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Meeting Bay!

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The next morning Riley meets a new rival and Cyndaquil surprises everyone.

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After covering the boy up with her spare sleeping bag, Riley decided the best thing to do would be waiting till he wakes up. She considered running for help but she was afraid that the storm might pick up again. After a few more moments she passed out. Next thing she knew she was waking up again next to him the next morning and Cyndaquil.

"He has really pale skin and dark blue hair... Kinda like the..but thats impossible!" "Quill....."

It was still a pretty far walk to Cherrygrove, so she thought going back to New Bark would be easier when finding help. She knelt down next to the boy.

"I don't know if you can hear me, but ill be back with more people that can help you. Im going to New Bark, my hometown, to find a doctor and Officer Jenny." She sat there for a moment and decided the boy couldn't hear her. She looked at his face and noticed that it almost had a silvery shine over it. His hair was messy but long and soft looking. She slowly took her hand and pulled back some hairs off of his face. He was breathing deeply and made her least he wasn't dead.

"Uhh.. am i interrupting something?"

Riley whipped around fast and could feel her face turning red. She had no idea anyone was around, and watching her!!
"Who are you?! And where did you come from?"

It was another boy, tall, tan skin and light brown hair. He had green eyes and Pichu on his shoulder. "Whoa i didn't mean to scare you, you were on Route 29 so i just assumed that we could have a that boy hurt??" The boy ran over and sat next to Riley. "Im Bay by the way, I'm a Pokémon explorer. Which means i basically just want to see every type of Pokemon. And you are?"

Riley had to admit. This guy was handsome. He had no problem talking so close to her face and having an adorable Pichu of course made him seem even cooler. "Im Riley. Im a trainer. There was a storm last night and-"

"A trainer? YOU? But you're just a little girl. You sure you should be out here by yourself? Pokemon won't hesitate to attack people, even the cute ones" and he winked at her.

Riley took everything she said in her head back. He wasn't cute, he was a sleeze ball!! She didn't need his help and didn't want to battle such a creep!!

"Can you please just go get Officer Jenny..." The boy stood up and nodded. "But first a Pokemon battle Riley!"
She was ready to punch him in the face. "We have to get this boy help first, we need to get--" and out of nowhere something grabbed Riley's ankle. She turned and looked down. The boy's eyes were slightly open and he was mouthing something to her.
"What is it?" She leaned in closer. Bay leaned in too.


"...Well there you have it! The boy wants us to battle too!" Riley sighed and thought the only way to get his help is to show him how tough of a trainer a girl can be.

They stood far apart and looked at each other. "Im sending out my Pichu, its my only Pokemon right now."
Riley: "Cyndaquil is my only Pokemon too." "Cyyynndd!" Cyndaquil seemed very excited for some reason.

Bay made the first move, "Alright Pichu, use thunder wave!" Pichu ran over a bit then sent a small bolt of lightning over that hit Cyndaquil and made him paralyzed.

Riley wasn't liking how the match started but she knew that some Pokemon will get over paralysis. "Cyndaquil. use tackle!" But he did nothing!

Bay laughed, "Oh come on, every trainer knows once youre paralyzed the match is pretty much over, now Pichu, use thundershock!" Another bolt of lightning hit Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil seemed like it was almost ready to tap out. Riley tried the only thing she could think of that didn't require movement.
"Use Ember!"

Cyndaquil stood there for a moment and seemed to be..charging up? The flames on his back got brighter and brighter until Riley had to step back. Then, a shot of flames soared over and engulfed Pichu. The forrest was bright orange from the light and Riley could only stand there in amazement. Her little Pokemon was extremely strong!!

and then the fire suddenly went out. Pichu collapsed in defeat. Riley saw that something had drenched Cyndaquil with water! Standing over Cyndaquil..was the boy. He didn't have a bucket or a cup or anything, the water seemed to come out of nowhere! Then he spoke again. "enough."

There was an awkward silence and then bay spoke up
"Wait, has that boy been naked this whole time?!!"

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~Finally heading to Cherrygrove City
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