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Chapter 5 - Homunculus

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The creation of the twins, and the travel back

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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Chapter 5 - Homunculus

Ronald Weasley was currently in a bad mood, they had been on this search for weeks, and they still had no clues on where to find the Flamels. All the records at both Gringotts and the Ministry showed that they were alive, but neither had any valid address registered. They had even sent one of the Longbottom house elves and a postal owl, each with a letter explaining what they needed and why they needed it, to the Flamels. That was two weeks ago, and neither had been heard from since.

He was currently going through the personal journals that Albus Dumbledore had left at Hogwarts. In hope that they may contain any hints, leads or clues that could help them. It seems that Dumbledore had found the Flamels by following their paper trail, left since when they last changed their identity. Neville and Hermione had left yesterday trying to do same, Hermione would search for their trail in muggle world, while Neville would do the same for the magical world. They would then get back together at Longbottom manor in two weeks time.


As Neville was wandering through halls of the ancient ancestral of home of Longbottom’s, when a house elf popped up to inform him that Hermione and Ron had arrived, and was currently waiting for him in the main lounge.

The meeting had, as expected, showed no results, and whilst they were in discussing what do next, an house elf appeared carrying an owl and a package. They recognized them as the ones they had sent after the Flamels. While everyone was being surprised at their arrival , the owl took off from
the elf and landed in front Neville. When the owl had landed and then proceeded to stretch out its leg, it was then Neville saw the letter that was attached there and reached for it. When he saw it was addressed to him, he ripped it open started to read it.

It seems like it was from the Flamels, while they were sorry they couldn't meet in person, but they given the elf copies of all notes and research they done on homonculi and their creation. After reading it through hand it over to the others and went check over the package the house elf was holding. He then copied it and sent it, along with a short letter, to friends.


Rhy couldn’t help but smile to herself as they were inspected the two lovely girls standing naked before them. It had taken them over three months to reach this point, after carefully studying the Flamels notes. They had made them using a pair of young house elf twins volunteers (belonging to House Potter) as base. Hermione had violently rejected the idea at first but been reluctantly brought around by the elves willingness, eagerness and insistence.

They mixed the elves with the remains of the thousand year old basilisk that Harry slain in the chamber of secrets. Along with the carcass of a dragon who died of old age, which Ginny had managed to obtain through her brother Charlie, who worked dragon reserve in Romania.

To the mixture they then added some of their own blood, and a single tear given freely by a phoenix. Well, more like Fawkes just suddenly appeared, after years and years of absence. He had disappeared shortly after Dumbeldore's death, and no one had seen him since, until now that is. While everyone was still surprised by his sudden appearance, Fawkes flew to the tanks contain their in-progress homunculi. Where he then cried a tear into each tank, only to then disappear as suddenly as he appeared. Leaving Rhy & Co shocked, stunned and confused.


The completed homunculi were identical in every detail, bar their colouring They looked too be around twelve or maybe thirteen of age. Their bodies were nimble and lithe, with slim necks and shoulders, slender arms and hands, with long and delicate fingers. They had taut, toned stomachs, subtle hips, petite feet, and slim, powerful legs. They each had a pair of firm, budding breasts with small perky nipples. While their breast were on the smaller side, they were well formed and well suited for their petite build.

They also had long smooth and straight hair hanging down to their pert little bums, under which a pair short and pointy ears poked through. It was soft and silkily and was quite striking. The hair framed a heart shaped and youthful face with a cute nose, a set of small, soft, pouty lips, and a wide forehead. Their eyes were angular and feral shaped with vertical slits as pupils, long inviting lashes, and a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The area along their neck, spine, and lower back were cover in dense, hard, and heavy scales, they were as resistant as the scales on any dragon. A long slender dragon tail, were located at the bottom of their spine. It had same colour as their scales, and had several large and vicious bronze spikes at its tip.

They, like Rhy, were immune too toxins, venoms, poisons and drugs, in the same degree she was. Although their blood didn't affect anyone the way Rhy's blood did. They also were almost impervious to fire and heat, and had natural defences against of mind magic. They had been blessed with an amazing recovery rate, along incredible physical strength and stamina, through their mixed blood.

One of the twins was a girl with pale white skin, and luminous yellow eyes. She had honey blond hair, that seemed as if it had been sprinkled with golden dust. Her scales were iridescent scarlet, and shifted in different shades of orange and yellow, depending on how light fell on them. They gave her the name Ena, it was an Irish name meaning bright and shining.

The other twin were a girl with light chocolate skin, and golden red eyes. She had pale pink hair, with tints and highlights of lavender. Her scales were a dark brownish red, almost black in colour She got name Kerry, which was Gaelic name meaning the dark one.


After the twins check up was done, they were each given a tattoo and amulet similar to the one Rhy had. They were then given some clothes and told too follow them. The twins were led into a huge storage room. A large bookshelf covered the far end of the wall, with dusty old tomes and scrolls filling it too the brim. Barrels of slimy stuff stood on the floor; jars of herbs, dried roots, and bright powders filled the shelf; woods, horns, scales, furs and skins lined the walls; bundles of feathers, strings of fangs, snarled claws, and great lengths of hair hanged down from the rafters.

The twins were then given a bag each, and told too put anything they could feel call out too them in it. These would then later be used too construct their wands. After an hour of searching and exploring, they were all done and handed their bags too Rhy. The plan were while Rhy and the guys were making the twins wands, the the rest of the girls would take twins too a much need shopping trip. They next couple of days were spent design and creating the weapons and armour the twins would need.


Kerry's armour consisted of a black short sports top with a racer back. Over that she wore a blood red trench coat, with bridal gauntlets attached too its sleeves. It was loosely tied together at the collar with a pair of braided cord. A blood red waist cape, which were hold together by a pair silver clasps and pair black short shorts, adorned her lower body. On her feet she wore a pair black thigh high steel-capped army boots, with studs underneath their rugged soles for a better grip. All her armour carried the same kind charms that Rhy's armour did.

Most of her hair had folded into a loose knot at back of her head, which was secured by a pair of simple black hair sticks. Leaving a pair of side bangs that fell past her shoulders, reaching down to her clavicle. With the hair in her back would only by slightly longer then that in her front. She also had a pair of black sport sunglasses with sunburst mirror lenses, stored in her tattoo. They the same had same charms as Rhy's mask, and made so they also would never break or, even scratch.

She were given three different weapons, her wand, a bow and a pair of swords. Her wand was made of yew, and had inlays of dragon bones in it. It 7", nice and flexible, with tail hair from centaur as core.

The pair of swords were a pair of twins, that reflected Yin and Yang. They were forged in dragon fire from rare minerals and ores. They had a 12" long single-edged blade with a 6" handle, and were identical in shape with the only difference being their colour

The black Yang sword, was covered in a tortoise shell pattern. While the white Yin sword, was covered in a white wave pattern. The handle and blade were separated at the guard, and an Yin and Yang orb, made of black and white quartz, rested in the gap. The handle itself were clad in black
leather, made form tanned dragon skin, too help absorb sweat and prevent slippage.

The main ability of the swords laid in their strong bond with each other, which not only allows them to attract each other, but would also made it so if one were thrown while the other were held, the thrown sword will return to the wielder like a boomerang. Runes of warding were carved all over the swords, which made them able too reflect most common spells and charms.

Her bow was a simple black lacquer longbow, which was charmed too never snap or break. She would two sorts of arrows, they would be made of a combination of different materials. One were 40" with blunt arrow heads made of obsidian, and everything from the tail feathers too the arrow tip would be pitch black. The others were white and 30" with arrow heads made of silver. She didn't like these very much, because they were designed with four sharp blades, with deep serrated edges,
that caused massive bleeding in the victim. The arrows were designed to deploys its blades upon contact with the target. It would then swinging out it blades to deliver a wide cutting edge, so as too kill as quickly as possible.


The base of Ena's armour was a old styled long-skirted black dress. Over that she wore a dark purple, almost black, metal cuirass with with a high metal collar, and several blood-red linings painted on it. With faulds, that covered her things, attached below it. She would also wear a pair of black full plate mail gauntlets, built-in knuckle duster. They would cover her entire lower arms and some of her elbows. A pair of greaves with sabatons, that had tapered points, covered her legs and feet. Both they and her gauntlets had same colour as her cuirass. Her eyes, nose and forehead were hidden by a metal visor. That like the rest of her armour were dark purple, almost black, with several blood-red linings painted on it. Like the others, her armour had all been charmed to be impervious against wear and tear, weather and wind, etc., etc.

Her wand were 6", nice and swishy. Made of wormwood, with basilisk inlays on it. It had hydra heart string as a core, and a small bloodstone decorated its pommel.

She also carried a black sword with a two-handed cruciform hilt and straight double-edged blade of around 32", with blood-red linings and runes covering the blade. It had the ability convert its user’s magical energy into offensive power. By at the instant of the slash, absorbs and condenses the magic before releasing it at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which then flies forward in the shape of a crescent moon wave.


Months passed, and as the autumn frost had long since slain July, and the countryside was ablaze in colour They gathered at Stone Henge to make use of the natural focal point that this place was. As everything was being prepared, Rhy and the twins checking and rechecking all their equipment one last time. When everything was said and done, and everyone was in their places, the ritual started. As time passed, more and more power was focused at circle. But it was when the ritual was nearly complete, that it happened, something that never should happen in this sort of situation. Someone stuttered and mispronounced, time seemed to have stopped for a moment and even the world seemed to hold its breath.

Then a massive explosion occurred, along with a most amazing light show, as all hell broke loose. The wind roared and raged, as the earth shook and trembled, all while time and space became twisted and distorted all around them. But neither Rhy nor any of the twins knew this since the first blast had knocked them unconscious, they didn't also know that several severely wounded, and some had even died during the this great upheaval. A few even seemed to mysteriously vanish into thin air, all of Rhy's friends, where among those who had.

When everything had calmed down, they found that several seemed have been ripped apart, whilst others had been knocked unconscious, and was in critical condition with several sever injuries. When they checked if Rhy and the twins were still there, all they found was smoking crater and scorched ground were they once stood and nothing more.



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