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Sex in the venue

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The bands find a surprise in the closet and wake up with a flat.

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Cassie decided that she wanted to go to Thunder Down Under while the boys went and did their own thing. After the show we walked around Las Vegas and had some fun. We saw the guys walk into a porn shop and we followed behind them. When we found them they were all huddled around a giant sculpture of a penis. They were all taking pictures with it. WiL was on it posing and I started laughing my ass off. He looked like he was having way to much fun. I took a picture of him riding it and laughed. When he got off Cassie ran over next and posed with it. Hers were just as hilarious as WiL's were. She stood at the top if it and positioned her face right by the head. I couldn't stop laughing. She did some other dirty poses after that that we all laughed at. She even bent down in front of it too. That really had me laughing.
"Hey guys I know a great place we can go to for lunch. It's called Sub Zero. The whole place is ice." I told everyone.
"What?" C.C asked
"Come on, let's go." I said and headed out toe doors. We headed to the restaurant and when we walked in they gave us huge fur jackets to stay warm and gloves to protect our hands. After we put them on someone led us to our table. WiL cuddled up in between Nicholas and myself to stay warm.
"This whole place is made out of ice?" Jinx asked.
"Yep, the tables, chairs, cups, plates, bowls, utensils, everything. It's pretty awesome." I said.
"It's pretty fucking cold. What idiot came up with this stupid idea?" WiL said. He hated the cold. I thought it was funny the way he complained about it sometimes. It was adorable too. He cuddled up to me to keep warm.
"Let's go to Zombie Apocalypse next!" Cassie suggested excitedly.
"Where do you guys find these places?" Ashley asked.
"We came here for my sweet sixteen." I explained.
We ordered and the food came pretty fast. I don't remember it being that fast the first time I came here. As usual everyone got burgers except me. I got a salad. Nicholas got a burrito this time and it looked pretty good. I took one of WiL's fries and dipped it into my ranch.
"I still can't believe you like that." Andy said and bit into his burger. I simply smiled and ate another one.
"It's fucking cold." WiL complained again
"Would you chill out. Don't let it get you in such a bad mood." I said and put my hand on his knee. "Plus it can't be any worse than Boston in the winter. And you are in the middle of Nick and me."
"He's just a pussy when it's cold." Nicholas said and dipped his burrito into hot sauce.
"Damn right I am." WiL said and picked at his fries. He dipped one in my ranch and ate it.
"I got you hooked didn't I?" I asked and stuffed my face with salad.
"Mhmm." He said and bit into his burger. He looked cute when he ate. He looks cute no matter what he does. God he makes me crazy.
We shared his fries and my ranch. As soon as we were done eating WiL and Jake ran outside where it was warm. After we stopped at Zombie Apocalypse and it was amazing. They have the coolest stuff here. Before we left we bought a zombie target that oozes blood when you shoot it.
"Should we go to a shooting range now or go do something else?" C.C asked
"I say we go to the shooting range and fuck shit up." Nicholas suggested.
"What about the theme park? I think a haunted house sounds fun right now." I suggested.
"How about we go to the shooting range and then the theme park. We have enough time." Andy said.
So we headed off to the shooting range. They had us sign some papers when we got there. When that was done we grabbed some guns, goggles, and went crazy. The zombie did ooze blood and a lot of it. By the time we had all shot it at least twice it was torn to shreds. There was almost nothing left of it.
"We would kick ass if there was a real zombie apocalypse." Jake said.
I don't know about everyone else but that helped me release some stress.
We cleaned up our mess and headed out to the theme park. We split up and agreed to meet up at the big roller coaster in the middle of the park at five so we could head out to Arizona after.
WiL and I went to the fun house first. It honestly sucks. We both hated it. After the fun house we went to the haunted house to see if it would be any better. It wasn't, it was just very disappointing. After the fun house and haunted house we rode some rides. My favorite rides were the spinny ones. WiL hated those. He hated getting dizzy. I loved getting dizzy. Next we played some games. WiL won me a zombie dog stuffed animal. It was so cute, I loved it. We both screamed a lot when it came to roller coasters. I couldn't wait to go on the big one. Today was a really fun day. I had a great time.
"Does this count as a date?" WiL asked and held my hand.
I thought for a moment. "Yea I guess it does." I said with a smile.
Several people ran up today and asked us for pictures and autographs throughout the day. A lot of people asked if we were dating. We ignored those questions. Honestly I don't know if we are dating. We haven't made it official or anything. He never asked me or anything and I never asked him.
After a few hours we all met up at the big roller coaster. I was so excited to go on it. I loved roller coasters and the feeling it gave me in the pit of my stomach.
Cassie was freaking out and on the verge of tears. Andy wanted to go back to the van and wait for us. I pulled him back in line and held him there. He hated roller coasters and was not looking forward to this. When it was our turn WiL, Andy, Ashley, Cassie, and myself all got into one of the carts. I sat next to WiL, Ashley sat next to Ashley, and Andy had to sit alone. He didn't like that one bit. Nicholas, Jake, Jinx, and C.C were all in the cart behind us and were ready to go. Cassie was pretty much crying by this point, Ashley was laughing at her. Andy was holding onto the bar for dear life. When the ride started Cassie screamed quietly and Andy held on tighter. I started laughing at the both of them and held WiL's hand.
We started to go up and up and up until we came to the very top, rounded the curve and came back down at high speeds. We all screamed and through our hands in the air except for Andy. His knuckles looked white. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck." He kept repeating. He was screaming like a little girl. We went up and down, upside down, around curves and corners, through a dark tunnel. It was a crazy ride but it was so much fun. When we got to the end I was kind of sad but relieved at the same time.
"That was awesome!" I said.
"Let's do it again!" Cassie screamed.
Andy looked like we was about to puke. "Lets not."
We all laughed at him. He was such a chicken shit.
"Let's head out." Jinx said.
That made me sad to hear. I didn't want to leave. We got back to the RVs and hooked up the vans. We all climbed into the RVs and headed out. We sat around the tv to occupy time.
"Shiloh look!" Cassie shouted and pointed to the tv.
I looked and there was an energizer bunny commercial on. Cassie and I broke out laughing. I even fell on the floor and rolled around. We were laughing so hard I thought we were going to piss our pants. The guys were all looking at us like we were retarded. I wiped away a tear. I was seriously about to cry. That was so funny.
"Just one of our inside jokes." I informed them.
"It just keeps going and going and going." Cassie said and we cracked up again. It was starting to hurt my ribs by this point.
"I don't think I even want to know." WiL said and went back to watching tv.
I got up and sat in his lap. I turned his head and gave him a kiss.
"Aww." everyone said. I smiled and looked at them.
"You guys are so cute." Cassie said with a dorky grin.
"Not as cute as you guys." I said.
"True." Ashley said and kissed Cassie.
"Look at you guys. And I'm sitting here all alone." Andy pouted.
I got up and sat next to him. I put my arms around him and kissed his cheek. "No your not."
We made it to Arizona around midnight which was surprising. I was getting more and more excited as we got closer to the Salt Lake show. I couldn't wait to be home. I hadn't been home in four years. After tonight's show we will be heading straight to New Mexico then straight to Utah. We'd get a hotel in Utah and hang out there for a day or two before heading to the next show.
We slept on the bus that night and we woke up at eight. We were all really tired and everyone was complaining. We went to Starbucks to get some coffee. Nicholas sat down with a banana and recorded himself eating it for a blog. When he was finished he threw the banana peel behind him and stared at the camera. After we all got our coffee we sat down with him. He turned the camera towards all of us. We just looked at it blankly. I put my head down on the table and closed my eyes.
"It's to fucking early." WiL said and stared at the camera. "Turn that off dude, it's too fucking early." he said and sipped his coffee.
We sat in there for about an hour before decided to go back to the RVs. We headed to the venue right after and we got there really early. It was 9:45 a.m when we got there. The venue had just barely opened and we had a lot of time to kill before the show. We decided to start setting up now. Cassie and I worked on my merch table. We set up everything but left all the merch in the boxes. We agreed to set the merch up when it came time for doors to open.
"Let's go to the store?" I asked her.
"Ok, for what?" She asked calmly. She was pretty mellow today. I liked it better when she was really hyper.
"Candy." I said with a smile.
"Ok!" she said with a grin.
We stopped by the RVs to see if anyone else wanted to come or wanted anything. Andy asked for a Kit Kat. The rest of the guys asked for just any kind of candy bar. WiL was still sleeping so I decided I'd get him a snickers and a pack of cigarettes. The guys also asked for some energy drinks too. Those sounded really nice.
"You're calm today." I said to Cassie while we walked to the store.
"I'm tired." She said with a yawn.
"Me too. But hey! At least we'll be home in a couple days!" I said with a grin.
"I know! I'm so excited!" She said with a grin.
We made it to the gas station soon after. It wasn't that far from the venue. We went inside and wandered around. We picked up handfuls of candy and other junk.We got ten backs of gummi bears, ten bags of gummi worms, twelve bags of m&ms, four cases of monster and five candy bars for each of us. I also grabbed a bag of takis. I love these things. Cassie grabbed some skittles, jelly beans, and sour patch kids. I also grabbed some gum and a bunch of stuff for the roadies.
When we got to the counter the cashier gave us a weird look.
"This is for us and sixteen other people." I explained and pulled out my wallet.
He rung it up. "That will be $74.36." He said.
"Wow." Cassie said.
"It's a lot of candy." I said and handed him my credit card. "Will you also throw in a pack of Marlboro 100 lights please." I asked before I completely forgot about them.
He handed me back my card and started bagging everything for us. Cassie and I ended up having four bags worth of candy. When we got back to the RVs we handed everything out to everyone.
"Thanks." The roadies told us.
"You want to know an interesting fact about candy." Andy said. I nodded at him and sat on the couch.
"If you take out the see it's my name, which is in fact Andy." He said and bit into his candy bar.
I rolled my eyes and smirked. "Hey Andy, you're eating yourself."
"I know. I taste delicious." He said and started playing his guitar.
Cassie and I sat on the couch. The roadies went off and did their own thing. Nicholas and Ashley were watching a scary movie, one of the ones WiL brought, and the rest of the guys were on the other bus sleeping or playing x-box.
Cassie and I had most of the candy in our possession.
"You guys are going to be crazy by the end of the night." Nicholas said.
"I doubt that." Cassie said.
We continued eating candy. We got bored so we started to toss m&ms into each others mouths. Then Cassie got an evil grin on her face and started throwing m&ms at me. WiL walked in right then.
"What are you guys doing?" he asked.
Cassie and I both turned and threw some m&ms at him then turned back and ate the rest of them. He tried to dodge them but failed. He walked over to me and kissed my head.
"You ok Cassie?" he asked.
She nodded.
"You're not all crazy today. I don't like it." he said.
She shrugged.
He put his hands on her shoulders and started shaking her. "Cassie! come back to me Cassie! I miss you!" He shouted at her.
She looked at him blankly then smiled and licked the left side of his face.
He got a disgusted look on his face then smiled.
"She's back!" He said and hugged her while wiping his face on her shirt.
We both started to laugh. I got up and grabbed WiL's cigarettes and candy bars out of the bad and gave them to him.
"Thanks." he said and gave me a kiss.
"Are you guys dating now?" Cassie asked.
I opened a monster and looked at WiL.
"Umm, we haven't made it official or anything." I said and sipped my monster. God I love monster. Its my only addiction.
"Ask her WiL!" Cassie said and threw a gummi bear at his head.
"I will. I just want to make it special." he said and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Remember, she isn't a girly girl. So don't make it too romantic." Andy said and put his guitar on his bunk. Ashley got up and dragged Cassie out of the RV.
"What time is it?" WiL asked. I looked at my phone.
"Twelve." I said.
"Guys lets go hang out in the venue." Nicholas said. We all headed inside. WiL and I finished up setting up my merch since we had nothing else to do.
"Guys shhh! Do you hear that?" Nicholas asked. I could hear someone quietly moaning. I giggled.
"That sounds like Ashley." Andy said.
"Let's go check it out." Nicholas said.
"Guys no. Cassie will get upset." I tried to stop them. They didn't listen. I ran after them. We came up to a door and the moaning was louder. Nicholas started laughing and opened the door.
Ashley and Cassie jumped and screamed and looked at us with a look of humiliation and anger.
Andy and Nicholas broke out laughing. I almost laughed. I felt bad though. Cassie looked like she wanted to cry. Luckily they were fully clothed so it wasn't as embarrassing.
I walked over and closed the door. "Grow up you guys." I said and walked back to the RV. WiL came with me.
"Shiloh!" Someone screamed. We looked over and it was a group of fans. The line was already starting to form outside the venue and it was only noon. We talked to them for a little bit before going back on the bus. I put my candy in my bag and onto my bunk so no one would steal it. WiL and I sat down on my bunk and he leaned over and started kissing me.
Time went by fast after that. The show went by even faster. Was this because I was so excited for he Salt Lake show?
After the show I went to find Cassie to make sure she was ok from what happened earlier.
"Yea I'm fine." she said and eat her skittles. She was in a better mood now that was for sure. I loved how she didn't care we saw them. She didn't care what anyone thought.
"We should have another girls night when we get back home." I said and sat on her bunk with her.
"Yea that would be nice. So has WiL asked you yet?" She asked. "Or are you guys not like that?"
"I don't know. I'd rather he ask so we can make if official. I don't know if he will or not." I said. We talked about it for a while longer before going to bed.
We woke up in the next morning on the side of the road in New Mexico with a flat tire.
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