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The New Theater

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The theater has been changed and the teckies are in a bit of a panic, but so is Theresa, she's having a hard time battleing her mind

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"This sucks" Herry said as he, Neil and Odie all entered the Brownstone

"What sucks?" Theresa said coming out of kitchen, sandwich in hand

"The auditorium is being renovated for the next month, we have to move out production to the other end of town to the community centre, Mme Bellot aid it would be inadequate to hold the performance in another schools auditorium" Odie explained

"Yah, I mean we've already done so much work on the school auditorium and now we have to do it all again" Neil complained

"My heart bleeds for you" Theresa said sarcastically as she sat down on the reclining chair. Odie noticed that she walked kinda mopely.

"Let me guess, this is about Jay and Atlanta" Odie said sitting on the near by couch

"How'd you guess?" Theresa said looking up from her shoes

"We all saw you turn redder than Atlanta's hair when you saw them kiss" Neil said silently laughing

"How'd you?..." Theresa said taking a bit from her sandwich

"We where up in the rafters" Odie added "Don't worry so much, their just acting" he said smiling

Theresa hugged her knees still munching on her sandwich when Atlanta and Jay got back from their costume fitting

"Hey Theresa" Atlanta said sitting next to Odie

Theresa felt like hating her best friend, she was trying to convince herself that Atlanta hadn't done anything wrong. Her conscience in the end won out

"So how's your costume look?" Theresa asked trying to start a friendly conversation

"Oh my god, it's a dress" Atlanta said aggravatingly

"What's wrong with that?" Theresa asked intrigued

Atlanta just gave her a blatant look

"Right... the whole I don't wear dress thing, well, your gonna have to this time" Theresa laughed, Atlanta gave her a dirty look

Odie left as Jay came into the room with a can of pop, who plunked himself down next to Atlanta.

Damn karma Theresa thought


Cronus walked along the streets on the outskirts of New Olympia. He thought to himself of ways to track down the young heroes. He was steering down at his feet as he walked when a flyer flew into his face.

"What's this?" he said deviously as he looked down at the advertisement

Romeo and Juliet
Presented by Mme Van Bellot's Drama class at the community centre for the performing arts
Staring Jay Argos and Atlanta Hunt

He looked at the flyer on the front where Atlanta and Jay in their performance costumes

"This could work to my advantage" he thought, he looked down at the paper once more, the performance date was over a month away

"Hmmm, I can work with this" he summoned one of his scythes and walked through a portal to his lair to plot an evil scheme (muahahaha)


One Month Later

The actors and actress walked into the community centre for the first time. The techies and set designers had been going there for weeks working on the beautiful sets that where now in front of them.

"No don't put that their, you that's the wrong colour" They could hear a girl giving orders behind the sets Mme Bellot beckoned her over

"This is Kailey, the stage manager, what she says goes" She introduced the girl, they where all a little shocked, she looked like only thirteen or fourteen

"Hey" she said waving to them, "welcome to old England"

A/N: ok, new chapter, not a lot to say. Cronus has an evil scheme, the reason I changed the theatre was because if Cronus found the school, he would have found the gods and everything would be in udder chaos. Also, kailey is a very minor character and probably won't come back until the end, yeah, ok. Please rate and review, thanks,
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