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Welcome to Old England

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Cronus has been deviouse before but never this evil. He plans to pit our acting heroes against one another

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A/N: Ok as promised, Cronus starts to unveil his evil plot (muahahaha). Hope you like it, please Rate and Review when done, thanks, well on with the show

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The week of the play

Atlanta stood on a pedestal, she was being pinned. Her costume was a rich green, and quite well done, but Atlanta was a little less than thrilled. She had been standing in the same place for over half an hour

"hmhm" Archie snickered under his breath, but Atlanta still heard him

"What's so funny?" she asked

"I never thought I'd see you in a dress, and the look on your face when you first came out of the dressing room, priceless" with that he burst out laughing

"Have you seen your costume yet? No why? I'm getting fitted after they're done with Theresa over their" he said starting to get worried "Why? Have you seen it?"

"No, but I've seen Jay's" she said slyly

"Archie we're ready for you now, put these on in the change room and come back out to be fitted" the sewing student that was working on Theresa's costume said

Moments later Archie came out in white tights and a long sleeved shirt that was so long it looked like a short dress. Atlanta laughed, she deeply enjoyed the look on Archie's face, he was almost scowling at her resenting that he laughed at her costume.

"Awww, Archie looks so cute in his costume what do you think Atlanta?" even Theresa grabbed the chance to mock Archie a bit

Fifteen minuets later Atlanta was finished. It was a made of a green material that looked a lot like velvet (but was a cheep imitation), it was lightly embroider around the hem and collar and had loose white sleeves. Theresa gasped when she saw it finished

A crash erupted outside of the community centre, our four acting heroes went out to inspect its origin. Before them they saw a dragon ten maybe eleven feet tall.

"Doesn't Cronus ever take a brake?" Atlanta said walking out in her Juliet costume

"Are you guys ready?" Jay called to the other three, they had already drawn their signature nun chucks, laser crossbow and haephaestus whip "Charge at it" he yelled

They ran at full speed, but just before they reached the dragon, he disappeared, replaced by one of Cronus' vortexes. They tried to stop but tripped into it. Theresa managed to stop in time though, but she was not as fortunate and lucky as Neil. Cronus appeared behind her and pushed her into the spinning portal to join her fallen friends.

They fell one atop the other. They where slightly bruised when they got up but for the most part ok. They where in complete darkness, then a light flicked on. They where in the middle of an old street. Their play costumes where replaced with similer ones more beautiful and extravagant than any that the textile students would have put together. Atlanta's Costume was now a wore a heavy gown of deep red that beautify and fully embroider with gold thread and had white silk sleeves. Theresa was wearing something much more complex than the outfit she was wearing a few minuets previous, she was now wearing a dress in with which the sleeves and bottom where made of an elegant silk like fabric and the top was of dark blue velvet. Jay and Archie where wearing similer outfits to the ones they where wearing before, but like the girl's they where much more elegant and extravagant than the ones the school had made with much more detailed embroidery.

"Where are we?" Jay muttered under his breath.

The heard two swords clang together it drew their attention ahead of them to where they started to run. Archie had the sudden urge to intervene.

"What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds?
Turn thee, Benvolio. Look upon thy death!"
Archie spoke his part in the play as though it was meant to be. The man across form him responded

"I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword,
Or manage it to part these men with me."
The man named Benvolio spoke

"What, drawn, and talk of peace? I hate the word,
As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee!
Have at thee, coward!"
Archie spoke again as they locked swords

"Atlanta, are you hearing what I'm hearing" Theresa said trembling

Atlanta nodded, she responded voice weak

"It's impossible, we're in our play, in real live" she looked at Jay who returned an equally worried glance.

"Obviously the only way we're going to finish this is if we finish the play from start" he looked at Archie who was duelling "to finish"

They where all terrified now, after rehearsing it for the last month, they knew how the play ended.

A/N: sorry if it took so long to update, school supply shopping, fun I know.
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