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Chapter XVIII

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With Miranda's help, Jack discovers the location of Silas's main base of operations for MECH. And with a fleet of Alliance ships, he leads an assault to find out what and where the Catalyst is and ...

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Jack was standing with Miranda and Arcee in the com room with the hologram of Admiral Bryce.

"So Sanctuary was actually a MECH base where the refugees were slaughtered, all so that Silas could study indoctrination." he said earning nods from the Prime and the others.

"That's correct sir, everything about what we found there is in my report." Jack replied. The Admiral looked away for a moment.

"Yes I have just received it, well thank you Commander. How long before you rendezvous with the fleet?"

"The Defiant will be there in a few hours." the Prime answered.

"Very well, I still have ships scouring the galaxy for any MECH bases, but we are still coming up short." Bryce said in return, Miranda then took a step forward.

"Perhaps I can help with that."

the looked over to the woman with a little surprise.

"Admiral this is Miranda Lawson." Jack stated.

"Yes I know, the former right hand of Silas and also his daughter. I remember reading about her in your debriefing last year. And you also gave her your full support, so I have to ask why did Miranda disappear on us back at Earth." Bryce asked while giving the young woman a stoic expression.

"Well Admiral, After Jack was arrested by the Council I felt that I was not going to be very welcome, not since I had only just previously worked for MECH. So I left, also I had numerous agents and assassins trying to kill me, curtsey of Silas. And my parents were also kidnapped by MECH a few months back, as a way to draw me out." Miranda replied in a professional tone. The Admiral looked away for a moment, as he was reading something before he brought his attention back to the group.

"As it says in the Commander's report, I am glad that they are safe. Too many have become victims of MECH in the last year. Once the Defiant rendezvous with the fleet, I will have your parents taken to a safe place. You have my word."

"Thank you Admiral." the former MECH agent said before activating her holo-tool which brought up a 3D map of the galaxy, four yellow spots started blinking in areas of the map.

"You will find Silas's base in any one of these four locations."

Jack, Arcee and Bryce all looked at the map confused, Miranda noticed this and decided to explain.

"MECH's main base of operations is a ship, it's called the 'Cronos' and it is a vessel not to be trifled with."

"Why is that?" Jack asked and in response activated another hologram, this time of the ship. Arcee's eyes widened as she looked at it.

"That's the 'Harbinger'." she said in surprise.

"That's correct, the Decepticon transport was shot down by Autobots a couple hundred years ago. It was cleaved in two during the battle and both ends crash landed on different continents on Earth. but MECH managed to find and recover both parts and then rebuild the ship to human specifications." Miranda replied as the hologram started listing the ship's specs.

"But that is a Cybertronian ship, how did MECH manage this?" the femme asked in return.

"Silas managed to gain access to the Alliance's plans for the 'Ark' and 'Nemesis' refits, after that it was just a case of funding and finding a place to build it that was safe from prying eyes."

"The only way that would be possible would have been with help from inside the Alliance high command." Bryce added earning a nod from the former agent.

"That's correct, Silas told me that MECH had strong support from the private sector, as well as key officials amongst your higher ups."

"Okay so Silas is on a ship, that doesn't change the fact that he has something we need... The Kranix matrix. So we just have to board the Cronos and take it back." Jack said in a rather confident manner, Miranda smiled at the Prime.

"I admire your confidence Jack, but the Cronos is defended by a fleet of MECH cruisers and several fighter squadrons. And it's own defences are formidable as well. I think that the only ships that could stand up to it are the Ark and Nemesis."

Bryce crossed his arms and looked at the ship.

"Well as the Commander just stated, we don't have a choice. We need that Lithone VI back, so I will send scouts to each one of these coordinates and in the meantime we will put together a fleet to engage MECH. But..." the Admiral then paused, gaining a confused look from the others.

"But, sir?" Jack asked.

"... Well it is just that we have managed to keep the Crucible hidden from the Reapers for all this time, but once we go on the move against MECH, the Reapers will take notice and it will only be a matter of time before they find our super weapon." Bryce replied.

"So what do you suggest sir?" the Prime asked.

"I will send a message to our allies to begin preparing the fleets for our offensive, and once we know what the Catalyst is. We then escort the Crucible to it and end this war once and for all."

"That's a hell of a gamble sir." Arcee replied in surprise.

"We will only have one shot at this, so we can't leave anything to chance." Bryce replied before looking at Jack.

"Prime, I am sending your pilot new rendezvous coordinates. There you will meet up with the Ark, the Nemesis and our fleet. From there (as long as we have the correct location) we will take the fight to MECH and you will lead a team on to the Cronos and retrieve the VI. I will leave the planning for that in your hands."

"We will be ready sir." Jack replied as he saluted the Admiral, gaining a similar response.

"See you in a few hours, Bryce out."

Then the hologram disappeared, leaving the Prime and the two women alone. Arcee then turned to Jack.

"I will go and let the crew know what is going on Jack." the femme said before walking out of the room.

"And I will send all the Intel I have on MECH. I think that I remember where the computer lab is." Miranda said as she started to leave.

"What about your parents?" the Prime asked gaining her attention again.

"They are in the common room right now, I was going to visit them after uploading the Intel. Thanks again Jack for what you did, I don't usually play the role of damsel in distress." she replied with a smile.

"You managed to gain entry and fight your way through a heavily defended MECH base, and that was before the Reapers showed up. I wouldn't call that a damsel in distress." Jack replied making Miranda blush slightly.

"I guess not."

"It's good to have you back onboard Miranda." the Prime said, gaining a smile from the former MECH agent before she turned and left the room. Jack was about to do the same when his com link activated.

"Prime, I believe that you should go to the port side observation lounge. Tali may require assistance."

"Okay, but what about Garrus?" Jack replied.

"He is currently running important diagnostics on the weapon systems that I can not afford to have stopped at the moment." the AI said in return. The Prime then signed before leaving the com room.

"Alright I am on my way."

Jack walked into the lounge and saw that Tali was slouching over the bar with a glass in her hand, so he walked up and tapped the Quarian on the shoulder. She looked turned around very slowly with one hand on the bar, obliviously trying to keep herself steady.

"Jack, want a drink?" she slurred as she looked at him or tried to anyway.

"I am toasting Miranda…. I think?"

Tali then raised the glass to signify the toast as Jack leant down on the bar next to her.

"Your drunk Tali, how did you do this?"

"Very…. Carefully." she replied before pointing at the bottle that was on the bar in front of her.

"Turian brandy, triple filtered and introduced into the suit via an 'emergency induction port'." she replied.

"It's called a straw Tali." Jack said before he sighed and looked away slightly embarrassed.

"Emergency induction port!" the Quarian repeated again. She then went to have another sip, but the straw missed the slot in her mask. Which earned a breath of annoyance from her before she attempted it again….. only to miss.

"It's actually getting harder to get it into…the slot. I guess that means it is working." she slurred again. Jack just watched as it went silent for a moment, but then Tali spoke up.

"I never really liked Miranda, with her perfect hair, athletic body and that attitude…. But she still managed to turn against her father, knowing how wrong he was." she said, her voice tinged with regret. The Prime look back at her.

"I didn't realise that this would be so hard on you."

"I'm sorry Jack, I am glad that she saved her parents. She is doing whatever it takes to stop her father, never giving in to him or changing herself to please him." she said as she looked down at her drink.

"Ah!" the Prime said in return as he pieced it altogether in his head.

"Don't 'ah!' me, you sound like a Quintesson."

Jack gave her a confused look.


But she then just mumbled/slurred something under her breath as he shook his head.

"Do you see a part of yourself in Miranda fighting her father?"

"I have spent my life trying to live up to my father, to do things the way he would want me to. And then when I do try to stop him from going too far… I still back down to him."

Tali then hung her head in shame as she took the glass in her hand.

"When do we stop reacting to our parents and start living for ourselves?"

Jack looked at her with a sympathetic expression.

"I'm afraid the answer to that question is at the bottom of the glass."

"I think I may need some help with the induction straw….. port, you know." she slurred jokingly. Jack then poured himself a short of brandy and held the glass up.

"Here's to Miranda."

"Here's to you Miranda, you perfect MECH bosh'tet. Keelah se'lia."

They then both downed the drinks (though Tali used the straw). Jack then gently placed his hand on her shoulder in support as the Quarian started to sleep with head resting on her arms on the bar. The Prime then tapped his com link.

"Garrus, you are needed down here in the portside observation lounge."

"Okay, on my way Jack." the Turian replied. A few moments later and he walked into the room and Jack pointed over to the bar. Garrus looked over to see his girlfriend asleep on the bar and walked over to her, before scooping her up in his arms and looking down to her lovingly. Garrus then turned around and saw Jack smiling back.

"Not one word." he just said, making Jack gesture that his mouth would stay shut with his hand. The Turian then carried Tali out of the room and back to their quarters, leaving an amused Prime behind watching them as they went.


The Defiant continued through hyperspace as it made it's way to the rendezvous point with the fleet, Arcee had gone round the entire ship looking for Jack and was now outside their quarters on the first deck. Everyone else was keeping themselves busy while they counted down the hours before they met up with the rest of the fleet for the assault on MECH's forces. Bumblebee, Raf, Jazz, Smokescreen and Chromia were watching vids in the common room.

Grimlock was helping Swoop down in the shuttle bay, Ratchet was busy with whatever projects he had going in the medical bay. Garrus was with Tali in there room, and Hotrod was talking with Miranda and Teletraan in the cockpit. So the femme found herself looking for the one other person on the ship that she wanted to be with and her search led her back to their quarters. She opened the door and walked in, and she saw Ravage curled up in a ball fast asleep next to the fish tank. She then looked to the right and saw Jack standing in his Prime Armour, looking over something on his arm. The femme just leaned back against the wall and watched him for a moment with a smile on her face.

"I was wondering where you were Jack." she said making the Prime look round to her in surprise.

"Arcee, sorry I was.." he replied before looking back down to the armour covering his arm.

"What are you doing?" the Autobot asked with a slightly confused tone.

"I thought this piece was damaged in the last fight." he said pointing down to the slight line of damage running down his arm.

"I guess those Husks did more damage than I thought."

He then tapped the Autobot insignia, making the armour retreat back into the octagonal disc which he then tossed over to her. Arcee stared down at the disc before looking back at her partner who just sat down on couch.

"It will take a few more hours before we reach the fleet." the femme said as she sat next to him.

"I hate waiting, everyone else is just finding ways to pass the time. But I wanted to spend it with you."

Jack smiled at her as he placed his hand on top of hers.

"I'd like that, since there is nowhere else I would rather be with than here with you."

Arcee then got closer to the Prime, their faces only inches apart.

"I love you Jack." she smiled.

"I love you Arcee." he replied.

"Show me." she said before closing the distance and letting their lips finally meet, enveloping them both in euphoric bliss as they pulled each other closer, intensifying the kiss. It lasted for what felt like an eternity before they pulled back just enough to look each other in the eyes, Arcee then without breaking eye contact removed her shirt and revealing her breasts. Jack then took one in his hand and gently squeezed it while massaging the other with his lips and tongue.

Arcee purred in delight at feeling of her lover's touch, she then her fingers through his hair before bringing his face back to hers and kissing him again. The femme then pulled back and cocked her head as she looked at him with a knowing expression, Jack took the hint and removed his top, showing the Autobot his toned physique. Arcee licked her lips in reaction before placing both her hands on his chest and pushing Jack onto his back. She leaned over him and they kissed again before the femme began leaving a trail of kisses down his chest and stomach, before stopping and removing his trousers.

She then began to pleasure Jack, earning a moan of approval from what she was doing. Arcee took this as a sign and carried on which made Jack look up at the sky light as the stars streaked past outside, finding it almost impossible to focus his mind on anything other than what his partner was doing to him. After a moment the Prime then looked back at Arcee and grabbed her hand.

"Jack?" she asked back slightly confused, but he just smiled back at her.

"My turn." he replied before they switched positions and he got on top, the femme's eyes widened in anticipation of what he was about to do and Jack moved down to her trousers (she had already removed her belt) and took the zip in his mouth. Arcee giggled in response as Jack unzipped her jeans and then removed them before moving in between her legs and leaving kisses up the inside of her thighs.

The femme bit her lip at the sensations she was feeling as he got closer to her sex. Jack then started to pleasure her as Arcee felt another rush of euphoria flow over her as she grabbed at the bed sheets under her and squeezed. Jack's momentum sped up and after another moment Arcee's vision went white and she screamed out in pleasure as the femme climaxed right there and then, her whole body tightened up and she locked Jack's head where it was with her legs like a vice. She dug her nails into Jack's back, making him wince slightly, before she collapsed and panted heavily, letting his head go and Jack looked up to her with a smile.

"Take me.." she almost whispered between the breaths and the Prime once again climbed over her to meet her at eye level. The femme then wrapped her arms around his neck as he positioned himself over her. Jack looked her in the eyes for a long moment before she nodded and he then entered her and they both let out a moan as the Prime started a slow momentum which gradually picked up the pace as Arcee clung onto her lover. Jack then lifted her off the bed and onto his lap, letting his lover straddle him and take over.

The femme then began to lift and lower herself onto him while Jack watched, the two of them never broke eye contact. Arcee supported herself with one hand on his leg, while moving the other over his chest. Jack kept both his hands on her ass, squeezing it gently as she rode him. Arcee then quickened the pace, her perfect dexterity helping to keep her on top as both of them came close to climax. Jack, who was trying to hold back, lost control and climaxed and fell back onto the bed sheets, and Arcee climaxing a moment later, making her cry out before she collapsed onto Jack. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close as they both kissed one last time before slowly falling asleep.


Jack opened his eyes and looked up to the skylight, he saw his slight reflection looking back at him smiling. He had not felt so relaxed in a long time as he lied their in his bed, Arcee was curled up in his arms and purring gently as she slept. He was about to left himself drift back to sweet slumber with his lover, but then something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He saw a silhouette standing at the far end of the bed and rose up quickly to see who it was, his eyes widened in shock as standing before him was the boy.

Jack couldn't believe his eyes at what he saw, the child just stared at him blankly before raising his arm and pointing behind the Prime. Jack turned to see what the boy was pointing at, but all that was there was the bulkhead behind his bed. He looked down at Arcee in confusion, but the femme was still fast asleep. He then looked back towards the child but to his astonishment, the child was gone. The Prime closed his eyes and rubbed them, hoping that he was just imagining it.

But then he felt the cold breeze against his face and opened his eyes to see that he was standing amongst the destroyed buildings of that city he had seen before, he looked down to see that Arcee was gone and he was wearing his Prime Armour again. He then saw the boy running ahead of him and started after him, though everything moved in slow motion as the storm clouds gathered over head. Oily shadows of people and husks could be seen around the street, like they were watching Jack as he ran after the child. He heard his name being called out continually from the crowds that made up the street of derelict buildings as he moved, then suddenly he came to an abrupt stop when he saw the kid run into the arms of a man who came out of the building ahead him.

Jack couldn't see the man's face as he was looking down to the ground as he embraced the child. But then the man looked back and Jack's eyes widened fully at who was staring back at him. It was Jack and he was kneeling down with the kid who too was looking back at the Prime. Jack just stood there completely frozen in shock at the sight of himself and the child as they smiled at him, but then their skin tone changed to grey and their eyes shone bright blue as they morphed into the forms of husks. They then both screamed at the Prime before running back into the derelict building, Jack then looked around to find himself completely alone in the street, all the other husks and shadows had disappeared. Yet he felt that he was still being watched as a large shadow was cast over him, so he looked up to see what was casting it and saw Harbinger standing over him. It's yellow optics glowing brightly as they looked down on the Commander.

"You are ours now Darby, there is no escaping your fate." it said as thunder boomed and lightening streaked across the sky, then everything went white and then faded to black.

Jack awoke suddenly to find himself lying in his bed with Arcee in his arms, his eyes darted around the room but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Not even a figure standing at the end of their bed, his heart was beating fast and he panted somewhat as he tried to calm down. Arcee then began to stir and she opened her eyes, letting Jack look upon those bright azure blue iris's of hers.

"What's wrong?" she said as she placed a hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat as it slowed to normal. Jack looked over to the clock and took note of the time.

"It's almost time." he said back.

"Already?" the femme replied with disappointment in her voice as Jack got and swung his legs off the side of the bed, she got up behind him and kissed his back before resting her head on his shoulder.

"I hope everyone is ready?" he said.

"Jack you have united the galaxy against the Reapers, establishing the largest fleet in it's history. You're a Prime, the galaxy will follow your lead now. Neither the Reapers nor MECH will get another chance to divide us."

She then rubbed his shoulder affectionately.

"And I will be with you every step of the way, I won't lose you again…. Promise me that, promise me that we will see this through to the end…. together."

Jack turned to look at her, the femme's hair was all messed up (from what they had been doing earlier) and he .

"I promise Arcee, after all we are partners, and I couldn't do this without you."

He then took her hand off his shoulder and held it in his own, while looking into her blue eyes.

"And when this is all over, I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Arcee's eyes widened as a big smile graced her lips.

"I want that more then anything Jack." she replied happily, they then kissed one last time before he got up to get dressed.

"Alright, time we got dressed and ready to save the galaxy." he said, earning a chuckle from the femme as she watched him walk over to the bathroom.

The Defiant shook from left to right as it passed an Alliance cruiser that just exploded from repeated fire from the MECH ships that were protecting the Cronos. The shockwave from the blast doing the same to all nearby ships as the battle raged around them. The Alliance fleet was doing its best to slow down the enemy, who once they spotted the Autobot/Human ships had tried to away and run, but the Alliance quickly blocked their path. As the Defiant weaved it's way between the chaos, the Ark was making short work of the enemy ships that tried to get in its way. It's cannons were ripping the MECH cruisers apart.

"Ark to Defiant, this is Bryce. We have our beach head, make your run now. Fighter squadron 'Beta' will keep you covered." the Admiral's voice said over the com.

"Roger that sir." Hotrod replied before putting the ship into a barrel roll to evade the incoming weapons fire from the enemy. The fighters then flew in and took up a formation around the Alliance frigate.

"This is Alpha one, Defiant we have your back." the squadron leader said.

"Thanks Alpha." the frigate called back.

"All boys, let's keep any enemies off the Defiant while she delivers the package." Alpha one stated as the alliance frigate made its way towards the Cronos, the former Cybertronian cruiser dwarfed nearly all of the ships in the battle (with exception of the Ark and Nemesis), after taking down several fighters and damaging three cruisers. The Defiant and it's fighter escort broke through MECH's defensive line and head directly at the Command ship.

Down in the shuttle bay Jack, Arcee, Miranda and Smokescreen entered the shuttle and took their seats, the Prime got into the copilot's seat next to Swoop and began activating his controls. Then the shuttle bay door opened, flooding the room with the red hue of the star before the shuttle flew out into the battle. The Defiant then pulled away with the fighter screen and Swoop set course for the shuttle bay on their side of the MECH command ship. In the landing bay MECH soldiers were rushing around the area and defence turrets activated and began aiming at the incoming shuttle.

"Prime, we are being targeted." Swoop stated as he brought them in closer.

"Just get us inside." Jack replies as he began targeting them back with the shuttle's cannons. The Dinobot then rocked the ship from left to right in an effort to dodge the weapons fire coming their way, the Prime though tapped a few commands into his Holo-controls and fired the cannons back at the turrets. Three of them exploded but the fourth fired a few shots that connected with the back of the shuttle.

"We've been hit." Jack said before destroying the last turret.

"We are going in, hang on." Swoop replied as he struggled to keep the shuttle steady as it threatened to spin out of control. It then passed the landing bay's force field and slammed hard down on the deck, screeching along the floor as it mowed down any MECH soldiers tha were unfortunate to stay in its path. The shuttle finally came to a stop just as the blast doors at the other end of the bay opened and more soldiers entered the room along with a Atlas mech. In the shuttle Jack got out of his seat and checked on Swoop.

"You alright?" he asked as the pilot put his hand to his forehead.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Swoop replied before he saw the soldiers approaching them.

"Prime you better get out there, we had company. I'll start repairs immediately."

The Prime nodded in return before leaving the cockpit to check on the others.

"You guys okay?" he asked as Arcee helped Miranda to her feet. The femme nodded back in return as both women equipped their weapons.

"I am ready to get out there and finish this." Arcee said as Smokescreen prepared to open the hatch.

"Let's go kick some MECH ass!" the young bit added as he opened the hatch, revealing an enemy soldier on the other side which Arcee shot through the head without any hesitation. They then climbed out of the shuttle and took cover behind some cargo containers as the rest of the soldiers and the Atlas fired back.

"Jack we need to take out that Atlas mech." Miranda shouted to the Prime over the sound of gunfire as both sides exchanged fire.

"Cover me." Jack replied before tapping something on his wrist and suddenly went invisible, gaining a smile from Arcee as she killed two of the MECH soldiers. Miranda and Smokescreen took down a few more enemies before the young Autobot noticed one of the remaining soldiers acted funny before falling dead, though the former MECH agent just looked over to him.

"Cloaking generator." she said back as another soldier suddenly had his neck snapped and then dropped to the floor. The invisible Prime then started to climb up the side of the mech, right up to the cockpit and then equipped his pistol. The enemy inside suddenly had all the proximity alarms go off, he looked around before a simmer just outside off his canopy caught his attention.

Suddenly Jackson Prime appeared in its place as he activated his star saber and plunged it through the glass, impaling the soldier and killing him. The others finished off the remaining soldiers while Jack the opened the pilots cockpit, pulled out the body and then climbed in his self. The canopy closed after and the holo-controls appeared in from of him as Arcee and the others joined his side.

"Jack it appears they have sealed the doors, trapping us in here." the femme stated as she pointed over to it.

"Well then it's a good job this platform comes with missiles." the Prime replied as he turned the Atlas around and loaded a missile into the launcher on its left arm, and then aimed it at the door.

"Take cover." he warned, making the others get behind one of the shuttles that littered the landing bay. Jack the fired the missile which streaked across the room and exploded as it hit the doors head on. The sounds of metal being ripped apart could be heard as debris was sent everywhere. The team waited for the smoke and fire to die down, then all that was left was a big gaping hole where the door used to be as the smoke cleared somewhat.

"I'll take point." Jack said from inside the Atlas as he started to walk pilot it towards their new entry point, the MECH's large heavy footfalls shaking the ground slightly with every step.

"Okay, but I just think that you want to keep using that mech." Arcee replied with a slight smile.

"No, that's not it." he said back trying to sound innocent, but the femme looked over to Miranda and shrugged.

"Boys and their toys." she said, earning a chuckle from the former agent as Smokescreen looked at them dumbfounded.

"Jack, any idea what they are on about?"

"No clue." the Prime replied as he guided the Atlas through the hole into the next room, he looked around to see bodies of MECH soldiers sprawled on the floor around the damaged wall.

"Looks like they had more reinforcements waiting to ambush us." Smokescreen observed.

"Well good thing Jack used the missile then." Arcee said in return before the door on their right opened and a group of soldiers ran in with their guns blazing.

"I'll handle this." the Prime stated as he manoeuvred the Atlas in front of the others and took the brunt of the gunfire. One of the enemies even fired a grenade launcher at the mech, Jack closed his eyes as the explosive round flew through the air towards him. It then impacted against the cockpit canopy, engulfing the from of the Atlas in the explosion.

"Jack!" Arcee shouted from behind the mech. But then the smoke Cleared and Jack opened his eyes to see he was still alive, seeing just a crack on canopy's glass.

"Ha, my turn."he said confidently as he brought up the Atlas's right arm to show a Gatling gun. The MECH soldiers stopped in their tracks as they realised what was coming, the Prime then pulled the trigger on his joystick control and let rip with a storm of bullets that ripped through every enemy standing in his path. The wall behind them was sprayed with blood and impact holes from the bullets as the last body fell to the floor, leaving a pile of bodies next to the door. The others walked around the front, the Autobot femme looking rather worried until she saw her lover smiling back at her from within the Atlas's cockpit.

"I want one of these." Jack proudly stated as Miranda walked over to the door and checked the other room, she then poked her head back round and called to the others.

"This way guys, and Jack you will have to leave the Atlas here. It won't fit through the next door."

The Prime sighed with regret before opening the cockpit canopy and climbing back down to the ground, Arcee and Smokescreen waiting for him.

"Pity, this would come in real handy." he said as he took one last look at it.

"Come on Jack, we have work to do." the femme replied before they rejoined Miranda in the next room.

"We need to head this way, through the research section of the ship." she said as she pointed just to her right.

"What about running into more enemy troops?" Jack asked. Miranda smiled back before activating her holo-tool.

"They won't be a problem as I have this." she said as the holo-form of Teletraan appears next to her.

"Teletraan?" the Prime replied.

"Yes Prime, I have a stable connection to Miss Lawson's holo-tool and can give assistance when dealing with MECH's defences and lock outs." the AI replied as Miranda opened the other door and the group walked in, Teletraan's holo-form following. The former MECH agent then stopped next to another door.

"Teletraan, this door is locked. Can you gain us access?" she said as the blue orb stopped next to her.

"Please hold, I am attempting to interface with the Cronos's main security system."

Arcee and Smokescreen kept an eye on their rear as Jack stood beside Miranda.

"Will the Defiant be alright if Teletraan's attention is with us?"

She was about to answer when the door's holo-controls appeared and started to count down.

"I have successfully gained access, I am currently locking down most corridors and areas where there is a significant MECH presence while also opening the most direct route to Silas's main lab. I can not guarantee that you will not come across any more enemies, but you will not have to face the entire security forces of this ship." Teletraan stated.

"Thanks, you have just saved us wasting a lot of ammo there." Smokescreen said looking back at the others. The AI then turned to Jack.

"Prime, it is no trouble for me to aid you here while also maintaining the Defiant's defence systems. I always run at maximum efficiency."

The Prime nodded in return.

"Thank you Teletraan."

"I am pleased to be of assistance, by the way Prime. It will take a few moments to make all the changes that I stated to you, but the console to your right has some data logs that you may find revealing." the AI replied before Jack walked over to the console and activated it, Arcee joining his side.

"What am I looking at here?" he said as vid logs appeared on the screen for him to choose.

"Project: Rebirth, your reconstruction." the AI replied before Jack then activated the first vid log. The screen then showed Wilson and a hologram of Silas standing in a laboratory.

"It can't be done, it' doesn't matter how many resources we have." Wilson said.

"I will put as much of our resources into this as you require, but we are not losing Darby." the Director replied with a confident tone. Wilson pointed at the scans of a body on the screen behind him.

"Sir, Darby is clinically brain-dead. After the injuries his body sustained, plus the amount of time without oxygen. We can't just overcome nature."

"Miranda disagrees, I am placing her in charge of project: Rebirth now." Silas replied.

The video log then stopped and Jack just stared at the screen for a moment.

"I didn't realise it was that bad." he then said as Arcee looked at him.

"I thought that you were just on life support but… that sounds like more. How did it feel, do you remember anything from while you were under?" the femme asked, but Jack just looked the console's controls.

"I'm still me, I don't think I would have been able to turn against MECH otherwise." he said as he then looked up and focused, as if trying to find the memories in his mind before shaking his head.

"..I don't remember anything, maybe they did just rebuilt me. Or maybe I am just a clone or something that thinks it's Jack Darby…. but I don't know." he added with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"I know that it took me a long time to get passed the MECH connection, but I know you Jack."

Arcee replied as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"You are you." she added. Jack then activated the next vid log while Miranda kept quiet while watching Teletraan work. The screen then showed Wilson and Silas again.

"Tissue regeneration is proceeding well, the helmet kept the brain intact, for whatever good that will do." the scientist said, but the hologram of the Director looked at him stoically.

"Miranda will find a way."

Wilson then gave him a worried expression.

"Sir, Darby is an Alliance soldier as well as an Autobot ally. As far as he is concerned, MECH is a terrorist organisation who are a threat to humans and Cybertronians alike."

"Darby is a soldier and a Prime, he knows the Reapers are the real threat. He'll work with us."

The vid then ended again as the screen went back to it's menu mode.

"And you did." Arcee said. But Jack's expression became angry.

"Every fibre of my being told me not to trust MECH, but I needed their help….. So I played along."

"You did what you had to Jack, remember what you told me. You're a Prime, it's your duty to protect the galaxy from any threat. Even if that means choosing a side to do it, those were your words." the femme replied.

Jack then activated the final vid log, once again showing holo-Silas with Wilson.

"Project: Rebirth is reporting signs of neurological activity, they are requesting more funding." the scientist said.

"Granted, get me our potential recruits file. Darby will be up soon, we need a crew." Silas replied. Then a female scientist who was out of view originally, stood beside Wilson.

"Our existing forces should be more then sufficient…" she started to say before the Director cut her off.

"We need sympathetic faces, I require Darby to be invested. He will need some old friends, contact Doctor Chakwas and send me the psyche profile of Darby's Autobot pilot." the Director said.

The screen then deactivated.

"That piece of scrap set you up." Arcee said as anger started to filter into her voice. Jack though looked over to the door.

"How's that door coming?"

Miranda then deactivated her holo-tool and the AI disappeared before the door opened.

"Teletraan has given us a straight course to the lab with only a handful of resistance along the way."

"Alright then, lets move out." the Prime replied before Arcee stopped the former agent.

"Miranda, I haven't had the chance to thank you for the part you played in bringing Jack back…" she said.

"Arcee you don't need to say anything, I know what Jack means to you and vice versa, plus he and I have become good friends over the last year or so. If it wasn't for him, I would never have turned against MECH of my….father." Miranda replied before the Prime called from the next room.

"We should keep moving." he said as both women looked back.

"We are right behind you Jack." Arcee said before giving Miranda an encouraging smile, the two then walked on through and joined the others.


They had moved down three corridors and junctions, taking down the few soldiers that they ran into on their way to the labs when they came to a big door. Jack opened it easily, due to hacking that Teletraan did earlier.

"Hey Teletraan, if you could access the ship's systems easily. Then why don't you shut down it's weapons and send us the VI data to a nearby terminal for us?" Smokescreen asked. The AI holo-form then appeared next to Miranda and looked back at him.

"Smokescreen, I am only able to do so much. The most sensitive data, or important systems are protected by powerful firewalls and multi-layered encryption. It would take too long to break through."

"It was just a thought…" the young bot then said as the door opened and the team walked in. The room was massive and they saw something hanging down from the ceiling, it made both Jack and Miranda's eyes widen as they recognised it.

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked in disbelief, but Jack nodded in return as they looked up to see the arms and torso of something they thought was long destroyed.

"That looks a lot like the 'Human Reaper' we saw at the Quintesson homeworld."

Arcee looked up at it with disdain.

"It's hideous, and you said it was made using processed human material?" she said as she looked up at it's partly constructed face.

"Teletraan, can you access any information about this?" the Prime asked as Miranda stood by the nearest console and allowed the AI to connect with it.

"Checking... Prime, it appears that MECH are attempting to build their own Reaper." the AI replied.

"What, I mean how... why?" Miranda asked in shock.

"I will bring up the data for you on the console screen." Teletraan replied.

A vid log started to play showing Silas and Sideways (pre-enhancements) standing in the Director's lab.

"... do we have a deal?" the former Con asked. Silas merely looked at him as a smile grew on his face.

"Yes, if you can get me Reaper tech, then MECH will help you ensure that Darby dies."

Sideways stepped closer and held out his hand to the Director, who almost took the hand but the former Con pulled back suddenly.

"But I will be the one to kill him." he said, Silas nodded and looked at him with his yellow optics.

"Of course, I will make sure that you have the backup to take on Darby and his allies, but my men will be warned that only you are to kill him."

Sideways seemingly happy with that last comment hen shook the Director's hand.

"Alright, there is a corpse of a Reaper half buried on the planet 'Keltah four. Your men should have no trouble finding tech to salvage from it."

"Thank you Sideways, I will send ships out there at once. I hope you have more than that though." Silas replied with a slight smile.

"I have much more than that." the former Con smiled back.

The vid log ended and another started, showing Silas and Sideways standing in a med lab, the former Con was now sporting the upgrades.

"Don't move around too much, the implants and upgrades take time to adjust to.

Sideways merely punched the air in front of him and smiled.

"I am fine, better than fine actually."

"Well I have been told the Reaper tech that has been implanted into your hands will allow you to mimic Asari Biotics. As with the rest of your body, the enhancements we gave you should provide an edge when you next engage Darby and his team." Silas replied before taking a sip from his drink. Sideways clenched his fist and watched as a blue energy glowed around it for a moment.

"He won't know what hit him." he said before looking back at the Director.

"So how does the 'recruitment charge' progress?"

"Very well, my existing forces have already gone under MECH's own form of indoctrination and are now completely loyal to me, also my other 'project' is beginning to come to fruition with more troops for us to achieve MECH's goals." Silas replied as he looked at a pad before placing down on the table beside him.

"And what other 'project' would that be?" the former Con asked as he walked over to the pad, but Silas stood in his way.

"Nothing you need to worry about at this point in time. Now why don't you go to the training room and see what you can do with your new gifts."

Sideways looked at the pad before smiling back to the Director.

"Very well, keep your secrets for now." he replied before walking out of the room.

One more video started playing after the last one finished and showed Silas hologram standing with another scientist.

"Sir I have concerns with the implants that our forces have been given. Many of them are already claiming to be hearing voices." the scientist said.

"When our work at Sanctuary pays off, the only voice that they will be hearing is MECH's." the Director replied. The scientist then pointed over to the schematics that were showing on the monitor next to him.

"Sir these designs are unbelievable, but we will need more of the processed organic material to finish the head, let alone the rest of the body."

"Call Dr. Saleon, I am sure that he will have an ample supply coming though the doors at Sanctuary. And how much will you need to complete the Reaper?" Silas asked.

"It would take millions, are we really going to do this though? I mean… I don't know about this.." he said with a worried expression, gaining a stern look from the Director's yellow optics.

"What we do here will elevate Humanity above all other species in our galaxy. And what is a few million lives when Humanity numbers in the billions."

"…Yes sir, of course sir." the scientist replied.

"And the Reaper's power source, is it compatible?" Silas asked.

"Yes sir, the functioning core that we retrieved from the dead Reaper on 'Keltah four will power our version indefinitely."

"Good, keep me informed of your progress…. and don't question what we do again, or else you may find yourself along side our new recruits….. Doctor." the Director replied before his hologram disappeared, leaving the scientist to look visibly shaken.

The vid ended and everyone looked at each other.

"I can't believe what I just saw, MECH are trying to build a Reaper and they don't care how many humans they have to kill to do it." Smokescreen said.

"This looks nothing like the organisation that I used to work for." Miranda said in return.

"Well, it was good that Sanctuary was taken out then. That should stop this abomination from ever being finished." Jack replied before pointing over to the other side of the room.

"This way, lets move."


The group made their way to the far end of the large room when the sound of metal on metal echoed through the room.

"What was that?" Smokescreen said as they stopped, then the noise sounded again from the other side making the team turn their backs to each other, trying to see what was making the noise. Suddenly a soldier appeared out of nowhere and landed in front of Arcee, the femme could see that this enemy was female and she was covered head to toe in MECH light armour while carrying a katanna, her face could not be seen behind the pure black helmet that she wore.

"What!" she said as the enemy then flipped from the spot she was standing and kicked the Autobot in the stomach, sending her into Smokescreen's back. Both of them fell to the ground in a heap.

"We are under attack." Miranda stated out loud as another appeared and attacked her while the other went for Jack. The Prime activated his star saber and deflected the blade of the soldier attacking him before moving away, making some distance between them. The other one swung it's blade at Miranda and she dodged it by ducking under the attack and rolling out of the way before ending in a kneeling position. She then fired several shots from her pistol, only for the enemy to deflect them with her katana.

"Jack, these are 'Phantoms', MECH's versions of ninjas." she said over to the Jack who was deflecting a flurry of hits from the Phantom's blade.

"Right, he said before the enemy swung again, this time the Prime feigned and attack which left him open. The Phantom then jumped into the air and pulled it's katana down on the helpless Jack, but then he surprised her by activating his Sky boom shield and hitting her in the face with it. The enemy fell to the floor, allowing the Prime to stab her through the chest, he then looked over to see Miranda disarming the ninja after winding them with a punch and knee to the chest and then slicing the enemy's stomach open with her own katana. Arcee and Smokescreen helped each other up.

"We are nearly there, come on." Miranda said as the group then left the room and entered another corridor.

The battle raged on outside the Cronos as the Alliance and MECH fleets pummelled each other, the Defiant disabled another cruiser by destroying it's main cannon as it was charging up, leaving the enemy ship defenceless. Meanwhile the Nemesis and the Ark attacked the MECH command ship from opposite sides, they combined fire power shattering the Cronos's shields with the remaining rounds exploding against it's hull. Onboard Jack and his team were nearing the end of the last corridor after taking down another group of soldiers, suddenly the ship shook violently causing the group to grab for the wall to steady themselves.

"What was that?" Smokescreen asked in bewilderment.

"Could only by the Ark or the Nemesis, they must have broken through the Crono's shields." Jack replied before his com link activated.

"Prime, Bryce here. We are beginning our attack on the command ship, want us to hold back until you are done?" the Admiral asked.

"No, keep firing, we have to stop MECH here and now. Besides we are almost at Silas's lab." Jack replied.

"Very well Prime. Good luck."

The com link then went dead as the they came up to the door and Teletraan reappeared.

"Prime, Silas's lab is at the other end of this room." the AI stated.

"Any more enemies waiting for us?" Arcee asked as Smokescreen kept a look out the way they came.

"Negative, but before you enter the lab, there is one more console that a vid log that you will find interesting." Teletraan replied before disappearing as the door opened to reveal another computer lab. The group entered and walked up to the only active console.

"Wonder what we are going to find here." Jack said to ther others as he typed into the console's keyboard and the vid log began playing, showing Silas sitting on a berth with a worried looking female scientist standing in front of him.

"Sir I dot think you should be risking yourself like this."

The Director looked at her with a stoic expression.

"Sanctuary was a complete success, we need to capitalise on it. And with this implants that Sideways gave us, I will be able to control the Reaper forces myself."

"But sir, MECH needs your mind to take Humanity into the future. If you were to succumb to the Reapers before your plan is completed, then we..." she said before he cut her off.

"Then you will just have to make sure that doesn't happen, I know I can count on you to keep me in line." Silas replied, earning a knowing look from the scientist.

"Oh really, I will remind you of that sir."

she then brought over trolley of medical instruments.

"Are you ready sir?"

"Yes, and I want no anesthetic." he said before looking at the camera above them, his yellow optics glowing brightly.

"Computer end recording." he said as his colleague began prepping for surgery

The video ended and Jack shook his head in response, earning a curious look from Arcee.

"Jack, what is it?"

"It's Saren all over again, the Turian took on the implants and upgrades that Sovereign offered. He thought it was his choice, but really he was completely indoctrinated and fully under the Reapers control. and now Silas is that way too."

"It is his own fault Jack." Miranda replied rather frankly.

"He should never have lost focus on what was most important... Defeating the Reapers. Now let's go finish this." she added coldly before walking over to the far end of the room and opening the door. The others looked at each other in surprise before heading over to her and walked though the door with weapons ready, only to find that it was empty.

The large dark room they were now in was only illuminated by an orange holographic interface made up of a large sphere and a number of screens orbiting it. Jack walked forward al little before stopping and remembering where he was, as he looked down to see that he was standing in the holo communicator's receiver pad. He then walked over to the interface and began typing on the holo-keyboard.

"Come on, the Lithone VI is on this database." he said as the others joined him and started looking at all the screens, Miranda activated her holo-tool and connected Teletraan to the database.

"this won't take long Jack." she replied as Arcee stopped and looked to Jack.

"Here I was thinking that we would find Silas here, should of known." she said with disappointment in her voice.

"yeah, he is certainly a 'Illusive Man' isn't he." Smokescreen added.

"Well, MECH is falling apart as we speak. We will get him, he won't have any hiding places left after today." Jack replied as he brought another screen up.

"Is that what you think Darby." a familiar voice called from behind, Jack and his team turned round and pointed their guns to see a hologram of Silas standing on the holo-com receiver pad, he then pointed at the Prime.

"That's my personal computer your using."

"No it's not Silas, MECH is finished." Jack replied as he lowered his pistol, the others doing the same as Miranda continued to aid Teletraan.

"Hardly, we have achieved everything I imagined we would, well almost everything." The Director responded.

But Jack stood there looking unimpressed.

"Yeah, we all saw your experiments accomplished on Sanctuary. But it is not the same as controlling a Reaper."

"That is a significant hurdle, but thanks to the Lithone VI. I have what is needed to make it a reality." Silas replied with a slight smile.

"The Catalyst?" the prime replied.


"What is the Catalyst, and how will it help you control the Reapers?" Jack asked, hoping to get any information from the Director.

"You will have to find out for yourself, I am done helping you." Silas said back.

"'Help', when did you start?" Arcee said back.

"You think that just because I copy the tactics of the enemy, that they are no longer my enemy?" the hologram asked as everyone just stared at him.

"Everything, everything I have done has uplifted humanity. Not just over the other species of the galaxy, but over the Reapers as well." Silas continued.

"Does that include building your own Reaper and using human refugees to do it?" Miranda said back angrily, gaining a stern look from Silas.

"Miranda, I have nothing to say to you. You gave up the privilege of being my daughter the day you turned on me."

Miranda was about to answer back when Jack gestured for her to stop before taking a step forward toward the hologram.

"If you willing to do everything it takes, then give me the Catalyst. With it I can use the Crucible to end this war."

"It's not that simple." the yellow eyed Director replied.

"Yes it is, it is that simple. We are fighting each other while the Reapers occupy Earth and attack the rest of the galaxy." Jack said back, his anger starting to show.

"You're idealism is admirable Darby, but in the end… our goals are too opposite for us to work together. Besides I believe destroying the Reapers would be the worst mistake we could ever make,….. And nothing you say or do will convince me otherwise." Silas replied, his optics glowing brighter.

"Even with MECH finished, you still think that you can do this your way." Jack answered back.

"Well I knew you would say that, MECH is not just an organisation or the people behind it. MECH is an idea." The Director said before looking toward Miranda and Teletraan.

"And besides I already acquired what you are after."

"Miranda, Teletraan?" the Prime asked.

"We have got it Jack." the former MECH agent replied as the green hologram of Bagu appeared in front of them.

"Security program deactivated." the VI stated.

"I will let you have your chat with it, but don't overstay your welcome." Silas replied before his hologram faded to nothing.

"You are attempting to liberate my program from indoctrinated forces?" Bagu asked.

"Yes, I need to know what the Catalyst is." Jack replied.

"My security program was hacked, so I will comply. The Catalyst uses the energy channelled through the entire space bridge network, in your cycle it is called 'the Citadel'."

Everyone stared at the VI dumbstruck.

"What?" Jack asked in shock.

"The Catalyst is the Citadel." Bagu repeated.

"So the Crucible and Citadel together can stop the Reapers?" Arcee asked.

"That is correct." the VI replied.

"But the Citadel was built by the Reapers." Jack said, still in shock.

"The plans for the crucible was passed down to us from the previous cycle and thousands of cycles before that." Bagu stated.

"So we use the Reapers own technology against them." Smokescreen added.


"Why couldn't you tell me this before?" the Prime asked.

"It was feared that if the Reapers became aware of the Catalyst's true identity and purpose, they would retake control of it. I am programmed to keep that information until the Crucible is completed." Bagu answered.

"Its as ready as it's going to be, let's get the Crucible to the Citadel." Jack said as he turned to leave.

"That may not be possible." Bagu said back, making the Prime stop in his tracks.

"Why not?" Arcee asked.

"The one who hacked through my security program, the one you call Silas. He has gone to the Citadel and informed the Reapers of our purposes."

"Damn it!" Jack cursed in response.

"The the Citadel is in danger, the Reapers will attack and retake it." Miranda stated.

"They already have, the Citadel has been moved to the centre of Reaper controlled space to protect it from us." the VI said back.

"Moved? To where?" Jack asked.

"To the third planet of the system you refer to as 'Sol'."

"Earth!" the Prime replied.

"Correct, the Reapers will now consolidate their forces around the Citadel and protect it at all costs, the chances of gaining access to it are now remote." Bagu replied.

"We are not out of this fight yet, we will get the Crucible to Earth." Jack said, as each member of his team nodded in return.

"I wish your plan success." the Vi replied.

"Teletraan, contact the Ark and get me Admiral Bryce." the Prime said, but before the AI could do anything, it was hit by a biotic projectile and disappeared. Jack and the others looked in the direction that the shot came from and saw Sideways standing there, ready to fight.

"No you don't." he said as he unsheathed his blade.

"You!" Jack snarled in response.

"Silas did tell you not to overstay your welcome." the former Con replied before charging at the Prime and swinging the blade at him. Jack though brought up the sky boom shield and blocked the attack before activating his star saber. Arcee and the others attempted to support Jack, but then a squad of Phantoms appeared out of nowhere and attacked them.

"Your friends aren't going to help you Darby." Silas said as his and the Prime's blades locked.

"I wouldn't count them out." Jack replied as he then kicked the former Con in the stomach before upper cutting him with the shield, knocking Sideways on his back. Jack then tried to take advantage, but his adversary flipped back on to his feet. Arcee meanwhile was using a flurry of blows with kicks and punches at the Phantom she was fighting, but it blocked and evaded each one. The enemy then tried to counterattack, but Arcee managed to grab the Phantom's weapon arm, while swinging her free arm at it's torso.

She deployed her arm blade and sliced open the Phantom's chest. Spilling blood out of the enemy as it fell to the ground dead. Smokescreen took out his Phantom with a three shots to the head, while it was distracted by Miranda. But the last Phantom tried to attack her from behind, Jack saw this as he noticed Sideways powering up his biotics and then the former Con let loose with a biotic slam, but Jack rolled out of the way. The force of the slam hit the Phantom instead, throwing it into the wall. Jack then backhanded Sideways in the face before kicking him in the side.

"Your fancy upgrades are not going to help you here." the Prime said confidently.

"I will beat you the old fashioned way then 'Prime'." the former Con spat as he charged at Jack again, but the Prime blocked the attack with the star saber before slamming the shield into his adversary, making Sideways fall back on his ass.

"Give up Sideways, it's over." Jack said while looking down at his opponent. Sideways looked up with a frustrated expression has he gritted his teeth and got to his feet.

"Never!" he spat back before attacking again, the Prime then raised the shield to block the attack,. But then at the last second he deactivated it and let the full force of his adversary's attack make him stumble forward as Jack dodged the blade and spun around the former Con. Sideways then resurrected himself before turning back to his enemy, but Jack then stabbed the Star saber into the former Con's side and up into his chest. Sideways grimaced in pain as he felt the blade go up into his spark chamber.

"That was for Airachnid, you son of a bitch." Jack said back angrily before pulling the blade back out and letting Sideways fall to his knees as his blood poured out of the wound and onto the floor. His eyes then glazed over as he fell face first on to the floor dead. Jack then turned back to the others as Bagu had watched from the orange holo-interface.

"The Citadel is in place and the Reapers are preparing to complete their harvest of your species."

"I'll stop them." Jack said defiantly.

"I fear it is too late, I suggest you start researching a way to conserve information for future species. Perhaps you will succeed where we failed." Bagu replied.

"You didn't fail, you gave us a fighting chance. And we are not done yet." the Prime said before Miranda downloaded the VI into her holo-tool and the group then headed out of Silas's Lab, leaving the body of Sideways where he lay.
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