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Chapter 9 : Loss of Breath

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Rescue mission. Success or horrible failure?

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"Come on guys, faster!" Jay urged, Jay and Archie were tearing up the mountain, leaving Herry and Neil behind.

"If you slowed down, we'd have time to catch up!" Neil yelled, leaning up against the rock wall, gripping the rocks and closing his eyes. Neil was never really good with heights. Herry was using his powerful arms to pull himself towards the racing two.

"We don't have time Neil!" Archie yelled, getting annoyed. The sun was less brighter, but it was still roasting them; only making Archie's rage boil. They were still a fair distance from the cave opening. They were coming at it from the side, so from their angle they couldn't see the opening very well.

Neil sighed dramatically and climbed more, keeping his head up and watching his hands, making sure he wasn't getting dirt under his fingernails or chipping a nail. Herry was now at Jay and Archie's feet, following closely behind them. As the four of them climbed, little noise escaped their mouths. They could hear the hard roar against the mountain, but nothing else their ears wanted to hear.

Sweat poured from their faces as they climbed the rock. Encouraging words echoed through their heads. Time dragged on as they climbed up, giving the appearance of flies on a screen window from afar. The cave inched closer with exaggerated seconds. As they climbed, the 4 young men noticed that the skies were empty. No birds flying. As from they could see, their was no sign of life in the skies.

"Guys!" Neil called from below. All three stopped and turned their heads down at Neil.

"What?" Archie asked, glaring at Neil for stalling their rescue mission.

Neil didn't say anything. His mouth hung open in a silent gasp. With wide eyes, he turned his head to the tree tops and pointed. A black speck was making itself clearer as it flew in their direction.

"Oh, just great," Archie exclaimed angrily. 'Just Neil's luck to see that,' he thought, turning to Jay. "What else could happen?"

Jay shushed him and watched Synara fly towards them, trying to think of a plan. "Lie against the rock as flat as you can and don't make a sound," he instructed, watching Herry, Archie and Neil press themselves securly into the rock. Jay did the same, once pressed against the wall, he focused on Synara, praying that she wouldn't see them.

Time dragged on as Synara flew closer, oblivious to the 4 boys plastered to the side of the mountain. Synara threw up her wings and dropped onto the top ledge above the entrance, causing a little tumble of pebbles. She shifted her scaly body and dropped into the cave, wings still open. Synara stalked slowly into the cave on her hind legs, quickly disappearing from their veiw.

Jay sighed heavily and relaxed. He turned towards teh other three and nodded. Sighs escaped from their mouths as they relaxed their tense bodies. Jay raised his arm and motioned with his finger to keep moving.

They all knew Theresa and Atlanta were in serious danger now. Their quick pace went much faster. The cave opening became clearer along the side.

Jay and Archie were the first ones to reach the entrance. They quickly dropped their stuff on a rock ledge and made room for Herry and Neil. Herry dropped loudly onto the ledge with Archie and Jay. Neil fell closely behind him, dropping his gear quickly and pulling his mirror out.

"Ugh! I'm all sweaty!" he whined, pully out a frilly white handkercheif and dabbing his fair skin.

With the exception of Neil and his mirror, the other three turned and looked into the darkness of the cave. Squinted eyes searched the cave, looking for any kind of movement to show a sign from the girls.

"Neil, get the flashlight," Herry said, turning to Neil and eyeing the backpack slung over Neil's shoulders. Neil hmphed and put his mirror back in his pocket, along with his hankie. He took the backpack and opened it up. He dug around for only a second, pulling out a large silver and black flashligh. He handed it to Herry and stood up, putting the backpacks on his shoulder.

"Wait," Archie started, turning back to Neil and opening the backpack again. "Weapons?" he stated, Archie pulled out a large net, Atlanta's bolos and a pair of Theresa's nun-chucks. He shoved the bolos in his pocket and handed Jay Theresa's nun-chucks, which Jay pocketed as well.

"Let's go," Jay said simply, turning into the cave. Herry turned the flashlight on and scanned the floor, the little white light making a path through the darkness. They held their breath as they heard a faint noise from ahead of them.

Herry jerked the light ahead of them. A quick glimpse of Synara's nest came into view, but Herry paid little attention to it. The white light of the flashlight fell on Synara's scaly green back, her wings flared open even in the enclosed space. From the flashlight, the four teenagers could see a glimpse of red and orange hair.

Herry roared as he recognized Atlanta and Theresa's hair. He ran forward and raised the flashlight with both hands. He brought it down on Synara's head. Synara shrieked as the light momentarily blinded her. From the bright explosion of light as the flashlight exploded, Jay, Neil and Archie could see the prediciment that the girls were in. Synara had her strong claws fixed tightly around their necks, choking them. Their fingers grasping weakly at the iron hold around their necks.

The smash from the collision of the flashlight dazed Synara. She dropped Theresa and Atlanta and staggered. The girls fell hard; lying on the ground they gasped in air in thankful gasps.

Neil had managed to crack some glow sticks during Herry's violent attack. Green light flooded the cave as Archie threw the net over Synara. Herry, Jat and Neil jumped and helped Herry and Archie pin Synara down. Herry pulled out his unbreakable rope and tied it tightly around Synara, enclosing her inside the net. She struggled and tried to break free; her wings tangled around her. Herry ignored her struggling and sat on top of her, causing her to shriek and twist.

"Keep her steady, Herry," Jay said, checking Herry's knot tying work. A moaning sound caught his ears and he finally remembered why they were in the dank cave. "Theresa! Atlanta!" he shouted suddenly, bringing attention to the limp bodies on the ground.

Archie rushed towards Atlanta. Atlanta was lying on her side, rubbing her throat. Their were red marks in the shape of fingers still on her neck.

"Atlanta? You okay?" Archie said, trying to cover his shaking voice with a series of fake coughs. He grabbed the underside of Atlanta's arms gently and lifted her up. She stumbled and grabbed onto Archie's arms, falling into him. Archie's face burned as Atlanta's petite body pressed into him. He coughed loudly, and helped Atlanta straighten herself out again, holding her shoulder as they laid her hand on the cave wall. She was still taking deep and heavy breaths.

"Here," Archie mumbled, handing Atlanta his water bottle. She took it graciously, giving him a thankful look. She obviously hadn't found her voice yet. She took a large sip and coughed as the warm liquid oozed down her dry throat.

"Sorry, it's kinda warm," Archie mumbled again, thankful for the dark. Atlanta handed Archie his water bottle back.

"Just a little, yeah," she spoke, her voice was quiet and rough. She managed to smile. Atlanta coughed again, still trying to clear her throat.

Jay was at Theresa's side just as Archie had rushed to Atlanta. Theresa lay halfway on her stomach. Her long hair obscured her face. She was coughing a lot. Jay gently laid his hands on her shoulders, she started at his touch. He gently sat her up, kneeling down so that they were at eye level. Her eyes were drooped and she was breathing heavily. Just like Atlanta, there were red finger marks on her neck. She had her hands on her face, hiding her expression.

"Theresa?" Jay whispered, hands still on her shoulders. He hated seeing her like this, almost helpless. She lowered her hands and looked Jay in the eyes. He noticed the few tears falling down her face. He brought up a gentle hand and cupped her cheek, wiping the tear away with his thumb. She smiled weakly and took a deep shaky breath.

Jay broke eye contact with her to reach over to the backpack and pull out a water bottle. He turned back again and handed it to Theresa. Her hand lingered on his before he released the bottle, smiling softly.

"We good?" Jay said, standing up and offering a helping hand to Theresa. She grabbed his hand and felt herslef being lifted up by Jay's arms. She stood and wobbled.

"Whoa...dizzy," she mumbled, putting one hand to her head as she found her proper footing. Jay looked around. Atlanta and Theresa seemed strong enough to keep going. But would it be enough? It was a very long walk they took that morning. 'Wow, was it only that morning when this all happened,' Jay thought, shaking his head, clearing his mind.

"Umm...Jay, how are we supposed to get down?" Neil said, looking at Jay.

"Yeah, do we have enough gear to climb back down?" Herry asked, still sitting on a struggling Synara and inclining his head towards Atlanta and Theresa.

"We should...Neil is there any extra ropes and stuff?" Jay said, startling Neil who was trying to check his reflection in the dark. He hastly put the mirror away and dug through the bag. He pulled out 2 sets of climbing gear.

"Wow, Odie thought of everything," Herry said. "What else is in there? I'm hungry," he said, reaching for the bag with a hungry look in his eye.

They all managed to set their gear up again. They tied the left over rope into a kind of pulley to set Synara back onto the ground. The descent was a slow one, they were all in no rush so they took it slowly. Atlanta and Theresa still seemed a little shaken, but they were strong willed. They took the descent easily and a bit quicker then the 4 boys.

The sky was darkening as they trecked through the forest for the last time. Synara saw slung over Herry's shoulder. She had given up shrieking and was now hissing and growling at anyone. Herry took the back and Theresa and Atlanta stayed in front, leading the way.

Odie was waiting for them at the beach. His laptop was already in his bag and he seemed to be ready to go. "We should leave soon, I think a storm is coming,"

They all threw their gear into the boat as Jay readied the sails. Synara was tossed in and covered in a spare blanket found in the backpack. He took to the water in no time. The group turned and looked at the island as it grew smaller. They were sailing in a storm, but the weather didn't bother them. They watched as the waves got rougher as they sailed on. Jay managed to control the boat enough not to go over the larger waves. Theresa and Atlanta sat side by side at the back of the boat, watching the island disapear. They each were saying silent goodbyes and hoping they would never see that horrible island again.


WOOOOOPIE! That took my two full days! I finished typing this at 8:51 PM! My goodness. I was typing this and IMing my friend for the past half hour. Oh man...I am so happy I'm finished typing this. I loved how fluffy I made the A/A and J/T moment there. Teeheee. I was going to write one more chapter and then end this story all together but......DUN DUN DUN! You'll have to wait until Chapter 10 to find out about the future of Beauty Kills!
I should start writing Chapter 10 soon enough....just as soon as my hands are healed from writing and typing.
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