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Bar Fight and a Wife

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Shiloh runs into her brother back home and finds a dark secret about WiL

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"Well this is just fucking perfect." I said and kicked the tire.
"Are we able to fix it?" C.C asked.
"I think we're going to have call a tow truck." Nicholas said as he examined the tire.
"Great." Jinx said and threw his arms in the air.
"What's going on?" Shiloh asked as she got out of the RV, her hair was still messy from sleep.
"Flat tire." Andy informer her.
"This fucking sucks. We are no where near the venue. Now we got to tow it. How far off does this put us?" I asked. I was really irritated right now. It was 9:30. We should be close to the venue by now. Hopefully we will make it there no later than one or two.
"We still wont be late. Let's just hurry and get it towed so we can get out or here." Andy said.
One of the roadies found a number for a tow truck and called. It didn't get here until 10:30, one fucking hour later. By 11:15 we were at the shop getting the tire fixed. We walked to a Starbucks while the tire was being fixed.
"We are suppose to be at the venue by three." I said
"Stop freaking out. At least the concert will start on time." Shiloh said. She sounded irritated by my complaining.
"He always freaks out when stuff like this happens." Nicholas said and pulled out his camera. He recorded me complaining about it on our way back to the bus.
It was almost noon when we left. We had a long drive still until we got to the venue. We made it there at exactly 4:50. Doors open at 8:45. We started setting up immediately. Luckily setting up didn't take that long. Now we all had to do a sound check. That would take a while. When sound checks were done it was almost seven and time for the VIP ticket meet and greets. Twenty people came in. They all got to talk with us until twenty minutes before doors open. Were were pretty off schedule but not by much.
Everyone got a signed poser, a picture with each of us, and a shirt. They were all pretty cool people. I enjoyed talking to them.
"What songs do you guys want to hear?" I asked.
"Definitely Kiss Me Judas." One girl said.
"You should totally do I Set My Friends On Fire." Another boy said.
"Oh don't worry I will. And Shiloh over there is going to be keeping the pits going. Make sure you help." I said.
"Pits are always amazing with her in them." Someone in the back said.
Shiloh and Andy asked them what songs they wanted to hear and took some requests too. We were then informed that doors were about to open. We stood back stage just as doors opened and the crowd came swarming in.
Shiloh performed first. She went crazy like she usually does. She jumped in the crowd, kept the pits going, she even tried to do tricks with the mic like I do. She dropped it and stopped trying. I laughed at her, I'd have to show her how to do it.
She walked on the crowd too. And today she decided to pull a couple people up on stage to stage dive. After her performance she told the crowd to give it up for Black Veil Brides who would be performing next. The crowd roared. She ran off stage and to her merch table. The roadies went on stage to set up for BVB. Five minutes later they went on and the crowd cheered. They started out with New Religion. I liked that song.
A mosh pit broke out and I was expecting Shiloh to be in the middle, she wasn't. I looked around for her but couldn't see her. That was odd.
Andy sang more songs and then finally came to his last song for the night.
"This song is called Perfect Weapon." He told the crowd and the shouted with excitement. He started to scream the opening part and when he did Shiloh came running from back stage and jumped off stage into the crowd. They ended with a great pit.
Andy told the crowd to give it up for me then came back stage. The crowd cheered and then quieted down when the roadies set up for me. Shiloh walked over to Andy when she made it out of the crowd. She was whispering in his ear and pointed at me. Andy grinned and nodded his head then went to talk to the other guys.
Nicholas walked out on stage with his guitar and started playing I Am Your Jesus. I walked on stage and the crowd screamed. i started singing and tossing the mic around. I jumped into the crowd a few times. I sang Kiss Me Judas next. So far there were no pits. Shiloh was slacking tonight. After that i did Razors Edge. I had the crowd sing it with me. I walked over to Nicholas and he sang into the mic with me.
After a few more songs I came to my last one. I opened it with the same religion pep talk I usually did. The crowd went crazy with what I said and started chanting "Fuck religion." I grinned at that and started singing.
After a few seconds of singing Shiloh and Andy came running on stage. Andy and Shiloh had their own mics and they started singing with me. They danced around the stage and screamed. Cassie was back stage recording it and taking pictures. This definitely pumped up the crowd and they went crazy. The three of us jumped onto the fence in front of the crowd. I sang while Andy screamed and Shiloh did a mix of both. We got back on stage and Ashley started throwing water all over us.
Shiloh walked past me and snuck a quick kiss that I'm sure the crowd noticed. Jinx started going crazy on guitar. He and Nicholas were back to back and shredding. Shiloh walked over to C.C and started banging on the drums. I jumped into the crowd and screamed while they held me up. At the end of the song Shiloh and Andy ran and jumped into the crowd. Security swarmed over and tried to pull us out. We all got back on stage after security yelled at us to. I got a water bottle and chugged down some of the water and threw the rest into the crowd.
We thanked everyone for coming out to the show and told them to meet us at our merch tables. We had to hurry so we could get on the buses and back on schedule. Shiloh and Cassie came over to my table and bought some William Control shirts. They were going to wear them at tomorrow nights show.
Around 11:15 we started packing up and headed out. Shiloh and Cassie were freaking out. It was actually kind of cute to watch.

Shiloh's POV

I sat on the couch next to WiL and cuddled up next to him. I traced the tattoos on his arms. I love his tattoos. His Jack Skellington and Misfits tattoos were my favorite. I also loved the pirate ship tatt he had on his left side.
"Tonight was fun." I said with a smile.
"Yes it was. I had fun singing with you." WiL said and wrapped his arm around me. "Thanks you guys, that was awesome." He added
"No problem." Andy said. "I don't know about you but I'm going to hit the sack." He said and walked over and got into his bunk.
"So how excited are you ladies?" WiL asked Cassie and I.
"So excited!" We shouted at the same time.
I laid down and put my head in WiL's lap. I continued to go over his tattoos.
"It's going to be amazing." I said with a smile.
"I don't think I'll be able to sleep." Cassie said with a yawn.
"I think we'll sleep just fine. And when we wake up we'll be home." I said and poked WiL's stomach.
"We should so visit your parents." Cassie suggested
"I don't know. We'll see." I said and closed my eyes.
"Well why not?" Cassie asked.
"I haven't seen them in a few months. Its usually pretty awkward when I go home." I explained. Plus my mom probably wouldn't like the fact that Jared and I broke up, and I was now dating WiL. It took a while for her to get used to Jared and I and when she did we broke up. I wasn't sure what she'd think of WiL. He was covered in tattoos, he wears eyeliner, he's atheist, and he's ten years older than me. Who knows what she would say.
I felt myself drifting to sleep.
"Hey come on." WiL said and nudged me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "Let's get some sleep." He said.
I sat up and walked over to my bunk. WiL followed behind and climbed into my bunk and cuddled next to me.
"Goodnight." He whispered in my ear.
I kissed him. "Goodnight."

Cassie woke me up the next morning.
"We're home!" She shouted.
I climbed over WiL and got out of my bunk. Nicholas and WiL were still sleeping. Andy was driving and Ashley, who had gotten on this bus last night, was sitting at the table eating cereal. I went and sat up front with Andy and looked out the windshield. I smiled as the surroundings became more and more familiar. We were in Provo headed up to Salt Lake.
"Home." I said and smiled. It felt weird being back in Utah, but at the same time it was nice.
Andy looked at me with a smile. "So where are we headed?"
"When we get to Salt Lake we are going to find a hotel then go to the venue and get ready." I said and sat leaned back in my seat. I turned on my camera and recorded us driving for a tour video blog.
"How many people do you think are going to be at the show that you know?" Andy asked.
"A few. A lot of people messaged me on Facebook and talked to me about it."
He nodded. We were about an hour away from Salt Lake. We would be there at 8:00, maybe 8:30. When everyone was awake we pulled into a rest stop for gas. Everyone went inside for some coffee. Cassie and I chose to get Slurpee's instead.
I don't know how it happened but we ended up getting in a Slurpee fight. I think it was over the last giant cup. It wasn't that bad though. We just had Slurpee all over our hair and our faces and our hands were all sticky. Jake and C.C ran over to break it up before we got kicked out. Cassie and I were laughing our asses off while everyone was staring at us.
"You guys are crazy." C.C said.
"You love it." i said and wiped Slurpee on his face. He glared at me and I laughed.
"It's a good thing we are going to the hotel first. I could use a shower." Cassie said with a giggle.
"We all could." i said and pointed to all the guys and roadies.
Cassie laughed and we bough our Slurpee's and some taquitos. We used to buy taquitos and Slurpee's every week when we were in high school. This was a great way to start the first day back home. We ran back to the bus to get some candy and waited for everyone else.
We were back on our way before to long. We got to the hotel at about 8:15. We went to the front desk to get our room keys.
"OK, four to a room." Nicholas said and started handing out keys.
Andy, C.C, Jake, and Jinx were in a room together. WiL, Nicholas, and myself had a room. Trox, WiL's tech guy would be coming into town and staying in our room with us. He'd also be coming on the rest of the tour with us. Ashley and Cassie got a room with a couple roadies.
"There is going to be a party in our room as soon as Trox gets here."
WiL said.
"It's gonna be fucking crazy." Nicholas said.
I took the keys from WiL and headed to the elevator. "I need a shower."
"Meet you there." WiL said as he and Nicholas went outside to get their bags.
We were on the sixth floor. That didn't surprise me. I see 666 whenever I'm with WiL, and I see it everywhere. It was pretty normal now. I got to the room and put my bag on one of the beds. i got out some clothes and my shower supplies and headed into the bathroom. The water felt good. It was nice and warm. I felt like I hadn't showered in forever. When I got out I plugged in my hair dryer and dried my hair. I put on my William Control shirt and my black ripped skinny jeans. I grabbed some socks and put on my converse.
When I got out of the bathroom Nick and WiL were sitting by the window drinking and smoking. WiL wen into the bathroom to take a shower next. Nicholas took a shower after him. I straightened my hair while Nicholas was in the shower.
"When everyone is done getting cleaned up we are heading to the venue then maybe the bar for a preparty." WiL informed me.
"Sounds good." I said and finished straightening my hair. WiL was already in his performing outfit. It wasn't his usually Gothic Victorian suit but it looked nice. He was wearing his black slacks with his black button up shirt, his black suspenders, and his converse. I thought he looked pretty hot.
When everyone was done we headed to the venue to start setting up. We got there at 11. When we were done setting up and sound checks were over it was two and we still had some time to kill before we went to the bar. We went outside and hung out in the RVs.
"Shiloh! Cassie!" a familiar voice shouted from the line behind us.
We turned to see our friend Cortney.
"Oh my god!" I shouted and we ran over. We embraced each other in a giant hug.
"It's so good to see you guys. I've missed you so much." Cortney said as we stood in the small line that was starting to form.
"We've missed you too. How have you been?" Cassie asked.
We talked to her for a few minutes and headed to the RV. She said she would see us after the show. She was waiting for some other friends and didn't want to miss them.
"This is the best day ever!" Cassie said excitedly as we got on the bus.
"Who was that?" Andy asked
"Our amazing friend Cortney who we haven't seen in years." Cassie replied.
WiL, Andy, Ashley, and Jake were watching Repo The Genetic Opera while the other guys were playing x box in the other RV.
"Shiloh, you look a lot like that girl in this movie." WiL said and looked at me with a smile.
"That's because it is me." I said with a grin. This was the first movie I had been in. This is also the movie that helped my singing career. Jared had set up an audition for me a month after I joined the band. He helped jump start my career by getting me that audition. I was 17 at the time.
"I can't believe you seen it." I said surprised.
"Are you kidding? This has been one of my favorites since it came out. It's like Rocky Horror. Just less sexual and less Tranny." He said with a laugh. "Your voice is amazing in this by the way."
"Are you saying it's not always amazing?" I asked with a giggle.
"No it is. But for a 17 year old that is pretty good."
We finished watching it at about four and we decided to head over to the bar.

Third Person

They all walked over to the bar across the street to have a small party before the concert started. Shiloh wasn't 21 yet so she had to stick with soda. She wouldn't be 21 for another four months. They decided that after the show they would have another party so she could join in.
They were all standing in the back of the bar. They were leaning against the wall, except for Cassie and Shiloh, they were sitting in a booth. They all had a mixture of drinks, no one had the same thing.
"Hey I'm going to to go get another soda. You want one?" Shiloh asked Cassie as she stood up.
"No I'm good." Cassie replied.
Shiloh walked over to the bar tender to ask for another drink.
"Can I get a Dr. Pepper please?" She asked.
He nodded and turned to get it for her. He filled the class all the way up and handed it to her.
"Thanks." She said and turned to go back to the table.
"Shiloh, is that you?" A male voice said from behind.
Shiloh turned with a smile that immediately faded when she saw who it was. In front of her was the one person that she did not want to bump into while being home. It was her brother Ryan.
"Hey. God you grew up didn't you." He said and studied her. He tried to give her a hug but she backed away from it.
"Yes I did." She said.
"What are you doing here? You shouldn't be drinking." Ryan said.
"I'm here with friends. And I can drink if I want to." She said. She was starting to get ancy. She really didn't want to be here right now.
"No need to get defensive." Ryan said.
"I'm not. I have to go." She said and turned to walk away.
Ryan reached out and grabbed her arm. "Stay here."
She turned and pulled her arm away. "Dude don't touch me."

C.C tapped on Andy's shoulder. "Hey. Is that Ryan?" He asked and pointed towards Shiloh and Ryan.
Andy followed his finger and looked over. "shit. He said and put his drink down. He started to walk over to them but C.C stopped him.
"I don't think that's a good idea." C.C said.
"What's going on?" WiL asked.
"Shiloh's brother is here." C.C said. Everyone looked in their direction.
"Is that bad?" WiL asked.
"Oh yea." Ashley said and stood up.
WiL looked at Ashley and back to Shiloh. He put his drink down and started walking over.
"WiL don't!" Cassie shouted behind him. He didn't listen and kept walking.
"Fuck you!" WiL heard Shiloh say when he got over to them.
"Hey babe, everything OK?" He asked and put his arms around Shiloh.
"Who the fuck are you?" Ryan asked WiL.
"I'm her boyfriend. Who are you?" WiL asked
"I"m her brother." He looked at Shiloh. "What's with this guy? He looks like a fucking drag addict."
"You would know." She said. "I can't date whoever I want to. It's none of you damn business." she folded her arms. "Why do you even care?'
"Because I'm your brother and I have a right to care." he said
"Yea well you never cared before. You were never there before. So why now? I don't want you in my life. I don't need you in my life. You're way to fucked up for me to handle."
Words were exchanged and Shiloh and Ryan were both starting to get very angry. WiL didn't like the things Ryan was saying about Shiloh and started to get defensive and really pissed off. People were starting to stare over at them. Andy and everyone else decided it was a good time to step in. Andy tried to pull Shiloh away but she was having none of that.
"You're sleeping with that band aren't you? And all of these other guys. That's what your problem is, you're a fucking whore." Ryan said and stepped closer.
"Hey shut your fucking mouth." WiL stepped in.
"At least I'm not a disappointment to my entire family. At least they all love and trust me. I don't spend my entire life drinking and doing drugs and getting butt fucked in prison!" Shiloh shouted and turned around to walk away. Ryan threw a beer bottle at her head as she walked away. That really pissed her off.
She turned and walked up to him. "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Andy was holding WiL back as Shiloh walked up and punched Ryan right in the nose. By this point a large crowd was starting to form around them. The bartender picked up the phone and called the police.
Shiloh kept throwing punches and backed Ryan against the wall. He punched her in the stomach and pulled her hair. He grabbed her neck and tried to back her up against the other wall. She grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him and pushed him face first into the wall. She pulled his head back by his hair and drove his face into the wall. He turned around quickly after and slapped her across the face and pushed her away from him. She kneed him in the crotch and then kneed him in the face when he bent over in pain. She then pulled his face back up by his hair and continued to throw punches. He pulled his arm back and punched her in the face with all his might. There was no going easy on her now. Shiloh stumbled backwards and almost fell over. Andy caught her and dragged her outside to the RV.
WiL had seen enough. He ran up to Ryan and tackled him to the ground. He straddled Ryan and held his arms down with his legs. He started throwing punches, not stopping to let Ryan fight back. Again and again he drove his fist into Ryan's face. Blood started to pour out of Ryan's nose. Two of WiL's knuckles ended up tearing through his skin, he didn't let that stop him, he didn't care about the pain, all he cared about was fucking this guy up for Shiloh. He was angry, angry at Ryan for saying those things he said about Shiloh, angry at him for hitting Shiloh. He was not going to show him any mercy. Ryan's nose and part of his cheek bone had broken and he was on the verge of passing out. WiL brought his arm back and was going to hit him once more when Nicholas and Ashley stopped him and pulled him up off of Ryan. WiL's hand was bleeding and it was swollen.
"You fucking prick! Never hit a fucking girl ever! Especially in front of me! Ever! Do you understand me! I'd fucking kill you if I had the chance! How dare you do that to her! Your own fucking sister! You're a fucking pussy!" WiL was yelling and fighting back as Ashley and Nicholas pushed him out the doors.
They could hear Shiloh screaming from inside the RV on their way over to it. Andy was trying to calm her down.
"Shiloh chill out! It's OK!" Andy was shouting.
"I want to kill that son of a bitch! I want to beat his fucking face in and shove his dick down his throat!" Shiloh was yelling.
WiL and everyone else entered the RV just as Shiloh swung and punched the fridge as hard as she could. WiL walked over straight to Shiloh and grabbed her face to look at the welt Ryan had caused from bunching her. It was red and swollen where he had hit her. Shiloh was shaking with anger. He eyes looked watery but she wasn't crying, she wouldn't cry. WiL pulled her to his chest and held her tightly. Her hands were balled into tight fists on his back.
"Don't worry, WiL took care of him. But I'm tempted to go back in there and fuck him up some more." Nicholas said. He was pissed off too. He hated men who hit women with a passion.
"Do it. I'll fucking help. Let's go." Shiloh said and pulled away from WiL. He grabbed her arms and wouldn't let her go back in there.
"Let go of me! I'm going to kick his face in!" Shiloh yelled and tried to break free of WiL's grip. He held as tight as he could with his right hand. It was bleeding and swollen. He might have even broken the knuckles. He did in fact break skin that was for sure.
Shiloh groaned and turned and went to the back of the RV. She slammed the door shut behind her. There was an awkward silence in the room.
"Am I the only one who wants to beat the shit out of him?" Andy asked.
"No, I'm right there with you." WiL said. Everyone else agreed including some of the roadies.
"WiL, will you take her back to the hotel please and get her to calm down." Andy asked and tossed him the keys to the van.
"Yea OK, what about him?" WiL asked, he was talking about Ryan.
"We'll take care of the cops when they get here. Just get her calmed down." Andy said and walked off the bus.
WiL knocked on the door. "Shi, you OK?"
She didn't answer. WiL went in and closed the door behind him.
"Hey." He said and sat down on the couch next to her.
She was still shaking and her fists were white as she had them balled into fists still.
"Let's head to the hotel OK. Calm down a bit." He said and put his hands on her shoulders.
"Don't touch me." She said and stood up. She headed to the door and off of the bus.
WiL sighed and followed her outside. There were a bunch of fans surrounded the bus and van trying to find out if she was OK or not. They were all pissed off and worried about her too. They made their way to the van and headed to the van ignoring all the questions people were asking them. They drove back to the hotel in silence.
Shiloh jumped onto the bed and screamed into the pillow as soon as they made it back to the room. WiL walked over and held her in his arms.
"It's OK." He said.
"No it's not!" Shiloh shouted and pushed WiL against the wall. She looked at him with watery eyes that burned with anger. WiL put his hand on her cheek and rubbed it with his thumb.
"You're OK. I'm here for you and I kicked his ass. We wont let anything happen to you ever. And next time I see him he is going to be wishing he was never born." WiL said with a smile. Shiloh slightly smiled back.
"I can see you beating the shit out if him." She said and sighed.
"I wish you saw me today. It was pretty awesome."
Shiloh smiled and leaned forward to kiss WiL. He kissed back and pulled her closer. She added more pressure to his shoulders and held him tighter against the wall. He turned and pushed her against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bit his lip until it was raw. His lips were soft against hers. She loved the way they felt, the way they burned. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled it a little bit. WiL moved his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her hair in return. He slid his tongue into her mouth and explored around. Shiloh stopped kissing and pushed him roughly onto the bed. She crawled on top of him and bit at his lip again. There was something different about today. She was rougher and more wild, she was going faster. WiL could feel the wanting inside of her. WiL liked this, he liked the fierceness in her. He liked the way she took control.
"She must be really wild in bed when she's angry." He thought to himself. That was exactly it. Shiloh was letting go of a lot of her anger through this. Only because she knew that WiL would like it. She knew he liked it rough and liked kink.
She started unbuttoning his shirt and ripped it off exposing his tattooed chest. She leaned down and kissed his chest while she undid his pants and suspenders. WiL lifted her shirt over her back and she leaned up and took it off. She took off the rest of her clothing when she was finished with WiL's. He watched as she did so and could feel himself growing harder. He wanted her and he wanted her now.
Shiloh climbed back on and started riding WiL. WiL liked the way her hips moved. He watched as she worked them. He thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. She felt so amazing to him. She leaned down and kissed his neck. She raked her teeth across his neck and down to his chest. The feel of it gave WiL goosebumps and sent an electric shock down his spine and made him harder than he already was. He just wanted to go crazy. He wanted her, he wanted to be wild, he wanted to make her scream.
He rolled over and started ramming her. She threw her head back and let out a loud moan. She dug her nails into his back and bit her lip. She wanted more. WiL liked her moans. He bit at her neck really hard, almost drawing blood. Shiloh closed her eyes and embraced WiL with a long kiss. They moaned louder and breathed heavier with each of WiL's thrusts.
"Oh god! Harder WiL!" Shiloh moaned in between kisses. This made WiL excited and he did exactly as she told him. He increased his speeds and went deeper. Shiloh rolled them over and started doing some of the work. She scratched his chest and bit him some more. She choked him lightly with one hand knowing he would like that, he loved it. She pushed his head back and he let out a moan. He leaned up to her and held her in his arms as they both came to their peak.
"Shiloh." WiL moaned quietly.
They laid back down and held each other for a while. After to long WiL finally spoke. "We should get back to the venue."
Shiloh sat up and kissed WiL one more time before getting dressed. They stole numerous kisses while they got dressed. They started to brush through their hair. It had gotten messy while they were having fun. Shiloh thought WiL looked hot with sex hair. She liked his hair when it was messy.
They headed down to the van and back to the venue.
"She doing OK?" Andy asked WiL when they got back.
"Yea I think she's fine. What happened with her brother?"
"He got arrested." Andy said.
"Good." WiL said. They left it at that and headed back stage where everyone hung out until doors opened.
BVB was the first to perform. Andy released a lot of his stress through his performance. He screamed a lot and jumped into the crowd which he doesn't do very often. Shiloh of course was in the pits the whole time. She pushed people around and they pushed her around. She head banged and rocked out, releasing the rest of her anger. At the end of their performance the whole band jumped into the crowd with Shiloh. When they made it out of the crowd they went back stage while the roadies were setting up for WiL. WiL went on stage a few minutes later with his acoustic guitar.
"What's he doing?" Shiloh asked. He doesn't usually do an acoustic set.
"OK you guys. I'm going to do a few acoustic songs for you tonight. Hope you don't mind." The crowd cheered.
He strummed a few notes. "I want to dedicate this first song to a very special girl. She means a lot to me. She makes me the happiest person alive. I can't describe they way she makes me feel. She makes me happy, she makes me smile, she makes me forget all the bullshit in this world. Most importantly she makes me feel alive. She's the Morticia to my Gomez." He said that part with a mild laugh. "This is for you my beautiful. You know who you are." The girls in the audience awed and cheered. WiL turned his head and winked at Shiloh who proceeded to blush like crazy.
"Awww!" Cassie shouted and got all excited. "That's so cute Shiloh!" She was making Shiloh blush even more.
"This song is called Moment." WiL said and the crowd cheered.
"I will wait for this moment when our lips collide, And almost stop the earth. You're in my arms tonight." WiL sang and played the guitar.
Cassie was all excited and giddy back stage. Shiloh was smiling and blushing.
"He's amazing." Shiloh said. She was falling hard for WiL. He made her so happy. She couldn't stop smiling.
After that song WiL sang Noir next. After that he went on with the show and as usual ended with his religion speech and I Set My Friends On Fire.
Shiloh was up next and she sure did put on a good show. She did mosh pits and a wall of death. She stood at the front of the crowd and slapped her arms together as the wall of death came together. She pulled some friends on stage from the audience, she screamed and went crazy, she jumped into the crowd, she had Andy come up and scream with her, she played her guitar and went all out.
"Salt Lake City!" She yelled. The crowd cheered.
"It's so good to be home. You guys are fucking wild!" The crowd screamed more.
She had Andy and WiL come back on stage for the last song. They had cool lights and fireworks for it. They were all over the stage and in and out of the crowd. There was a big mosh pit in the center of the venue. After the song Shiloh spoke more.
"This is the best show of this whole tour! Best crowd! I love you Salt Lake! Come party with me at my merch table." She said and dropped the mic and jumped into the crowd. She ran to the merch table with the crowd following behind. Shiloh was happy to see a lot of old friends there. It made being home that much more amazing. She and Cassie hung out at the table selling stuff, taking pictures, signing autographs, and talking to fans and friends. They stayed at the venue until 1:30 a.m talking to friends.
"You girls ready to go?" Andy asked them.
"No." They said with a giggle.
They said goodbye to their friends and gave each other hugs.
"Let's try and hang out before you guys leave!" Cortney shouted. They exchanged numbers before leaving.

Shiloh's POV

"That was amazing!" I shouted while I got onto the RV. We headed back to the hotel.
"It was so good to see Cort again." Cassie said.
"It really was. And everyone else too. I was so surprised to see them all. I was surprised some of them showed up, I thought a few of them hated me." I said.
"I'm glad you guys are having fun." Andy said and sat at the table.
We smiled and I moved next to WiL. "Thanks for the song." I said and kissed him.
"You're welcome." He said and put an arm around me.
"I'm going right to sleep when we get back so we can get up early and have some fun." I said.
"Sounds like a good plan." Cassie agreed.
"How early?" Jinx asked.
"Mm, around seven, maybe eight." I said. They all groaned. Cassie and I laughed.
When we got back to the hotel we all went to our rooms to get some sleep. I was almost asleep when Cassie texted me and asked me to go to her room. I got up quietly trying not to wake WiL and walked out the door.
"Don't hate me." Cassie said when I got there. "Ashley found it."
"What is it?" I asked.
"It's about WiL." Ashley said. He looked at Cassie and whispered. "Maybe we shouldn't show her."
"Just show me." I said. I was getting nervous.
Ashley had me sit in front of his laptop and he clicked onto a picture. It was a picture of WiL. On his shoulder was a cute little boy.
"What is this?" I asked.
Ashley clicked again. It looked like it was from a magazine. It was a picture of WiL and some other girl. They were both dressed up and they were standing in front of a cake. It read "Bride and Gloom" at the bottom of it. Ashley clicked a third time and a video came up. It was a video of WiL being interviewed. They were talking about his wife and son.
I could feel tears come to my eyes. My chest felt heavy like there was a weight on it.
"Oh my god." I said and covered my mouth, choking back tears.
He was married and he had a son. He cheated on his wife with me.
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