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The Snow White Princess is...

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Based off of Hatsune Miku's song. A girl with a forgotten past finds herself in danger of dying, and the solution- cliche, predictable love. But the outcome? Not so predictable.

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The Snow White Princess is
Chapter 1- Trickery
A/N: :3 I's inspiwed to wite dis stowy.
You know I don't own VOCALOID, or the song. Just the general plot. And a few tweaks. :D
Again. He just had to irritate the rest of them, not to mention her, every time. Every time.
There were no exceptions.
Hatsune Miku, exausted from the ever-doting Kagami-san, was done with having to deal with his entourage of lovers. Foremost of them was Kagamine Rin, who resembled him strongly, but there were subtle differences. Like the fact that Rin's hair was a blondish orange- whereas Kagami-san's was currently a pure, whitish-golden blonde. Recently it'd been getting paler, as was Kagami-san's wont. When he found a girl he liked, he'd begin to resemble the more masculine side of that girl. For instance, he'd liked Miki Chimuki, but then she went missing. For weeks, his hair was a near coral tone, and he looked so much like her, Rin had even mistaken him for the missing Miki. As was his name, he took on the appearance of any girl he loved. It just so happened that he'd fallen in love with Miku, who had never even given him a second glance in terms of love. She'd fallen for a different man.
She'd fallen for Kaito Shion, the Prince. She'd been at a special banquet some time ago, and was lucky enough to sit right across from him. She'd instantly fallen for him, but he didn't even look at her once, not even to greet her. Apparently, when Miku had only been 5, if she remembered correctly from her careful math, and when Kaito had been 8, having just turned, he'd met a beautiful princess. But she'd gone missing the month after, and was never seen again. Only Kaito could remember her name, so the rumours said, and he didn't tell it to anyone. Miku liked to imagine that she was the missing princess, but she felt that she wasn't nearly pretty enough. After all, if she had been, then wouldn't Kaito have noticed? And besides, everyone said that her hair was a deeper shade of blue, unlike Miku's.
It was so dang unlucky, for everyone.
Miku sighed, sitting on the topmost step in front of the large palace that she'd resided in for years with Rin. They'd hardly spoken to each other, but Miku mainly cleaned and made her own meals, while Rin did her own room, clothes, and meals. The only time Rin cooked both their meals was when someone important was coming over. Like Kagami-san. But Miku escaped these banquets and usually had some bread and a bit of cheese, with a small glass of milk. The usual. She hated the banquets because Rin always acted sweet and nice, with a sickeningly honeyed voice. Miku usually excused herself at the beginning, to avoid Rin's attention. If it was on her from the start, she'd wait for the guest to avert it for a minute or two, then she'd get out of the dining hall.
Even though it was December- cold, snowy, and mostly bright- Miku found no discomfort in it. The snow wasn't too cold, and the wind only started to feel wrong when it was raging. Right now, the conditions were fine. Miku was well adjusted to the cold, after having grown up with it. It was a beautiful climate. Although, like others, Miku got cold, her cheeks and nose grew rosy, she never actually got sick from the cold. But then again, she usually went back inside after fourty-five minutes or so. Even her attire, which was summer-type but winter-coloured, didn't get her that cold.
It was a whitish dress that reached to her mid-thigh, with a short, golden tie that was tucked under a violet collar and a little skirt with light blue and purple peeking out. She wore her whitish periwinkle hair in twintails, with violet ribbons curled around them. Her hat, which was a white hat that was designed like a witch's hat, had a bigger violet ribbon tied around it. The top curled back, and the brim of the hat was very wide, providing shade at nearly every time of day. She wore, which was usually pinned to her tank-topped dress, a flowing, white cape that was wide and seemed to be constantly pushed back by the wind. She wore violet boots with white socks, and had violet 'gloves' that extended from her mid-lower arm to her knuckles. Finally, thin violet tights hid the colour of her legs from view. It was more of a fallish type, in terms of coverage, but the colour scheme fit her just right.
Then, she heard Rin's special 'Miku' bell ringing. It was the bell they used to call each other to a certain place- although Rin was the only one who used it. Huffing, Miku stood up and swiftly swept into the house. She jogged down the hall, finally slowing a few moments later at the other end, where Rin stood, dressed plainly. She had her huge white bow up better than usual, her pins were parallel to each other, and her dress was spotless. This simple change automatically made Miku groan internally.
"Miku, I want you to prepare the table, and to do it well, because I will be preparing dinner tonight." This made Miku blink. Rin making dinner for only them? Nah, it was too good to be true.
"Who's coming over?"
"Nobody. I just felt.... inclined to do so. Now, unless you would like your usual hardtack," she drawled, putting emphasis on hardtack, "You will prepare the table for us." Miku nodded, and began to go.
"Hold on..."
Miku slightly looked back. "Yes?"
"It will be ready within a few minutes." She smiled, that same, sickening smile. Miku tried all her might to put on a happy smile on in return before quickly speeding to the dining room. It was a long, wooden table in a stone-walled room. The tablecloth was red, red for wine, so that if anyone spilled wine,according to Rin, it 'wouldn't be noticed until after the party'.
She picked up two, ready-made baskets, and tossed the placemats. The silverware swiftly followed, along with a delicately carved plate. Finally, the napkins landed in flawless pyramids on either side of the table. Miku sighed, then jumped as the door opened, revealing Rin, who was carrying three trays at once. The blonde set them down without spilling a crumb, or a drop of soup or wine. She still had that smile on. Miku surpressed a shudder, smiling lightly while helping to place the dinner on the table.
It was only seconds later that Rin was handing Miku a full plate. There was a rib-eye steak, mashed potatoes with chives and shredded cheese, a side of peas and corn, a wheat roll with sesame seeds sprinkled on top, and a bright, round, red apple on the side. There was also a glass of red wine, a glass of water, and some seasonings placed in front of her. Rin had a similar setup, and was smiling still.
"Enjoy," she said, beginning her own plate.
Miku stared at hers for a long moment, not believing it, before whispering, "Thank you."
Rin just smiled.
Miku cut up a tiny part of her steak, before nibbling on it. It was perfectly cooked, and it was full of flavour. Miku continued to eat, with bigger bites, but not forgetting Rin's demonic smile, which kept her from inhaling the food. She plowed her way through for a while, trying the peas- which had a sweet flavour- and the corn, the potatoes- which were, like everything else, delicious- the wine, which seemed dry, the roll with the cute sesame seeds, and finally she turned to the apple.
She took a delicate bite, tasting it. Then she noticed the odd flavour. It seemed... toxic. Suddenly she looked at Rin, wondering if Rin had given her a non-ripe apple. She'd had one once, and it matched this flavour. Suddenly, she felt light-headed. Rin looked up.
The blonde's smile turned to a smirk.
Then, Miku slid out of her chair, too weak to get up and sit back up.
Rin got up, and stood over Miku for a moment.
"Kagami-san is mine. You were just a distraction.... so now he'll have me." Then, still smirking, Rin left the room, her heels becoming fainter and fainter until they were gone.
Miku suddenly had a strange feeling that she knew what had happened to Miki-chan.
Rin had poisoned them both.
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