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Panic! Attack

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Hehe. Try and get the pun. ^___^

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Chapter 9- Panic! Attack

Late November- Arizona

Throwing my head back, I sighed and grunted, frustrated with trying to put my small pearl necklace on.

"You need some help?" Turning, I saw Pete standing in my doorway, buttoning up a still tight fitting black long-sleeved dress shirt. Shaking my head I smiled and bit my lip in frustration.

"," I crossed my arms as Pete took the necklace and put it on, doing the clasp and tapping it.

Grabbing a hair clip, I tied my hair back and styled it so the red in my bangs fell in my face and the curls that I had 'un-naturally' done fall in the back.

"Casual, yet..." I paused and turned around to face Pete.

"Modern?" he asked, raising his hands. I laughed at his confused face.

"Classy," Looking around I crossed the room and slipped on the black heels, the only comfortable pair I had. "I don't even remember the last time I hosted Thanksgiving at my house,"

I stood up straight and looked in the mirror. Turning my head from side to side, to try and perfect the look. Straightening the straps on my halter top I sighed and blew some air into my bangs.

"Your kitchen and dining room is huge, Lex," I laughed and nodded my head.

"Poor Patrick and Heather forced to cook," Pete laughed and we both heard the doorbell and Heather scream.

"It's too early for guests!"

I hopped down the stairs and past Heather freaking out in a black and white polka-dotted knee length dress, panicking at how the food wasn't even halfway done and the dining room where Andy and Freeda were setting the huge table for all our guests. I opened the door and Pete stood behind me holding onto my shoulders as Travis came into view.

"That better be my home dawg," I creased my eyebrows together and laughed at Patrick's voice coming from the kitchen.

"Don't ever say that again," Heather mumbled.

Travis laughed and scooped me first into a hug before gripping Pete's hand and doing that 'handshake' thing. Laughing, I was about to close the door when I hand stopped me.

"Geeze, where's your manners, Lex," I smiled at Aloe and turned to a familiar face.

"Ryan?" Ryan smiled and my eyes traveled to where they were holding hands. "Since when are you guys dating?" Aloe shook her head and pushed past me, dragging little innocent Ryan after her. He smiled a cheeky smile and waved.

"Two weeks ago," he muttered before he was whisked away. Closing the door, I looked at Pete.

"Pete!" My bit my lip and Pete shifted his eyes.

"I don't know when that happened," a few minutes later and a depressed looking Joe exited the kitchen, making his way into the dining room where Freeda started to pester him.

After many hours of waiting, we were all in the dining room with ten other guests, Heather and Patrick in the kitchen. Pete decided to sit next to me, but I was turned away from him, talking to Travis about the record while Pete just sat there, slouched, and twiddling his thumbs.

"...and when are we doing the collaboration?" I blinked once and thought for a minute.

"Whenever Heather is available, you know," Travis nodded and the next thing we heard was a slight 'boom' coming from the kitchen.

"Heather...what did you do to my kitchen?" I asked from my seat, clenching my napkin in my lap.

I heard nothing from the kitchen, so I stood up and hurried around the corner to see Patrick and Heather standing in front of the oven, waving black smoke and coughing, Heather with oven mitts on. My angry glare turned into a slight grin before I burst out laughing, falling on the ground and clutching my stomach. Heather shook her head and pouted.

"I ruined Thanksgiving," everybody started to laugh and Aloe grabbed the phone off its base.

"Pizza anyone?"


I had gone upstairs to change when I heard someone following me. Turning around in my room, Pete smiled.

"Hi Lexi," I sighed and shook my head at the floor.

" never give up," He pursed his lips together before gathering me in a hug that I didn't return.

"I'm overrated," I smirked slightly against his shoulder and closed my eyes.

"Save your breath," a few moments passed and he took a deep breath.

"What are we going to do with Aloe?" I shrugged, pulling away and turning towards my closet.

"I'll talk to her tomorrow," Pete nodded and bit his lip as I came back in a sleep shirt.

"I wonder who hooked them up," Rolling my eyes I flicked his arm.

"I already smacked Brandon," Pete threw his head back and let out a dry laugh.

"Damn Urie," Laughing for a minute I sighed and Pete looked back down at me.

"I want things to be normal again for her," he shook his head and leaned down.

"I want things to be normal for us again," He closed his eyes and I turned my cheek.

"Tessa," I merely said and Pete sighed, looking down at his hands.

"I want to break up with her," I crossed my arms.

"That doesn't mean I'm going to take you back," The shock appeared on his face and he parted his lips for a second before pursing his lips and closing his eyes tight.

"I don't care..." he turned away and walked out of my room.

Shaking my head I fell on my bed and looked at Petey.

"Petey...please don't look at me like that,"
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