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Chapter 4 - Preparing for Battle

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While adjusting to the new circumstances, they further preper for what's to come

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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Disclaimer - I do not on any way own Harry Potter or any of it's world or characters.
They all fully belong to J.K. Rowling and her affiliates.

Update 2015-06-01: Fixed several errors & mistakes I seemed have missed, and changed some minor things.


Chapter 4 - Preparing for Battle

As Harry was coming to grip with his new limitations, and all papers concerning the life and birth Rhy Rasp, such as birth certificate, family history, medical records, and passports, both magical and muggle, were completed.

He laid in bed lost in thoughts, he didn't notice the door to her room open nor did he see Ginny and Luna entering the room. When they saw that Harry was awake but seemed lost in thoughts, they stopped and watched him for awhile. When he showed no signs of being aware their presence, Luna leaned forward and gently blew into his ear.

The effect was immediate, as Harry snapped head round surprised. As he it was Luna, with Ginny behind her, he immediately relaxed.

"How long have you been here," he then asked after a moment.

"Just a little while," Ginny answered while starting to pick out some clothes for their friend turned to a little girl, "we came to wake you up, only to find you lost in your own little world."

"So what were you thinking so deeply about then, Harry," Luna said as she started to undress him.

"OI," Rhy protested indignantly , "I change clothes by myself, you know."

"Of course we know that," Luna replied but didn't stop her undressing, "we just want to speed up the process, as you know we still have much too do."

"I know," Rhy sighed as he resigned to his fate.

When Luna was done and Ginny started too help dressing him.

"So there, now that you're dressed, let's get you some breakfast, then we can start with today's meeting ."

At the meeting, after few a long and sometimes hard discussions, three decisions had been made. The first was, since the identity of Rhy Rasp now of officially existed, Harry now go under that name from now on, and that they would start to refer to him as a the girl he now was. As he need too get used too being refereed too as one.

They second was, something they had long pondered on. Is was how they would give out several things things they crafted through out the years. Like specially the designed wands and rings for all who had joined the DA, with exceptions Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe.

For the DA wands they only used magical wood that had been freely given too them by either an ent or a dryad. The wands had only one core, along with one piece of wood with their birthstones as foci. They had decided too make the wands because, the first part in their plan was to arm their generation better, and that started with their wands. The next was the rings, they would be goblin made with runes etched into them, that granted the wearer protection against all hexes, charms, jinxes and curses that some either controlled or manipulated a persons mind, will or emotions. It would also help to ward against all forms legimency, expect from a full frontal attack from someone who was experienced in the art.

They finally decided to go with the idea of creating a phantom shop. Since the Potters owned of several buildings in Diagon Alley, they would use an empty one have, then have the goblins ward it to teeth. The phantom shop would be guarded by two homunculi, only problem there was only an alchemist knew how to create one. The only alchemists they knew about was the Flamels, they knew the Flamels were alive, but they didn't know much more than that.

The shop would serve two purposes, one was having a to give out the things they had created. The other would give them a safe hide out, and passage in and out the Alley. They had planned too connect the shop with a room in Potter Manor, which would be their base of operations in the past.

The third and last thing was that they split into two groups. The first group, consisting of Ron, Neville and Hermione, would look for any information regarding the creation of homunculi. The second group, consisting of Ginny, Luna and Rhy, would be design weapons and the battle armour Rhy would had to wear, along with making wands for all six of them.


The tattoo Rhy now sported on her lower back, was a true marvel magical craftsmanship and ingenuity. The tattoo covered her entire lower back, and was masterfully made. It portrayed the Rasp crest, with the family motto on a banderoll under. The tattoo was scarlet in colour, and glittered like rubies when the light hit it. But it wasn't just there for decoration, a pretty bit of magic had been poured into it.

They pondered long and hard on this problem, Rhy couldn't wear her weapons and armour all the time, it wasn't practical. So, she needed inconspicuous and discreet way to carry it around. Many ideas had been tossed back and forth, till finally when they decided use a magical tattoo. They had chosen a tattoo because;

A) It couldn't be forgotten, misplaced, dropped or lost like a jewellery or some other trinket;

B) No would suspect it. It would be easy to deny and it would be hard to prove;

C) Since was a picture, it wouldn't take up any space at all.

Unlike a normal which was just a picture imprinted on the skin. This tattoo were made up of lots and lots very small runes, that had been etched into the skin. Which together formed the desired image. The runes that were etched into Rhy's skin created a personal sub-space pocket, which only she could access. They also allowed her to summon and banish things, from and to the pocket at any time A switch spell, which switched what she currently was wearing with that of her battle armour, and later switched back to what she had been wearing before, were also included amongst the runes.

But what they considered their greatest achievement yet, was making the tattoo completely operated by thought commands. All it took was for Rhy was to think of what she wanted and she would get it. Backside was they no way to check the pocket for any sort of inventory, meaning if she put something in there and forgot about it, it would be as good as lost. The tattoo was fuelled by Rhy's own magic, so each she either summoned, banished or switched her clothes, a small amount of her magic was used. It currently only contained her armour and her weapons.

They had taken the inspiration for Rhy's armour from the far east. It consisted of of a black, sleeveless kimono-style top, black arm-warmers and leggings, with forearm and shin armour, and a pair of black fingerless gloves, with an armour plate on back of her hand. She would also wear a a long black scarf with crimson red butterflies across it. Her feet were clad in a pair black lightweight tactical sport boots. Her hair had all been hidden in a black headwear, that was decorated with a turquoise band, with a pink skull on each side.

Her clothes, boots and scarf, had all been made impervious against wear and tear, weather and wind. They were also water repelling, fire proof and shock resistant. They had also been made more resistant against all kind of slashing, cutting, ripping, and blunt force trauma. She would also have a white fox mask stored in her tattoo.

The mask served several proposes;

One was simply to act as a face guard, protecting her face from any spells or injury;
Another was to hide her identity, to do that they also added charms that would distort her voice;
The final function of it was to help in battle, as had same charms Moody's eye had, along with filtering all the air that passed through it.

Rhy's weapons consisted mainly of her wand and a pair of small gun blades.
Her wand were 7 1/2", made from heartwood freely given by a birch ent and a white ash dryad. It also contained wood taken from the whomping willow at Hogwarts. It was supple and bendy. They had extracted Fawkes feather from Rhy's old wand and used that as a core, along with some tail hairs taken from a thestral and a unicorn.

Her gun blades essentially were a pair of convertible revolver-sickles, with the ability to quickly transform between three different modes. It was an ingenious integration of sword, sickle and firearm into a single weapon, which was equally capable of dispatching enemies any at range.

The whole construction and the design of the blades was unique, which was loosely based upon a falx. They had an ornately etched base with a dark jungle-green grips; a thin, somewhat long, curved blades, with a thick line, coloured a darker hue, running up their center.

By default, they are a pair of revolvers that fire incredibly fast, enough to clear out enemies before any of them could move. She could also deploy them as blades to fight in melee combat, or extend them using chains attached to their respective handles like kusarigamas to fight from mid-range

They could be loaded with two types of bullets. One was armour piercing shrapnel rounds, made from blessed silver. The other were hard paint ball bullets, that hurt like a bitch, when they hit. The paint bullets were filled with bright fluorescent paint, that glowed in the dark and had quite distinct smell, that was strong and hard to wash away.


After they done with the stuff for Rhy, and Rhy were off being trained to use her new equipment. Ginny and Luna proceeded to make a wand of their own wand, along with one the ones Neville, Ron and Hermione.

They had decided to the pattern of three woods and cores, like they had done with Rhy's wand. They started with Hermione's wand, it was 9", rigid and inflexible. Made of beech, peach and cherrywood. With hair from sphinx, a feather from a griffin, and a dragon heart string as cores.

Ron's wand was 10", pliable and sturdy. Made from wood taken from the three different trees in the Weasley's orchard. It had troll hair, harpy feather and behemoth tail hair as cores.

Neville's was made from bull oak, quebracho and ebony. It was stubborn and unyielding, 8".With hair from Ginny's, Luna's and Rhy's animagus forms as its cores.

Ginny had made her wand of maple, juniper and walnut. It was 7", supple and flexible, with hair from a dryad and an ifrit, along with a feather from a pegasus as cores.

Luna's wand was as unique as the person who had crafted it. Like the other she had used three types of wood. It was 7", nice and springy, made of mistletoe, holly, fir, with inlays of horn from a reindeer in the handle. The shaft had inlays of myrrh and frankincense along it, which ended in small golden star at the top.

Luna choose too only have two cores in her wand. The first was hair freely given by an elf, the second was hair from a portly old fae with a great white beard. At least that was what Luna had said. Ginny hadn't dared too argue with her, she felt like she would lose something if they did. She didn’t know what exactly, but she thought it was better not risk it, just in case it was something important.



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