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Your Kiss My Bite

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Shiloh and WiL have a fun first night in the hotel. The tour gets crazy

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Shiloh's POV

I wanted to stop but I couldn't. This felt so amazing. This was different for me. I never do this. I always wait til I've been in a relationship for at least a year. I've only known WiL for a week. God this is crazy, but it feels so good. How did this even happen? I liked it.
WiL started biting my neck. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Small noises left my lips and he bit harder. He bit harder than Jared, I really liked that. He wasn't scared to do it, he was worried about hurting me.
I dug my nails into his back and kissed him. He started lifting up my shirt slowly. I raised my arms and let him take it off. He rolled over so I was on top. I leaned down and bit his neck and chest. He seemed to lit it so I bit harder. He groaned quietly when I did, a sign that he enjoyed it. I left bite marks trailing from his neck down his collar bones and to his chest. I pulled at his pants and he took them off then proceeded to take mine off and roll back over on top of me. He moved his hands up and down my sides and around my waist.
I wanted him now. I wrapped my legs around his waist and puled him down on me. He stopped and shot up.
"One second." He said and ran to his bag. He started rummaging through it, looking for something I assumed to be a condom. Why would he even have any? I didn't even think about bringing any. That made me curious.
I felt awkward sitting there half naked waiting for him while he put it on. He came back and crashed his lips to mine. Things heated up fast. We were naked and he was crashing in to me. I closed my eyes and tried not to be to loud. We were both breathing fast and moaning quietly. He bit my neck and thighs. With each bite he bit harder and it felt more and more amazing. Each bite sent electricity up my spine. He loved it when I dug my nails into his back. Every now and then I'd do something he'd like and he'd growl a little bit. God he was so hot. He flipped us back over so I was on top again. I let my head fall back as our hips came together over and over. He leaned up and pulled me close to him. He moaned softly in my ear.
I loved this. I felt so amazing. I felt free, I felt like I was floating on a cloud.
We were both reaching our point. We moaned louder and slowed down. I bit him once more as we laid back down. He kissed me tenderly. God that was so amazing. It was intense and wild. It was rough and crazy yet soft and tender too. He held me in his arms. I couldn't stop smiling. My heard was still racing. I think we both fell asleep after that.


We woke up to someone pounding on the door.
"Guys! Wake up!" Andy yelled from outside.
"Shit!" I said and jumped out of bed. I quickly put some pants on as Shiloh ran into the bathroom to get dressed.
I answered the door just as Andy was about to pound on it again.
"What the fucking fuck?" Andy said when I answered.
"Sorry, we over slept." I explained.
"Well hurry up. We leave in half an hour." He said and was about to walk away but turned and looked back at me. A grin slowly started to form on his face and he folded his arms.
"What?" I asked.
"Someone got some action last night." He said and raised his eyebrows.
I gave him a weird look. He reached an arm out and flicked my chest. I looked down and saw that there was a bite mark that was slightly bruised.
I looked back up at him with a guilty look. He started to laugh just as Shiloh walked out of the bathroom.
"Hey Shiloh!" He shouted. She looked over at him. "Bite harder!" He said as he pointed at my chest. He winked at us before leaving.
I nodded my head and closed the door. I walked over to Shiloh who was really red.
"You're cute when you blush." I said and kissed her cheek.
"Oh shush." She said with a smile and headed into the bathroom.
I followed behind to look at my bruises in the mirror. Shiloh leaned down to turn the shower on and her eyes widened when she looked back at me.
"Oh my god. I'm sorry!" She said and rubbed one of my bruises.
"It's ok. I liked it." I smiled. I really did like it when she bit me. Some how she knew exactly what I liked. I wondered how kinky she could get. I also noticed scratch marks on my back. Damn Shiloh was wild.
I cleaned up and got dressed. I put on my black slacks, black button up shirt and my black suspenders with my converse. I left the room to let Shiloh shower and headed over to Andy's room.
"WiL! My man!" He said and put his arm around me. "How was it?"
I smiled and looked at him. "It was pretty fucking amazing."
"Why is your neck bruised?" Cassie said when I walked over to the group.
All the guys awed at me and cheered. Cassie was the last one to figure it out.
She got all giddy and started jumping up and down and clapping. She gave me a hug and then ran out to door to go find Shiloh. I couldn't stop smiling. Nicholas came over and slapped one of my bruises. The rest of the guys followed after him.

Shiloh's POV

When I got out of the shower Cassie was sitting on the toilet with a big grin on her face.
I put on a towel and gave her a dirty look. "You scared the hell out of me." I said and started brushing through my hair.
"I can't believe you guys had sex last night!" She shouted and almost gave me a hug.
"He's telling everyone?" I asked with an irritated look.
"No, it was pretty obvious by all the hickeys he has." She said with a giggle. "And the one on your neck." She added in when I started to cover it up with make up.
I sighed and smiled. This felt like a dream. I felt so good.
"Look at you! You're glowing!" She shouted and smiled. "You like him."
I blushed. "Of course I like him" I said and put my make up away.
"How was it?" She asked.
I turned and looked at her with a smile.
"Better or worse than Jared?" She asked again.
I thought for a moment and smiled. "Better. Way better." I said and started to get dressed. I put on my purple skinny jeans and my Black Veil Brides shirt. I packed up my bag when I was finished getting ready and we headed over to Andy's room.
All the guys cheered when we walked in. I tried not to plush but I failed.
"You know, they are never going to let this go." I whispered in WiL's ear.
He nodding in agreement. "I didn't mean to tell them by the way. They kind of just found out." He explained.
"It's fine." I said with a smile and kissed him.
"Ooh!" Everyone shouted. I started to laugh
"Can we go now please?" I asked.
We all made sure we had everything and headed to the RVs. We were on our way to Oregon. Seattle after that.
"So why did you have condoms anyway?" I asked WiL. I was still surprised that he had some.
"To be honest, just in case. I'm a guy. I always have some just in case. Sorry if that makes me sound like a douche." He said
"It's ok." I said and smiled.
We drove all day long with only one stop for shopping. We went to a walmart to get everything to stock up the RVs. I got a bunch of bagged salad, fruits, veggies, cereal, ramen noodles, and stuff I could make easily. After we got everything we wanted we checked out and went to get some quick lunch and then we headed back out.
We tried to occupy our time. We watched TV, slept, played music or games. Luckily we had an xbox hooked up. I spent most of my time playing that or playing music or doing work. WiL soon found out that it made my heart melt when he sang. He'd sing me a song and play guitar sometimes to kill time. We got to Oregon and stayed their over night for our show tomorrow night. We did our show and yet again it was amazing. The crowd was great, they loved us and they rocked the house. After the show we signed autographs then had but call and left for Seattle.
WiL was excited to play a show in his home town. He said that the crowd would be amazing and it would be one of the best shows on the tour. He gave us a tour of his old neighborhood and places he knew. He pointed out the rehab center that helped him get clean as a teenager. He said he liked being home but at the same time he didn't. He said it brought back some bad memories. While we were there I got to know him a lot more and because of that I just fell for him more.
He went all out for the concert, he even asked me to keep the mosh pits going. He got the ok from his band mates so he performed a few Aiden songs. He jumped around stage and screamed his head off. He threw around the mic and did tricks with it. At the end of the song he walked to the back of the stage then made a run for it and jumped into the audience. He crowd surfed while he sang. Myself and a bunch of others held him up while he sang and screamed. Security ended up pulling him out of the audience. He stood on the fence in front of the crowd and finished the song. Everyone was touching him or trying to touch him.He announced that he was going to perform his last song that would be I Set My Friends On Fire.
He got back in the crowd and we started pushing people back to make a big hole for the wall of death and a pit.
"Bigger! Get the fuck back! Bigger!" He yelled. A few fans ran up to him and he hugged them and they ran back to the outer edge of the circle. He stood in the middle and looked around to make sure the circle was big enough. "Good! Thank you Seattle for the best fucking night of this whole tour!" He said and pushed a couple more people back. He walked around and started talking about religion when he got back on stage.
"I'm going to tell you guys now, that I don't just want to stand on this stage and say fuck god, fuck religion, fuck Christians, Muslims, Jews, even though that's how I feel, on the inside. I was raised, I was indoctrinated as a child. I was fucking brainwashed. When I got old enough to search out for answers what I found was a complete authoritative, celestial contender who wants to keep us in fear, who loves us, who cares for us, but will send us to fucking hell if we don't believe in him." The crowd started cheering.
WiL did a thumbs down motion before speaking again. "We have to close these books, we have to put them on the shelves, forget about them, and start thinking for ourselves people. We have to change this fucking world for our children, for our children's children, and it starts with a dialog between adults to say we don't fucking believe this shit and we will not any longer. Are you with me!" He shouted and raised his arms. The crowd started cheering even louder.
"If you'd like to meet me after the show and talk about how the gospels are full of shit, how Jesus Christ never existed." He pointed towards the back of the venue, "I'll be right back there at the merch table. I want you guys, do you have one left in you?" He asked and the crowd started cheering but not loud enough for him "Should we just get the fuck out of here?" The crowd booed. "Alright, we'll play a game." he spread his arms out as a way to tell everyone to move back more for the wall of death. "Come on, move, move. To the wall you fuckers! Let me show you how to do it. That's my circle. I wanna go in. I wanna see chaos, I wanna see mayhem. We're ready! We're from hell! And we'll see you there tonight."
Music started to play and WiL leaned back and screamed then turn around and jumped in the air. Nicholas started to sing the main part, "I set, my friends on fire!" He screamed.
Everyone was going crazy in the pit. WiL continued singing for a bit and when a break came he talked to the crowd again.
"Are you guys still with me?" He asked and stuck the microphone towards the crowd and listened to them scream. He walked back by the drum set again, pointed at the crowd then ran and jumped in again. He screamed into the mic a lot while everyone held him up. Then he got back on the stage and threw his fist in the air. He got back in the crowd again and this time stood on us. We held him up. I had a hold of his right leg. He kept singing and lifted his shirt up to reveal his pentagram tattoo. He put his shirt back down then pointed at the wording on it, it said control. He had changed into his own William Control shirt before the show. He finished the song then left to the merch table.
The crowd dispersed and I headed to my table. That was a pretty amazing show. The crowd fucking rocked, definitely the best show so far. Hometown shows were always this amazing. I couldn't wait for the Salt Lake shows.
WiL's adrenaline was still rushing after the show.
"That was fucking amazing! I love you Seattle!" He yelled on our way back to the bus.
"Hopefully you'll love Salt Lake just as much." I said and put my arm around his waist. He put his around my shoulder and kissed my forehead.
"I'm sure I will. Salt Lake is awesome every time I go." He said and took a drag from his cigarette.
We walked around the corner and were followed by screaming fans running towards us. We signed some autographs and took some pictures before getting on the bus. i hopped in my bunk to get some rest on the way to Nevada. I was so tired after that show. My muscles ached from the pits and wall of death. I think I was going to stay out of them until we got to Utah.
"How do you do that?" WiL asked as he climbed into his bunk.
"hm" I asked tiredly.
"keep a pit going for a whole concert. And stay in it no less." he asked.
"I don't know. A lot of energy I guess. I've been moshing since I was fifteen." I replied and closed my eyes. I just wanted to sleep.


I was so pumped from that concert. I couldn't even sleep. i couldn't wait to go back to Seattle. Before we do our last show in California at the end of the tour we are coming back to Seattle and Salt Lake. I'm so stoked.
We drove all night through parts of Oregon and Idaho. In the morning we stopped for food and coffee then continued on to Nevada. We didn't get there until about two in the afternoon and then we immediately went to the venue to set up for that nights show. Luckily after the show we got to go get some sleep then have some fun tomorrow. Tomorrow would be our first day off since the tour started. After the break we would be heading to Arizona then New Mexico. After the New Mexico show we would head to Salt Lake. We would have another break there for Shiloh. She hasn't been home in four years so it would be nice to let her hang out there for a day or two.
She was getting more and more excited for Salt Lake as the days grew closer. It made me happy seeing her like that. She was so excited for the show and just to be home.
We immediately started setting up for the show when we got to the venue. We were done with sound check and setting up two hours before doors even opened. Now we had to figure out how to kill time.
Shiloh and Nicholas soon figured that out. They were out front teasing the long line of fans. There was a fence separating Shiloh and Nick from the fans so the fans couldn't attack them. They ran up and down the line and teased the crap out of them. They were all screaming like crazy. I went out front to join them and I was really surprised by the amount of people in line, so I took a picture. Shiloh ran back to the RV to get her camera to record this all. She had been recording a lot for video blogs. This was all actually pretty fun. I grabbed the camera and ran down the line. Everyone waved and screamed into the camera. This was really fun. I don't think I've ever really had this much fun on tour. Shiloh was definitely changing me. I don't know what Cassie was smoking but she ended up flashing the entire crowd. All the guys cheered her on, even a few girls did.
Andy went down the line and autographed some stuff for the fans. Then he started to tease them too. All this teasing made time go by pretty fast. Before long we were all running and dancing around like a bunch of idiots. I was enjoying myself. Then Shiloh did something crazy and jumped the fence into the crowd.
We went back into the venue just before doors opened and got ready back stage. The front door opened and Shiloh came running inside with a crowd of fans running after her. She ran back stage and security stopped the crowd behind the barriers. She started doing some vocal warm ups when I went on stage and performed. She of course kept the pit going while I was on stage like she usually does. I kept my eyes on her to make sure things didn't get to rough with her in the pit. After all this was Vegas and things do get pretty crazy here. Security was keeping a good eye on her too. They were looking a bit nervous though. I started to get a back feeling when BVB went on stage. Things got really crazy then. A fight broke out in the middle of the pit. I told security to get her out right away. They went in there and pulled her out and broke up the fight. Some guy got arrested for assault and public intox.
Shiloh went on right after BVB and opened up with Dearest I'm so sorry.
"Girls! Put your fucking fists in the air! Put your fists in the air if you have ever been heart broken, if you have ever been in an abusive relationship, and put your fists in the air if you hate men!" She shouted. "This song goes out to all the girls who have ever been hurt by any guy!" The girls in the audience raised their fists in the air and cheered like they've never cheered before. Music started to play and Shiloh started to sing.
She jumped around on stage and even did a couple of back hand springs. That surprised me. She jumped into the crowd numerous times. Towards the end of the song she jumped on the barrier and started screaming the rest of the songs with the crowd. She got back on stage and performed a few more songs.
"Ok guys, my time is almost up. I've got one more song for you. I want to dedicate this song to my two favorite guys. This song goes out to Andy and WiL. This song is called Nerds And Cigarettes. That made me laugh and I cheered. Andy started clapping with a smile on his face.
When the show was over we all went to our merch tables and waited for the fans to attack. I think we sold the most merch here than any of our shows yet. There was a guy with a "Jesus is the answer." sign in front of my table and I laughed. I went over to have a chat with him about religion and took a picture with him.
Shiloh skipped over to me after the guy left and handed me a pentagram necklace. She was wearing one that looked just like it. "It's from one of the fans." She said and I put it on. Around midnight security started to kick people out of the venue. We packed up our merch and got it all loaded in to the RVs and vans. We got in the RVs and headed to a hotel for the night. We all wanted to get rested up before our fun day tomorrow.
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