
"What's so good about those?" She asked and took my cigarette away and took a drag from it. That surprised the hell out of me.
I just looked at her, stunned.
"what?" She asked.
"I thought you hated smoking?" I asked
She let exhaled the smoke. "I do." She said.
"You smoked that like a professional." I said and took a drag.
"I've smoked before, when I was like, fifteen. Didn't like them then either." She said with a dirty look on her face.
"Yea? Did you do a lot of stupid stuff at fifteen?" I asked
"Oh yea." She said with a smile, "Oh yea."
I laughed, "Yea like what? I bet I did stupider." I said
"Yea what did you do?" She asked
"I was hooked on drugs and kicked out of my house by age fifteen." I said and looked at her waiting to see her reaction.
"Oh yea I was way way worse." She said and looked down.
"How?" I asked slightly surprised.
"Well I was in a gang, I was pretty much the school slut, neighborhood hooker. I killed a man. I ran over a cat once when I was drunk. A lot of stupid shit." She said and looked at me.
I had stopped walking. I'm pretty sure my eyes were about to pop out of my head. "Are you fucking serious?" I asked
She laughed and shook her head. "No. I did run over a cat though, I wasn't drunk, it ran into the middle of the road and I didn't have time to stop. I cried for the rest of the day."
"Don't scare me like that." I said
She laughed again. "Sorry." We walked into the store and ordered. I bought her coffee and Cassie's muffin for her. We went back outside to sit on a bench and talked for a little bit.
"So why drugs?" She asked.
"I don't know. It felt good I guess?" I said questioningly.
"Would you ever pick back up?" She asked and took a sip of her coffee.
"Fuck no. My cigarettes are enough for me." I said and pulled one out. She smiled at that.
"What was the gang life like?" I asked with a smile.
She laughed "Pretty awesome. They were the only ones that accepted me."
"I wasn't accepted either." I said. "But who cares? We are who are."
"Exactly! I stopped caring in high school. What's the point in living your life to please someone else? you should live your life for yourself. Be who your are and who you want to be." Shiloh said and drank more coffee.
"Exactly. I wish more people would see it like you do." I said and lit my cigarette.
She nodded.
"So when did you get your first tattoo?" I asked
"When I was sixteen." She said with a smile and looked at it.
"Seriously? Wow." I said surprised.
"It was a decision I thought I was ready to make. I thought I was mature enough and old enough for it." She explained. "When did you first get yours?" she asked
"Seventeen. Been getting them ever since." I said. "You seem like you had an ok teenage hood. What made you who you are?" I asked
"What do you mean?" She asked
"I don't know. Most people I know who are like us had a traumatic experience. What was yours?" I explained
"Oh." She sighed and stood up. "Let's save that for later yea?" She asked.
"Oh come on. I told you about my drug addiction." I said with a half smile.
She looked at me and sat back down.
"Well, between my brother and sister I decided I hated drugs and alcohol. My brother was in and out of prison. I didn't get along with my parents at all. I had no friends. I was bullied all the time. But uh. My brother, he was a dick. Cared more about his drugs and alcohol then his own family. Killed a cop once. Tried to kill my dad right in front of me. He was abusive. I remember once when I was little. He was smoking a cigarette and for no reason he grabbed my hand and just held it on my hand and burnt me. I had this round scar on my finger for the longest time. He stole from us all the time. My sister, hung out with the wrong people. Got into the drug and alcohol thing like my brother and was in and out of prison too. She pretty much abandoned me. She fought with my mom constantly, who fought with my dad constantly. My mom would always hurt me. Not physically but mentally. She made me feel like I was useless and would always be nothing. One time she called me a little bitch and said I was just like my sister." She looked down. "It wasn't that bad really. Just not the life I would have chose. The most traumatic part of it was my brother trying to kill my dad. I was like, twelve." She looked at me. "But yea it wasn't that bad really. I had a hamster that died. That sucked balls." She said and giggled, trying to change the subject.
She was right, it wasn't that bad I guess, but I could tell it hurt to talk about it.
"I'm sorry." I said and set my hand on hers.
She looked at me and smiled. "It's ok."
"So, what is your favorite song by your truly?" I asked and smiled.
"Hm, probably Kiss Me Judas. But I like Noir and Romance and Devotion. We Are Lovers has a good tune. Now Aiden, I love Scavengers of the Dammed, Moment, One Love, Broken Bones, We Sleep Forever, and Die Romantic. Those are my favorite Aiden songs. But all the songs are amazing. I like them all. What's your favorite by moi?" She asked.
"That would be Dearest I'm So Sorry, Vital Signs, and Echoes of an Empire." I said with a smile. "But all your songs rock. You have a great voice." I added.
She smiled. "Thank you. You have an amazing voice too."
"Guys! Let's go! We are going to the hotel across from the venue. We are going to stay there til tomorrow afternoon.
We got up and went back to the trailer.
"My muffin!" Cassie yelled when we got back. "Thank you!" She yelled and gave Shiloh a hug.
"He bought it." Shiloh said. Cassie gave me a hug and squealed. Then she sat down and ate it.
"She's so weird." I said to Shiloh as we sat down at the table.
"That's why she's my best friend. I love her to death."
We talked and talked the whole way to the hotel, just getting to know more about each other and stuff. I learned that Andy was right, we are a lot alike. It's crazy how much we have in common.
When we got to the hotel we all went inside. Andy went to the desk to get the rooms. He came back soon after and started handing out keys.
"Who do you want to share with?" Andy asked Shiloh.
"Uh, Cassie?" She asked
"I'm sharing with Ashley, sorry." She said and they got into the elevator and headed to their room.
"You or WiL I guess." She said.
"Aw." Jinx complained.
"I want to room with Andy." C.C said.
Shiloh laughed. "I'm with WiL." she took the keys from Andy and we got in the elevator. We dropped our luggage off then headed to the venue to set up. That nights show went by really fast. I honestly don't get how Shiloh can keep a mosh pit going for a whole concert. She managed to stay in the whole time she wasn't performing or at the merch table and she kept everyone else going. It was amazing.
After the show we all came back to the hotel and hung out in Andy's room for an after party.
Andy got drunk again, so did Ashley and Jake. Around two in the morning Shiloh and I headed back to our room.
"I'll take the couch." I said.
"No I want the couch." She argued.
We argued about it for a good minute and half.
"Either I get the couch or we share the bed." She said.
"I guess we share the bed then."
"Fine." She said and went into the bathroom to change into her sweats and tank top.
I fell asleep quickly. I ended up having a nightmare though.
I was at one of the venues. I didn't know what was going on. I couldn't find anyone. When I finally found anyone I found them in the trailer. But they were all dead. It looked like someone had taken a chainsaw to them all. The dream got worse and worse as time went on. I woke up all sweating and I was breathing fast.
"Are you ok?" Shiloh asked. She sounded worried.
"Yeah. Just a nightmare. Sorry I woke you up." I said and took off my shirt. It was really hot.
"I'll get you some water." She said and headed into the kitchen area. I looked at the clock. It was only 3:15. The dream felt like it lasted hours. Shiloh came back a moment later with some water and a cold damp towel. She wiped my head with it as I sipped the water.
"I'm fine." I said and moved my head.
"You sure? You were freaking out. What was it about?" She asked and sat next to me.
I shook my head. "It doesn't matter. Let's get back to bed." I said and looked at Shiloh. She was looking at me with worried eyes. I couldn't have been freaking out that bad. Was I?
"Everyone was dead. It got worse from there. But I'm fine." I assured her.
"Ok." She said. She leaned past me to turn off the light. On an impulse I grabbed her and rolled over on top of her.
She giggled a little bit. "What are you doing?"
I leaned my head down and kissed her. She kissed back pretty intensely. I liked it. I intertwined my hand in hers. I licked her lip and she opened her mouth allowing me access. She let go of my hands and started pulling at my hips. I could feel my heart racing. Our breathing grew louder. Where did this come from? I kissed down to her neck and started biting softly. Quiet moans escaped her lips. We were both getting into it and enjoying it. I could feel myself grow harder. I wanted her right now.
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