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Chapter 10 : Stormy Rejoice {Part 2}

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Everyone needs a good party everynow and then, right?

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The restuarant was bubbly and warm. The seven teens got a big table by the window, just in time for the sunset. They sat at their table, enjoying their meal and laughing. Past events brought up snorts through food and coughing up drinks. Herry was shoveling his 12th taco, the waitress ended up bringing him a whole platter, winking at him and telling him to help himself in a thick accent.

"Whoa Herry, maybe you should eat more, not like your flattering her enough anyway," Archie said, taking a sip from his coke and smiling smugly.

"What? Flattery?" Herry grunted, a leaf of lettuce hanging from the corner of his mouth. The rest of them burst out laughing. Herry shrugged and took a humongous bite out of his next taco, biting half of it off.

Herry had an entire section of the table to himself and his food. It was needed thought, his meal had taken up so much space. Neil sat next to Herry, a dangerous move, but with his luck, none of Herry's flying food debri hit him. Sitting next to Neil was Atlanta, and beside her sharing the veiw of the window was Archie. Theresa was sitting next to Odie having small chats with Jay, who sat across from Archie.
i Archie Atlanta Neil Herry
d Jay Theresa Odie
w Making sense? GOOD

"Do you only own polo shirts Jay?" Theresa said, turning her olive eyes towards their leader and staring at his shirt and back up at him.

"No, their just a favourite of mine," Jay laughed, Theresa's curiosity amused him. "What about you? I never knew you owned a skirt," he said casually, his eyes drawing down from her face to her neck. There he remembered the bruises. He turned his head away and nervously grabbed his drink.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, Jay," Theresa laughed quietly. She turned her eyes again to Jay and noticed his distant eyes. "What? What's wrong?" she asked, this wasn't like Jay.

"Nothing, I just noticed the marks on your neck again..," he whispered, making Theresa lean in to hear his quiet voice over all the others in the restuarant. She had almost forgotten about her bruises. She raised her hand and felt for the bruised marks. She winced lightly as her fingers found one.

"Nothing a little make-up can't cover up," Theresa said, forcing out a smile. Jay's eyes lit up a little, but he still turned his head away. Theresa noticed this. She laid her hand gently on his and caught his attention, making eye contact. "It's not your fault Jay, I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself," she said, raising her free arm and flexing her muscle.

This made Jay laugh. Theresa joined in. She shot a quick glance at Atlanta and Archie before bringing her attention back to Jay. Atlanta was sitting comfortably next to Archie. If only Archie was comfortable. He knew that Atlanta and him argued, he enjoyed it really. He knew that earlier that day, he really was worried about Atlanta. And she knew it too. That's what they were arguing about. Well, more like teasing. Atlanta was making fun of Archie, who was trying to deny it all.

"Please, don't lie to me Arch'," she snickered, taking a bite out of her almost finished taco salad. Archie sighed and took a long sip from him drink.

"Honestly Atlanta, I was worried about Theresa too," Archie said, his hand shaking, as he noticed this, he slammed his drink down.

"It's just funny, that's all," she laughed, punching him playfully on the arm and laughing. Archie shrugged and nugged her arm back, earning himself an ear flick when he turned to look out the window.

"Oww!" Archie yelped, turning sharply to glare at Atlanta. She had her drink in hand and was staring off somewhere else, whistling. "Oh, very funny," Archie said, pinching her skin under her armpit. Atlanta squeaked. Archie raised his eyebrows at her unexpected sound. Atlanta shuffled in her chair and stood up.

"Is everyone finished eating?" she said, crossing her arms to protect them from Archie's pinching. The rest of the group looked at their empty plates and nodded. Herry shoveled the last remains of his taco and said something that sounded like a yes, but with a mouth full of taco.

"Come on you guys, let's go party!" Neil said, jumping in his seat with excitement. Atlanta flagged the waitress over and she took the dishes. An amazing thing to see as she balanced most of the plates, plus some. The waitress brought the check over and laid it on the table. She also laid down seven mints. Herry and Neil lunged for theirs. Before Jay could reach and take the check, Theresa's swift hand made it there first.

"Ah, ah, I'm paying tonight," she said, not even looking at the price. Jay started to protest but Theresa laid her finger on his lips to shush him. "You saved mine and Atlanta's lives, it's only fair," she said, picking up her purse and walking towards the teller. Jay smiled and sighed as they all stood up and followed Theresa.
Ten Minutes Later
The music was blaring in the limo. Neil had requested the radio, just his luck he loved the song that was playing. Vladmir turned up the radio at Neil's request. Loud upbeat music blared in the back. Vladimir was taking them to a small, yet popular club where they all could do some small partying before they pack it in.

The limo stopped. Vladmir turned the radio off and turned around. "Call me when you want a ride," he said, giving a small wave as he watched the teenagers exit the car. They each entered the door into a dimly light area. There was a large dance floor and a classic juxebox. There were a couple people dancing. On the other side was a bar, they all knew they wouldn't be drinking, there were even people sitting at the bar. Across the bar were a couple dozen tables.

Neil whooped loudly and danced towards the juxebox. He plastered his face on the glass screen and started flicking the pages with the button. An upbeat pop song came on, one of Neil's favourites, again. Then again, with his luck all of his favourite songs would be playing. The others laughed as Neil broke out onto the dance floor. Soon enough the others joined him. As the team laughed and danced, local people came in. The small group consitted of two young men and three girls.

Their were 5 songs on each disc. When they came to the fifth song, Atlanta walked towards the juxebox, wiping a bead of sweat of her forehaed. She stood by the machine and browsed. A loud laugh came from behind her, she turned and spotted four of her friends sitting at a table. Theresa and Herry were dancing still. He was holding her hand and waist, she was laughing. Theresa's feet were on Herry's and he was twirling her like mad.

"Hey," a voice said beside her, making Atlanta jump. She turned to look up into light blue eyes. It was one of the guys that came in earlier. He had dark brown hair that was messy in some spots. He had soft facial features and was smiling broadly at Atlanta.

"Uh..hi," Atlanta stuttered, blinking and trying to smile.

"My name's Carlos," he said, his mexican accent making itself clear. He stuck out his tanned hand. Atlanta stared at it and shook his hand gently. He smiled again and stared at the juxebox. "Having trouble picking?" he said, glancing at Atlanta and back at the music selection. "Here, one of my personal favourites," he said, a somewhat slow song came on, yet it was still fast. Carlos offered his hand again, "Care to dance?"

Neil nudged Archie and twitched his head in the direction of two people. "Hey, Arch', looks like Atlanta's getting to know the locals," Neil said, staring at the nervous Atlanta dancing with a brown haired boy. Archie glared at the two twirling teens. He didn't even know the boy, but he already hated his guts.

"Don't be to jealous, Arch'," Jay said, looking at Archie's angry face. Atlanta was obviously nervous around this boy. Archie might of noticed her nervousness if it wasn't for his sure jealousy. Jay smirked and directed his attention to Theresa and Herry. They had slowed down, Theresa was laughing along with Herry. Her white skirt twirled endlessly. The song finally crooned its last note as it ended. Herry gently lifted Theresa off of his feet and set her down on the ground.

"Whoa, I'm dizzy," Theresa said, wobbling a bit as she walked back to their table. As she walked back, she noticed Atlanta and the mysetery boy. Atlanta let go of Carlos' hands. He asked for another dance later on; Atlanta responded with a "maybe".

She walked back to their table and sat next to Theresa. She grabbed her cola and took a sip. More people were entering the club, but all the eyes at their table were on her.

"What?" Their eyes darted away. Theresa coughed loudly and linked arms with Atlanta.

"I have to go the bathroom, what about you Atlanta?" she said, before Atlanta could answer, Theresa was rushing towards the restrooms. As Theresa pushed open the door, she was soon bonbarding Atlanta with questions.

"What's his name? How old is he? Do you like him? What did you talk about?"

"Whoa! Whoa! His name is Carlos, he's your age, not that much and not alot!" Atlanta said, stepping over towards the mirror. Theresa looked at her friend's reflection and then back at her own. Her own reflection was puzzled. She took out her lipgloss and started applying.

"You gonna dance with him later?" she said, smacking her now glossy lips together. Theresa put her lip gloss away and snapped her purse shut.

"I don't think so..." Atlanta said, staring at herself in the mirror.

"What about Archie then?" Theresa said, smiling. Atlanta stared at her friend's reflection. Theresa raised her eyebrows, giving the appearance that that topic was done.

"Ok, come one, we still gotta do some more partying before the night is over," Theresa said, grabbing Atlanta's hand and opening the door. As they came out, there were quite a few people dancing. Atlanta and Theresa made their way through the floor and came back to their table. There were only four at the table. Neil must be out dancing. That boy sure knew how to party. Theresa and Atlanta plunked themselves down. Jay was staring at his hands, moving his head slightly to the music. Archie was staring into oblivion with a frustrated look on his face. Herry and Odie were staring at the dance floor, watching a group of girls dancing and laughing.

"I think I'm gonna ask one of those girls to dance," Herry said, standing up and straightning his shirt. He walked confidently over to the dancing girls. Odie sighed and sat back in his chair.

"Odie, you shouldn't be so shy," Theresa said, staring at her unhappy friend. "Come on, come dance with me, you can show them how good you are," she said laughing as she grabbed a protesting Odie.

"I get the next dance!" Jay called after her. Theresa turned and smiled before disappearing into the dancing crowd with Odie. Their table was queit after. Archie's eyes shifted to Atlanta, and back to his drink. "I'm gonna go use the bathroom," Jay said uncomfortably. He raised his eyebrows at Archie when Atlanta wasn't looking. Archie glared at Jay and Jay snickered. Jay walked away towards the bathrooms.

"So, ugh, Atlanta, how do you like Mexico so far?" Archie asked, mentally pushing aside his jealouy and smiling calmly at her. Atlanta smiled, she was happy that Archie wasn't mad at her. Their conversation went from small and quiet to electic and loud. Atlanta laughed at Archie's corny jokes. Archie stared into Atlanta's eyes, happy to be so close to her again. They ended up arm wrestling, it lasted long. Their hands twined together as they fought against their equal strengths.

"Getting cozy are we?" Neil said, staring down at Archie and Atlanta. Their faces were inches from each other. They both coughed loudly and released their hands, both faces burning. Neil giggled and sat down, taking out his hankercheif and dabbing his forehead.

"Ugh! I need to go and freshen up," Neil exclaimed, rushing towards the bathrooms. Odie and Herry returned. Herry was red in the face and Odie was breathing heavily.

"How'd dancing go?" Archie asked, smiling. Herry started explaining the girl he danced with. Herry had fun. Odie explained how hard it was to keep up with Theresa. She must of been working Odie, trying to bring the other girls' attention on him.

"Where is Theresa?" Atlanta asked, almost knowing the answer. Odie threw his hand over his shoulder, directing his thumb to the dance floor. Atlanta spotted Theresa, hand in hand with Jay. They were dancing quite fast to the music. Their feet moving around in a circle, arms swinging. They smiled at each other and laughed. Jay was actually relaxed and enjoying himself. Something rarely seen.

"Anybody got a camers? We could use this as blackmail," Archie said, turning to Atlanta. "Is there one in Theresa's purse?" Atlanta smiled and grabbed Theresa's purse. Atlanta pulled out her PMR and focused the camera. She snapped a perfect shot of Jay smiling down at Theresa with their hands in the air.

"Wonderful, now we have something to use against him," Herry laughed. Atlanta passed the PMR around, earning laughs around the table. When it came back to her, she put it back in Theresa's purse. Neil came back and looked at his friends sitting at the table, to Jay and Theresa dancing.

"Come on you guys, we came here to party, so let's party!" he exclaimed, dancing to the music.

"Come on, Arch', let's go dance," Atlanta said, grabbing Archie's arm and pulling him up. 'Neil's right, we are here to party,' she thought, draggin Archie to go and join Jay and Theresa. They didn't join hands, but they were close enough to each other to feel the heat coming off. The dance floor was crowded enough. Soon, all seven were on the dance floor. Odie and Herry had found a pretty girl each to dance with. Herry towered over a short blonde girl. Odie was dancing with a red head around his height. Neil was surrounded by beautiful girls, but he paid little attention to them. Jay and Theresa were still dancing together, laughing and smiling. Archie and Atlanta were having a "dance" off. Whoever could look the funniest really.

As the night got later, the friends left the club, laughing even more than they had any other day. Their bonds of friendship even stronger.


Part 2! There will be one last Chapter for the teams final day in Mexico. I have an idea of what's going to happen, but suggestions are open! I need the help as it is. I know the first thing is going to be : More J/J fluff! More A/A fluff! Trust me, that's going to happen. I invented Carlos, he is my lover. He is mine. I shall call him Carlos and he shall be mine. He lives in my closet. It's a little musty in there, but he'll get used to it. I hope you had fun reading this, I know I did!
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