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Chapter 11 : Sand and Sensibility {Morning}

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I know, finally she updates! I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. Anyway, the morning after. Not a lot going on in this chapter, that I'm ashamed of.

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Loud thundering knocks came from the outside of the door. Two lumps under seperate sheets groaned and moved slightly. A small beam of sunlight shone through the closed curtains and cast a ray of light over the dark forest green carpet. Another loud bang on the door arouse another set of twin groans from the beds.

"Come on girls! Up and at 'em!" Jay's voice called, slightly muffled through the thick wooden door.

"I don't remember requesting a wake-up call!" Atlanta called, turning onto her stomach and shoving her pillow over her head. Theresa groaned loudly, lifting her head up, hair astrewn all over her face. She blew loudly and pushed some hair out of her eyes. Theresa squinted as she searched for the clock on the night table.

"It's only 7:30!" she groaned, closing her eyes and re-adjusting herself comfortably again, hoping to find sleep again.

Jay sighed and smiled as he shoved his hands in his pockets. He stared at the dark wooden door. Hearing muffled groans from inside.

"Well, you know where we are," he said, trying not to sound disappointed. "Don't be long! We have to see come of this city before we leave!" he called, smiling again before turning towards the stairs. He stalked back down the hall to their room. Sure he was the only one up in his room, but it was only a matter of time before the other four were awake. Jay reached the door and slid the key in. As he opened the door, he noticed out of the corner of his eye, that the bathroom door was closed. With a quick glance at the jumble of beds, Jay realized that Archie must be in the shower.

Odie was sleeping peacefully, his green tinged glasses on top of his laptop, which was hidden under the bed. He had his pillow over his head as well, Jay could understand. Herry and Neil's snores were overpowering for their ears. Herry was lying starfish on his bed, sheets tangled around him. Neil was wearing his eye mask as he slept peacefully, small jumbled words escaping his mouth in between loud snores.

Jay meandered in between the beds, stepping carefully to not make any noise or step on anything. He finally reached his bed and sat down comfortably, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on to a News Station, quickly turning the volume down. A small creak escaped from the bathroom door as Archie walked out, his purple hair lay flat on his head, still wet. His eyes flickered to the TV momentarilty, before turning to Jay on the bed.

"Where did you go?" Archie said, raising an eyebrow at Jay as he walked queitly to his duffel bag and zipped it open quickly. Archie was wearing a pair of balck basketball shorts and a gold yellow t-shirt.

"I went to go and wake up the girls," Jay said, keeping his eyes on the news, looking for anything abnormal.

"Any luck?" Archie responded, smiling. Jay just shook his head and laughed silently. Archie smiled again, walking over to his bed carefully, and plopping himself down. A loud bark of laugh came from Neil suddenly. He gasped and sat up, startling himself. He tossed his head from side to side, searching for the thing responsible for the noise. Archie shared an amused look with Jay, laughing quietly.

"Where'd that come from?" Neil slurred, he was obviously still half asleep.

"Your mouth," Archie said smugly. Neil sighed and fell heavily against his mattress, raising his hand and adjusting his eye mask. He quickly drifted off in his slumber shortly. As Neil slept, Odie and Herry awoke and dressed, leaving Neil the only one still sleeping.

Herry and Odie quietly found random hotel items to put on Neil. They ended up shoving rolled up kleenax's in Neil's nostrils. Cotton balls soon followed in Neil's ears. They all covered their mouths to muffle their bursting laughter. Archie took out his PMR and snapped the picture. As if on cue, Neil mumbled and tried breathing through his nose. He snorted loudly, his closed mouth twitching. He frantically reached up on of his hands and scratched his ear. A small grunt of suprise came from Neil. He opened his mouth in suprise.

"What the -?" he started, lifting his eye mask and lowering his hand to his nose.

"Oh very funny guys! What is this? Tissue?!" Neil exclaimed, grabbing frantically at the debris shoved up his nose and ears. The four boys burst out laughing. Neil scoffed at the laughing boys and tore his was off the mattress. The laughing boys snickered as Neil glared at them as he slammed the bathroom door shut. A loud muffled rumble erupted from Herry's stomach.

"Oh man, when's breakfast?" he said, patting his stomach thoughtfully.

"I agree, let's go eat!" Odie said, jumping up and walking towards the bathroom door. He raised his hand and banged on the door. A loud yelp was heard from Neil. The knock must of suprised him.

"Neil, were going for breakfast!" Odie called, rolling his eyes. "We'll be downstairs!" he called again, shrugging at the guys and opening the door.


Theresa and Atlanta tossed and turned uner their individual covers. That beam of sunlight had gotten brighter as the few minutes dragged on. Jay's morning 'wake-up' call had succeded. Jay had indeed woken up the girls, to their displeasure. Their goal was to get back to sleep, but once they were awake, they had no luck brining the sand man back.

"Damn it Jay," Atlanta mumbled, raising her heavy head. She blinked and raised her hand and wiped the chunks of sleep away from her tired eyes. She sighed loudly and rested on her elbows, turning her head towards the mass of fire orange hair across from her.

"Terri," she started, her voice sounding groggy. Theresa moaned and mumbled, moving quietly. "Theresa," she said, raising her volume. Atlanta reached over and grabbed the spare pillow next to her head. She aimed carefully and chucked it at Theresa's head. Theresa grunted and raised her head, giving Atlanta a dirty look through the curtain of hair in front of her face.

"It slipped," Atlanta laughed, sitting up and shrugging, smiling innocently. Theresa smiled and raised herself up stiffly. She sat up, sighed and stretch her stiff arms. She then quickly grabbed a pillow and threw it at Atlanta.

"It's only fair," she giggled, which quickly turned into a shriek as Atlanta jumped up and bombarded Theresa with pillow attack. Shrieks and giggles erupted as a violent pillow fight broke out between the two girls. Atlanta's lightning quick reflexes gave her the advantage to dodge Theresa's hard swigning pillow. Atlanta steadied herself as Theresa twisted on the spot from her last swing. Atlanta raised her pillow and swung as hard as she could. Theresa saw a glimpse of Atlanta's rivalry pillow nearing her quickly. She shrieked loudly and raised her pillow in defense, swinging blindly.

Both pillows collided in air, making a loud smacking sound. The collision of the pillows caused the two girls to fly back, sending out bursts of giggles.

Atlanta fell onto the bed behind her, bouncing on the mattress, laughing loudly. The force from Atlanta's strong swing had caused Theresa to be sent flying on her bed, only having to bounce across it and fall off the other end, disappearing froim veiw.

Atlanta giggled softly and sighed. She stared at the egg white ceiling, feeling her chest raise up and down as she breathed heavily. "Theresa?" Atlanta breathed, sitting up and resting on her elbows, looking at the place where Theresa disappeared. When no repsonse came, Atlanta sat up completely.

"Terri?" Atlanta said nervously, standing up slowly. "Theresa, don't joke around," she said, adding a serious tone to her voice as she inched towards Theresa's bed. Atlanta crept towards the space in between the bed and the wall, the place where Theresa disappeared off the bed. Atlanta looked down to find Theresa lying on the ground, her eyes closed and shaking.

Theresa lay on her side, her eyes closed in a dream like state as she looked around in her vision world. Her hands were balled into iron tight fists, her knuckles white. Her fists were curled up on her chest. Her legs twitching, making small kicking movements.

"Theresa!" Atlanta called, falling to the floor next to her and grabbing Theresa's tightly closed hands. She hastly lifted Theresa up, resting her hand on the back of her neck for support. Once Theresa was steady, Atlanta started smacking her cheek lightly. "Wake up! Come on Theresa!" Atlanta exclaimed, ceasing the small smacking and waving her hand in front of her face, sending small waves of air on Theresa's face.

Theresa breathed heavily, her fists shaking. She shook her head and gasped loudly, finally snapping open her eyes. Theresa breathed sharply and frantically looked around in confusion.

"Atlanta?" she said finally, gazing at her worried friend.

"Oh god, Theresa, what did you see?" Atlanta sighed in relief, letting Theresa go and resting her head against the cold wall. Theresa rested her hand on the side of her face, gathering her thoughts.

"I'm still not sure, it was like I was underwater or something. I had trouble breathing, and I couldn't move," Theresa explained, watching Atlanta nervously. Atlanta nodded slightly, urging Theresa to continue. "The vision was like that the whole time, then...I saw two glowing red eyes, and then I woke up," she finished, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Huh," Atlanta said, trying not to sound suprised. She really had no idea what Theresa's vision meant. But the real thought was if it was something to worry about.

"Do you think I should tell Jay?" Theresa said, her voice quiet.

"You shouldn't, he'll just get all worked up. Tell him when we get back, if you want to tell him at all that is. It's up to you," Atlanta suggested, looking at Theresa thoughtfully. Theresa glanced away, thinking of her situation.

"You right, I'll tell him later," Theresa said, smiling. Atlanta smiled back and stood up, offering her hand to Theresa and helping her up.

"We should at least have some fun on our last day," Atlanta said, walking over to her bad and straightening the pillows and sheets.

"Yeah, your right," Theresa agreed, making her bed as well and grabbing her suitcase. She pushed through her clothes slowly, not all concentrating. She was worried about her vision, but was it really something to worry about? It didn't have a real clue or meaning behind it...did it?

"Digging for tresure?" Atlanta asked, eyeing Theresa nervously. Theresa had been digging through her clothes for a few minutes, a blank look on her face.

"Just tired, that's all," Theresa said, snapping her eyes open to reality and smiling at Atlanta. Atlanta smiled back and grabbed her bathroom bag, heading towards the bathroom. Theresa sighed heavily and grabbed her day's clothes.


"Herry, pass the syrup," Archie said to his friend across the table. Herry as usual, had a towering stack of pancakes smothered in syrup on his plate. Herry grunted and grabbed the syrup bottle, stretching his arm across the table to Archie's outstretched hand. Archie quickly doused his Belgian Waffle in syrup and set it down in front of his plate. Neil had a large fruit salad in front of him. Everynow and then he would make a disgusted face and discard a peice of fruit he didn't like into his napkin. Odie was staring at his laptop and spooning large cereal flakes into his mouth. Jay ate his toast and scrambled eggs slowly, drinking his orange juice thoughtfully, his thoughts muddled.

"Morning boys, what's for breakfast?" Atlanta said suddenly, pulling up a chair and dropping down next to Archie, punching a good morning hello on his arm. Archie mumbled back a 'Good Morning' through a mouthful of waffle. Theresa shortly joined the table, seating herself next to Jay and Neil. She smiled widely as she caught the attention of a waiter and flagged him over.

"Can I help you?" he said, smiling back at Theresa and taking out a pad of paper and pencil.

"Yes, we'd like to order our breakfast," she said, inclining her head towards Atlanta.

The waiter took their orders quickly. Atlanta ordered a large omlette with a side of bacon. Theresa ordered a small stack of toast and hashbrowns. As the girls ate, the boys finished up their breakfast and chattereed amongst each other. Herry and Archie described in full detail about the prank they played on Neil. Neil just ignored the bursts of laughter and procedded to file his nails.

"Hey, wait! I have a better idea!" Neil exclaimed, his annoyed tone making his voice high pitched. "Let's go shopping!" he exclaimed, jumping up and out of his chair. He walked hurriedly towards the door and disappeared around the corner.

"I guess were going shopping," Jay said, shaking his head and smiling. The others laughed as they arose from their seats, collecting small stuff.

Neil poked his head around the corner and shouted at his friends, "Are you coming or what?"


I have finally updated! I don't know what took me so long, I guess it was the beginning of school and all, I was just so busy. Everyday that I didn't write, I felt so guilty. But now that I've finished this chapter, the other one will hopefully come up shortly! I would like to add these two little fact-a-tidbits.
a) I got the inspiration of Herry and Neil's snores from my own father. I was up at around 11 PM and all I could hear was my Father's monstrous snores. I don't know how my Mom does it.
b) I know that Archie was the only character where I desribed what he was wearing. Which is indeed my school colours! Gold and Black! I don't know why I went into so much detail with the food.
I know this chapter is short, but the next one : Chapter 11 : Sand and Sensibility {Afternoon} will be based around Atlanta and Archie fluff! An old flame will return and ...well...I can't release all the steamy details. As for the {Evening} part of Chapter 11....well that's about Jay and Theresa. Oh man! I'm excited about that one. Something will happen..suggestions are open, like I said, I'm still not sure about all the big things in the chapters..just the small fluffy bits.
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