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Things To Do In Denver

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and for Matt Trakker, those first impressions are going to be vital if he's going to form MASK!

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Kenner and a bunch of animation studios. All I own is the situation, plot and backstory.

Author Note: First Impressions is a collection of one-shot vignettes which fit into my MASK universe at various different points. Each installment is a complete story. Each installment will say where, in the universe, it fits.

Story Note: This is a one-shot vignette which fits into my MASK universe at roughly the same time as chapter 2 of The Coming Storm.

With many thanks to Jonath, Ganeris, Beth and Nessa for editing, feedback and patient hand holding.

Things To Do In Denver...

The headquarters of the Trakker Foundation were located on the third floor of one of the many high-rise buildings that peppered downtown Denver. Just one large office staffed by three full-time staff and a couple of interns oversaw the day-to-day running of the foundation, but that was one way the foundation maintained its success. Without flashy headquarters, more of the foundation's funds could go to the causes it had been set up to support.

Most of the time, Matt let his staff get on with their work without his interference. They were all good, intelligent people who knew what he wanted the foundation to achieve, and he saw no point in annoying them with a constant presence. But sometimes, the foundation headquarters was an ideal place to hold meetings, particularly if the attendees were flying in from out of state. Why make them come to Boulder when the airport was in Denver?

So it was that, after a brief stop at Boulder Hill Gas Station to introduce Buddy to Earl and to pick up the latest set of accounts from Cassidy, Matt made his way into Denver for just such a meeting.

"Mr Trakker, good morning," called Erica Myers, the foundation's receptionist, as Matt entered the office.

"Good morning, Erica," Matt replied. "Everything all right?"

She grinned. "John wants to talk to you about one of the archaeological digs we're funding; and your ten o'clock appointment is already here."

Matt glanced at his watch. "Really? Must be keen."

Erica grinned again. "You could say that. Stephanie's looking after him, in the conference room."

Matt smiled. "OK, thanks Erica. Tell John I'll speak to him after my meeting."

"Will do."

As Erica turned back to her computer screen, Matt entered the office proper. Beyond Erica's reception desk was a second workstation, piled high with case folders and other bits and pieces, which belonged to the third member of the team, Stephanie Rose. Behind that were three doors. One, Matt knew, led to a small kitchen area. The second led to the office of John Phelps, the foundation's Chief Executive. The third, which Matt made for, led to the conference room.

"Matt, good to see you," said Stephanie, smiling as Matt entered the conference room. "This is Mr Bruce Sato." And she waved a hand at the young Asian man seated at the conference table.

"Hi," said Matt proffering his hand to Bruce. "Good to meet you."

"It is an honour to meet you, Mr Trakker," Bruce answered standing up and shaking Matt's hand.

"My pleasure," said Matt as Stephanie departed. "Please, call me Matt." He waved a hand to the table. "Have a seat."

Bruce smiled and sat down. "Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me."

Matt smiled in return. "I was very interested in your proposal. Most applications for grants from the Trakker Foundation are for academic research; what made you think to apply to us?"

Bruce frowned heavily for a second, then his smile returned. "I know that you have supported research in all areas, and while the end product of my research may not be academic, I do believe it will be beneficial."

"All right; how about you tell me about your proposal?" Matt sat back in his seat and waited. This was bound to be interesting.

"I studied mechanical engineering at AIT in Japan and then at MIT here in America. In doing so, I learned a great deal about current robotics techniques and I would like to research them further and see if I can further design and technique. I believe there are countless occupations where a robotic drone would be better suited than the human being currently performing those tasks because of the conditions, or where the robot drones could be improved."

Matt nodded slowly. "I see. That sounds like a long term project, yet you're only asking for a six month grant."

"I wish, ultimately, to fund my own research," Bruce answered. "It is a wise man who makes the best of charity so as to provide for his future."

Matt smiled at the Confucian statement; it took a certain 'something' to quote proverbs when you were being interviewed like this. It struck him that Bruce might just be what he was looking for in other areas. "How do you propose to do that?"

Bruce smiled. "Robotics is not so far away from toy design and I believe that I can develop a successful toy."

"Right in time for Christmas," Matt observed, a grin now on his face. Bruce was definitely sharp and the resume that had been attached to his application demonstrated he had the skills and talent to back up the belief. "What's your idea for the Christmas toy?"

"A mechanical animal capable of talking and able to learn from those around it," Bruce answered.

"That sounds ambitious," Matt observed. "You can design one?" Bruce nodded. "What would you call it?"

"I think, Furbee."
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