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A Party With Avenged Sevenfold

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Shiloh gets some new tattoos with the guys of Avenged.

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Shiloh's POV

Cassie and I were up early. I had gotten hardly any sleep last night. I decided to stay up late and work on editing the music video. It turned out great. We decided to head down the street to a nearby Starbucks for some coffee.
"Should we get the guys some too?" I asked.
"Nah, they weren't up as early as we were." Cassie said.
We hung out and walked around town for a little bit and talked.
"So are you ever going to tell me why you have been talking to Morgan?" Cassie asked me.
I quickly explained to her why I had called him.
"Wow. That's very nice of you." She said surprised.
"Yea I know. I'm surprised too."
"Let's go wake the guys up and get some Panda Express. I'm starving." She said.
We headed back to the hotel and surprisingly the guys were already awake.
"Who wants Panda?" I asked.
Everyone thought that sounded amazing. I wrote down what everyone wanted. Cassie, WiL, Ashley, Andy, and I hopped in the van and headed over to the Panda Express that was right across the street from the Starbucks that we were at earlier.
When we got there we went inside and stood in line.
"Chinese food is orgasmic." Cassie said.
"Yes it is." Andy agreed with her. We all loved Chinese food.
We weren't standing in line for very long when Cassie slapped me in the arm and pointed outside.
"Look!" She shouted.
I followed where she was pointing and saw a long bus pull into the Starbucks across the street. The side of the bus had 'A7X' written across it in big bold letters.

Third Person

"Oh my god!" Shiloh shouted with excitement.
"Go go go!" Cassie shouted as she pushed Shiloh through the doors.
"Where are you going?" Andy asked behind them but they were already out the door and running across the parking lot.
The boys followed behind them and watched in pure terror as the girls started to run across a busy highway. Cars were honking at them and they slammed on their brakes to avoid hitting them.
"They are fucking crazy." Ashley said with shock. He could not believe what they were doing.
Andy watched as the girls disappeared behind another bus that read 'Motley Crue' on the side of it.
"Holy shit! Come on." Andy said as he turned and ran to the van. WiL and Ashley followed behind him. People were watching them from inside the restaurant.

"Johnny!" Cassie yelled as she jumped on his back when she and Shiloh finally made it over to them.
He almost fell over when she jumped on him. His other band mates turned and looked over at them when they heard her yell his name.
"Matt!" Shiloh yelled and ran over to him and embraced him with a big hug.
"Shiloh! Cassie!" Synyster shouted and ran over to them.
"What are you guys doing here?" Matt asked as he hugged Shiloh tightly.
"We are on tour." She told him.
Cassie screamed and Shiloh turned to look at what she was screaming about. Another bus pulled into the parking lot and parked next to the Avenged bus. It was the Motley Crue bus.
"Holy shit you're touring with Crue?" Shiloh asked.
"And Ozzy." Zacky said as he joined the group.
"I hate you guys." Shiloh said.
"Are you guys fucking crazy?" WiL asked as he got out of the van that had just pulled up. "That was the stupidest fucking thing you guys have ever done."
"Who's he?" Matt asked.
"Chill out." Shiloh told WiL. "This is WiL. We are on tour with him." She told Matt.
"What's he freaking out about?" Johnny asked.
"We ran over here from across the street." Cassie informed them.
"Wow that was pretty stupid." Matt said with a laugh.
"Well can you blame us? We haven't seen you guys in forever." Shiloh said.
Ashley, WiL, and Andy all came over to join them.
"Guys this is WiL. WiL this is Matt, Synyster aka Brian, Zacky, Johnny and.." She stopped when she got to the fifth person.
"This is Arin. He's the new drummer." Matt introduced him.
"Nice to meet you." Shiloh said.
He nodded.
"Hey, she's my sister. No need to be shy." Matt told him.
Shiloh giggled. "WiL this is Avenged-" He cut her off.
"Avenged Sevenfold. I know." WiL said and shook Matt's hand.
"And you guys know Ashley and Andy already." Shiloh said.
"Of course. What's up man?" Johnny asked as he hugged Andy. That was pretty funny to see since Johnny was shorter than Andy. Johnny was as tall as Shiloh, WiL, and Cassie. Andy was six feet tall. Everyone else was either almost six feet tall or exactly six feet tall.
They all hung out in the parking lot for a little bit and talked. Nikki Sixx got off his bus and joined them. Andy fan girled about that. Nikki was his idol.
"So how have you been sis?" Matt asked Shiloh.
They weren't really related. They were just really close. Best friends, almost like brother and sister so they just called each other brother and sister. They actually made people believe that they were related. They were all really close. A big giant family. They had all been through a lot together. All the hard times and all the good times. Shiloh was closest to Matt. She told him everything. Matt and Cassie were the only two people she told everything too. She trusted Matt. He was the brother she never had. She was best friends with Synyster though. Cassie was best friends with Johnny too. They were closer to each other.
Synyster had been crushing on Shiloh for a couple years now. What he didn't know was that she had been crushing on him too. Johnny was crushing on Cassie and of course she was crushing on him too. Zacky was just the man whore who wanted to get into Shiloh's and Cassie's pants. Arin was the new drummer taking Jimmy's place. He felt awkward being in the band. He didn't know how to feel about it because he knew he was replacing Jimmy and he knew what happened to Jimmy.
Cassie and Shiloh were excited to see the guys.
They hadn't seen them since last year at Jimmy's funeral. That was a very hard time for all of them. They were all very close to Jimmy especially Shiloh and Cassie. They were best friends. After he died Shiloh and Syn became best friends. They clicked after Jimmy, they were both really depressed, they had lost a great friend, their best friend. They were able to talk about it and help each other through it. It was the same for Cassie and Johnny. Johnny took it the hardest. He and Jimmy were practically brothers.
Matt was there for everyone after it happened. He took care for everyone and helped everyone through it. Then after the funeral Shiloh and Cassie just kind of drifted away from them. They couldn't handle it. Everyone was so depressed. It hurt. But now they were together again, a reunion, and they were very happy about that.
"I've been good. Although I did bump into Ryan last week in Salt Lake." She told him.
"Are you serious? Please tell me you kicked his ass." Matt said.
"Nope. WiL did though." Shiloh said with a smile.
"Nice man." Matt said and high fived him.
WiL smiled. He felt awkward. He didn't like Synyster, he didn't like being around him. He hated Synyster with a burning passion. He still wanted to kick his ass. But he wouldn't, not in front of Shiloh. WiL didn't really like these guys. He knew them. He knew the kind of people they were. The hard core partiers who drunk and smoked pot and sometimes did other drugs. They were wild and crazy. WiL used to be like that too when he was a teenager. That was a life he didn't want to go back to. He wondered if Shiloh was the same as them when he saw how close they were. But she was happy and that was something he enjoyed seeing.
"We should party tonight." Zacky suggested.
"Hell yes! After the show." Andy said.
"Deal. You in Nikki?" Matt asked him
"Yes, this old band could use a good party." Nikki said.
"You guys staying at the hotel down the road?" Zacky asked.
"Yea. What about you guys?" Shiloh asked.
"We are now." Johnny said.
"Oh my god. Matt you should sing with me tonight!" Shiloh said excitedly.
"I would love to." Matt said with a smile.
"Whoa, the brother and sister sharing a stage? What alternate universe are we living in?" Syn asked jokingly.
"They're related?" WiL asked Andy.
Andy smiled. "Yea, that's why she goes by Craven and why they have the same tattoos. They just don't want anyone to know." Andy explained.
"Seriously?" WiL asked surprised.
Andy laughed. "No, they are just really close. They do have the same tattoos though and Craven isn't her real last name."
"Which tattoos?" WiL asked.
"Credo, somnio, and the one on the back of her neck." Andy said.
WiL was surprised at that. He didn't know she had a tattoo on the back of her neck. She always had her hair down so he never saw it. She never told him about it either. He looked over at Shiloh and Matt and saw how close they were. He also noticed how close she was to Syn. He didn't like that at all.
"Let's go chill at the hotel until it's time to get to the venue." Ashley said.
"You guys are going to watch the show right?" Shiloh asked.
"I don't know. What do you think guys?" Matt asked his band mates.
"Hm, I don't know either. Are you guys worthy enough for us?" Syn asked.
"Please?" Shiloh asked with puppy dog eyes.
Matt laughed and looked at Syn.
"Oh OK. You know I can't resist that face." He said with a smile.
"Yay!" Shiloh shouted and through her arms around him. Shiloh and Cassie road back to the hotel in the Avenged bus.

Shiloh's POV

"So what's with WiL? Does he want in your pants or something?" Matt asked me.
"What are you talking about?" I asked.
"He looks at you like he wants to fuck your brains out." Matt said.
I laughed at that. "No, he loves me is all." I said with a smile.
"So you guys are fucking?" Matt asked.
"Well we are dating, so yea sometimes." I said.
We changed the subject to the party after that. I was so excited to party with these guys. It was the perfect way to see them for the first time again.
"So how long are you guys in town for?" I asked.
"Today and tomorrow. We leave the day after tomorrow." Matt said.
"Same here." Cassie said.
"Well we should totally party tomorrow too then." Zacky said.

"Where's the food?" Nicholas asked when we got back to the hotel.
"Oops. Sorry we got side tracked." I explained. We ordered pizza instead. WiL freaked out when he saw me put hot sauce on my pizza.
"Ewe gross that is way to much hot sauce." He said with a disgusted look on his face.
"There's never to much hot sauce for me." I said as I bit into a piece of hot sauce covered pizza.
When we finished eating we went to the venue to start setting up and get ready for the show.
Cassie and I hung out with our boys the whole time. They helped me set up my merch.
"So what are we singing?" Matt asked as he hopped on up on the table.
"My new songs. Have you heard them?" I asked.
"Of course. We all own the new album. In fact we own all your albums." He said. I smiled at that.
"Great album. I love a girl who can scream." Zacky said as he put his hand on my leg.
"Uh yea I don't think so." I said and moved his hand.
Matt and I went over the lyrics and our vocal warm ups after sound check. When BVB was done with their sound check they come over to hang out with us. WiL wasn't there though, I didn't know where he was.
"Where's WiL?" I asked.
Andy shrugged.
"I'll be back." I said and went to go look for him. I found him in the RV playing his guitar.
"What are you doing in here?" I asked.
"Making music." He said and continued to play.
"Come join us." I said and pulled on his arm.
"No thanks." He said and kept playing his guitar.
I looked at him for a moment then picked up his guitar and set it on the table. I sat in his lap. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing" he said with a fake smile.
"Come on. You said you'd tell me everything and be honest remember?" I reminded him.
He sighed. "I just feel awkward."
"Why?" I asked.
"I don't like Syn is all." he said.
"Why?" I asked again.
He sighed and looked away. He spoke after a moment of silence. "He's the reason why Lindsay left me."
My jaw dropped.
"She cheated on me with him. I found them having sex." he said and looked away.
"I'm sorry." I said and hugged him.
"It's OK I guess. It was the past." He said.
I smiled. "Exactly, it was the past. So you should get over it and talk to him."
"I don't want to. I have nothing to say to him." he said.
"Come on. Will you try and be friends please? I don't want my two favorite guys fighting." I asked.
"I don't know."
"Please WiL. At least try. He's really a cool guy. I'm sure you guys could be great friends if you gave him a chance."
He sighed. "Fine. But no promises."
"All I ask is that you try." I said and kissed him. We left the RV and joined everyone else.
"Syn, you're going to play guitar with me." I said when I sat down.
"I am?" he asked.
"Yes. You're the greatest guitarist on the planet. Will you?" I asked.
"Yea I'd love to. But I'm not the greatest guitarist."
"You're pretty close. You're the second fastest guitarist." Cassie said.
He shrugged.
"Well you're the best in my book. I'm in love with your guitar solos.' I told him.
He went out to their van to get his guitar and came back in. Doors opened soon after and WiL was performing first.
"Hey Syn." I said.
"Did you know about WiL and Lindsay?" I asked.
He sighed. "He told you huh?"
"Did you?" I asked again.
"To be honest, no I didn't." He said as he tuned his guitar.
"Did you tell him that?" I asked.
"I tried to. He just threatened me and told me if he ever saw me around again he'd cut my dick off. He wouldn't listen at all. And you know how I respond to threats."
"You should try and talk to him."
"I don't want to deal with that."
"Please? For me. You need to tell him." I pleaded. I really wanted them to get a long. I hate it when two people I love and care for hate each other.
He sighed again and looked up at me. "I will, if you come with me."
"Deal." I said with a smile.
WiL finished his performance and came back stage. BVB was on next.
"Hey WiL come here."
He walked over. "Yeah?"
"Syn has something to say." I said and we both looked at Syn.
"I'm sorry about Lindsay." He said.
"I really don't want to hear about it right now." WiL said.
"To bad, you're going to listen to me. I honestly did not know you guys were together. If I had known I wouldn't have done anything with her. Even ask Shiloh, I hate cheaters. I have been cheated on before and I hate the feeling. I wouldn't want to be the reason for anyone else to feel that way too. I wish I could take it back. I am very sorry WiL." Syn explained.
"Come on WiL. You didn't tell me either." I said.
He looked at me then back at Syn. "OK, I forgive you."
I smiled. WiL sat with us and he and Syn continued to talk. That made me feel good. Maybe they would end up being friends after all. Before it was time for me to go on stage Syn went back outside to get his hat out of his van. He always wore hats. That was his signature. Hats and gloves, or beanies. I thought he looked really good in hats. He looked even better when he had long hair but now it was short and spiked up most of the time. It still looked great though.
I walked on stage with Nicholas and C.C.
"New York! Are you guys having fun tonight?" the crowd cheered and I smiled.
"I've got some special guests with me tonight. Please make some noise for M Shadows and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold!" The crowd cheered and cheered even louder when they walked on stage.
Syn and I started to sing when Syn started playing. The three of us were crazy on stage. We were dancing around and having a great time. I loved performing with these guys. It was the best.
Matt and I were dancing all over the stage and screaming. We jumped into the audience and went crazy. Syn and I would play our guitars back to back and shred. God he was a great guitarist. I loved it. At one point I walked over and took his hat. In my opinion I looked pretty damn good in it. I wore it for the rest of the show.
After our performance we went to the merch table. Avenged signed a few autographs but not many. After that we headed back to the hotel. Zacky and Syn left to go buy some booze.

Third Person

Zacky and Syn returned with a lot of booze. Nikki and his band mates even showed up with a bunch of booze too.
"Score." Matt said.
"Let's fucking party!" Johnny shouted and turned on some music.
"Hey!" Shiloh shouted and held up a shot. "To Jimmy!" she said with a smile.
Matt smiled at her and held her free hand. "To Jimmy." Everyone repeated and downed their shots.
Trox broke out his pot and everyone took a hit.
"Now this is Rock n' Roll." Andy said excitedly.
Trox and Cassie continued to get high and drink.
Ozzy came over too and joined the party. That surprised everyone. No one thought he would have showed up. He just hung out really. He didn't even really drink. After a while he went back to his room to get some rest.
Ashley got pissed and ended up leaving after he saw Cassie and Johnny making out on the couch. Shiloh tried to tell him not to get to mad, that Cassie was high and drunk and not herself. That calmed him down a bit but he still left.
C.C filled up a bunch of huge glasses with beer. "Chugging contest!:" He shouted.
WiL, Matt, Andy, C.C, Nikki, and Syn all lined up to participate in it. Shiloh came in and squeezed in between Syn and Matt.
"Get ready to get beat by a girl boys." She said
They all looked at each other and started to laugh.
"Go." Jake said and everyone started to drink.
C.C started to cough it up and gave up first.
Andy started to laugh and it came out his nose, he gave up next.
Nikki gave up and then WiL gave up after him.
Syn gave up after WiL.
"Oh and it's head to head. Sanders vs. Craven. Brother vs. Sister, who will win?" Cassie was saying.
Matt started to poke Shiloh in the ribs so she would give up. She poked him back harder and he coughed. Shiloh slammed her cup on the table ten seconds before Matt did.
"Whoo!" everyone shouted.
"You got lucky." Matt complained.
"Sure." Shiloh said.
Zacky turned the music up and Cassie jumped on the table and started dancing.
"Ow ow. I like a girl who can dance." Zacky said.
Cassie started to laugh and stepped back. When she did the table flipped over and she fell on her ass. She busted out laughing and everyone joined in with her.
Things got crazier and crazier as the night went on. The hotel room was trashed. The beds were torn apart and stripped of their sheets. There were beer bottles everywhere, there was broken mirrors and glass all over the place. The lamps were knocked over and music was blaring. Security came up and threatened to kick them out if they didn't knock it off. They also handed them a bill for the damages. When security left they turned off the music and tried to take the party down a notch. Shiloh was getting trashed. WiL stopped drinking to keep an eye on her. He didn't want her to get sick.
"I like a girl who can drink." Zacky said and put his arm around Shiloh.
She looked at him and rolled her eyes. "I don't think so." She said and walked away.
"I'm hungry." Nicholas said.
they all decided to run to taco bell for a midnight snack. More like a three in the morning snack.
Nikki and his band went back to their rooms for the night.
The rest of them went downstairs and piled into the car. All 15 of them were squished into the tiny van. Arin drove since almost everyone else was drunk. The only ones who hadn't been drinking were Arin and Jinx.
"15 people in one car! We are so Mexican!" Shiloh shouted and everyone laughed at her.
When they got to taco bell everyone went inside to order but Shiloh, WiL, Syn, and Cassie stayed outside and waited.
Shiloh and WiL sat on a bench and talked for a little bit.
"Cassie stop!" They heard Andy shout and looked up. He had come outside some time and he was yelling at Cassie. She and Syn were running back and forth across the street.
Shiloh and WiL ran up to the edge of the sidewalk and started yelling at her to get out of the road. Syn was standing their completely out of it. Cassie just stood there in the middle of the road. Everyone else came out when they were done ordering. They saw what was going on and ran over.
"Cassie get your ass over here." Matt yelled at her.
She was just standing there staring off into space. She had blacked out or something. A car was coming and it didn't look like it was going to stop. Everyone started yelling at Cassie.
WiL ran out in the road and pulled her back to the sidewalk just in time. The car sped by.
"Oh my god!" Shiloh sighed and hugged Cassie. "Brian Elwin Haner Jr what the fuck is wrong wit you?" Shiloh yelled at Syn.
Everyone was shocked. No one ever called him by his full name before. Shiloh must have been really pissed and scared.
"Sorry." he said as he stumbled backwards.
"I thought I saw Jimmy." Cassie said.
It went silent.
"Come on, let's get back to the hotel." Matt said and pulled Cassie along. They ate on their way back.
Nicholas had pulled his camera out and he was recording.
"dude, I have to piss." He said. He set the camera down on the ground and walked up to a fountain in the lobby. He unzipped and started to piss in the fountain. Shiloh and everyone burst out laughing.
"What?" He asked when he was done. "When you gotta go you gotta go."
"You OK Shiloh?" Zacky asked her when they got back up to their room.
She shook her head and ran into the bathroom. She started to puke into the toilet. WiL went in and held her hair back. There was a loud crashing noise in the kitchen. Andy passed out and fell down next to the table. he was out cold. Trox passed out in the one of the chairs in the kitchen. Cassie fell asleep on one of the beds next to Johnny. Everyone else had gone to their own rooms except Matt and Syn and Johnny. Syn went and sat down on the couch and fell asleep. WiL carried Shiloh to the other bed and covered her up. He lay down next to her and drifted to sleep. Matt made himself comfortable on the couch next to Syn. Everyone slept peacefully after that, except for when they got up in the middle of the night to puke.

Shiloh's POV

I woke up with a huge headache the next morning.
Cassie was sitting next to the bed poking me with a grin on her face.
"Finally you're awake!" She shouted quietly
I groaned. "What do you want?"
She got giddy. "Come look." She said and to off her knees.
I reluctantly sat up. I sat there for a moment trying to adjust. My head felt all foggy and heavy and just plain terrible. I was never going to drink again after this.
"Come on." Cassie said and pulled me up. I groaned again.
"Why can't we sleep in?" I asked and followed her to the bathroom door.
"Shh." She told me and slowly started to open the door. I heard the shower on. I looked around to see who was missing from the group.
"Who's in there?" I asked.
She giggled. "Syn."
My eyes went wide. We looked in and saw his bare ass behind the shower door. I tried not to laugh. He looked pretty hot naked with wet hair.
"Oh my." I said and peaked in further.
"What are you doing/" Someone asked from behind.
We screamed and turned around falling backwards into the bathroom door. It was already cracked so when we hit the door it flung open and we fell to the bathroom floor.
We looked up and met eyes with Matt and Johnny. We began to laugh at what had happened. Then I noticed the shower was off. I turned my head and immediately stopped laughing.
Syn was standing in the shower looking at us and he didn't have a towel on. I felt my cheeks go red and I looked away. Cassie laughed even harder. Matt and Johnny pulled us up out of the bathroom. My cheeks were still red which didn't help my headache at all.
"Hurry up Syn! I have to pee!" Cassie shouted and woke everyone else up.
"What were you guys doing?" Matt asked.
I was looking down. I didn't feel so god.
"Nothing." Cassie said and looked away from Matt like a child that had just been caught doing something they weren't suppose to be doing.
Syn walked out a moment later and I ran in after him not even stopping to notice that he was in a towel. I leaned over the toiled and started to puke.
"Oh come on!" Cassie yelled.
Matt came in and pulled my messy hair out of my face and rubbed my back.
"I have to pee!" Cassie complained again. Finally she came into the bathroom and hopped up on the sink. She pulled her pants down a little bit and started to go. I looked away and continued to puke.
"Wow Cassie." Matt said still rubbing my back.
"I couldn't hold it. In words of Nick, 'If you gotta go you gotta go.'" she replied.
I flushed the toilet when I was done and sat there for a minute.
"You OK?" Matt asked
I nodded and he helped me up. WiL met me in the other room with some water and Tylenol.
"Thanks." I said and took it.
"Am I the only one who has a major hang over?" Trox asked.
"No." i groaned and leaned my head against WiL.
"You made Shi puke." Johnny teased Syn.
"Well that's her own fault for looking." Syn said with a laugh and went back into the bathroom to get dressed.
"I'm going to go smoke." WiL said and gave me a quick kiss before leaving. Andy joined him, he thought it would be a good idea to walk around.
I started to clean up. The room was trashed. I couldn't believe how messy it got. Matt and Syn helped me.
"I saw you checking me out." Syn said with a laugh while we picked up beer bottles.
"I was not." I said as my face grew red."
"Mhm, sure." He said and smiled at me.
He left it at that and we continued to clean. When we were done cleaning it looked almost as good as it did when we got here, minus the broken glass. When we were done we sat on the beds and hung out. Ashley had come to join us. He was still a little bit pissed off about Cassie and Johnny but he didn't let him get in the way of him and Cassie making out. Zacky and Arin had come back to join us.
"Party again tonight?" Johnny asked.
"Fuck no." I said.
"I say yes, just no more drinking." Ashley said.
"Just not a wild party please." Andy said as he and WiL walked back in and joined us on the beds.
I was looking at Matt's, Syn's, Johnny's, and pretty much everyone in the room's tattoos.
"I want a tattoo." i said randomly.
"Well lets go get you inked up. You still need to get your sleeve done." Matt said.
"I actually have an idea for a tattoo that I think you all will like." I said and pulled out a piece of paper and started to draw it.
It was a cool dark Gothic type grave stone with cracks in it. It had a hand coming from out of the ground and it says "J.S' with 'forREVer' underneath the J.S. I showed it to them when I was done and it looked pretty awesome.
"I really like that." Matt said.
"So do I." Johnny said.
"I think that is the tattoo this whole family should get." Cassie said.
"Lets go get it." Matt said.
"Now?" I asked.
"Yea, if you guys want to. I know I do." He said.
We all got up and got cleaned up and headed out. Avenged, Cassie, WiL, and I all went to a nearby tattoo shop. Everyone else stayed back at the hotel.
"So who's getting tattooed?" WiL asked when we got there.
"All of us." Cassie said with a smile.
Luckily the tattoo shop had just opened and they didn't have any appointments so they started our tattoos immediately. I gave the artist my tattoo and he redrew it. He touched it up and made it looked even better. He added a little bit of color to the hand and made it look like a zombie hand. He also changed the color of the lettering on the grave stone so you could see that it said. 'R.I.P J.S forREVer'
I really liked his design. This is a tattoo I would be really happy with. I sat down in the chair and he transferred the outline to my upper arm above my star tattoo. This would add a tattoo to the creation of my sleeve.
WiL sat with me and talked to me while I got it. "Careful in the pits." He warned.
I nodded, "Yea, I'm going to have to stay out for a while."
When the guy was done with the tattoo I got up and showed the guys.
They all smiled. "To Jimmy." Syn said with a smile. I smiled back and gave him a hug.
Cassie got hers next. Then one by one the avengers got theirs. We were all very happy with the tattoos. They looked great. Surprisingly we all got them in the same place. I didn't think that would happen since the guys all have sleeves. We huddled into a circle and lifted our arms up. We all took a picture of our new family tattoo.
"Will you do some lyrics on my side for me?" I asked the artist.
"Yea, just write them down for me." He said.
I sat down and started writing the lyrics. I have wanted this tattoo for the longest time.
WiL laughed at me. "That is definitely going to hurt. You don't want to wait til we get home?"
"No, I want it now. I have a high pain tolerance." I told him and continued to write.
"I love a girl with tattoos." Zacky said.
"Again, I don't think so." i said with a laugh.
"Where are you getting this one?" Johnny asked.
"My left side." I said.
"That's hot." Syn said.
I rolled my eyes and handed the lyrics to the tattoo artist. He transferred it again after he redrew it in cool lettering that would fit on my side. It was to big or to small. I loved it. It was in black fancy lettering that was easy to read.
"I love it." I told him when he showed me. "How long will it take?" I asked.
"Two hours at most." He said and got his equipment ready. I took off my shirt and laid on the table. WiL held my hand. This was going to hurt for two hours.
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