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Cyndaquil The Mighty

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Riley begins training Cyndaquil but runs into a setback

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After getting tired of hearing Marty talk about her amazing Totodile, Riley moved onto to Route 29 to Cherrygrove city. She moved across the path and decided to walk into come grass. A Pidgey flew out from a tree below and started calling at Riley asking her to send her pokemon out for a battle. Reluctantly, she did.

"Alright Cyndaquil... Go for it!"
The small little Pokemon started shaking when it saw Pidgey. Instead of waiting for a command, Cyndaquil ran behind Riley!
"Ugh noo, you can't run from a battle Cyndaquil... Here, try Ember!" Without thinking Cyndaquil set himself and Riley on fire! "AHH!! Cyndaquil!!!" She ran around in circles till she was convinced the fire was out. The Pidgey flew away after realizing there would be no battle.
"Its okay Cyndaquil, At least we know now that you're pretty strong, no matter how small you are."
"What is it? What do you see..?"
Riley spotted what looked like a giant cloud of smoke in the distance. It was big enough to concern Cyndaquil a great deal.
"Maybe tonight we should stay on Route 29. Its fairly safe, just a few Rattata and Pidgey."
They stayed and trained for a whole day. The smoke got smaller and smaller until night when it finally disappeared completely.

That night, there was no wind and everything seemed much quieter than usual. Riley began thinking how it never seemed this quiet back home. She was always thinking about her brother and how she needed to become as strong as he is.
"Sighh... it'll probably never happen..." "Quill?"
All of a sudden, the wind picked up and started blowing leaves and dirt into the air. It got stronger and stronger forcing the camp fire to go out. Riley grabbed Cyndaquil and they hid under some trees and waited.
The wind got stronger and sticks and debris started flying into the air and then BOOOM Lightning and thunder tore the sky open and dark clouds started swirling above them. It was like nothing Riley had ever seen before. These kinds of storms are usually predicable, but this, this came out of nowhere! She hoped Marty and Alexander were alright. She looked up and saw two figures in the sky. Fire and water was raining down, and then, one figure came hurling down!

"Cyndaquil, we have to move!!!" They ran out of their hiding place but the object came crashing down hard sending them rolling to the ground. Riley held Cyndaquil close to her protecting the small Pokemon. Debris was flying everywhere and Riley thought that if something flying around doesn't kill her, this creature that landed a couple yards away probably will..

And just like that, in the same abrupt way that it came, the storm stopped at once.

Riley stayed there for a moment, then looked over at the giant figure, standing now in front of her. The silver skin and giant white wings were hidden by mud and leaves, but she knew what it was now, without even having to pull out the Pokedex given to her by Professor Elm. This creature was the legendary Lugia.

"ScRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" The bird stood high and spread its wings and gave a great call but then.. It fell back down to the earth with a great thud. And then it seemed to disappear!
She stood up, felt her knees shaking and walked slowly over. Cyndaquil followed by kept behind her. She peered over the bushes at where the bird was and saw nothing! She turned around, looked down at Cyndaquil, then around and still saw nothing! Had she been dreaming the whole time? She held her forehead as a migraine started. She stumbled back a bit and then felt something hit her leg.
She turned back slowly and saw something laying in the grass, it was a boy, and he was naked!!
"Ack! What the?!" She panicked and had no idea what to do, had he been laying in the grass during the whole thing, why was he naked, where was the giant Lugia, what in Arceus's name was goin on here??!!
Chapter 4
~Find out where the Lugia went and who the boy is
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