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Crossover Kombat: The First Tournament

by Turbinail 1 review

New characters, new rivalries, and new fatalities.

Category: Mortal Kombat - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2015-03-28 - 407 words

The red head found herself sitting on a beach. The water coated her bare toes. Her bow, an arm's length away, was easily snatched into her grip. She brushed the sand off of her torn gown and examined her surroundings, more. More people scattered around her.

Slowly everyone began waking up from their sandy slumber. A girl lying close to the red head, Merida, was the last to awake. When she awoke, Merida learned she was not just a girl. When she stood up, olive colored wings extended from her shoulder blades. She looked up to Merida.

"Oh, hi. I'm Briar Windfrost. What's your name?" Her voice was perky and upbeat. "I'm Merida." Her Scottish accent overpowered her voice. "Cool. Did you see that Christmas elf over there, hotty!" She exhaled and extended at the same time.

"Yeah, where are we?" Merida asked. "The beach, silly." Briar spoke. "NO! YOU'RE IN...MORTAL KOMBAT!" An untraceable voice said loudly. Slowly, each person began teleporting away, one by one.

Suddenly, all of them were in front of at least 100 monks. "Ah, new combatants." An elder man said, sitting in a large chair, sitting next to a woman dressed in dark purple and a mask that covered her mouth up to her ears. "This is Mortal Kombat! If you do not finish your opponent, we will finish you!" The man said.

"Our first match up...X-23 versus...Princess Peach!" The man said. Slowly, a blonde woman dressed in all pink and high white stiletto boots walked up. Across from her, a woman wearing an X-imprinted sports bra and some jeggings walked up. Two claws retracted from her hand.

"Round one. FIGHT!" The elderly man cried out. The two females circled each other. The princess attacked first. She took out a parasol and slammed it towards the girl. The other girl retracted her claws and sliced the parasol in two.

The girl took a toadstool from under her pink dress and threw it at X-23. She embedded her claws into the toadstool and it exploded in blood. She dropkicked Peach and slashed at her chest. She punched her multiple times in the face until knocking her on to the ground.

"FINISH HER!" The elder man shouted. X-23 slashed Peach's face. She shoved her claws through her throat and slowly tore off her head. X-23 walked off the stage and bowed. Merida whispered to Briar, "This is not going to be easy."
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