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It's All That And A Bag Of Chips

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I'm hungry...chips sounds good. Enjoy

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Chapter 8-It's All That And A Bag Of Chips

Stepping out of the room I was staying in I laughed at Pete who was stepping down on the last step of the attic stairs, which ended in front of my room.

"Copy cat," I giggled. We were both wearing a long sleeved navy blue and grey striped shirt and pretty much the same tight jeans, along with black converse.

"Hey...that's not cool," he muttered and I shook my head.

"Can't help it, huh?" Pete smiled and shrugged turning towards the other set of stairs.

"We are going down to see the venue we are playing at tonight...are you going to come?" I thought for a second and held up one finger, disappearing into my room for a moment to grab my notebook. Appearing back in the hallway, I jabbed my thumb out towards the front door.

"Let's hit the road,"


"So, would it sound better like this?" I watched as Heather played a guitar line to the new lyrics I had written and she paused to give effect. "Or this?" I listened again and smiled.

"That one," she nodded and jotted down the notes in her music notebook.

"I like it too," Heather and I turned to see Patrick walking in with a cookie.

"You traitor! You're only supposed to eat my cookies," Heather joked and Patrick laughed before wrapping an arm around her shoulders, leaning over and sharing a kiss. And suddenly I felt really uncomfortable.

"Lexi," I looked up to see Heather putting her guitar in her case and closing it. "Why don't we wait until tomorrow to finish this, ok?" I nodded and watched as she intertwined her hand in Patrick's, him helping her up.

"Should we eat dessert now, or later?" I heard him mumbled before Heather's fit of giggles and the back door slam shut.

"I miss it too," I turned to see Aloe walking over to where I was sitting, a sad smile on her face. "I want it all back," I bit my lip and watched as she played with a lose string on her shirt.

"Sometimes I wish it could be that easy...people have changed," Aloe shook her head.

"I still don't understand why he did what he did," I looked away for a moment and gulped.

"Aloe...your so young," I heard her sniff and I looked to see her biting her lip, holding back the tears.

"Lexi...I hate this," I motioned her over and she held on so tightly and it made me so upset to see her broken.

"You shouldn't be feeling this," I paused and thought for a moment. "Aloe, I'm going to fix this," I felt her nod slightly, hiccupping and sniffing.

"What about you?" she pulled back and wiped some of her tears away on her t-shirt, staining the sleeve with her black eyeliner.

"What about me?" I repeated. Aloe shook her head.

"Your not happy," Blinking hard I shook my head.

"But...I can tolerate it for now," Aloe bit her lip and sighed.

"Can you take me to the hotel?" I nodded and helped her up, our shoes clicking against the tile and out the front doors of the club. What we didn't know was that behind the curtain stood the two people in question.


Entering the club I smiled at the people already dancing under the glowing and flashing lights to that old tune, Move Your Feet/. Heather nudged me and we walked over to a booth we had reserved up on the second floor that overlooked the dance floor. It was something Freeda had suggested after Andy's parents agreed to watch Kiki so the whole gang could have some fun. Joe left to get our drinks and Heather had already dragged Patrick down the stairs to the dance floor. Aloe was even smiling and a lot of the people that /didn't recognize her were checking her out. After she was whisked away by an emo looking guy, I looked up to see Pete sitting somewhat near me in the circular booth.

"Where did Freeda and Andy go?" Pete shrugged.

"Dance floor, I think," I smiled.

"What about Tessa?" Pete smirked and shook his head.

"She doesn't like clubs," I nodded and watched as Joe returned with what he could carry.

"Manhattan for the lady," I smirked and took a sip of the drink, feeling the burn.

"Since when do you drink?" Pete asked raising his Pepsi to his mouth. I shrugged.

"I don't drink often...this is it for tonight," Joe looked around.

"Where did Aloe go?"

"She got asked to dance by some dude," Joe slowly nodded and got up, walking past us again.

"Let's dance," Pete's ears perked up and I smiled. "Come on...I love this song,"

Pete smirked as the beginning of an old favorite started to play. Clothes Off! Somewhere, Heather was making fun of Patrick. Pete quickly nodded and followed close as we made our way down the stairs, passing various people and a few times they did double takes of us.

"Holy crap...that's Pete Wentz," I heard a hushed whisper and Pete giggled behind me, lightly pushing me to hurry up.

"I'm going to get molested," he muttered and I laughed. I took sight of Heather and Patrick dancing close and Patrick making fun of himself, lip singing to the song.

" look like you're having fun," Heather giggled and she smiled brightly.

"And I haven't even taken my clothes off," Patrick smirked grabbing hold of her hips again.

"Yet," he muttered and the four of us laughed. As the song ended, the DJ took the mic and laughed.

"I see we have some special guests in the house, ok, in is a lil' special remix,"

My ears perked at the mix-up of Grand Theft Autumn and one of our songs, Party Hardy, remix style thanks to whoever the DJ was. Heather just shook her head and laughed, singing along as our song got incorporated in. Looking back I lightly smiled at Pete who was now mouthing the words.

You were the last good thing about this town

Biting my lip I copied when it was one of our own lyrics.

Catch me if you can, I'm just running so you'll chase me...
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