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Chapter 10 : Stormy Rejoice

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Jay only just managed to control the wheel until the wind picked up. Herry had to come over and hold onto the wheel as well to keep it from spinning out of control. Archie was no where to be seen, his fear of the water had made him escape into the tiny "basement" bunker of the boat. Neil and Odie were huddled near the back of the boat, holding onto a railing for dear life. Theresa and Atlanta managed to stay calm, holding onto each other and the railings as well. Synara was still held tightly in her net, but she was thrashed around as the waves splashed over the side of the deck, getting some young crew members wet and shivvering.

"Hold on Herry!" Jay yelled, his voice drowning as waves and wind clashed together. Herry must have heard a fraction of Jay's words, his knuckles were starting to turn white holding onto the wheel. Jay blinked the water away from his face. As lightning flashed through the sky, Jay could see the outline of a giant wave. They all securly had a lifejacket on, but what if one of them fell overboard? Where would the current take them? Would they ever find them again? Worrying questions raced through Jay's head as he watched the wave crash forward, his vision clouding up from the water. As Jay and Herry held the wheel steady, the wave came crashing into them. If it weren't for their iron grips on the railings and each other, they would of been washed away into the ocean. If only the same thing could be said about Synara. The wave came crashing down and lifted the bodies from the boat. Since Synara's body was the only one not secured, her scaly body was tossed over the side and lost to the icy depths.

"Jay! Synara went -," Theresa coughed, her hair plastered to her face as she spat up some water. "Synara went overboard!" she yelled, lifting her head, staring at the dark figure in the rain. Jay heard Theresa's voice over the pounding rain. He blinked and shook his head; wet brown hair flying out of his eyes. How was he going to explain this to Hera?

The storm raged on. But like most ocean storms, it came, destroyed and left, leaving a mess behind. The mess was the thought swimming in Jay's head. Once the storm calmed down enough that Jay could control the boat, Archie came out. He was literally green. He saw how the waves were calming down, but felt the motion of the boat. He ran towards the rim of the boat and threw up. He hung limply over the boat, eyes closed and groaning.

"So Synara's gone? How will we tell Hera?" Neil said, visiously combing his hair.

"She'll probably just drown down there anyway," Atlanta said, untying the secured and damp gear from the railing. They had to be fastened to the railing so they didn't lose anything in the storm.

"Good riddance," Archie moaned, turning to look at his team mates. His face had turned a pale green colour and his eyes were droopy. They all were walking about the boat in a slow manner, cleaning up the storms reckage. Archie turned and slide down onto the floor, leaning his head against the side and closing his eyes.

The water finally managed to calm down. The five remainging teens watched as their leader steered them into the boat bay. Jay was still worried about what Hera would think. He succeeded but at the same time, he thought he failed. Jay knew Hera would be disappointed in Synara's loss, but pleased to know they were all safe. At this point in time, Jay would never know Hera's mood. The rest of the group were anxious to get off the water.

"God, I'm starving! Let's go out for dinner," Herry exclaimed, answering the loud rumble coming from his stomach. The others nodded in agreement. They all hopped out and helped Jay anchor and secure the boat to the docks.

"So, how's Mexican food sound?" Neil said, pulling his mirror out and walking forward. Groans and snickers came from the six teens behind him.

"What?" Neil said dumbfoundly, turning to stare at his friends, oblivious to his own joke.

Ten minutes later (C:I was lazy OK!)

Jay pulled out the damp call card with Vladimir's number on it. He borrowed Odie's cellphone and punched in the few numbers. 2 minutes later Jay had arranged a ride from Vladimir. He came in the same limo from their mornings drive. They threw the few damp bags in the trunk and headed off.

"Let's go to our hotel first, I need to freshen up," Neil said, looking at the bags under his eyes and sighing.

"I do need to get out of these dirty clothes," Theresa agreed, grabbing the rim of her shirt and rubbing it with her thumbs.

When they arrived at their hotel, Neil was the first one out. Hermes had managed to set them up with 2 rooms. A large one with extra beds for the five guys and a smaller one for Theresa and Atlanta. Neil rushed forward to their door and slid the door key in. As the guys filed in, the girls went to the door that led to the stairs. Their room was on the second floor, right above the guys. Atlanta walked towards their room number, 186, and unlocked the handle with the swipe of her room card.

They were welcomed by a pasty brown coloured wall. To their left was the bathroom. They kept walking towards their suitcases and beds. Their was a wooden desk in one corner with a lamp and phone on it. The lamp had little beads hanging off the rim and a little castuses on the cover. Their was a screen door that led to the small balcony, over looking the city. The sun was above the horizan, almost sunset. The perfect time of the day.

Theresa walked over to her purple and green luggage cases. She unzipped the larger one and started removing sets of clothes. She was pulling out shirts upon shirts, pants and skirts galore. Atlanta stared at her dumbfoundly.

"I'm taking a shower," she said dully, unzipping her small suit case and pulling out her small bathroom bag and her outfit. She shot Theresa a quizzing look, but Theresa was too entranced in her clothes to notice.

As Atlanta entered the bathroom, she caught her reflection in the mirror. She couldn't help but stare. Their were light purple bruises on her neck. Synara's hand had been so tight, it literally left bruises! Atlanta sighed and pulled out her shampoos.

Atlanta was in and out in ten minutes. She had a clean shirt and a new pair of caprees on. She was wearing a dark blue tank top that went well with her fair skin and black caprees. Theresa even thought she was wearing mascara.

"Is that my Atlanta?" Theresa asked, turning towards her friend and looking her up and down. "Damn, you look fine," Theresa said, jokingly.

"Oh shut up!" Atlanta said, hiding her smile as she grabbed a throw pillow off the bead and chucked it at Theresa's head. "Hurry up, I know Herry's hungry, he might eat Vladimir if he doesn't eat soon." Theresa's shower lasted longer than ten minutes. When she opened the door, a small cloud of steam oozed out.

"Man, it's like a sauna in there!" she joked, walking out wrapped only in her towel. She unravveled the smaller one from the top of her head, damp hair falling around her shoulders. "I need some air," she said, walking towards the screen door, leading to the small patio.

"Theresa! Your only in a towel!" Atlanta exclaimed, watching her friend open the door in shock.

"I just need some air, that's all," she said innocently, sticking her head out and taking a deep breath. "Ahh...don't you love the smell of the ocean?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's nice. Hurry up and get dressed," Atlanta sighed, sinking back into her spot on the tiny couch.

Theresa sighed again and closed the screen door, glaring at her friend as she walked past her. She once again disappeared into the steamy bathroom.

"Atlanta! Theresa! Will you hurry up!" a voice called from outside. Atlanta recognized the voice and walked towards the screen door. She walked out onto the small balcony and looked down. Their standing in front of the limo was Archie, Jay, Herry and Odie. 'Neil must still be in the bathroom,' she thought, turning to the guys below. "Theresa's almost finished, we'll be down soon!" she called, closing the door and locking it. Just as she locked the door, Theresa walked out of hers.

Theresa was wearing a royal purple halter top and a white lacy skirt. Well, the skirt wasn't very lacy, but in Atlanta's case, it was definetly fancy. Theresa had left her hair down, but they way she styled it, it was as if the hair stylist was in the bathroom.

"We ready to go now?" Atlanta said sarcastically. Theresa laughed, grabbed her purse from off the bead and walked towards the door. Atlanta and Theresa walked towards the guys leaning against the car. The girls' eyebrows raised at their team mates change in wardrobe. They were out of the their dirty clothes and actually looked...casual. Jay was wearing a blue and green polo t-shirt and jeans. Herry had on a light blue t-shirt with some buttons undone, revealing his tanned skin; wearing his khaki shorts as usual. Archie was wearing a plain light green shirt that fitted well with his skin, he was also wearing jeans. Odie was wearing a deep red shirt and blue jeans, he was so small next to the three larger guys next to him.

"Wow, you guys clean up good," Theresa laughed. She noticed one member missing. "Hey, where's Neil?"

"Right here!" he called, making them turn. Jaws fell open. Neil was dressed in dark blue jeans and a glossy white shirt. Was it velvet? He had taken forever to pick out his outfit and he still looked like a runway model, as usual. Everything was so easy for Neil, almost to east.


I'm ending it there for today! MUAHAHAHA! That's only part one of Chapter 10! I really sucked at that boat scene. I thought it was good when I was writing it, but typing it was hard. Oh well, another thing to add to the ol' list. I've already written half of Part 2. I'm trying really hard to squeeze in some J/T and A/A fluff! There will definetly be some in it though, no doughts about that. I think most of you would of figured out how Synara's escapes after this chapter. That was the question I was going to ask you, but I'm a big girl and I figured it out all by myself! Part 2 will either be up tomorrow or Sunday! Chaos 101 is this week! I can't wait!
Have a good weekand!
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